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Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys - Ultimate (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys - Ultimate (CD)
Label: Parlophone - WPCR-50292 • Format: CD Compilation, Reissue • Country: Japan • Genre: Electronic • Style: Synth-pop

Friday 21 February Saturday 22 February Sunday 23 February Monday 24 February Tuesday 25 February Wednesday 26 February Thursday 27 February Friday 28 February Saturday 29 February Sunday 1 March Monday 2 March Tuesday 3 March Wednesday 4 March Thursday 5 March Friday 6 March Saturday 7 March Sunday 8 March Monday 9 March Tuesday 10 March Wednesday 11 March Thursday 12 March Friday 13 March Saturday 14 March Sunday 15 March Monday 16 March Tuesday 17 March Wednesday 18 March Thursday 19 March Friday 20 March Saturday 21 March Sunday 22 March Monday 23 March Tuesday 24 March Wednesday 25 March Thursday 26 March Friday 27 March Saturday 28 March Sunday 29 March Monday 30 March Tuesday 31 March Wednesday 1 April Thursday 2 April Friday 3 April Saturday 4 April Sunday 5 April Monday 6 April Tuesday 7 April Wednesday 8 April Thursday 9 April Friday 10 April Saturday 11 April Sunday 12 April Monday 13 April Tuesday 14 April Wednesday 15 April Thursday 16 April Friday 17 April Saturday 18 April Sunday 19 April Monday 20 April Tuesday 21 April Wednesday 22 April Thursday 23 April Friday 24 April Saturday 25 April Sunday 26 April Monday 27 April Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys - Ultimate (CD) 28 April Wednesday 29 April Thursday 30 April Friday 1 May Saturday 2 May Sunday 3 May The second single to be taken from the album was the UK top twenty " Minimal ".

The duo filmed the video to the single in Paris with Dan Cameron. The single was the first of theirs to be playlisted by London's biggest radio station, Capital Radioin a decade. The show was designed and directed by Es Devlinthe award-winning British theatre designer, and choreographed by Hakeem Onibudo. Between 15 June and 10 SeptemberPet Shop Boys played a series of concert dates across Europe, mainly at assorted festivals and outdoor venues. These included two dates at the Tower of London on 28 June and 29, and a single show at Thetford Forest.

These dates also included performances of Battleship Potemkinin Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys - Ultimate (CD) and Spain. On 3 Octoberthe long-delayed U. DuringPet Shop Boys worked with Robbie Williams on his then-new album, Rudeboxproducing two tracks: a cover version of " We're the Pet Shop Boys ", written by My Robot Friend which they have also recorded themselves and released as a B-side to " Miracles ", in and " She's Madonna ", a duet with Tennant, allegedly about Guy Ritchie 's affair with Tania Streckerprior to his relationship with Madonna.

Neil Tennant comments in the book: "In the beginning we made a decision — and it was in our EMI contract — that that we would have control over how everything worked; that obviously the songs mattered hugely, but the way they were presented was going to matter hugely as well; and that we were never going to give up on that.

It was written by Diane Warren and is the only song on the album not written by Tennant and Lowe. On 23 OctoberConcrete was released. During the latter part of and earlyNeil Tennant served as executive producer on Rufus Wainwright 's new album, Release the Starsrecorded in Berlin. He also sang backing vocals on a number of tracks, most notably on " Do I Disappoint You ", and " Tiergarten ". On 8 OctoberPet Shop Boys released Disco 4the latest in their series of remix albums ; the fourth in the set differed in that it was largely made up of remixes, completed by Pet Shop Boys, of other artists' work over the past decade.

The Fundamental tour ended in BucharestRomania, in November Pet Shop Boys completed their next album in late Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys - Ultimate (CD) This led to their collection album PopArt charting at number 18 on the UK albums chart, higher than when it was originally released.

On 22 Marchthe first single from the album " Love etc. A new official website was also released in following the new album and tour. The design maintained many aspects used on the previous site made by London-based design company Airside.

The site contains many photos, news updates and a feature introduced on the previous site incarnation known as 'Pet Texts' where both Neil and Chris can send in a message from their phones which automatically appears on the website for public viewing.

They also used social networking site Twitter for a short period before returning to only 'Pet Texts'. The second leg of the tour started on 29 August at the Metropolis, in MontrealCanada.

