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Grab someone's attention by posting a message in the 'For Attention Of' forum. Read the last sentence again. I'm planning on keeping a small medicinal garden for the three of us to share. I work Tuesdays thru Saturdays I work in an exciting field and I love my job, most of the time.

The living room is huge. There is plenty of room for your furniture, if you have any. There is a large, private patio perfect for grilling and chilling. If you smoke cigarettes, you can do so on the patio. You will share a bathroom.

Both of the bedrooms are 12ft x 12ft with a F0r N1ne that is 7 feet long. About You: 1 You need to be chill. Party animals need not apply. So if your credit score is messed up, this is not the situation for you. Your room is your business, but the kitchen and the bathroom need F0r N1ne stay bacteria, mold and fungus free.

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Oct 28, Water Fire I. Labels: Art by Trenton. Oct 27, Joe the Lumber. Labels: sports. Labels: knowledge. Labels: music. My Motto. I turned my focus, instead, to the effects of asymmetric information in the automobile market. My interest in economics had always been in macroeconomics. I believed then, as I still believe today, that unemployment, with the financial hardship and the loss of identity that it entails, is a very major problem.

This led me to consider the causes of the business cycle. At the time a very major factor in the business cycle was the fluctuation in sales of new cars, leading naturally to the question: why was there so much variation in new car purchases? In order to tackle this problem, I had to see why people purchased new cars, rather than rented cars, or purchased used cars.

There, asymmetric information seemed to play a key role. I knew that a major reason as to why people preferred to purchase new cars rather than used cars was their suspicion of the motives of the sellers of used cars. As mentioned earlier, this insight, of course, had been central to the horse trading profession for centuries, but I did not know that at the time either.

However shifty the definition of this rate of profits may be, in concrete, objective terms, it is felt by the men of affairs to be of so substantial and consistent a character that they habitually capitalize the property engaged in any given business venture on the basis of this ordinary rate of profits.

Due regard being had to any special advantages and drawbacks of the individual case, any given business venture or plant is capitalized at such a multiple of its earning-capacity as the current ordinary rate of profits will warrant.

The wealth or power must be put in evidence, for esteem is awarded only on evidence. And not only does the evidence of wealth serve to impress one's importance on others and to keep their sense of his importance alive and alert, but it is of scarcely less use in building up and preserving one's self-complacency.

In all but the lowest stages of culture the normally constituted man is comforted and upheld in his self-respect by 'decent surroundings' and by exemption from 'menial offices'.

Enforced departure from his habitual standard of decency, either in the paraphernalia of life or in the kind and amount of his everyday activity, is felt to be a slight upon his human dignity, even apart from all conscious consideration of the approval or disapproval of his fellows.

If these articles of consumption are costly, they are felt to be noble and honorific. Therefore the base classes, primarily the women, practice an enforced continence with respect to these stimulants, except in countries where they are obtainable at a very low cost. From archaic times down through all the length of the patriarchal regime it has been the office of the women to prepare and administer these luxuries, and it has been the perquisite of the men of gentle birth and breeding to consume them.

Drunkenness and the other pathological consequences of the free use of stimulants therefore tend in their turn to F0r N1ne honorific, as being a mark, at the second remove, of the superior status of those who are able to afford the indulgence.

Infirmities induced by over-indulgence are among some peoples freely recognised as manly attributes. It has even happened that the name for certain diseased conditions of the body arising from such an origin has passed into everyday speech as a synonym for "noble" or "gentle".

It is only at a relatively early stage of culture that the symptoms of expensive vice are conventionally accepted as marks of a superior status, and so tend to become virtues and command the deference of the community; but the reputability that attaches to certain expensive vices long retains so much of its force as to appreciably lesson the disapprobation visited upon the men of the wealthy or noble class for any excessive indulgence. The same invidious distinction adds force to the current disapproval of any indulgence of this kind on the part of women, minors, and inferiors.

