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Published 03.12.2019

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It can be induced, they write, by direct force applied to command and control centers, selective denial of information and dissemination of disinformationoverwhelming combat force, and rapidity of action. The doctrine of rapid dominance has evolved from the concept of "decisive force". Ulman and Wade contrast Shock & Awe two concepts in terms of objective, use of force, force size, scope, speed, casualties, and technique.

Although Ullman and Wade claim that the need to "[m]inimize civilian casualtiesloss of life, and collateral damage " is a "political sensitivity [which needs] to be understood up front", their doctrine of rapid dominance requires the capability to disrupt "means of communication, transportation, food production, water supply, and other aspects of infrastructure", [8] and, in practice, "the appropriate balance of Shock Shock & Awe Awe must cause Using as an example a theoretical invasion of Iraq 20 years after Operation Desert Stormthe authors claimed, "Shutting the country down would entail both the physical destruction of appropriate infrastructure and the shutdown and control of the flow of all vital information and associated commerce so rapidly as to achieve a level of national shock akin to the effect that dropping nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had on the Japanese.

Reiterating the example in an interview with CBS News several months before Operation Iraqi FreedomUllman stated, "You're sitting in Baghdad and all of a sudden you're the general and 30 of your division headquarters have been wiped out. You also take the city down. By that I mean you get rid of their power, water. In 2, 3, 4, 5 days they are physically, emotionally and psychologically exhausted.

Ullman and Wade argue that there have been military applications that fall within some of the concepts of shock and awe. They enumerate nine examples:.

Russia's military strategy in the First Chechen Warand particularly the Battle of Groznywas described as "shock and awe. Before the invasion of IraqUnited States armed forces officials described their plan as employing shock and awe.

Before its implementation, there was dissent within the Bush Administration as to whether the shock and awe plan would work. According to a CBS News Shock & Awe, "One senior official called it a bunch of bull, but confirmed it is the concept on which the war plan is based.

If the Iraqis fight, the U. Continuous bombing began on March 19, as United States forces unsuccessfully attempted to kill Saddam Hussein with decapitation strikes. Attacks continued against a small number of targets until March 21,when, at UTCthe main bombing campaign of the US and their allies began, Shock & Awe.

Its forces launched approximately 1, air sorties using cruise missiles. Coalition ground forces seized Baghdad on April 5, and the United States declared victory on April The term "shock and awe" is Shock & Awe used to describe only the very beginning of the invasion of Iraq, not the larger war, nor the ensuing insurgency. To what extent the United States fought a campaign of shock and awe is unclear as post-war assessments are contradictory.

Within two weeks of the United States' victory declaration, on April 27, The Washington Post published an interview with Iraqi military personnel detailing demoralization and lack of command. When United States tanks passed through the Iraqi military's Republican Guard and Special Republican Guard units outside Baghdad to Saddam's presidential palaces, it caused a shock to troops inside Baghdad.

Iraqi soldiers said there was no organization intact by the time the United States entered Baghdad and that resistance crumbled under the presumption that "it wasn't a war, it was suicide. Rather, they cited technological superiority and "Iraqi ineptitude". The speed of the coalition's actions "rapidity"they said, did not affect Iraqi morale. Further, they said that Iraqi armed forces ceased resistance only after direct force-on-force combat within cities.

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Retrieved August 27, Zurich Film Festival. Retrieved February 22, Max speed is mph or knots. Typical cruise is about 90 mph or around 80 knots. Many Light-Sport Aircraft models will run right past Shock. The spirit of the plane is pure adventure done intelligently.

A super-beefy welded chromoly occupant cage, serious restraints and ample escape avenues are the result of safety-first design. As speed dropped down into the 50s, then 40s on approach still miles an hourBill deployed one, then two notches of flaps. The flap level can Shock & Awe be operated from the front seat. Those double-section Fowler flaps—complete with VGs located in the middle surface or vane—brought Shock to a crawl through the air. The three-section leading edge slats operated in sequence, with the elements rotating up to guarantee airflow sticks firmly to the wings, even with the Fowler flaps extended further and further aft.

