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Plateau People - Spacecraft - Inside The Inside, Live At The Gathering Concert Series 32 (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Plateau People - Spacecraft - Inside The Inside, Live At The Gathering Concert Series 32 (CD, Album)
Label: Space For Music - sfmSP1020 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Ambient

Very good narration by Sunitha Williams and camera also did well. Do you ever have problems with solar flares or black holes? Do you ever get "jet lag" or "the bends" when you go up into space or come back to Earth? How do you do time at all in space? What do you do if you break a bone or get some sort of injury in space? How many people would fill the space station to full capacity?

How do you cook food in space? I didn't see a microwave or oven. When you do a space walk how do you make sure you don't end up floating away from the station and be lost forever in space? Is water all you have to drink in the space station? Thank you for this tour I loved it.

Please answer all of my questions whenever you can thank you. Yeah, the hair thing makes NO sense. Guys are supposed to have their hair cut very short. Why, because you never want hair getting in the way of a helmet or a hatch or hairs getting all over equipment, so the fact that NASA keeps this hair thing going with the women makes NO sense at all. Not even tied up or wrapped in any way? Think of the dangers of having long hair like that and it getting caught in a piece of equipment or a door or the dangers of lose hairs getting on equipment and the pain of washing it in space.

Totally against all miliatry policy and common sense. So to me that gives it away. You have to admit it's a powerful visual: if here hair is like that she's gotta be in space right?? I notice how the basic functions of being human are addressed. How many people posting here thought of it .

What an eye opener!! I know that she is up in space but what a warm-hearted "down to earth" personality. Great enlightening presentation. The space station isn't in outer space, it's in low earth orbit.

And they're not in 0G, they're in free-fall. These things are slight differences but they are also misconceptions that need to be overcome. Gandalf, I recall when a person with a skewed view of reality, such as yourself, told Plateau People - Spacecraft - Inside The Inside he was a coward, Buzz thanked him for the comment by taking him down with one punch.

Buzz is over 70! See what wasted time in front of a computer does? Make more use of your time by masturbating to strong pornography. One little problem with your hair movement hypothesis, in water hair has something to interact with that causes drag, in the space ship the only air movement is that generated by the air conditioning.

She referred to it when she described a hazardous situation with an NH3 leak. Which can be detected by odor in the human animal at 5ppm, and becomes increasingly uncomfortable after that rapidly.

Awesome tour!!! Seems like one hell of a time. I am very jealous and proud to see the comradery. More NASA fakery. If you believe all that stuff, you will believe that men went to the moon on a Brocks rocket. I saw in a interview that every female that has ever been in the space station, and also on the space shuttle has had sex. So I couldn't help but think how fun this little filly would be in zero g sex mmm mmm mmm. See, that is just the thing The energy field of the earth is needed for conception to take place.

That is partly the reason how they figured out how to clone animals. After the sperm enters the egg there is a minute electrical charge, but in space that does not happen. I wanna go!! I guess you should know that there was a time when they just about shut down the program because of its costs.

In fact, they had to pool in as much countries as they could just to be able to make it more cost manageable. The more force the rocket needs to exert also bring up the dangers as you need to apply more thrust to get away from earths gravity. You need about 3 times the amount of thrust in contrast to weight. It would cost roughly about million dollars to bring a bag of chips up if that was the mission. Now imagine metals and such. To date I could not even fathom how much 's trillions of dollars has gone into the preparation and execution of the program.

Some nations have literally gone into an economic disaster just trying to start a space program let alone sending material up. Hope this cracks your morning egg of knowledge. I don't know much about expenses related to the space industry but s of trillions of dollars is more than all of the world's wealth combined. I don't think a small space station could possibly be worth that much.

Smells like amateurish BS. It was a bit of an exaggeration, but to date your prolly looking into the s of trillions in programs and ground related programing, not to mention, all the flights to build and repair. Prolly looking into the billions before it even got off the ground, from patenting and engineering, and also a huge cost would of course be from getting the materials up there. To date the station is worth billion dollars, but that does not include what it took to build the ship and maintain it, and its 's of programs associated with the SS.