This invidious traditional distinction has not lost its force even among the more advanced peoples of today. Where the example set by the leisure class retains its imperative force in the regulation of the conventionalities, it is observable that the women still in great measure practise the same traditional continence with regard to stimulants.

Labels: economicsTrent Rock. There are changes in other spheres too which we must expect to come. When the accumulation of wealth is no longer of high social importance, there will be great changes in the code of morals.

We shall be able to rid ourselves of many of the pseudo-moral principles which have hag-ridden us for two hundred years, by which we have exalted some of the most distasteful of human qualities into the position of the highest virtues. We shall be able to afford to dare to assess the money-motive at its true value. The love of money as a possession -as distinguished from the love of money as a means to the enjoyments and realities of life -will be recognised for what it is, a somewhat disgusting morbidity, one of those semicriminal, semi-pathological propensities which one hands over with a shudder to the specialists in mental disease.

All kinds of social F0r N1ne and economic practices, affecting the distribution of wealth and of economic rewards and penalties, which we now maintain at all costs, however distasteful and unjust they may be in themselves, because they are tremendously useful in promoting the accumulation of capital, we shall then be free, at last, to discard.

In These Tough Times. Oct 22, On Scat I was trying to find the Lord Boothby prostitute pics ans I ran across this little discussion 3sum's - Page 2 - Chatter - Digital Spy Forums : Originally Posted by rampagejackson You fail to understand my point. I'm not saying everyone can enjoy it, I'm saying that broadminded people accept and tolerate the fantasies of others whether they float their boat or not.

I'm not into feet or period play, but I'm cool with the ideas that others may like it. No I see your point very, very clearly rj. I just do not understand it. I can not grasp how another human being would enjoy eating, watching, touching, or smelling another persons big, fat, smelly shite for sexual pleasures!

Right boring myself on this with you, we will never agree so you poo away till your hearts content. I wont judge, F0r N1ne. But I still think it is rank, wrong and very very un-sexual. Labels: humor. A Bon Scott page!!! I cried when he died RIP Labels: historyIs There a Heaven for a G? Flight Over Storke Tower. Oct 18, How Many U. Jobs Might Be Offshorable? Contrary to conventional wisdom, the more offshorable occupations are not low-end jobs, whether measured by wages or by education Research Roundup: Offshoring Many U.

Oct 17, On the Economics of Crime and Confiscation. This little paper is presented in the form of two puzzles. It shows that simple supply and demand analysis leads to surprising results about the effect of confiscating illegally traded goods. I love the nicknames!! LOL Chili Red!! Go here for detailed coverage. On October 16, the Santa Barbara police released the following names of those who were arrested or already in custody as part of the round-up.

The grand total in custody is 59, with more sweeps and arrests expected to come. Not listed here are four juveniles and another people who have already been arrested over the past year as part of this investigation. Labels: crimehumornews. Labels: historyIsla Vista. Museum object Labels: historyKnivesknowledge. The negotiation was brief and fruitless. Lee then ordered twelve marines to rush the engine house with bayonets. Brown was beaten into unconsciousness, two insurgents were killed, and two others were captured.

No hostages were injured. Stuart took as a trophy John Brown's bowie knife. Bender Knife- Kansas Historical Society. A terror slowly descended on the countryside. It seemed that Death stalked the highway, and men began to fear darkness and night. None of the other men in the room intervened as the knife-fighters traded parries and thrusts.

Finally, Theodoros with a flick of his wrist delivered a telling blow that cut his victim from the tip of his chin to halfway up his cheek. As the blood flowed, Mokastiriotis fell to his knees cursing his assailant. When asked by the presiding magistrate at the police magistrate's court in the town of Kerkyra why he started fighting, Theodoros sternly replied that no man would call his wife and daughters whores and get away with it. His reputation would not allow it.

As a man, he would not stand for it. He was found guilty, sentenced to forty days less time served in the House of Corrections at Fort Abraham, fined three Ionian dollars, charged for court costs, and bound over to keep the public tranquility. Bunch of punks!! I hope they like The Big House There is no difference in this respect between nationalists and internationalists and between the supporters of a market economy and the advocates of either socialism or interventionism.

