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WhatImHereFor - Bedhead - 4-SongCSEP19:10 (Cassette) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 13.11.2019

Download WhatImHereFor - Bedhead - 4-SongCSEP19:10 (Cassette)
Label: Trance Syndicate Records - TR29-CS BH04RJN78 • Format: Cassette EP • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock

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Add to Cart Qty:. Substitution references No substitute reference. General characteristics. Terms of use Privacy policy Contact. Chernobyl is network building. Chernobyl is the resignification of our catastrophes. Chernobyl is also radiation. Bringing wide range of genres together with politics, this eclectic night will be fun, fabulous and a great finale for the second edition of KuirFest Berlin.

Come join us for this spectacle! Soon they find out the biggest challenges are on their way and not what they expect. Let thy glorious day be upon us! The resurrection of the holy Halle before she dives into another season of sin-fuelled queer debauchery, depravity and devastation. Michelle Volta is a Jane of all trades, known for her multiple personalities and ability to shapeshift. She started out as a head mistress of a talent agency, she sampled poetry, danced in circles. Today she focuses on the polyphonic sounds of immaterial labor.

Come and show your personal take on religious aesthetics. Become a dazzling spirit, a wicked witch, a glamorous goddess, a sci-fi angel, or simply whatever lies beyond. Get creative with your costume and practice your pose. This evening, Holy Halle will open its gates for free to every participant in the catwalk, as well as feed them with the holy water of their choice three times.

Get a ruby red surprise: come as a socialist. Money is the devil. No one turned away due to lack of funds! Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - like a real diva this series is unpredictable, unstable, and irregular.

Communist Diva: Bambyle Communist Diva: Beziehungsweise WhatImHereFor - Bedhead - 4-SongCSEP19:10 (Cassette) WAX Diva Heaven Jam Diva Junk River Games Diva Fat Diva Heaven Bike Diva: Ovarian Psycos Screening Danger Diva Donna Summer SCUM Diva Queer Healing Doom Diva Soosan Spice Girls Lesbian Vampires Chavela Vargas Summer Prosecco Punx dedicated to Poly Styrene Loleatta Holloway White Girl Wasted Florynce Kennedy Elena Schmidt Schauspielerin.

Neben diversen Theaterengagements z. Me and Shade the King from Capricious. Johnson lives between Brooklyn and Berlin. In andGzirishvili was involved in organising workshops and exhibitions led by the Tbilisi Book Art Center and the Berlin-based bookstore and distributor Motto.

Through her experimental practice, she has made use of mediums ranging from videos to music, from drawing to designing clothes. These projects often examine visual and socio-cultural narratives of a space, object, or event based on sensuality and certain emotional experiences.

Its activities encompass book design, documentation, and writing workshops, in addition to its role as a press for art and poetry publications. Sophie Nikoleit hat Theaterwissenschaft und ein paar verwandte Sachen studiert und promoviert nun zu affektiven Involvieren in partizipativen Kunstformen. Kraxner textet u.

Karl Marx is turningbut we need more for fighting capitalism and its disgusting manifestations like imperialism, colonialism, racism and sexism and other discriminations. In particular we need to center non-cis-male perspectives! We have not only an exciting program for you — there is also a super playful special for you: Get a Drink Get Diva!

Make sure to take a close look at the "somewhat Communist Divas Quartett", a subversive deck of cards especially crafted for you by Raumerweiterungshalle's Caio, Ernest, Lee, Rina, and Lanca. Diana McCarty is a media producer and founding editor of the artist run radio reboot. Sleezy Listening Presents Not formally trained in music Wet Kiss live sets are stylistically diverse-bridging between performance art, noise and pop. Bombastic musical arrangements performed live while singing and screaming - Wet Kiss explores gender, sexuality, depression and everyday life.

Wet Kiss has participated in large number of performances and gigs in Australia and internationally. Performing in the United States and touring New Zealand in Her current outputs are often conversational, written or spoken, and with an auxiliary interest in the production of live analog music. She currently lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Dragons in Gardens is happy to announce their third single "Diamond Sunset Rework " with a release celebration on the 11th of August at Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin.

Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - like a real diva this series is unpredictable, unstable, and irregular One can bring their own ideas as well. For the printing part of the workshop from 19hwe offer ink in magenta for paper and textile, and there will be some materials to print on, also the whole alphabet will be there in screens.

You can bring your own materials paper, cardboard, textile, wood will work with waterbased ink. Note that every letter is approximately A4 size, so the longer the text, the bigger the sign.

