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By adding up the fractions of DNA from each location, we can determine the percentage of a person's ancestors who lived in each location. She also stresses the fact that it is very important to use regional or geographic categories in genetic ancestry-tracing, rather than the standard four or five so-called "racial" divisions that have been employed in the West since the 18th century, which is one reason why her company now uses 17 categories of "Ancestry Composition," and will soon expand that number to All of the other companies mentioned in this article now use between nine and 20 such categories.

However, for convenience sake, I'll be presenting the admixture results in three large regional summaries: sub-Saharan African, European and Native American. Nathan Pearson, the principal genome scientist at Ingenuity, tells us that "interbreeding has occurred throughout history, and notably leaves telltale traces in our genomes that hint strongly at who came together, and when.

So what do the collective genomes of the African-American community reveal about the mix of ancestral populations — of mingled genes — that we have inherited? Here are the surprising results from five DNA companies. And for our African-American male guests, there has been still another astonishing fact revealed about their paternal ancestry — their father's father's father's line — through their y-DNA: A whopping 35 percent of all African-American men descend from a white male ancestor who fathered a mulatto child sometime in the slavery era, most probably from rape or coerced sexuality.

In other words, if we tested the DNA of all of the black men in the NBA, for instance, just over one-third descend from a white second or third great-grandfather. In my own case, he was my great-great-grandfather, and he was most probably of Irish descent, judging from our shared y-DNA haplogroup.

I find two things quite fascinating about these results. First of all, simply glancing at these statistics reveals that virtually none of the African Americans tested by these DNA companies is inferred to be percent sub-Saharan African, although each company has analyzed Africans and African immigrants who did test percent sub-Saharan in origin.

Ranges, of course, vary from individual to individual. Spencer Wells, director of National Geographic's Genographic Project, explained to me that the African Americans they've tested range from 53 percent to 95 percent sub-Saharan African, 3 percent to 46 percent European and zero percent to 3 percent Native American.

So there is a lot of genetic variation within our ethnic group, as is obvious to anyone even casually glancing at black people just walking down the street.

What this means is that even the most phenotypically "African" or what used to be called "Negroid" African Americans have dramatically Typical Male (The Real Mix) levels of European ancestry, a fact that would have astonished many of our forebears, both black and white. It is also a fact that astonishes the guests on Finding Your Roots. And this finding is important because it deconstructs the very American notion of biologically "fixed races" that our society inherited from the racist pseudoscience of the 18th century and drew upon to justify slavery and the property rights of masters who fathered children with their slaves.

And second, these findings show that the common claim that many African Americans make about their high percentage of Native American ancestry is a myth. Joanna Mountain broke down to me our low amounts of Native American ancestry in this way: "Eighty percent of African Americans have less than 1 percent Native American ancestry. Over 2. And of all African Americans who have at least 1 percent Native American ancestry, the average is 2 percent Native American. Why there is Typical Male (The Real Mix) little evidence of genetic mingling between African Americans and Native Americans deserves a column of its own.

So why did we invent, and why do we hold on to, this myth of our putative Cherokee great-grandmothers? And, by the way, both genealogists and geneticists have told me that white Americans share the same myth, which both their family trees and their admixtures disprove. He said that it was much easier to fantasize about noble ancestors we never had than to deal with the fact of rape during slavery, the heinous act that produced such high percentages of European ancestry in the black community, the component of admixture that is responsible for those high cheekbones and that straight black hair.

Despite African-American genealogical mythology, it turns out that we simply do not have many Native Americans on the branches of our family trees. Rutt reportedly saw a minstrel show featuring the "Old Aunt Jemima" song in the fall ofpresented by blackface performers identified by Arthur F.

Baker, who played characters described in newspapers of that era as "Ludwig" and "Aunt Jemima". His portrayal of the Aunt Jemima character may have been a white male in blackface, pretending to be a German immigrant, imitating a black minstrel parodying an imaginary black female slave cook. Beginning inthe company added an Aunt Jemima paper doll family that could be cut out from the pancake box. The paper doll family was posed dancing barefoot, dressed in tattered clothing, and the box was labeled "Before the Receipt was sold.

The children's names were changed to Diana and Wade. Over time, there were improvements in appearance. Oil-cloth versions were available circa the s, with cartoonish features, round eyes, and watermelon mouths. Marketing materials for the line of products centered around the "Mammy" archetype, including the slogan first used at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois : "I's in Town, Honey".

At that World's Fair, and for decades afterward, they made up legends about the mythical Aunt Jemima. Higbee's Louisiana plantation, [18] [20] [21] using a secret recipe "from the South before the Civil War," with their "matchless plantation flavor," she made the best pancakes in Dixie.

The Davis Milling Company was not in a northern state. Missouri in the American Civil War was a hotly contested slave state. In reality, she never existed, created by marketers to better sell products. Although the Aunt Jemima character was not created until nearly 25 years after the American Civil Warthe clothing, dancing, enslaved dialect, singing old plantation songs as she worked, all harkened back to a glorified view of antebellum Southern plantation life as a " happy slave " narrative.

