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Leal El Perro Rumbero - Ray Ramos - Sabroso Y Saoco (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 16.09.2019

Download Leal El Perro Rumbero - Ray Ramos - Sabroso Y Saoco (CD)
Label: Golden Music (3) - GM-1001 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Latin • Style: Salsa

Gabriel Zurita rated it it was amazing May 13, Chris rated it liked it Jun 22, Javier Belsa rated it liked it Feb 12, Nurnux rated it it was ok Sep 16, Vicente Doblas peguero rated it liked it Jul 20, Cenfocs rated it liked it Nov 14, Cristina rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Jaume Corominas rated it liked it Sep 15, Michael Alonso rated it really liked it Mar 16, Loppy rated it liked it Jan 18, Dan C. Lungescu rated it it was amazing Dec 31, Bernardo Gandul Duarte rated it really liked it Sep 05, Torsion rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Rami rated it liked it Jan 04, Michal rated it really liked it Oct 08, Julio rated it liked it Aug 20, Abdelkarim Jota rated it liked it Dec 27, Carlis rated it really liked it Apr 02, Miguel Vazquez rey rated it liked it Feb 03, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. So go out and buy it now. Use the link at the top of the page to Tropimusic and you can have one in 3 days. When I first listened to this cd I was disappointed as their previous release was a must have for the discerning British salsero. Track one and track two are good cha chaas and the last track a good salsa dancer.

The rest between is good old stuff to sing along to eg: pero que bonito y sabroso bailan el mambo… now I am getting carried away. Hey if you aint got any Los Nemus stuff then get turned on by this set of fifteen montunos and salsa tunes. This grupo have been going since and rank in my top five all time greats.

You cannot stay in your seat when you hear the voice of Alex Murillo and the rest of the crew. This is something else. This guy really has something here and the tunes are well produced and great to dance to. Victor is always consistent and will not disappoint his fans with this release.

I am not really a fan of his but you have to think of the dancers you are playing for and not use the night as a personal musical trip. If you like something a bit different then try out this cd. Not your usual salsa cuts with heavy brass etc but full of vibraphone, bass and congas. Some really good dance tracks which are a welcome break from the norm. A little known band out of New York.

If NY style is your bag then buy this cd as soon as you see it. Even the part English tracks are good. Montuno Street being one of them. Guyacan, now there's a name. Usually, I am not personally amiable toward the output of Guyacan but there is always an exception to the rule. Hailing from Colombia then you cannot fail to have some good music in you. This cd proves that with some excellent dance tracks to please the most difficult of dancers.

Not really my kind of music, as it is too much boy zony for me. Approx 4 dance tracks on a 9 track cd with video viewable on your computer. Usually pleases the NY lover of salsa romantica. Me, I'll stick with the Colombian thank you. A group to be on everyone's shelf along with El Gran Combo. For most of this cd PRP are fronted by Tito Rojas, yes you know the voice, but for me it is a middle of the road cut.

Best track is 'Se Acabo' which never fails to get the dancers going. This cd is old and I mean old. Just listen to the cuts such Leal El Perro Rumbero - Ray Ramos - Sabroso Y Saoco (CD) 'Pobre Soy' or 'Huracan' and you can see where the salsa music of today comes from.

A brilliant cd from Fania including some excellent dance tracks. Merengue at its best. This cd is brilliant. Check out 'Cali Pachangero',you should recognise the music straight away as Grupo Gale 's Ven A Medellin, it rattles along like a steam train, the only salsa track on the cd. As said before some excellent Merengue on here also. A while back I reviewed the same track by two New Yorkers. However if you want the real deal then this is the cut to have.

Oscar Rizo is in fine form with this title track which is a brilliant dance floor filler. Included on the cd are at least another four dance tracks. Colombian music at its best, originally from It spans forty years of this brilliant musician. Not dance tracks but good background music with a difference. One or two tracks are very seventies but worth putting up with for the rest. Yet another compilation of salsa stuff. Big John states in his write up with the cd that he is into salsa dura and gives his description of this.