There will be support for those who are not experienced in printing. Day 1 will be fundamentals, beat matching, cueing etc. Day 2 will be a continuation of day 1, and playing with mixing styles pitch, bass etc.

See you there! This time with 2 groups of queer activists from Thessaloniki, Athens and Berlin! Waves is an intersectional feminist queer magazine project in greek, written between Athens, Thessaloniki and Berlin. It is financed though free contribution and its digital form is available online.

Parts of the group opend a queer bar once a month in a social center. SWITCH is a workshop series that aims to centralize not exclusively and empower women, people of color and queers through accessible music education. Through these workshops, we hope to establish a culture of engaging participatory and multivocal approaches to sharing and spreading knowledg es of electronic music and electronic music performance within a DIY setting, thus encouraging self-empowerment among DIY, up-and-coming, and semi-professional emerging artists.

May Music Production introduction to Ableton live with 6zm and Tetra. Asozialer durch die Aktion Arbeitsscheu Reich am Klassismus spielte dabei eine wesentliche Rolle. Inmitten von wiedererstarkendem Chauvinismus, kontinuierlichem Rassismus und Klassismus geht es nicht nur um eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit der Geschichte oder eine Neu Ordnung des Gedenkens, sondern auch um das Zelebrieren von Andersartigkeit.

Ziel ist es alte und neue Widerstandsformen in den Blick zu nehmen, zu verhandeln und liebevolles, unordentliches Denken zu praktizieren. Raumerweiterungshalle — der Name ist Programm. Flyer mit vollem Programm als pdf zum download hier! Viel zu viel verschwiegen! Zitzewitz und C. Der Dokumentarfilm schildert exemplarisch die Geschichte von Verfolgung und Stigmatisierung sogenannter Asozialer im Nationalsozialismus. Maria Potrzeba wurde vorgeworfen, eine sexuelle Beziehung zu dem polnischen Zwangsarbeiter Florian Spionska zu haben.

Sie war zu diesem Zeitpunkt 14 Jahre alt. Maria leidet bis heute unter der Verfolgung. Tali embarks on an intimate journey to Lodz, Poland, to retrace her personal roots and collective history.

At the centre are her two Polish loves: her expatriate lover Magda, who begins filming the trip, and her late grandmother Silvia, a Holocaust survivor whose voice and memories accompany the couple on their quest. As they wander the streets of Lodz looking for long-forgotten street names, visit the ghetto where Silvia spent her youth, and search for a nearly buried tombstone, Tali and Magda discover surprising similarities in their shared Polish heritage.

The documentary explores how memories of the Holocaust and war are lived, narrated and passed down by women from generation to generation. It also asks: Will future generations be interested in the history of the Holocaust if there are no longer any direct witnesses? How important is physical memory? And what is the role of the third generation? Finding a Place to Sleep from Juli Saragosa,en. Based on stories their grandmother told, the filmmaker re-imagines while working as a cleaner, the experiences of their ancestors living during the Holodomor forced famine in Ukraine during the Soviet era.

Learning to Milk a Cow from Juli Saragosa,64min, en. When she was 19, she was taken from her family in urban Soviet Ukraine to work on a Bavarian farm under National Socialism. She had the luck and perseverance to survive hardships of the forced famine in her homeland and forced labour in the new one.

The stories of her everyday life — learning how to milk a cow, falling in love — are interspersed with three generations of reflections on politics, longing, feelings of displacement and loss.

The hand-touch aesthetic combines with the acousmatic effect of disembodied voices, in this deeply intimate portrait obscured by memory loss, mis-translation, fear and trauma. Day 2 will focus on arrangement and recording external instruments, making beats, recording vocals, sampling, FX and EQ. On day 3 we will look at music cognition, frequencies and theory on sound. Performing live, Ableton link jam and a showcase in the evening.

Day 1 will be fundamentals like beat matching, cueing etc. After the grand dykesurrection, Halle went silent as if swallowed by the darkness of the Berlin winter.

But fear not because the earth will be rattling with the vibes of the 2nd cumming as the flora and fauna of our holy grounds cum gushing back into full bloom. Bring joy! Raumerweiterungshalle is having its anual spring cleanse and you are cordially invited to make it happen. Halle is squeaky and dusty after her long hibernation. She is aching for some tlc.

We'll start the 2 day cleanathon on monday the 30th of april at 1pm and end in the evening with a little fire. On the first of may we'll continue if we haven't finished with a day of scrubbing and hammering.

