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Through The Fire - Various - Save Our Community Compilation Volume 2 (CDr) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Through The Fire - Various - Save Our Community Compilation Volume 2 (CDr)

Label: Constantine Records - none • Format: 2x, CDr Compilation • Country: Indonesia • Genre: Rock •

Being a coward isn't going so well, Aren't you better than this? Stand up for yourself. What you get is what you give. So use your heart to breakdown These walls from within. In a shade of discontent, I blind myself in ignorance.

You are the smog surrounding me, I will extinguish you indefinitely. I am self enslaved. Every link, every chain, you'll find my name.

But I will bestow all forms Of hope and valor within these arms. Tear down your apathy. Don't waste another second hearing what you don't believe. This life is yours to take, You're just another barrier for me to break.

This is the end of grief. Having it's hold on me. If it takes too long to get yourself in line. Take your scorn I don't need you, Choke on empty words, I won't believe you. The way your emotions waver, Like a harsh and violent wind Tipping over the scales of despair, Hoping to never weigh you down again, Through The Fire - Various - Save Our Community Compilation Volume 2 (CDr).

Crawling on the floor clawing at the walls; trying to find a way out Bad Dream. Make it stop. Bad Dream. Let me wake up. Slipping into the sorrow inside my mind No one sees the chaos behind these eyes I'm sinking. Just say goodbye. Let me go. I'll be fine. Only worse. When Forever Ends - Breach the Borders My retreating feet betray who pulls my strings Moving further and further away from the man I want to be Hear their voices Their paralyzing curses Commands of constriction Obfuscate my vision Make their fears into bolted bars Barricade the cave with anxiety Show them the dread of things unseen Bring pressure Show them that they are alone[1] Weaponized apprehension Credence to doubt A sterile desert of my own concoction Choking on self-inflicted drought Shackled shut Shackled still Shackled sane?

O, Revolutionary! Siege these walls Breach the borders Come, and plant your flag Only you can come To bring forth a flood Where there once was none[2] Break me in two Would your waters wash me new? Lewis 2: Numbers 3: Ezekiel 4: John 5: 2 Corinthians 6: Isaiah Bloodlines - Esh Diamonds to Dust - Bellum Relent - Addicted Prevailer - Inversion They've sparked their silent war.

Hiding in plain sight. We sift through all the lies. To try and find what's shrouded deep inside. Descendants of the architect constantly trying to pry away.

From the conjurer's of consciousness, paving the way for the final days. We've been divided, minds conquered by puppeteers.

How did we get here? What have we done. Separated, losing our empathetic nature. Have we forgotten who we really are? Who we really are! This is the lie we live. Led down the wrong path just to drown in sin. The blind masses are unaware of the spreading inversion. They're tearing through the veil while we're stuck in our delusion.

The blind masses move unaware of the spreading inversion. We are divided. Our minds conquered by puppeteers. Our time to repair this wreckage is wearing thin. Machines harness the matter right underneath our skin. They're running scared now that we're awake.

They're terrified now that we're awake. Finally the facade has faded. I pray you see what we were born to do. Confide it all that is honest, believe in all that is true. Burn warnings in our hearts.

This is all for you. The long-term goal for the Zumwalt class is to have the ships mount railguns [] or free-electron lasers. The Iowa class became culturally symbolic in the United States in many different ways, to the point where certain elements of the American public — such as the United States Naval Fire Support Association — were unwilling to part with the battleships, despite their apparent obsolescence in the face of modern naval combat doctrine that places great emphasis on air supremacy and missile firepower.

Although all were officially stricken from the Naval Vessel Register they were spared scrapping and were donated for use as museum ships. Their service records added to their fame, ranging from their work as carrier escorts in World War II to their shore bombardment duties in North KoreaNorth Vietnamand the Middle Eastas well as their service in the Cold War against the expanded Soviet Navy. In part because of the service length and record of the class, members have made numerous appearances in television Through The Fire - Various - Save Our Community Compilation Volume 2 (CDr), video games, movies, and other media, including appearances of the Kentucky and Illinois in the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion[] the History Channel documentary series Battle USS Enterprise[] the Discovery Channel documentary The Top 10 Fighting Ships where the Iowa class was rated Number 1[] the book turned movie A Glimpse of Hell[] [] the music video for the song by Cher " If I Could Turn Back Time ", [] the film Under Siege[] the film Battleship[] among other appearances.