Who knows, my first response is prolly close to the right mark, however, we will never be able to group up the trillions of dollars of related research that come from and for the SS. Not like you need to get belligerent, but that is okay, because it speaks loud about your intelligence. You can debate things without looking like a child. With all that in mind since it was in the planning I'm sure the true price-tag would astonish you.

You need to really do some research, as it is amazing that the SS is still in orbit. But that would of course involve you doing a lot of research. Mine just came from constantly researching things.

If you could see my facebook on a day to day basis it would cave your intellectualism. I watch everything from our heliosphere and beyond all the way to our iron—nickel alloy core. I also watch currant seismic and volcanic activity, as well as the day to day weather, but hey, what do I know. If you care to engage people in banter try using humility and respect. I give a ton of it and I expect it back. You get 10 trillion USD. Do you really think the space program would even be anywhere close to what the US spends on its military?

Considering this, your s of trillions of USD talk sounds not only overblown but like a hyperbole even for a hyperbole. So forgive me if I'm brash but your comment sounded pretty f--king retarded.

And NO even to date the budget could not possibly be even close to s of trillions of dollars. Give me s of trillions of dollars and I'll probably have enough money to build a f--king colony on the moon to extract enough H3 that we can all live without fear of running out of energy. While doing so I'll still probably have plenty of money left. And with that, I'll buy out the entire military arsenal of the world along with all defense related companies and industries just to get rid of all weapons and weapons related applications just so that we achieve true peace for the first time in history.

Even after doing so I'll probably have some money left so I'll buy out the entire stock market of the entire world as well as all of its real estate just so I can equally redistribute land and capital equally to all citizens of the planet and by doing so solve the poverty crisis.

Even after that I'll still have plenty left so I'll retire on an island of the coast Album) South Spain where I'll live the rest of my life. You do realize that s of trillions of dollars means you can by hundreds of Bill Gates est. I do respect you.

That is all. Thank you. There is, go to NASA's youtube and scroll through the plethora of content they make publicly available.

Russian module and Russians all look so inhospitable :D If i wasn't Russian that would be a bad thing. The fact that i am, makes it seem so homely. Great documentary though. Notably, Travis Barker appeared during the evening show to play three songs as his Baron von Tito persona, marking the first time Barker had performed with the band since ThroughoutThe Aquabats worked resolutely to fulfill their Kickstarter-funded projects.

In March, the band simultaneously released The Aquabats! Live at The Fonda! Television Soundtrack: Volume One was given a wide physical release on The Aquabats' self-operated label Gloopy Records, premiering at on the Billboard and number one on Top Heatseekers, the band's highest placement on each chart to date.

In Stereowas revealed in Februaryfollowed by the album's second single, "Pajamazon! Kooky Spooky In Stereo is slated to be released digitally on August 21, Over the course of their career, The Aquabats have experienced several radical evolutions in their sound and musical style.

Having originally formed as a part of Orange County's burgeoning third wave ska scene, much of the band's early material was rooted in the genre. Boasting an eight-piece line-up featuring two lead guitaristsa keyboardist and a horn section consisting of two trumpets and a saxophoneThe Aquabats' style of ska was primarily driven by brass and guitar, incorporating elements of surf rock and punk rock.

InThe Aquabats underwent a significant shift in style for their third studio album The Aquabats vs. A conscious decision by the band to write more diverse material, these albums saw a near-complete forfeit of the brass-driven ska of their previous albums in favor of more guitar and synthesizer -structured songwriting, embracing a punk rock and new wave sound greatly influenced by Devo and Oingo Boingotwo of The Aquabats' biggest inspirations.

During The Aquabats' career lull in the early s, several of the band's key members departed from the line-up, eventually reducing the former octet down to a mere quintet of vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. In recent years, The Aquabats have introduced an increased presence of keyboards and synthesizers into this style, with critics noting their album Hi-Five Soup!