It contains the soundtrack and footage recorded from their 21 December show at the O2 Arena in London. In Januaryit was announced through the band's Twitter profile that they were back in the studio recording. In Aprilas part of Record Store Day celebrations, Pet Shop Boys released their version of " Love life ", a song they originally recorded during the Release sessions in and subsequently gave to Swedish band Alcazar. Released as a limited edition 7-inch dinked vinyl single available only in independent UK record stores, its B-side was "A Powerful Friend", a song originally composed in the early s and subsequently recorded in late during the recording sessions that would contribute to the Disco 3 album.

In June Pet Shop Boys headlined the Other Stage on the Saturday evening of the Glastonbury Festival and were heralded as dazzling with "one of the most spectacular Glastonbury moments ever. This was preceded by the single " Together ".

On 15 Novembertickets went on sale for the Pet Shop Boys' second foray into British theatre, this time for a ballet. It features former Royal Ballet star Ivan Putrovanimated films created by Tal Rosner[47] and orchestrations by German composer Sven Helbigwho worked with the band in as a co-producer for Battleship Potemkin.

On 4 Aprilit was announced that Pet Shop Boys would tour with Take That on their Progress Live tour, Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys - Ultimate (CD) that while doing so, they would be writing new songs. On 28 SeptemberPet Shop Boys announced that they had written 16 songs for their next studio album and expected to start recording the new songs in November for release in Autumn Format entered the UK charts at No.

In JanuaryPet Shop Boys announced on their official website that they had started recording their new album in Los Angeles with producer Andrew Dawson. On 25 June"Winner" was revealed as the title of the first single from the new album Elysium. Elysium was released in the UK on 10 September and in other countries the weeks before and after.

The second single released from Elysium was "Leaving", on 15 October. The album's third single, "Memory of the Future" was released in December including the b-side "Listening" which Pet Shop Boys wrote for Morten Harket from a-haand a mixed version of the song with backing vocals from Tennant appeared on his solo album " Out of my hands " in April They played mostly songs that hadn't been performed before including 'Miracles' and 'The Survivors'.

A piece entitled 'He Dreamed of Machines'—taken from the band's project associated with Alan Turing —was also performed for the first time. On 14 Marchthe duo officially left Parlophone after 28 years and entered into a new arrangement with Kobalt Label Services [63] for their 12th studio album which would be the band's first release on their own music label 'x2' pronounced "times two". Tennant stated at the time of the announcement:. When we signed to the label in we had no idea how long and successful a relationship we were embarking on.

However it is also exciting now to commence a new phase working with a new team in a new business structure and we look forward to a creative and equally fulfilling relationship with Kobalt. The twelfth album, entitled Electricwas released on 12 July The album was the biggest-selling record among the UK's independent record shops during the week of its release, and went straight to the number 1 position on the Official Record Store Chart. On 6 Septemberit was announced on the duo's website that they plan to begin work on their thirteenth studio album in November.

The lead single from the new album, entitled "The Pop Kids", was released on 18 March The subsequent Super Tour started in October On 4 SeptemberPet Shop Boys announced on their official Facebook page, that writing the next studio album would continue through the rest of They have been writing throughout the year and so far have 21 new songs.

It contains the soundtrack and footage recorded from their July four-date residency at London's Royal Opera Houseas well as the duo's 17 September show at the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil. It was released on 12 April It contained four new songs with a political and pop culture angle that has been produced by Tim Powell Xenomania and Pet Shop Boys, and was released on 8 February The final song on the EP is titled "The Forgotten Child" and is the only non-satirical track, and addresses the issue of refugees and how they are viewed and treated by the rest of humanity.

The EP debuted at number 3 on the British iTunes charts, which would be its highest spot before dropping off the chart completely after 11 weeks. The album is the third collaboration with producer Stuart Price, featuring 10 tracks, and a limited edition bonus disc of instrumental versions of all the tracks. The cover art, blurred images of Chris and Neil, was also made available.

A lyric video for the second single, "Burning The Heather", was released simultaneously. The song features Bernard Butler on guitars, formerly of the band Suede. The song is not autobiographical, although Neil did get inspiration from driving along the moors and seeing the burning of the heather in the autumn.

On 3 January a third single was announced titled "Monkey Business". A radio edit of the track was made immediately available, with an official physical release date with mixes and a B-side following on 7 February The two acts will be co-headlining and performing dates across the United States.