African American women formed the Women's Columbian Association and the Women's Columbian Auxiliary Association to address the exclusion of African Americans from the World's Fair exhibitions, asking that the fair reflect the success of post-Emancipation African Americans. Wells was incensed by the exclusion of African Americans from main-stream fair activities; so-called "Negro Day" was a picnic held off-site from the fairgrounds.

These educated progressive women saw "a mammy for the national household" represented at the World's Fair by Aunt Jemima. The notion that African Americans were natural servants reinforced a racist ideology renouncing the reality of African American intellect. Aunt Jemima embodied a post-Reconstruction fantasy of idealized domesticity, inspired by "happy slave" hospitality, and revealed a deep need to redeem the antebellum South.

The earliest advertising was based upon a vaudeville parody, and remained a caricature for many years. Quaker Oats commissioned Haddon Sundbloma nationally known commercial artist, to paint a portrait of Anna Robinson.

The Aunt Jemima package was redesigned around the new likeness. James J. Jaffee, a freelance artist from the Bronx, New York, also designed one of the images of Aunt Jemima used by Quaker Oats to market the product into the midth century. Just as the formula for the mix has changed several times over the years, so has the Aunt Jemima image. Inthe face of Aunt Jemima became a composited creation. Inas she marked her th anniversary, her image was again updated, with all head-covering removed, revealing wavy, gray-streaked hair, gold-trimmed pearl earrings, and replacing her plain white collar with lace.

At the time, the revised image was described as a move towards a more "sophisticated" depiction, with Quaker marketing the change as giving her "a more contemporary look" and which remains on the products as of On June 17,Quaker Oats announced that Aunt Jemima will be rebranded with a new name and image. Vera Harris, a family historian for Richard's family, stated, "I wish we would take a breath and not just get rid of everything.

Because good or bad, it is our history. This is part of my history. The African American Registry of the United States suggests Nancy Green and other individuals who played the caricature of Aunt Jemima should be celebrated in lieu of what has been widely condemned as a stereotypical and racist brand image. The registry wrote "we celebrate the birth of Nancy Green in She was a Black storyteller and one of the first Black corporate models in the United States.

Nancy Green was the first spokesperson hired by the R. Davis Milling Company for the Aunt Jemima pancake mix. She appeared at fairs, festivals, flea markets, food shows, and local grocery stores; her arrival heralded by large billboards featuring the caption, "I'se in town, honey. Green refused to cross the ocean for the Paris exhibition. Following Green's Typical Male (The Real Mix) as Aunt Jemima, very few were well-known.

Advertising agencies such as J. Walter ThompsonLord and Thomasand others hired dozens of actors to portray the role, often assigned regionally, as the first organized sales promotion campaign. Lillian Richard was hired to portray Aunt Jemima inand remained in the role for 23 years. Richard was born inand grew up in the tiny community of Fouke 7 miles west of Hawkins in Wood County, Texas.

Inshe moved to Dallasworking initially as a cook. Her job "pitching pancakes" was based in Paris, Texas. Richard was honored with a Texas Historical Marker in her hometown, dedicated in her name on June 30, They were used in advertising "ranked among the highest read of their time".

Never-the-less, this was not enough Typical Male (The Real Mix) escape the hard life into which Robinson was born. Robinson reportedly worked for the company until her death in[3] [5] although the work was sporadic and for mere weeks in a year. According to the census, she rented an apartment in a four-flat in Washington Park with her daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren. Anna Short Harrington began her career as Aunt Jemima in and continued to play the role until She was born in in Marlboro County, South Carolina.

The Short family lived on the Pegues Place plantation as sharecroppers. Edith Wilson became the face of Aunt Jemima on radio, television, and in personal appearances, from to Wilson was the first Aunt Jemima to appear in television commercials.

She was born in in Louisville, Kentucky. Wilson was a classic blues singer and actress in Chicago, New York, and London.

On March 31,she died in Chicago. Ethel Ernestine Harper portrayed Aunt Jemima during the s. On March 31,she died in Morristown, New Jersey. Hall was born on June 22,in Robertson County, Texas. The children couldn't go out because the neighbours would complain about the noise. Since moving to their site two years ago, Kathleen and her children have been far happier. They won't let our kids mix with theirs because they say we stink and don't talk properly.

Settled kids won't even play sports with ours in case they touch them, Typical Male (The Real Mix). Mary, Kathleen's year-old daughter, is upset by the series too, and says that she has faced further prejudice since it hit the screens.

All my friends are asking if it's true what they show on telly, and I think they've gone different [towards me] since it was shown. In one episode the viewer was informed that young Traveller men at weddings and other social occasions use something known as "grabbing" to force a reluctant girl to kiss them. One newspaper report called it a "secret courting ritual".

Brigid adds: "Grabbing has never happened to my kids. I have honestly never heard of it. It's all make-believe. We don't want that for our daughters. Mine was secondhand. They'll now be saying we are all criminals, or sponging off the state. I ask O'Roarke what she thinks the future holds for Travellers. She is worried. She is concerned that problems affecting Traveller women and girls, such as lack of education, forced and early marriage, and abuse within the home, are not being taken seriously.

But some say that things are slowly improving. Would Kathleen ever marry again?


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