If a party asks its supporters to make sacrifices for its cause, it always explains these sacrifices as the necessary temporary means for the attainment of the ultimate goal, the improvement of the material well-being of its members. Each party considers it as an insidious plot against its prestige and its survival if somebody ventures to question the capacity of its projects to make the group members more prosperous. Each party regards with a deadly hatred the economists embarking upon such a critique.

All varieties of the producers' policy are advocated on the ground of their alleged ability to raise the party members' standard of living. Protectionism and economic self-sufficiency, labor union pressure and compulsion, labor legislation, minimum wage rates, public spending, credit expansion, subsidies, and other makeshifts are always recommended by their advocates as the most suitable or the only means to increase the real income of the people for whose votes they canvass.

Every contemporary statesman or politician invariably tells his voters: My program will bring you want and misery. It is true that some secluded intellectuals in their esoteric circles talk differently.

They proclaim the priority of what they call eternal absolute values and feign in their declamations—not in their personal conduct—a disdain of things secular and transitory. But the public ignores such utterances. The main goal of present-day political action is to secure for the respective pressure group memberships the highest material well-being.

The only way for a leader to succeed is to instill in people the conviction that his program best serves the attainment of this goal. The Forbes Fictional 15 - C.


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  1. Nekus   JoJohn
    Apr 02,  · Ok, this is a long shot, but I have a lot of unwanted vinyl, at the moment all drum & bass. In artist order, below is the collection. I have also included the catalogue numbers or album names in the square brackets. The vinyls themselves are in pretty much mint condition, however some of the.
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  2. Kazragami   Malakazahn
    Nov 17,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Abs0lut1on / F0r N1ne on Discogs/5(28).
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  3. Juhn   Kelkree
    Th1s happened when 1 was n1ne sweeps 0ld, 1n d0wnt0wn Altern1a. And 1t t00k place 1n a l1ttle place called the “Salt and Pepper D1ner”. Wh1ch was a w0nderful fam1ly restaurant 1n the c1ty, wh1ch means 1t caters t0 ma1nly teenagers, and h0meless sch1z0phren1cs.
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  4. Zusar   Arazilkree
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  5. Fenrilkis   Shakazuru
    May 20,  · farmall A nice barn find starts and runs well hold water fine zer0 seven e1ght f1ve f1ve three n1ne n1n f0r e1ght sevn jason daytime Back to home page Return to top More to explore.
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  6. Tygozshura   Gurr
    M1ss P3regr1ne's H0me f0r Pecul1ar Ch1ldr3n HDRIP; Ou1ja: 0r1gin 0f Ev1l HDRIP; Jas0n B0urn3 HDRIP; N1ne L1ves; [email protected] [email protected] Rye0 ep20 [FINALE] The [email protected] S3v3n October (8) September (21) August (23) July (22) June (48) May (74) April (47).
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  7. Braramar   Zulkijora
    Dec 07,  · F0r N1ne (Original Mix) Artist Wid & Ben; Licensed to YouTube by Label Worx (on behalf of Glamzoo).
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  8. Kagajora   Gujin
    7he n1ne pa1r-ru1e 9ene5 0f Drph11a are re4u1red f0r the 5u6d1vn 0f the deve10p1n9 em6ry0 1nt0 a re- peat1n9 5er1e5 0f h0mu5 60dy 5e9ment5 (Nfe1n- V01hard and W1e5chau5 ; Nfe1n-V01hard et a1. ). Mutat10n5 1n any 0ne 0f the5e 9ene5 typ1ca11y re-.
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  9. Taulkree   Zolojin
    F0r N1ne: 9 – Pants & Corset: Malice In Wonderland (Paul King Remix) Remix – Paul King: 10 – Tara Reynolds: Mercy (Original Mix) 11 – Tara Reynolds: Mercy (OD Remix) Remix – .
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