The tour starts in September and ends in early October. On 24 April a final promotional single for the track "I Don't Wanna" is planned for release. It will be available on vinyl, CD, and digitally. The duo have been seen [ by whom? InSuburbia - Pet Shop Boys - Ultimate (CD), BBC journalist Nick Levine noted that they still maintain a somewhat "detached and ambivalent approach" to their success, which also shows in their low profile on social media.

Lowe stated in a Entertainment Tonight interview:. I don't like country and western. I don't like rock music, I don't like rockabilly or rock and roll particularly. I don't like much, really, do I? But what I do like, I love passionately.

The quote was subsequently sampled in the song " Paninaro ", and further established the band's early reputation of being anti- rock'n'roll and aligned with disco and dance music culture. However, they are still known for openly criticising trends in the music business, such as casting shows in [92] or a pop climate obsessed with authenticity "authenticity is a style and it's always the same style" in Music journalist Steve Harnell describes them as having both an "ear for commerciality" and the desire to create "something more highbrow".

He also described Tennant's lyrics as showing a "love for language", which Tennant sparkles with sometimes quite-obscure cultural references. Their band dynamic has played a role in their public image as well. Early in their career, the duo were frequently accused of lacking stage presence, said to be a deliberate reaction to the hyper-cheerful music of the time, demonstrated by bands such as Wham! A typical early performance featured Lowe in the background playing the bassline on a Fairlight synthesiser keyboard and Tennant singing, but otherwise passive, in the foreground.

Tennant and Lowe both became well known for standing still throughout performances. In a interview, Chris Lowe said the duo's live performances was a response to the music scene in the s: "Everyone was so active.

It was a big party where everyone was having a great time and smiling at the camera. Thumbs aloft! We just didn't want to do that. So we ignored the cameras and the jollity of the situations. Let's face it, it's easier to stand stock-still isn't it?

When they first began touring, inthey were heavily influenced by opera and theatre staging. Derek Jarman staged their first tourmaking a series of films to be projected behind the costumed singers and dancers. Inthey brought in David Alden and David Fielding, from the English National Operato create the staging and costume design, for a show which made little attempt to involve or even acknowledge the audience and pushed the choreography and staging centre-stage.

The Fundamentalism tour in — was conceived and designed by theatre designer Es Devlinwith choreography by Hakeem Onibudo. Es Devlin also conceived the — Pandemonium Tour as well as the Electric Tour beginning in Typically, Pet Shop Boys have favoured avant-garde tailored fashions. Presentation has always been a major theme for Pet Shop Boys and the duo have dramatically "re-invented" their image twice in their career. Inwhen promoting their Very album, they wore brightly-coloured costumes and used state-of-the-art computer technology to place themselves in a modern computer graphic world.

This concept of re-invention was revisited for the promotion of their Nightlife album, in which they transformed their look, wearing wigs and glasses, with stylised futuristic urban wardrobes. The duo have always been interested in the artworkdesign and photography of their own releases. Photographer Eric Watson helped shape the original image of Pet Shop Boys, creating many of their photographs and videos from to In design they have primarily worked with Mark Farrowwho designed the cover of their first Parlophone album release in Their record sleeves are quite often very minimal and the attention to detail is obvious.

A German-language edition was also published. An exhibition of photographs of Pet Shop Boys was organised at the National Portrait Gallery in London to coincide with the publication. Even the band's fan base has been subject to commentary. Inmusic Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys - Ultimate (CD) Fred Everett Maus wrote that, contrary to the ideologies of anti-commercialism and authenticity embodied by "serious" discussions of popular music such as rock, Pet Shop Boys fans exhibit "an undisguised love of commercial success".

This was demonstrated through mailing list discussions from onwards, in which fans voiced concern over the "most commercially promising selection and marketing of singles" for the then-upcoming Nightlifeand debated the quality of the then-recent Bilingualspurred by the album's poorer performance in sales.

Most posters, Maus summarised, feared that the band's appeal would become essentially limited to a cult following ; "dissent, along the lines that the fans would always have the Pet Shop Boys, no matter what happened commercially, was scarce and ineffectual". Noting the fact that Pet Shop Boys "began their career with hits", Maus made the point that this early success was valued by fans: the band's "large audiences" were just as important to "many fans" as the making of "distinctive music that individual fans loved".