Hugs and kisses! Your Halle Team. In a dark back lit alley, on a small, unnamed street behind Ostkreuz, we invite you to commonly invoke the resurrection of the dyke bar. How did we get here and what can we do? What does it mean to not have permanent spaces in which to gather but temporary ones that are dependent upon the jurisdiction of others? Join this talk for musings on a contemporary dykesurrection that hopes to incite ideas for a critical resuscitation of the dyke bar.

Ihre achtziger, Ihre Neunziger, einfach Ihre Musik! Garantiert Wiederholungsfrei! M45 Clothing Company is a New York based fashion house dedicated to creating eco-friendly non-exploitative clothing for people of all body types. Nothing is gendered. There is no beauty standard.

Empowerment is for everyone. Nadia has been in over 37 bands, collaborating with many artists and musicians in various capacities… but name dropping is totally boring A. DUBAIS has released music, published text, taught a multitude of workshops, lectured, exhibited work, and performed internationally in a variety of space and places. She moved to Berlin with her family in The album was recorded at Moon Studios, Berlin in late early Saba Lou is currently finishing up high school in Berlin.

Her hobbies are drawing, collecting records, reading and writing songs. Kommt zahlreich am Venham todos no dia Jimay Falcon is a male celebrity direct from the stars! Bringing you high quality koala bear entertainment!!! Come experience Live hypnotism! Live karaoke! Live flirty Games with consent Live spaghetti eating competition!

Open Stage moment Wanna perform? Yass, Come and register between Show starts at Fragend schreiten wir voran!

She collects and plays only vinyl, and has a monthly show on Berlin community radio. Die Veranstaltung ist gratis. Ein paar Snacks werden da sein.

This time with a Fat Diva Special. Grease your thighs, oil your voice and shake your bacon. All kind of fat Divas are waiting for you. Sing along, enjoy some cold drinks and snacks, connect and and burn some before and after pics. Mama Cass didn't die choking on a WhatImHereFor - Bedhead - 4-SongCSEP19:10 (Cassette) sandwich.

She died of dieting! Love and Kisses! Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us - every thursday from 19h to 23h. We want to build a sauna. For real. Come sign up for planning and building days. Meanwhile have you noticed the ugly ass election posters plastering the city?

We encourage you to print it, put it up, send it to a friend. We encourage you to consider what risks you can take, and if you go out in teams, make sure to check in with each other about that beforehand. Don't despair tho! There are plenty of "legal" ways to put up posters!

A tribute to girl gangs. They will talk about how the gangs have inspired them, as well as reflecting upon their our own "girl gang" experiences. Celebrating past and future divas - and the diva in each of us — every thursday from 19h to 23h. Dort wo ich stehe, kann niemand anderer sein. Ich kann mit meiner Hand einen Gegenstand verschieben. Dort wo mein Arm nicht lang genug ist, kann ich meine Stimme benutzen, jemanden zB. Stimme ist gleich Stimmung. Ein geschulter und bewusster Einsatz unserer Stimme hilft uns, Informationen jenseits des sprachlichen Inhalts zu transportieren.

Anmeldung: elenaundschmidt gmail. Come join us for a night of destruction and reappropriation! Men who are rational, however, just sit back, relax, enjoy the show and ride the waves to your demise. This unapologetic program embraces the sacredness of continual self transformation. It investigates an idea of self care that doesn't shy away from politics or mental health stigmas. Video Crystals, video spells, video rituals and video poetry encourage healing and vulnerability among us. Please make sure to bring some euros for their valuable work.

Come be Loud with us! Enjoy two finest metal bands. Lithalsa drone doom Lithalsa occur when ice forms beneath the ground and lifts the earth above it. Lithalsa are F, J and V who live together and play metal. Lithalsa can be an ocean of possibilities or a black hole.

The band formed in Berlin in early when Liaam and Sara began performing as an acoustic metal duo. Slowly the band gained its third and fourth members and got increasingly louder and noisier.

The band is inspired by sacrilege, odysseys, and all things which fester underneath the surface. It is summer and we invite you to join us for another queer fat femme clothing swap at lovely Raumerweiterungshalle.

Bring your stuff, browse, hang out, connect. Please bring your own snacks. We will have a donation box for the swap. Please leave tiny or small clothes out. Orientation: Size 16 44 and up or stretchy as fuck. Jewellery, make-up, shoes, deco, wigs and so on are all very welcome! When you are a baby fat, chubby or let's say under a size 22 50 do not take the only beautiful shirt in a size 28 and wear it as a oversize dress.