Japanese rock band Vamps performed the finale of their US tour on board Missouri on 19 September By this point in the war, aircraft carriers had displaced battleships as the primary striking arm of both the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy.

As a result of this shift in tactics, U. Into help alleviate U. Iowa was ordered 1 Julylaid down 27 Junelaunched 27 Augustand commissioned 22 February Iowa returned to the US for operational and training exercises before being decommissioned on 24 February She was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 17 March Iowa was anchored as part of the National Defense Reserve Fleet in Suisun BayCalifornia until Octoberwhen she was towed from her mooring to Richmond, California for renovation as a museum ship.

New Jersey was ordered 4 Julylaid down 16 Septemberlaunched 7 Decemberand commissioned 23 May New Jersey completed fitting out and trained her initial crew in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean before transferring to the Pacific Theatre in advance of the planned assault on the Marshall Islands, where she screened the U. At the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the ship protected carriers with her anti-aircraft guns.

New Jersey then bombarded Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Following the ArmisticeNew Jersey conducted training and operation cruises until she was decommissioned on August 21, Recalled to duty inNew Jersey reported to the gunline off the Vietnamese coast, and shelled North Vietnamese targets before departing the line in December Missouri was the last of the four Iowa s to be completed. She was ordered 12 Junelaid down 6 Januarylaunched 29 Januaryand commissioned 11 June Missouri conducted her trials off New York with shakedown and battle practice in Chesapeake Bay before transferring to the Pacific Fleet, where she screened US aircraft carriers involved in offensive operations against the Japanese before reporting to Okinawa to shell the island in advance of the planned landings.

Following the bombardment of Okinawa, Missouri turned her attention to the Japanese homeland islands of Honshu and Hokkaidoperforming shore bombardment and screening US carriers involved in combat operations. She became a symbol of the US Navy's victory in the Pacific when representatives of the Empire of Japan boarded the battleship to sign the documents of unconditional surrender to the Allied powers in September After World War II, Missouri conducted largely uneventful training and operational cruises until suffering a grounding accident.

Inshe was dispatched to Korea in response to the outbreak of the Korean War. Missouri served two tours of duty in Korea providing shore bombardment. She was decommissioned in Reactivated inas part of the ship Navy plan, Missouri was sent on operational cruises until being assigned to Operation Earnest Will in InMissouri participated in Operation Desert Stormfiring 28 Tomahawk Missiles and inch shells at Iraqi targets along the coast.

Wisconsin was ordered 12 Junelaid down 25 Januarylaunched 7 Decemberand commissioned 16 April After trials and initial training in Chesapeake Bay, she transferred to the Pacific Fleet inand was assigned to protect the US fleet of aircraft carriers involved in operations in the Philippines until summoned to Iwo Jima to bombard the island in advance of the Marine landings. Afterward, she proceeded to Okinawa, bombarding the island in advance of the allied amphibious assault.

In mid Wisconsin turned her attention to bombarding the Japanese home islands until the surrender of Japan in August. Reactivated infor the Korean War, Wisconsin served two tours of duty, assisting South Korean and UN forces by providing call fire support and shelling targets. Decommissioned for the last time 30 SeptemberWisconsin was placed in the reserve fleet until stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 17 Marchso she could be transferred for use as a museum ship.

Wisconsin is currently berthed at the Nauticus maritime museum in Norfolk, Virginia. Hull numbers BB and BB were originally intended as the first and second ships of the Montana class of battleships; [] however the passage of an emergency war building program on 19 Julyresulted in both hulls being reordered as Iowa -class units to save time on construction.

Initially, proposals were made to convert the hulls into aircraft carriers similar to the Essex classbut the effort was dropped. Illinois was ordered on 9 Septemberand initially laid down on 6 December However, work was suspended pending a decision on whether to convert the hull to an aircraft carrier. Upon determination the result would cost more and be less capable than building from scratch construction resumed, but was canceled for good approximately one-quarter complete on 11 August Kentucky was ordered on 9 Septemberand laid down on 7 March Work on the ship was suspended in Juneand the hull floated out to make room for the construction of LSTs.