While the shape of the nose is very familiar to old-school Cub aficionados, the gear looks wildly overbuilt. It is. Then, a weird, helicopter-like feeling gradually arrived. The earth passed by slower and slower.

Adding a bit of power to accentuate the effect, Bill entered a nose-high attitude. Despite a steep deck angle, from the rear seat—though not from the front, he said—I could easily see both giant tundra tires in my peripheral vision. It felt like the tail must land well before the mains did. We seemed to slap the ground but the bump was no jolt.

Even the shock-absorbed tailwheel accepted this punishment as though it was a reward. Since we touched down in the first couple hundred feet of a 4,foot strip we elected a touch-and-go, pushing the throttle back to full blast.

Almost immediately the Titan-powered Shock had us jumping off the surface and climbing like the proverbial homesick angel. Absorption much? Let us count the ways: Big tires, giant struts, welded truss-style gear legs and, in back, a shock-absorbing tailwheel, too. We did this four more times and I never tired of the sensation. What a thrill ride! With two aboard and nearly full fuel Outback Shock revealed more than 1, fpm of climb rate. I commonly saw around 80 miles an hour, though, at altitude and trimmed perfectly, that number could beBill indicated.

As we approached and once back on the ground, the Shock attracted envious eyes. The Shock carries Indeed, you need to allow time most places you go because fellow aviators may question how you could land so slow or take off so quickly. One description might be that Hyper-STOL uses every aeronautical trick available to make the wing effective at super-slow speeds without sacrificing higher-speed performance. It was outfitted with all equipment as seen in the accompanying photos with commonly ordered avionics a wide variety is available and can be installed in the USA.

Exterior paint and interior finish are standard for the Outback Shock, though other choices are available. For articles, videos and more, please visit ByDanJohnson. Check out our Pilot Reports archive. Already have an account? Log in. Skip to content. Save Your Favorites.


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  1. Shaktishicage   Tojakree
    The film, Shock and Awe, provides an important reminder that news organizations and programs need to challenge governmental accounts of events and the evidence governmental actors present. Without excessive dramatic frills, Shock and Awe provides a steady and factual retelling of the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq and how most major American news outlets were gung-ho in helping sell the need to Rating: R.
    05.12.2019 Reply
  2. Kazilrajas   Mimi
    SHOCK AND AWE is an absolute"Must See"! In this day and age of "fake news" hysteria generated by our political leaders, SHOCK AND AWE is the shot in the arm that legitimate journalists need, not.
    09.12.2019 Reply
  3. Nera   Mikatilar
    Shock and Awe () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
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  4. Toll   Arashura
    Shock and Awe Airsoft 10th May A short video of in game footage from the day and some out takes. All tongue in cheek stuff as you can probably tell.
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  5. Maurr   Sadal
    Shock absorption is important when you’re bouncing off near-boulder-sized rocks, so even the tailwheel gets a strut. The power sidewall-mounted throttle lever helps clear everything up about what kind of plane you’re in. Once you push it forward, your viewpoint on the similarities between old-fashioned Cub and Shock will change immediately.
    09.12.2019 Reply
  6. Togami   Motilar
    Aug 10,  · Shock and Awe was a real treat and for such a short read it sure packed a punch! "I want to know what it feels like to kiss a guy. And you've had a lot of practice, so I know you're a good kisser."/5.
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    Jul 21,  · Shot 03/21/ bombs drop on Baghdad at night To License This Clip, Click Here: moathsadartojaktilar.xyzinfo
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  8. Gardagore   Kigagor
    Shock and Awe has a worthy story to tell and some fine actors trying to bring it to life; unfortunately, the end results are still as derivative as they are dramatically inert. 30% TOMATOMETER29%.
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