Although the band continues to incorporate occasional elements of ska into their music, The Aquabats have since distanced themselves from their association with the ska genre after having moved away from an overtly ska-based sound in the early s, having since labeled themselves as simply a "rock band" in their official press biographies.

We were just The Aquabats. And some of the songs we happened to play were ska", noting elsewhere, "It was never a deliberate thing [to stop playing ska], but I think it just naturally happened because there's a lot of different styles of music that we play. I've always been into bands like Ween and things like that, that can chameleon-like drift from genre to genre and play whatever music they want If you set yourself up as a punk band, then you pretty much just have to play punk. Or if you're a ska band, you just play ska".

So as we grew as musicians, we wanted to experiment with different rhythms", adding "we were never really a good ska band anyway". Since the earliest days of the band, The Aquabats have earned a reputation for their theatrical live performances featuring a variety of comedic stunts and antics based around their superhero-themed persona.

During the s, when their concerts were at their most elaborately staged, a typical Aquabats performance would often include choreographed fight scenes with costumed villains, the use of numerous props, acrobatic stunts and varying degrees of pyrotechnicsranging from small fireworks to The MC Bat Commander fire breathing.

Audience participation is a common element of The Aquabats' stage shows. Both the band and their onstage characters regularly interact with the crowd, including initiating mass games of beach ball volleyball or spraying them with substances like Silly String and fire extinguishers.

With parents' permission, children can also take part in onstage games and activities with the aid of the audience.

On the visual end of these performances, keeping in line with their cartoon and pop culture -inspired aesthetic, The Aquabats' stage shows are accompanied by a large video screen backdrop which plays montage clips of various cartoons, movies, TV shows, and stock footage specifically edited to match each song. Perhaps even more so than for their music, The Aquabats are widely recognized for their eccentric superhero identity which adheres to a comprehensive mythology reflected in the band's music, stage shows and promotional material in which the members are in fact a team of musical crimefighters on a quest to save the world.

Detailed in their lyrics, liner noteswebsite and television seriesThe Aquabats have developed a small but elaborate fictional universe surrounding this mythology, describing the band's fictitious history and outlandish adventures as well as conceiving an extensive roster of enemies and allies, many of whom are the subjects of specific songs and have appeared as part of The Aquabats' stage shows in mock fight scenes or comedic skits. Over the years, this mythology, and in Live At The Gathering Concert Series 32 (CD the fictional backstory regarding their origins, has continually changed, evolved and occasionally been retconned to explain changes in the band's line-up.

The Aquabats' origin story can be separated into two distinct eras. For the first half of their career, the band maintained a consistently canonical backstory established over the course of their first two albums, alleging the band members were actually humanoid bat creatures hailing from a distant tropical island called Aquabania.

According to legend, Aquabania had been invaded by the villainous Space Monster "M", forcing the surviving inhabitants to flee into the ocean where they eventually washed ashore in California and were taken in by Professor Monty Corndog, a mad scientist who used "chemicals" to give them superpowers. Donning costumes including such accessories as "radioactive rashguards ", "power belts", and "anti-negativity helmets", The Aquabats chose to channel their powers through music in order to "take over the world" by attracting legions of fans to aid them in combating Space Monster "M" and reclaiming their homeland, fighting the numerous villains and monsters who'd attempt to thwart their musical quest along the way.

With the heavy line-up changes in the early-to-mid s which left only two of the original members remaining, The Aquabats eventually dropped the Aquabania elements out of their backstory, reestablishing themselves as a group of freelance superheroes of indeterminate origin who travel the countryside, fighting evil and "destroying boredom".

Fans of The Aquabats are referred to by the band as Aquacadets or the more casual "Cadets", a title which has held alternately official and unofficial status among their fanbase for most of the band's career.

Throughout the late s and into the mids, The Aquabats operated an official fan club known as The Aquabats Cadet Faction, selling membership packages which typically offered a variety of exclusive merchandise, access to exclusive web content, a subscription to an official newsletter written by members of the band and entrance into occasional semi-private "secret shows" held at smaller venues.