From experience there is always a shortage of pretty super size clothing, like in the real world. Support us, have a lemonade, enjoy the music. If you encounter any problems, please let us know and We'll try to find a solution.

There is no space for racism, homo- and transphobia, fat-shaming and sexism. Es ist Sommer und wir laden euch zu einem weiteren queeren,fetten, femme Kleidertausch in die ultra mega tolle Raumerweiterungshalle ein.

Bitte bringt eure eigenen Snacks. Bitte beachtet die Hinweise. Toilette der Raumerweiterungshalle sind Barierefrei. Thursday June 22 Come drink with us and listen to the yearning voice of Soosan, Kurdish-Iranian diva and people's hero who came up in the s Tehran cafe scene and made it to the peak of fame but remained deeply connected to her roots and always gave back to her community.

She passed away in loneliness in in L. Let's celebrate her life! Come and enjoy drinks and the classic pop sounds of your favorite childhood girl-band.

Welcome this good old familiar trope: the lesbian vampire. With her unrestrained independence she threatens to overthrow the existing social order. Come out for some red wine by candlelight. Be assured, at the halle no bloodthirsty dyke will get killed in the end.

On the contrary, we're here to laugh in the face of that tame patriarchal myth and plot the next attack. Come by and keep the drama in the rancheras! Let's celebrate fighting for the things which are important for us. Especially on this so called "Herrentag" there are lot's of things on feminist minds to fight for and against.

Let's share antisexist strategies and - of course - a drink! Saturday May 6 Emoprofem - d. Unsere Vorbilder sind: Die drei??? Punkrock at its best! Our songs feature guitars, drum beats, bass, and lyrics with one or more-part harmonies. Consisting of Everett Darling and a rotating and dramatic cast of friends, lovers, family, ex-friends, ex-lovers, future-lovers, etc Lyrics discuss sanity, books and poetry, celestial bodies, philosophy, gay identity, immigration, political ideologies, weekend sports, death, objects, love, and most recently sex.

This Diva Heaven is dedicated to Poly Styrene, the archetype for the modern-day feminist punk "There's nothing wrong with beauty," she said, "but whether it's actually helping the female cause of being equal to men, you have to judge for yourself. As previous non-artists, we seek to re claim the title artist from the social structures of both mainstream and marginal social scenes that have, due to varying power structures and disseminations of capital social, economic, sexual, WhatImHereFor - Bedhead - 4-SongCSEP19:10 (Cassette), etc.

Until now. Thursday July 28 She reverses feminine sound as a weapon, a cathartic battlecry: like hard femme heaven. We see photography, video and graphics as tools for collective and individual remembrance work and art as expression and process of radical feminist self care and self defence. Femicides, enforced disappearances, abortion politics, sexualised violence as well as antifeminist vendettas on facebook and twitter are all part of our political work.

There will be background music by Las Puchachitas feminist Son Jarocho during the exhibition. Las Puchachitas are a group of Mexican women who met in Berlin. They are Feminists, Decolonialists, against racism, capitalism and patriarchy, queer, happy and antidepressive.

With their version of Son Jarocho, they call into question female gender roles. Las Puchachitas sind eine Gruppe von mexikanischen Frauen, die sich in Berlin getroffen haben.

The spirit of trauma tends not to explain itself clearly, or to let itself be seen. Individuals, families, cultures and cities live with shadows pressing hard against their backs and minds, speaking white noise into their ears, and dimming their vision. In the absence of something concrete to pull apart we recreate the original event, returning to the scene to gather more information on the faceless weights that guide us.

Before revealing themselves, they must first be made comfortable. The grill is veggie, so please bring veggies, halloumi and stuff to grill, but bring whatever other foods you like to eat and share as well. This is an initiative from some of the Black members of the Raumerweiterungshalle and other Black friends.

Too bad, so sad. Femininity will be revered. Even worshipped. Sadie and Coral unearth filmic femme treasures and show them to you in the glittering darkness. Femme admirers welcome.

BPoC Fest We want to create a safer space in which heteronormativity and whiteness are not centered, where there is room for empowerment, creativity, discussions, healing and growing. Your support is needed to make this possible: Make it rain and help us pay the bills for the festival. Juli organisieren wir zum zweiten Mal das Cutie. This diva night is dedicated to Luxus for Everyone. You can get prints from the performance for a little donation.

