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I tried and tried. Never sniffed iron. In our introductions to the sport, just getting a basketball 10 feet off the ground is as satisfying as running a marathon or joining the Hole-in-One Club. Too many other adventures, more vibrant, fill what Glen Campbell called the back roads of the rivers of our memory.

We wrote some ourselves. Local sporting celebrities participated. And readers wrote the majority. Especially those that settled on the same theme; the games they played 50, 60, sometimes 70 years ago.

I played sports with a passion until I was 17, and no sooner had I figured out my athletic ability had reached the end of the station, I got the chance to write about sports. That train still runs, after 42 years. But I answered mine. The memories from a half century ago and memories from a half hour ago. But my appetite is just as great when recalling the games I just saw. It was our memories. For the spectators, no new Thunder games to anguish over.

No baseball. All under the specter of perhaps no football. The great Red Smith once wrote that people go to the ballpark to have fun, then read the sports page to have fun all over again. That double fun is a virus victim. For athletes, no new memories, be they in great coliseums or old rec gyms, on pristine fields or in city parks lined with parents in lawn chairs.

But the games slowly are coming back. Both the big-money sports that fill the airwaves and internet streams, and the no-money sports that are no less a part of the American landscape. My middle granddaughter is Her sisters sing and dance. Sadie likes to play games; she took up softball just this year.

The Storm has played four games. Sadie has slid safely into home, and no runway model ever wore a dress more proudly than Sadie wore those dirt-covered pants back to her dugout. She caught a looping liner the other night; I got more excited than the night Big Country hit the halfcourt shot against Missouri.

I stood in the park the other night and thought how Sadie was making memories, Memories, how when the 22nd century approaches decades from now, she might look back warmly, thinking about the summer ofremembering Emma and Jordan and Blakely and those dusty pants. McQuarters and a thousand more, always gentle on my mind. Berry Tramel: Berry can be reached at or at btramel oklahoman.

He can be heard Monday through Friday from p. Mar 26, [Shai] Bibliophage rated it liked it Shelves: books-readenglish-novelspoetry. I was anticipating that this could be better than her 2nd book, Lullabies. But I was quite disappointed that it didn't meet my expectations. Hope The Saddest Thing Jul 10, Sarah added it Shelves: readspoetry. There was a time when I genuinely enjoyed Lang leav's work.

But that was a long time ago before I invested the time to read actual poetry. I feel this would work for teens, and for those who are not well acquainted with Poetry. Never had any Poetry book hit me harder than this one did. Seriously there were some times when I found myself gasping on some poetries. It felt like the author has taken some thoughts from my mind and presented it to me on pages to read and to know what it felt like.

This book was just something beautiful. I seriously lack words to define this, to just tell you guys to read it. I am seriously going to change my vote in poetry section. This book deserves every vote a person can give. This, this Never had any Poetry book hit me harder than this one did. This, this was something else, something pure and raw.

It will break your heart by the sheer amount of truth in the word and sometimes it will make your eyes watery just by portraying some feeling which you have yet to feel but just felt it right there on the pages. I have never known the tourer words till I read this poetry book. I have always think Poetry has as a verse to portray a feeling in a rhythmic form.

Never have I known Poetry has a way to bleed your heart on a page, never have I thought poetry has a way to open your wound again and again just to write the words on the pages.

This book changed my way of seeing this genre. I seriously can consider it as one of my fav genre. It leaves me as I always was. But a wound I take Much more to heart, For a scar will always Leave its mark. And if you should ask Which one you are, My answer is- You are a scar. One day you meet someone and for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else—closer to them than your closest family.

Perhaps because this person carries an angel within them—one sent to you for some higher purpose, to teach you an important lesson or to keep you safe during a perilous time. What you must do is trust in them—even if they come hand in hand with pain or suffering—the reason for their presence will become clear in due time.

Though here is a word of warning—you may grow to love this person but remember they are not yours to keep. And once this is fulfilled, the halo lifts and the angel leaves their body as the person exits your life. They will be a stranger to you once more. He just is, I just am, We just are.

View all 9 comments. Sep 10, Camillia Twenty Memories Pages rated it it was amazing. I like to think that bookstores are the easiest to steal from.

You can walk into a bookstore, pick up a book, read it all, put it back on the shelf, walk out Memories you're done. You've stolen a book. That's basically what I did today. I read this while standing and getting a leg cramp in the bookstore. As usually, I love Lang Leav's poems and prose and this was no exception.

My only problem was that she brought in poems from her other books. I felt like that was unnecessary. Why not just leave it as I like to think that bookstores are the easiest to steal from. Why not just leave it as a book of new poems? Anyway, I still love her. Her writing is beautiful.

I loved it, the same as I have loved Lullabies, but I'm very sure I've read some of these poems back in Lullabies. So, I had to trespass them, and read others to shed tears over them. You have done things you wish you could take back. And you wonder why you were thrown into the thick of it all—why you had to suffer th I loved it, the same as I have loved Lullabies, but I'm very sure I've read some of these poems back in Lullabies.

