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Pulse pounding in resounding rapture, Taken to the hilt, then just past Growing giddy in the windy shadows of brittle leaves, I have a powerful need to dally with Exotic Love is plump, voluptuous, kinky Withal its beauty and its faultless grace Your body, dearest, is a haunted place I want it flimsy and cheap, I want it too tight, I want to wear it until someone tears it off me. Take me dying to thy arms, Ah me!

I die with pleasing pain, O kindle me to life again I have reached out in my pain to the love-frenzied grouse. I have called in my understanding to the deer in their rutting season. I have come with gentle words to the mating chirpings in the eaves. I have touched tenderly the seeking pollen. I have come with bated breath to the spawn at the beginnings of streams. I am the ache of overfullness.

My breasts are crowded with containing. My hands tremble with the eagerness of me. I am rent and torn with the pain of the unexpressed. He will draw me close to him — and a little closer, And his strong arms will soothe my quivering body: And his tender kisses will cool the fever of my burning lips Ungirdled treasure, warm and bare Make me fire your blood with new desire, And make me kiss you — lip and limb, Till senses reel and pulses swim This mellow autumn night!

On the late flowers I linger at thy feet. What fierce convulsions of delight! Bodies mingling, sexes blending, Which should most be lost contending, Darting fierce and flaming kisses, Plunging into boundless blisses; Our bodies, and our souls on fire.

Tost by a tempest of Desire; Till with utmost fury driven, Down, at once, we sunk to heaven. Then give me your lips that we may stand united beneath the downpour of its sunlight. Let us be intermingled as two trees that have bent one single root Ah, but if I am cruel what then are you?

I am bruised right through Raffaello Palazzo is looking for a no-strings-attached sex buddy after his wife leaves him without explanation; in comes Arianna Lynn Harlow to melt his icy heart. Classic tale of good girl meets bad-boy-turned-decent-guy.

To quote Roxane Gay's blurb, this book truly is as charming as it is sexy. And not just because of the scorching bedroom scenes, but because of the nuance with which the love story—between a black woman and white man who meet in an elevator—is told. This passion-filled book follows a man simply known as "M," who leaves a note—saying he wants one night of emotionless sex—on a napkin for a barista named Lily.

Everything in Lily should be screaming, Throw out the napkin! It's a coming of age story filled with beautiful prose and, more than that, it's a reflection on the all-consuming power of love and attraction. The movie is great, but the book is a masterpiece. Alayna Withers is recovering from a "love disorder" that involves stalking charges so many questions. She's finally getting her life together when she meets her new boss—a dashing man who could cause Alayna to revert to her old habits.

Next book club read? If you thought the show was sexy, you have no idea what's coming. The catch? She's definitely married and her husband is living in the future. Brad De Luca what a name is a privileged lawyer who's used to getting his way.

Julia Campbell's engagement just ended, and she's loving her independent life It's a well-strung tale of knowing what you want and following your heart.

Cheesy, yes, but very Exotic Love. In an actual scene, the man might be thinking, "She's a great kisser. If only she wasn't urging my boss to fire me. Passion possesses a natural "dark" undercurrent which is an element of its excitement. Reveal sexual attraction through contrast Along with conflict, contrast can help the reader visualize the sexual chemistry while the characters pretend to deny it.

In my book, Love Lost and Found, the scene that begins this article ends with Cheryl saying, "Go away. I can't see you again. Please take me with you. It could be as simple as the man saying, "Don't touch me," while inwardly he is thinking. Don't stop. Don't ever stop. The contrast can also be reflected through the dialogue of one character contrasted with the thoughts of another. The woman could say, "I'm here to discuss business," while the man's inner thoughts are"I wish the two of us could get down to business.

Along with thoughts, a character's actions can be used to reveal true feelings. A woman who deliberately steps close enough for a man to grab her before she says, "You can't stop me from leaving," and a man who says how hot the weather is as he stares at a woman's bikini-clad figure are examples of how actions speak louder than words.

Build suspense, anticipation and intensity Just as a one-night stand lacks the time-endurance to be considered a serious romantic relationship, a love scene requires time for the Exotic Love to build. The suspense is the same as any other conflict-it escalates as the reader is continually forced to wonder if-and when-the lovers will ever get together.

In the scene at the beginning of this article, the two lovers were childhood friends who grew up on adjacent farms. They spent months staring longingly at each other across their father's bean fields.

Two lovers might work in the same company, live in the same apartment building, protest the same issue, litigate the same crime -- but a love scene is most effective after they've had time to interact -- and most likely disagree -- on other matters.

The dance of "will-they, won't they" as the reader begins to suspect the attraction between the two characters, helps build suspense and anticipation in both the characters and the reader. It's like holding your breath while waiting for a bomb to go off. Heighten the characters' five senses In real life, the euphoria of new love enhances the lover's five senses and actually creates a sensual feast from his formerly everyday world. Colors seem brighter, songs acquire new meaning and clarity, even smells are enhanced and enlivened.

Applying this principle to your love scenes -- especially during the passionate moments -- will impart reader identification and empathy with the activities at hand. A woman feels intoxicated by a man's aftershave or his clean, natural male smell. A man is entranced by the silken feel of a woman's hair against his cheek or feels an electric charge from her lips brushing his ear.

Following a kiss in a love scene from my book, Love Lost and Found, my main character, Cheryl, concentrated on the soft cotton of his shirt, the light breeze of his breath ruffling her hair and his work-roughened hand gently stroking her face. Besides the actual lovers, the sensory details of settings in a love scene can enhance the romantic mood. Breezes feel like a sensuous massage, rain hauntingly caresses, Exotic Love, streams flow in a soothing rhythm, sunlight Exotic Love bathes desire-warmed skin.

Around the lovers, autumn's leaves' colors are brighter, song lyrics hold personal meaning, and spring air is imbued with the sweet scent of anticipation. She tastes the mint on his lips and he finds the scent of her perfume unforgettable as he returns to the office.

On rare occasions, the setting can also be used to underscore the individual moods of the characters. The woman can stare through a rain-drenched window as she sadly watches the man walk away.

The man and woman ecstatically ride a wild horse to the top of a mountain where they daringly kiss at the edge of a cliff. Reveal relationship status and character changes Along with customizing a love scene by including the personalities of your characters and the issues surrounding them, you can also reveal the status of the relationship through the climate of the love scene.

Early in a relationship, love scenes still include the elements of flirtation -- verbal innuendoes, laughing, teasing, possibly nervousness and tentativeness. In a continuing relationship, lovers are more relaxed with one another. As the relationship progresses, they are more likely to verbally express their love and talk of tenderness and possibly commitment. Tantalize with temporary togetherness As effective as they are as plot devices, love scenes have their limitations.


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