Work resumed in Decemberwith completion projected for mid Further suggestions were made to convert Kentucky into a specialist anti-aircraft ship, and work was again suspended. With the hull approximately three-quarters completed she was floated on 20 Januaryto clear a dry-dock for repairs to Missouriwhich had run aground. During this period, plans were proposed to convert Kentucky into a guided missile battleship, which saw her reclassified from BB to BBG From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Iowa class battleship. Navy battleship class, in service — For half a century prior to laying [the Iowa class] down, the US Navy had consistently advocated armor and firepower at the expense of speed. Even in adopting fast battleships of the North Carolina classit had preferred the slower of two alternative designs. Great and expensive improvements in machinery design had been used to minimize the increased power on the designs rather than make extraordinary powerful machinery hence much higher speed practical.

The Iowa s showed no advance at all in protection over the South Dakota s. Main article: Armament of the Iowa-class battleship. A crewman operates the ship's throttle in the main engine room aboard New Jersey. Crewmen operate the electrical generators in the upper-level engine room aboard New Jersey. Line drawings of the proposed aircraft carrier conversion for hulls BB and BB Plans to move forward with this conversion were ultimately dropped, and both hulls were eventually scrapped.

Main article: United States battleship retirement debate. It is the displacement of the ship complete, fully manned, engined, and equipped ready for sea, including all armament and ammunition, equipment, outfit, provisions and Through The Fire - Various - Save Our Community Compilation Volume 2 (CDr) water for crew, miscellaneous stores, and implements of every description that are intended to be carried in war, but without fuel or reserve boiler feed water on board.

One example is the Improved HC shell, which is said to have been test fired from Iowa at Dahlgren sometime after her s recommissioning and is alleged to have achieved a range of over 51, yards. Ch II, Part 4. War History Online. Timera Inc. Retrieved 12 January Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 23 January Warship International. XLIII no. Retrieved 7 August Retrieved 2 July United States Department of the Interior. Retrieved 28 November October David Taylor Research Center.

Aircraft Carriersp. United States Navy. Retrieved 14 December Federation of American Scientists. Retrieved 22 July Retrieved 26 October The Almanac of Seapowerp. Navy League of the United States. Strategic Security. Archived from the original on Through The Fire - Various - Save Our Community Compilation Volume 2 (CDr) July Retrieved 9 July United States General Accounting Office.

The Smithsonian. Retrieved 13 March Naval Institute Press. Retrieved 21 July General Accounting Office. Retrieved 8 August Retrieved on 17 December At the start of the solo, a "Pac-Man Sound" is played by Herman, after which the whammy bar that was used to perform this sound is thrown in the air.

Near the end of the music video, five shots of each band member are shown, each one from a different angle. At the very end, the camera zooms away from the band, the same way it zooms into them at the beginning.

The music video circulated through YouTube and various music video channels, including MTV2, and was shown on monitor screens during DragonForce's performances at Ozzfest It is unlocked and played automatically during the credits after the player finishes the game on any difficulty level. Several reviews at the time of the game's release listed Through the Fire and Flames as the most difficult song in the Guitar Hero series, a title supported by Guinness World Records.

When challenging Through the Fire and Flames on the Expert difficulty level the highest level in the game, similar to most video games as "Very Hard Mode"the loading screen for the Wii and PlayStation 2 versions of the game will display the message "Good Luck", while completing Through the Fire and Flames on Expert difficulty on the Xbox earns "The Inhuman achievement," a reference to the title of the DragonForce album.

Digital sales of Through the Fire and Flames, recorded by Nielsen SoundScanincreased from 2, per week to 10, per week almost immediately after the game's release, and almost reached 40, per week by the end of Throughout February and March, it was listed in the Through The Fire - Various - Save Our Community Compilation Volume 2 (CDr) five "Most Played Songs" on the game's official website. The popularity of Through the Fire and Flames in computer games is not limited to the above.

It first appears in a racing level, where the player has to escape a collapsing fortress while driving a hotrod called the "Duid Plow" oir "Deuce" : after this, Through the Fire and Flames can be heard at any time, as long as it is in the playlist. The game is set within a fictional "Age of Metal", where every element of the graphic and audio design is intended to capture the essence of heavy metal: the song's appearance is a tribute to its place in the canon of heavy metal.


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