And you wonder why you were thrown into the thick of it all—why you had to suffer the way you did. And as you are sitting there alone and hurting, I wish I could put a pen in your hand and gently remind you how the world has given you poetry and now you must give it back. You will bleed for him until the day he is gone.

You will bleed for him every day after that. The time will pass and you will feel robbed—and you will grow bitter. And that is when the words will come. For she is his poet, And he is her poetry. Within it I fell deeper, than your heart would care to let you.

I thought you were a keeper, I wish I could have kept you. Sep 12, Ari rated it did not like it Shelves: poetry.

I am very sad about the fact that 1 star is the lowest rating you can give on Goodreads, because if it were up to me, I would've given this a -5 stars. SO BAD. It pains me that people dare to call this poetry. The fact that some people give it 5 stars even, makes me question the little faith I have left in humanity. The quality of this reminds me of Facebook posts that I used to see on pages entitled Teen g3 DreamZor something along those lines.

You know, those posts that would have an emo couple holding hands as a background. Let me give you some examples of this so called "poetry" so you'd get a sense of what I'm talking about.

Someday I'll be over you, I know, I know- I think. If I told you of what you took, would that help it? If I will it, can I un-feel it, now I've felt it? What kills me most, like even more than all this, is that she casually mentions Sylvia and Anne in the text, talking about them as if they were her buddies.

Even if I were to completely ignore the non-poetry poetry and the non-existent context and the terrible writing and grammar, the way this person whom I dare not call a poet addresses the topic of love is just so demeaning. She is obsessed with idea of fairytale-like love and a prince charming.

She is completely assigning her value according to the person she is with. It's incredibly sad and I genuinely think that she needs help in realizing her own worth and steering clear of poetry while doing so. Jan 26, Reem Ghabbany rated it liked it.

Memories is a selection of poetry from her 2 previous books, lullabies and love and misadventure with a few new poms why would she rewrite the same thing! I hate it when writers do that! Nov 03, Florencia marked it as i-don-t-dare. Tie up those fingers, Florencia. Do not type anything else and move on.

View all 5 comments. Mar 31, Farith rated it really liked it Shelves:ebooksread-in-englishpoetry. I do believe the world needs less of them.

Now I have it more clear in my head. To explain myself more properly I'm going to quote the author from the introduction of the book. It also features some new writing I have completed over the last year.

She even said it in the introduction. The book's only available in hardcover -not paperback as the other author's works- because it's a special edition. From that point of view, I loved this book. Yes, at the beginning I had issues because there were the same poems from her last books, but they were the best ones.

Lang Leav did a great work selecting the best of the best. And I couldn't be happier she did. From the poems to the prose, Lang Leav is an incredible poet and I'll be reading anything she writes. If you haven't read anything by the author, I'd recommend to start with this book because, in my opinion, is her best work so far.

Even if it's a collection with some new poems, Leav gave the best she could and she succeeded. The poems here are so heartwarming and gets to the bottom of aching souls. It dawns on you slowly, like a warm winter sunrise -where the promise of summer shines out from within. View 2 comments. Aug 29, Maui Rochell rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetrymy-favorite-booksborrowed. I was about to leave the bookstore when I saw a copy of Memories. Being a fan of Lang Leav, of course I really wanted to read her latest work but the book is kinda expensive.

I read the book for about 30 minutes and left the bookstore filled with words and thoughts. Lang's words never fail to strike me. Feels like someone wrote a poetry for me of what I feel. Like when they ask me how do I feel? I would give them a copy of this book and tell them, read this and find out. It is the source of great beauty in our lives, yet the cause of such heartache. It remains the bridge between our past and present — it gives weight and dimension to our very existence. Her prose was a bit closer to the lyrical poetry I prefer while still being modern poetry.

So, naturally, I came to memories with this idea in mind. It wasn't exactly what I got. It still had some lyrical pieces, with their rhythm and simple beauty that move me by simply existing, but they were a clear minority. Which was a disappointment, because, as I have already stated, I came looking for it precisely. It reminded, starkly, that poetry is all about emotionally connecting to the words written by the author.

To find some meaning in them and feel them deep inside you. It did that. It gave me something I was looking for. Not every poem was what I needed or what I was looking for, but there were a few that hit the mark square on. Maybe not everything she writes, not every poem, but it does. I can't say that I have branched out and read a lot of modern poetry or anything but I have read some and though the writing styles differ I've found that they talk of vastly the same topics.

And I'm not saying that's bad just a little tiring maybe. Leav branches out more. Sure, she does speak of this "hot" topics but I've also found other themes. You carry their smile with you like a talisman — for whatever reason, their presence in your life will always bring the promise of better days. I don't regret it or anything. I'm just wondering what truly is Leav's style.