He works in a broad range of media including video, performance and photography, for which he produces his own costumes, music and texts. Since he has worked extensively with the silk-screening process. Tonight's Special: Enjoy an utterly exquisite surprise dj set for free by a high class djane! Nach dem Film wird es eine Diskussionsrunde geben. The screening will be followed by a short discussion session. Entrance is free. Thursday 16 June This diva night is dedicated to Florynce "Flo" Kennedy -Black radical activist, attorney and founder of the Feminist Party, which nominated Shirley Chisholm for President of the United States.

Among many other things, she fought for abortion rights, against marriage, represented Assata Shakur and Valerie Solanas, led a pee-in on a Harvard University lawn, co-founded the National Black Feminist Organization NBFO and was called "The biggest, loudest and, indisputably, the rudest mouth on the battleground" by People magazine in The first diva heaven is dedicated to Sylvester!

Saturday 21 May workshop performance. Communicating with our bodies and through touch is the first form of language we learn. It accompanies us throughout our lives. How does the perception of our bodies influence the possible ways of touching and being touched?

What kinds of contact are socially accepted, what is confined to specific contexts? How do prevailing conventions form our bodies and touch? In the second part of the show, we open up the performing area to the audience and invite you to interact directly with the performers.

For reservation contact: touch. On Saturday, pm, there will be a workshop in which we invite you to get to know the work of the ensemble. Bring comfortable clothes, no prior experience required, language will be English or German, as required. Space is limited to 12 participants.

Am Samstag, May, laden wir euch ein von Uhr in die Arbeitsweise des Ensembles einzutauchen. Workshhopsprache wird je nach Bedarf englisch oder deutsch sein.

Spring is blooming so come out of the woodwork and celebrate the queer feminist takeover with us! We will open this year's Raumerweiterung season with a vegan sausage BBQ accompanied by sizzlings sounds courtesy of sausage DJ Princess4Q who will sling on their sausage skin especially for the occasion. Bathtube Theory's punk pop transports us into a summer evening ambience which will in turn be hacked up into small but excellent pieces by No Chronicles with their edgy noisy-jazzy grooves.

Attention Horse will then do their best to patch us back up together again with their 80s style electropop letting us loose in full poptastic spirits on DJ team SeriousPrecious4Q for a brilliant finale to our eclectic feminist evening. Any profits made will go to the Women in Exile's summer bus tour, so bring your friends and donate lots if you can!!

Friday Oct 16th Das ist Ihr Berliner Rundfunk During das Wilde Wunschwochenende you can come up with any request. Der Hit-Herbst bei Berliner Rundfunk Thursday Sept 24th After quitting her job, she finds herself in trouble financially and attempts a minor insurance fraud to make ends meet. Despite its rare view of everyday socialism from a woman's perspective, East German officials were critical of this frank portrayal of a less-than-ideal socialist citizen and turned down all invitations for the film to be screened abroad.

In West Germany, however, Evelyn Schmidt's film received much praise for its critical feminist approach. Tuesday Sept 22nd Art Kino 11 is presented as an anti-screening; it's as much about the selection of films as it is about creating opportunities for filmmakers active in Berlin to present their new works in a dialogue with older artworks we like.

The program is a selection of contemporary video artworks and films representing different tendencies within the medium. GSL Projekt is a collaborative curatorial project that produces exhibitions and events in Berlin and internationally. The Art Kino Film Club aims to establish a permanent forum for experimental film and video art in Stockholm and Berlin; to give the art films and their audience a place and a context that they deserve, for further exposure and understanding.

Art Kino screenings feature both works that have touched and influenced us over the years as well as newer projects and artistry that we've come across only recently. Works from both the Swedish and international art scene. Art Kino program 11, is produced together with the filmmaker Hanna Bergfors. Wednesday August 5th Thursday July 30th She will be presenting an experimental and musical lecture about the nature of Emotional Imperialism.

Friday July 24th Bands, cake, friends - all wrapped in an extended container!! Yard for rolling around as a bonus!!

And seriously. Lithalsas occur when ice forms beneath the ground and lifts the earth above it. Fast and furious, with an explicitly political message. Friday July 17th Countering sexualized, gendered, and racialized violence. Through audio, visual, and performative activism. Where do political strategies and artistic strategies meet — or collide? How do queer cultural interventions become empowering?