Hmmm, some of the included material doesn't seem to match the criteria. No matter, as well as the usual couple of duff tracks, there are a whole host of good tracks included. Rey Ruiz is included he one of my favourites and check out the Orlando Poleo track Cimarroneando Dos' wow it's a killer. It's worth the money. Oxfam what!! Do not scoff. Read the track listing and you already know that for the price you cannot do better.

Also when you buy this, you will be doing your bit to help Oxfam. Don't delay go and buy it right away. The first cd from this international line up of artistes based in London is OK. I am not a merengue man but the tracks on this cut certainly get me going. They are some of the finest you will ever here outside of the Dominican Republic. Also included is their version of 'No Woman No Cry' along with three other salsa tracks, one being a remix. Verdict is it is worth buying.

A good outing for the first cut. What can you say about something like this except that any collection should have a copy, and what about the track 'Mary'. Just buy it. I am am still undecided about this one. There are a few good dance tracks and some really good listening stuff but, it doesn't grab me as it should. The production is superb, perhaps I need to play it more and it will grow on me.

For you, you will have to listen and decide. If you have money to spare then buy it, if not buy something else. Seventeen tracks of damn good salsa romantica from artistes such as Sabrosura, Los Titanes, Latin Brothers and many others.

It contains some good dance material and tracks for just relaxing too. A welcome change from the grab your feet and hit the floor music. This is first class material. For some the sound may take a bit of getting used to as it is a step away from what your conventional dance salsa is like.

With the vocals of Macondo the voice of Colombia and of course Gabino Pampini this cut should be in your collection. A good assortment of tracks from this excellent showman should prove delightful to all. If you have no Oscar cuts in your collection then buy this one. Yes, Disco Fuentes have yet another great sonero gracing their label.

If you love salsa to listen or dance to then you must buy this cd. This guys voice is one which haunts you and the title track 'Mis problemas' is a definite dance floor filler, without fail.

Even the bolero included on this disc is likeable. As soon as the first track starts you cannot fail to recognise the voice of the man fronting many other grupos ie; Grupo Gale, Latin Brothers etc. Don't hesitate, put this one in your collection. Available from tropimusic. Well, after waiting a whole year since this cd was supposed to be released it has finally hit the shops.

So what about it. No disrespect to Dave Hucker the man behind this compilation but why is it that British compilations of salsa tunes never seem to hit the bullseye. Maybe we have greater difficulty in obtaining recording permission from the respective label companies involved. That said, Dave has put together some really good stuff amongst the mediocre.

Wayne Gorbea, Merengada and Conjunto Yumari to name a few. Verdict is, that for under a tenner it's worth having. If you like Daves' choices, then check out his venue 'The Sunday School' in London on, of course, sundays.

That man again. This time with a compilation of songs which you most probably have heard or danced to. The cd consists of tracks from various artists where Senor Gabino Pampini takes lead vocals and he does not disappoint. Just check it out and you will realise what good stuff this man has been involved with. The tango songs done in salsa style are worth paying particular attention to.

I know that one of these tracks is played at La Finca and it always fills the floor with los bailadores. This cd is hot off the molding machine and thanks to tropimusic link at top of the page I have a copy. You cannot beat service like that.

This has got to be the best music that Fruko has produced since El preso. The tracks are in the usual Fruko style but hard hitting which makes you want to dance.

Vocalists included on the cd as well as Saoko are Harold and with his unmistakeable voice, Gambino Pampini. This cd is a definite must have for all you salseros out there. Long live Disco Fuentes and long live tropimusic. Get your copy from them now. Yes, the man that brought you Herencia Africana has released a new cd and as usual he does not disappoint.

This cut is a combination of mostly salsa, with cumbia, plena, gurruiao and latin jazz. If you like a good mixed bag then you will be happy with this. Ah yes! The only trouble is that you really get bogged down with the same tracks on this sort of compilation cd. However, if you want a good variety of Grupo Niche tracks then this is for you.