The Pet Shop Boys have been noted for keeping their fingers on the musical pulse to date, while "maintaining the mystique of performers from a different era". In the liner notes to their greatest hits albumDiscographythe band states that: "When we wrote this song "Heart" we wanted to submit it to Madonna but didn't dare risk disappointment. Later, inMadonna was referenced in a tongue-in-cheek lyric, in the song " DJ Culture ", soon after she and Sean Penn had divorced.

Madonna's album Confessions on a Dance Floorreleased Novemberincludes a track called " Jump ", which has close similarities to "West End Girls". Pet Shop Boys then remixed " Sorry ", the second single from the album.

Madonna has used their version in her Confessions tour. In Octobera Swedish tribute band called West End Girls had a number three hit single in their home country, with a cover version of " Domino Dancing ".

In Januarythey released their own version of "West End Girls" and an album was also released in June. Both Tennant and Lowe had speaking roles in the show. Neil Tennant, who neither denied nor confirmed gay rumours throughout the s, " came out " in a interview for Attitudea UK gay lifestyle magazine.

Many of the duo's songs are written using gender-neutral languageso that they could refer to any gender. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pet Shop Boys, Literally. Can you forgive her? The crying game Boy George. Disappointed Electronic.

Future boy Cicero. Was it worth it? DJ Culturemix. DJ Culture. Electronic Electronic. Where the streets have no name I can't take my eyes off you. How can you expect to be taken seriously?

Highlights Pet Shop Boys on tour. Being boring. So hard. Reputation Dusty Springfield. Love pains Liza Minnelli. Getting away with it Electronic. In private Dusty Springfield. So sorry, I said Liza Minnelli. Results Liza Minnelli. Losing My Mind Liza Minnelli. Left to my own devices. Domino dancing. Pet Shop Boys, annually. Always on my mind. What have I done to deserve this?

Disco — the remix album. Opportunities Second release. Love comes quickly. West End girls. Opportunities First release.


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    By , the Pet Shop Boys' discography had grown to such a size that any one-disc compilation was bound to just scratch the surface, and that's what Ultimate does, splendidly. Chronologically too, as the set opens with their debut -- and still signature -- hit, "West End Girls," before laying out a lopsided history lesson that favors their early years and then sprints through their other eras Price: $
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    "Suburbia" - Pet Shop Boys From the album "Please" () [Intro] N.C. for 8 measures, then C Am Dm F G C Am Dm F G C Am Dm F G C Am Dm F G [Verse 1] Cm Ab Lost in the high street, where Welcome Offer: 80% OFF on annual membership of Ultimate Guitar Pro Try Now.
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    "Ultimate Pet Shop Boys" by the Pet Shop Boys is a fascinating organized set highlighting some of the hits that represent their sound. My two personal favorites from this compilation are "Miracles" and "Together". At the time of this writing, I have not yet seen the "Miracles" video but intend to do so/5(68).
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    Album Ultimate. Umělec Pet Shop Boys. Ke stažení ve formátu MP3 a FLAC. V prodeji na fyzickém nosiči CD. Obsahuje hity ♫ Go West ♫ Suburbia ♫ It's A Sin. Ukázky zdarma k poslechu.
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    By , the Pet Shop Boys’ discography had grown to such a size that any one-disc compilation was bound to just scratch the surface, and that’s what Ultimate does, splendidly. Chronologically too, as the set opens with their debut -- and still signature -- hit, “West End Girls,” before laying out a lopsided history lesson that favors their early years and then sprints through their.
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    ‘Please’ was the debut album by Pet Shop Boys and produced by Stephen Hague. Released in March , the record hit number 3 and spent 82 weeks in the UK Official Album Charts, went into the Top Ten in the USA where it was certified platinum, and to date has sold over three million copies worldwide/5().
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    Overview. The song's primary inspiration is the Penelope Spheeris film Suburbia, and its depiction of violence and squalor in the suburbs of Los Angeles; in addition, the tension of the Brixton riots of and of hanging in recent memory led Neil Tennant of the duo to thinking about the boredom of suburbia and the underlying tension among disaffected youth that sparked off the.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Ultimate on Discogs. Label: Parlophone - 2 2 • Format: CD Compilation DVD DVD-Video, PAL, Compilation, Stereo, Mono All Media Deluxe Edition • Country: UK & Europe • Genre: Electronic, Pop • /5(70).
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