How do geopolitical conditions, historical legacies, and personal experiences influence forms of queer cultural activism? An evening with presentations by international artists 8pm and party with Sky Deep on the decks 11pm. Tuesday July 14th The artist creates a collage of past and present ideals of masculinity and their transgressions, visualizing the decomposition of supposedly irrefutable gender identities.

Philipp Gufler is an artist based in Munich. Monday July 13rd Monday July 20th Monday Aug 3rd Please compose a sincere letter of request to Mysti: mystismonthly gmail. Free writing exercises and trust falls. We will keep emotional content in the writing. A reader will be arranged as a PDF far in advance of the course.

Ideally participants will print the reader and have it present for each class so as to doodle in the margins during lapses of interest.

Thursday July 2nd Sister Mantos has transformed into a live funk-punk-cumbia-reggea band with thumping bass, guitars and synths! Sister Mantos guarantees that they will get the people moving, grooving and jumping with their unique blend of funk, latin beats, punky-reggae and avant-pop.

Sister Mantos takes the stage in intergalactic costumes and sings songs in English and Spanish and sings about love, queerness and post-capitalist utopias. Lets get this party started!!!

Friday June 26th Tired of humanity? Again, no invitation to the queer picnic in the park? Reality is so unbearable you need to understand its patterns?

Join the Pessimist Book Club! Irregular meetings will be held to discuss and analyse the misery of this historical present. Friday May 29th Saturday May 23rd Thursday May 21th This interview was held on a good day. She was not sober or in the most focused of states, but she was happy and having unusually high good feelings about the progress of this project. She has been enthusiastic about her projects in the past. But this time it felt different.

She has made many movies, all with an idea of spreading joy and insight, not taking in account the involuntarily narrow target audience. The story: At some key moments we will know more than our main character does. He is suffering from selective memory loss. We have to assume that he knows himself best, but right now everything is a painful blur to him.

He is not to be trusted, we can only follow him into disaster, revelations or nothingness. He is going to need help. That sounds easy enough, but we have to consider what kind of person we're dealing with. Tuesday May 19th Saturday May 9th Friday May 8th Friday Oct 3rd Come join us to heat up the Raumerweiterungshalle for a couple of hours one last time before the summer season is over! We will serve you a line up that brings us together on the dance floor:. Thursday Oct 2nd Honorable Mention prize winner at the Oberhausen Film Festival 25 minutes.

Monday Sept 22nd Friday Sept 12nd Monday August 25th After successful sessions at St. George's books, Vogue Fabrics and the Southbank Centre, this globe trotting Garfield invites you to enjoy an enchanted evening of literary sedition at Raumerweiterungshalle.

With special guests Liz Rosenfeld and Travis Jeppesen reading from their own putrid tomes. Tuesday August 26th Eight authentic and poetic stories interwoven with shadow theater scenes telling the story of Srikandi, one of the characters of the Indian Mahabharata. This collective anthology transcends the borders between documentary, fiction and experimental film.

The evening will also be an opportunity to taste traditional indonesian food and to purchase some of DIY crafts and zines from Mita while hanging out. Wednesday August 6th On our way to finishing the fourth and final act of the operetta "The Swan Song" we would like to invite you to explore the character of Heschel with us.

Heschel is a soft spoken and fierce lawyer who hacks his way through the jungle of bureaucracy while exposing a bleeding heart. Can Heschel bear this responsibility? The evening will present several versions of this climactic scene, exploring text and music. At last, our host will lift the curtain and guide us behind the scenes for a conversation with the Swan Song Family. It is performed scene-by-scene and year-by-year in various venues throughout Berlin. Friday August 1st Push Pops, Margaret V.

Haines, Liz Rosenfeld and Chris E. While it's precursor focussed more on the "show" side of cultural production - on choreography, disguise and rhythm - the second edition will be WhatImHereFor - Bedhead - 4-SongCSEP19:10 (Cassette) introspective and conceptual.

The aim is to show a collection of more personal, which allow the audience more space for reflection and contemplation. May it rest in peace. Thursday July 31th Her current work explores the improvisatory flow of process, materials and ideas that emerge from an interdisciplinary studio practice and the relationship between perception and how the world appears to us.

Tuesday July 22nd Soon he gets involved in the uncanny machinations at the set: something is wrong with the film production: he is forced to retreat to a therapeutic center in the northern Californian mountains — with unexpected methods: he finds himself in an acting workshop to his inner jurassic park with Goldblum as his personal teacher. Travelling, I was confronted with images known to me through cinematic affect: mostly as a teenager of Hollywood films I watched over and over again before being a filmmaker and constructing film images differently.