The first one I read or this one? Which I don't see as a terrible thing to do. The girl who served their drink, the person they pushed past on a crowded street, the one who broke their heart. I have happened in so many places, to so many people — the essence of me lives on in the nuances, these moments. It did help me out when I most needed it, so, there is that. So, when my tbr jar suggested me to read this one I jumped to the occasion. Furthermore, I think this is the first book from Lang Leav that I ever encountered on GR and that makes me really excited!

I really liked her style from the previous of her [Leav's] books I read and, therefore, I have great expectations regarding this one. All that said, let's hope I can enjoy this. Starting off the book, I was really enjoying it. I found it emotionally touching and the writing to be not too complex, but not simple enough to assume Lang just scattered a bunch of words on it and called it "poetry", either.

Continuing the book however, I felt torn. All the poems started to blur together with the same message, of this tragic love, and the effect that I got on the first poems were just lost. Soon I grew a little bored, and only 3. Soon I grew a little bored, and only the few unique ones would stick out to me. I wish I Memories have enjoyed this book more than I did, but I definitely didn't despise it.

If you're a hopeless romantic, enjoy simple poetry, or a Milk and Honey fan, you'll definitely enjoy this book. Jun 05, Mia Bakhthiar rated it it was amazing Shelves: pretty-coversfavouritespoetryread-withinhrsanticipated-releases. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Lang Leav has pretty much articulated what every girl has gone though into strings of stunning prose.

Aug 23, Hizatul Akmah rated it it was ok Shelves: poetry. Jun 19, Onaiza Khan rated it it was amazing Shelves: favoritespoetry.

For she is his poet and he is her poetry. Lang Leav still manages to linger in places I've forgotten or didn't know existed in parts of my life where they do, sort of like an old song I've never heard but with a familiar melancholic tune to it. Aug 15, Mohamed Ghazi rated it really liked it.

I was disappointed when I read that this book has only few Memories poems and the content is a mix from her first and second book since I read both of them multiple times. I only knew that after buying this book. But that doesn't belittle this book and the words inside it!

Lang Leav has a way of writing that gives me collection of feelings that I hardly overcome. With every page I feel a new thing and remember a new story. I loved the prose more than the poems. A great collection. Of courseit did. Of course, it does. It was just an ending, they tell me, not the end. Hate to say this, but I'm disappointed I have read both of those other poetry collections so there wasn't much new content in here but I still really enjoyed all the poems a lot and decided to give this 4 stars for the overall enjoyment of the poems.

I personally am glad that I didn't buy all three of these collections but got them from the library because I didn't know beforehand that there would be repeat poems in this one. I'd recommend going for this collections if you're looking to purchase just one of them! Your life spent sailing to my shores. The arms that yearn to someday hold me, will ache beneath the heavy oars.

Please take your time and take it slowly; as all you do will run its course. And nothing else can take what only - was always meant as solely yours.

Dec 30, Yoda rated it it was amazing Shelves: readon-the-shelf. I will never dislike anything written by Lang Leav. This is a collection of her favorite poems from her other works.


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    1 day ago · Memories. That’s why I love sports. Memories. The memories from a half century ago and memories from a half hour ago. I can talk about the exploits of Mark Rohlmeier and Curtis Gray, Ricky Davidson and Mark Kottka, from sandlots and playgrounds from 50 years ago. But my appetite is just as great when recalling the games I just saw.
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    All of the songs on MEMORIES, a love song compilation, are first-rate, however there seems to be little reason why any fan would need to own it now. Barbra had won over a whole new legion of pop fans with the phenomenal success of 's GUILTY, but was working on the film YENTL full time by and didn't have time to record a follow up release/5().
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    Memories, as mental facts, arise from time to time, but do not, so far as we can see, exist in any shape while they are "latent." In fact, when we say that they are "latent," we mean merely that they will exist under certain circumstances.
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    moathsadartojaktilar.xyzinfo» Search results for 'memories' Yee yee! We've found 37, lyrics, 1 artist, and 50 albums matching memories.
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    Dec 23,  · Directed by Kôji Morimoto, Tensai Okamura, Katsuhiro Ôtomo. With Shigeru Chiba, Hisao Egawa, Kayoko Fujii, Nobuaki Fukuda. "Memories" is made up of three separate science-fiction stories. In the first, "Magnetic Rose," four space travelers are drawn into an abandoned spaceship that contains a world created by one woman's memories. In "Stink Bomb," a young lab assistant accidentally /10(K).
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    17 hours ago · Most research on memory takes place in a laboratory setting, where participants often are asked to memorize lists or recall and describe specific memories from the past.
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    Memories is a compilation album by American singer Barbra Streisand, released in It is primarily a compilation of previously released material, but includes three newly recorded songs. The album was certified 5× Platinum by the RIAA, reaching number 10 on the US Billboard First released on Columbia, it was re-released under the CBS imprint in with four additional moathsadartojaktilar.xyzinfo: Pop.
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    19 hours ago · Most research on memory takes place in a laboratory setting, where participants often are asked to memorize lists or recall and describe specific memories from the past.
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