Following the Cadet Summit, The Aquabats Cadet Faction lapsed into an extended period of complete inactivity, upon which fans independently carried on unofficial fan club operations through social mediamost notably the formation of numerous splinter factions based around certain themes, shared interests or geographic location: while most Album) these groups were small sub-sections within online fan communities such as Tumblrsome factions like "Piratebats" and "Ninjabats" cultivated a small real-world presence by attending The Aquabats' concerts in accordingly-themed costume attire.

Kickstarter campaign, again issuing personalized ID cards and exclusive merchandise and web content. As ofhowever, Cadet Faction packages are no longer available and there are no current plans for a future Cadet Summit. Inindependent record label Related Records, who had previously released the officially-sanctioned bootleg of The Aquabats' acoustic performance at the Cadet Summit, compiled and released No Singles: A 20 Year Anniversary Tribute to The Aquabats vs.

The Floating Eye of Deatha fourteen-track tribute album covering the entirety of the band's Floating Eye of Death album by various underground punk, electronica and experimental musicians including The Emotron.

George, Utah in InParker Jacobs formed The Sandfleas as a side project to perform as openers at The Aquabats' shows, based on the gang of masked villains who had become a staple of The Aquabats' mythology and onstage rogues' gallery. Consisting anonymously of Parker Jacobs on vocals and a rotating line-up of musicians including Christian and Tyler Jacobs, Larson and Pollock, The Sandfleas played deliberately sloppy punk rock songs which were humorously antagonistic and insulting towards their audience, intending to be the musical "bad guy" equivalent to The Aquabats' "good guys".

During their time in The Aquabats, Deibert and Gray both joined the Long Beach indie pop band Bikeride in as bassist and guitarist, respectively, recording on three of the band's studio albums, all of which featured James Briggs ' guest contributions on saxophone and clarinet. Gray left Bikeride inthough Deibert remained a member until lead singer-songwriter Tony Carbone's death from cancer in As professional musicians, current guitarist Ian Fowles and drummer Ricky Falomir have performed and recorded with many bands and musicians of note, though are best known as original members of the punk rock bands Death by Stereo and Assorted Jelly Beansrespectively.

In relation to The Aquabats, Fowles was a guest bassist for Hunter Burgan ' s Hunter Revenge and — in costume as EagleBones — Kepi Ghoulie ' s band during both groups' tours with The Aquabats, and inbecame an official member of My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way ' s solo band after the two had become acquainted working together on The Aquabats!

The band's original instrumental version of "Sequence Erase! From tothis recording was used as the theme song to the main series of Mega64a video game-themed comedy series produced by a comedy troupe of the same name. As longtime friends and associates of The Aquabats, the main cast and crew of Mega64 would later go on to produce interstitial sketches for The Aquabats!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American rock band. This article is about the band. For the television series based on the band, see The Aquabats! The Aquabats performing in Anaheim, California in December Rock new wave pop punk ska. Horchata Goldenvoice Fearless Nitro. Main article: The Aquabats! With guitar riffs and synthesizers taking precedence over brass melodies, Floating Eye marked The Aquabats' transition from ska into more textured punk and new wave sounds.

Main article: The Aquabats discography. The Los Angeles Times. Nerd Reactor. April 3, Tastes Like Chicken. August Splendid Magazine. Archived from the original on February 11, Los Angeles Times. Nitro Records.

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July 26, Retrieved April 10, Archived from the original on November 28, Retrieved August 13, October 28, Retrieved October 11, Discovery Communications.

Retrieved July 19, Super Show's! Christian Jacobs". March 13, Archived from the original on January 26, April 24, Archived from the original on July 15, Album), May 1, Archived from the original on May 3, Facebook update". October 22, TV by the Numbers. The Huffington Post. March 21, Internet Movie DataBase.

May 11, Distorted Sound. Music Tap. The Aquabats! Television Soundtrack: Volume One". Lyrics Music Video! October 25,


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