The Pacific Northwest opened a mediated path to a younger self and processes of identification through movies that I hadn't uncovered before. The persona I created during travelling and making the film was a naive and emotional version of my teenage self and is thus also called Kristof Trakal. Kristof Trakal is a writer, filmmaker and artist living in Berlin and Los Angeles.

Thursday July 17th Thursday July 10th Christman makes non-fiction films that explore the intersections between people, technology and the natural world. Thursday June 26th In an associative way, the film inquires about the female gaze in cinema and erotic fantasies.

Afterwards we will watch a Rage and Revenge Film fromwhich is inspired by films like Thelma and Louise, yet being more explicit in its presentation of violence. The film follows a group of women working in a strip bar and forming a gang to take action against rapists.

Thursday June 19th Flanagan explains, with engaging humor, how his obsession with controlled, self-inflicted pain has helped him to deal with his uncontrollable suffering. His philosophy forces one to look at sado-masochism with fresh eyes. The film includes explicit scenes of genital self-mutilation.

Tuesday June 10th Is the invocation of 'community' a hollow one when used to request unpaid leave from paid jobs, accrued personal costs as assumed donations, and unspecified amounts of time that could be used for other things like jerking off.

Can a community of unpaid laborers create a project owned by a single author? Kickfarter and indie-agogo: Do they really fund art? Or are they simply vehicles for consuming outside our means? Rich kids with supportive families being the most likely to cash in Furthermore, a budget devoured by location, transport, long-term camera and equipment rental before considering the cost of employing people legitimately resembles to me only the standard movements of an unquestioning consumer within a now globalized neoliberal moment that seeks an absolute devaluation of labor.

Is making any money from free labor conscionable? Tune in or zone out cause she doesn't care. Tonight please embrace Mysti, the finger-pointer, as an opportunity to loosen your tight holes.

Wednesday May 28nd I also use video clips to generate the arrangements and tempo. I use memories, Billy Strayhorn, psychoanalysis and cultural heart ache to determine lyrical content. Although DUBAIS exists as a band, it really exists more as a vehicle in which I can explore multidimensional compositional strategies through a displaced cultural lens. Thursday May 22nd In this mix between more abstract theoretical and highly personalized storytelling, he investigates struggles and conflicts around African American identity and gives a strong statement for the embracing of differences, mutual support and solidarity.

Despite his deteriorating state of health during the shooting of the film, his last work is, once again, fiercely intelligent, complex and elegant. Friday May 9th Thursday July 25th Banned in its time. Defended by Guattari and Foucault among others, "La Race d'Ep" proposes an activist understanding of filmmaking at the same time it presents an incredible exploration of the possibilities of the cinematic lan. Enjoy the "jouissance" and playfulness of this breathtaking document, unfortunately still scarcely available.

Friday July 26th These works present characters' absurd and defiant relationship to objects, place, and history. Bathroom handles, derelict office cubicles, storage closets, humidifiers, queerness, aging, loss, memory, masturbation, and more. Saturday July 6th Saturday June 22th Friday May 24th Saturday August 25th Benefit for Pussy Riot Legal Fees.

Saturday August 11th Thursday July 19th At the same time questioning narratives or any kind of linear biographical construction, these experimental films, documentaries and video art pieces each show a singular perspective on the relation of the individual to a broader social context. Ross McElwee - Time Indefinite min, Time Indefinite is an autobiographical documentary film exploring themes of grief, mortality, and the convenient disconnection of watching life through a camera lens.

In the film, McElwee takes us on a cinematic journey, trying "to document little moments" from his life. These moments also include his reflections on his past, as when he recalls some of his childhood questions: "Do fish go to heaven? Is their heaven an aquarium? And if it is, then who cleans it? Although McElwee has a wellspring of humor, as evidenced by the Woody Allen-esque musings on fish-heaven, he is also willing to expose the viewer to the pain and sadness of life.

McElwee is unafraid to show old age in all its unexalted reality or to discuss death in all its tragedy. At times death seems a very obsession: Having just observed that he's spent six out of his thirty rolls of film on a children's cemetery in Mexico, he wonders whether death must then be on his mind twenty percent of the time.

McElwee has a keen cinematic eye for the existentially absurd. At one point, he decides that he must visit his father's house WhatImHereFor - Bedhead - 4-SongCSEP19:10 (Cassette) order to reconcile himself to his father's permanent departure. While in the house, he muses incessantly on death before being interrupted by a bee infestation, which forces him to call a fumigation company called "Killo.

Um Anmeldung wird gebeten, bei tashyla yahoo. Friday July 13th Saturday July 7th Wir diskutieren mit den Filmemacherinnen. Saturday June 30th It includes four new songs and four songs from sessions that took place in the beginning of the 21st century. The album is divided into two sides. Both forming images of their own, images of two different eras. Friday June 29th In Kooperation mit Kobiety z Inicjatywa und labournet. Thursday June 28th Monday June 25th Wednesday June 20th Composed of conversational and anecdotal portraits of neighbors and merchants, Susan ruminates about the past and the present, as she looks out her apartment window.

My first love was killed in the accident and the accident haunted my life. Over the last 35 years I have recorded, edited, and ultimately crafted my own life—making avant-garde videos, photographs, performances, video diaries, and feature-length films. I sift through the past and piece it together with the present. I transform the raw material of my life to make sense of my life. I reprocess reality in order and create my own reality.

I will be years old on August 15, Thursday June 14th George Kuchar - Hold Me While I'm Naked 15min, A very direct and subtle, very sad and funny look at nothing more or less than sexual frustration and aloneness. The odd blend of Hollywood glamour and drama with all-too-real life creates and inspires counterpoint of unattainable desire against unbearable actuality.

In a series of deadpan performances, Bag gathers fragments of pop detritus, fashioning a thoroughly mediated document that is at once a celebration and a record of loss. With the narrative inevitability of a TV serial, the eight diaristic segments trace a woman's struggle to make sense of her experience at art school. As each installment marks the start of a new semester, Bag's character addresses the camera with her latest observations and frustrations.

Interspersed between these confessions are eight set-pieces, in which Bag performs scenes from the background noise of her imagination: a pretentious visiting artist, London shop-girls discussing their punk band, a Ronald MacDonald puppet attempting to pick up a Hello Kitty doll, the singer Bjork explaining how television works. These surreal episodes sketch out what Bag sees as the simultaneous attraction and repulsion of contemporary youth culture, and teeter on the divide between parody and complicity.

Friday June 8th The book examines the failures of US gay and lesbian rights strategies that have centered law reform campaigns like military inclusion, marriage rights and hate crime laws. Spade proposes that trans politics depart from this path, and suggests a critical trans politics that centers racial and economic justice, grassroots mobilization and horizontal organizing strategies. Thursday May 24th Jay Rosenblatt - The Smell of Burning Ants 21min, A visually compelling and thought provoking portrait of the cultural and psychological transmission of male identity in young boys.

With vivid and penetrating images, this film tries to explore what makes boys simultaneously vulnerable and dangerous. Su Friedrich - Sink or Swim 48min, Through a series of twenty six short stories, Sink or Swim describes the childhood events that shaped a girl's ideas about fatherhood, family relations, work and play.

Working in counterpoint to the forceful text are sensual black and white images that depict both the extraordinary and ordinary events of daily life.

Together, they create a formally complex and emotionally intense film. Saturday May 19th The Halle is years old now! Let's celebrate!! Sunday, Aug 21st Kajsa Dahlberg: Female Fist A. Burns: Community Action Center Samstag, August— A Talk and a Presentation.

Stacy Douglas Kent Univ. Sami Khatib FU Berlin, moderation. August Weitere Informationen unter www. Friday, July 22nd, Tuesday, July 19th, Thursday July 14th, Thirza Cuthand Retrospective.

Thirza Cuthand started her video career because she wasn't seeing representations in mainstream media of her identities and issues.


Law - Our Life Through Your Death (CD, Album), Is This Love? (Co To Jest?) - K&K Studio Rock Set - Ballady Rockowe Po Polsku (CD, Album), The Exorcissy - Smersh - Caracas (Cassette), Word On A Wing - David Bowie - When God Was An Englishman (Vinyl, LP), Dont Cut Off Your Dreadlocks - Linval Thompson - Presents African Princess (CD, Album), Blacksnake Blues, Tom Tom (6) - The Iron Hamma (Vinyl), Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat - HMFM - Due Process (File, Album), Razorbill, Relaxin - Various - This Is Cowbellmusic! (CD), Dinah Shore = ダイナ・ショア* - Best 20 = ベスト20 (CD), Nigga Of The Century - Ice Cube - War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc) (CD, Album), Wish You Were Here

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