For me it is in the cd player in the car. If you have seen this UK band live then you already know how good they are. Just one or two tracks are danceable, but this cd is latin jazz made for listening to or for jazz dancers. A good set put together and played admirably by Snowboy. If you are into latin jazz give it a whirl. Available at all good record stores in the UK. This man I really like. Not a new release but a re-issue. This doesn't mean that the tracks are old garbage, far from it.

This cd consists of some excellent work from the man who produces many other great salsa singers you all know. Check the credits on your cd collection and you will find his name alongside artistes such as India and Oscar D'Leon etc. Although a re-issue it is well worth putting in the collection. This cd is an unusual combination of Latin American rhythms mixed with UK style club grooves.

The result is some pretty good tracks worth getting into. The man behind this project has lived in Colombia so fully understands what he is doing with the Latino thing. Definitely worth a listen. I'm a bit late reviewing this cd as I have been playing tracks from it for at least 9 weeks and they certainly fill the floor at the Derby venue on Tuesday nights. Once again this grupo of musicians has produced a very danceable compilation of tunes comprising of no less than 5 mosaicos.

But the whole cd is fantastic just like Heavy Salsa was. So who is behind Leal El Perro Rumbero - Ray Ramos - Sabroso Y Saoco (CD) grupo. Well it all started in when Marion Rincon proposed the project to Disco Fuentes, the first release being Espactacular and since then the line up has gone from strength to strength culminating in the last two superb Cds.

Headed by none other than Diego Gale Grupo Gale fame and Mario Rincon two very prominent musicians this album is irresistable to all the bailadores around the world. If you are not into Puerto Rican music, you will be after hearing this work of art, Leal El Perro Rumbero - Ray Ramos - Sabroso Y Saoco (CD).

This is a cd for dancers and salsa romantica lovers, being salsa at its most catchy and will have you on the dance floor immediately. This cd will go down in history. Buy it before you get left behind. At last something new from Tony vega and he doesn't disappoint either.

The tracks have been well selected and once again are for dancers and romantica lovers alike. Check out 'Me Voy' a superb dance track but then again it is difficult to choose the best one as they are all very good.

Tony, good luck and keep up the quality like this cd. Salsa dura seems to be quite the in thing at the moment. I had trouble sourcing this cd, yes I have to buy mine like you do. Nobody sends me freebies. The first track 'Sonero del Barrio' is a retake on the Oscar Rizo original which is pretty good with jazz piano. The whole cd is a concoction of New York salsa which should delight all you salsa dura afficiendos. This is modern style Cuban salsa which is commonly known as Timba.

The title track is popular in a few clubs with the rest not being up to this standard but well worth listening to. Once again this is modern Timba. As the title says if you put your head round this it will make you ill.

I only like three tracks on this cd but maybe others will appeal to you. Areito is an old Cuban record label and you can guess that estrellas means stars. This is a 2 cd set which was recorded in and sounds brilliant today. All the tracks are descargas music jams ranging from traditional through uptempo salsa, guaguanco etc. This cd is well worth putting in your collection. The track for me which steals the show is 14 minutes long and is quite laid back culminating in a tremendous finish with the brass section.

Don't miss out on this cd, buy it Leal El Perro Rumbero - Ray Ramos - Sabroso Y Saoco (CD) you can. Yes it's one of those compilation albums from the UK.

However, the line up has some well known names there and the songs are for sunny afternoons drinking margheritas my favourite drink a good cd at the price. This is real Cuban stuff to listen too and is fantastic.

The ballad 'Silencio' is really touching and of course this cd contains the dance track 'Que Bueno Baila Usted'. Another cd worth having. If you have seen them live then you know what I mean.

A good mix of son montuno, son and guaganco make for good listening. This cd is mostly instrumental with Manu guesting on sax. If only for the track 'El Manicero' this cd is worth checking out. There are some memorable old tunes and Eliades Ochoa plays guitar. Not strictly Cuban but the blurb mentions 'Cuban roots' somewhere.

Regardless of that, this is one fine cd. Not for dancers but for listening to. All lyrics are in Spanish so may not have mass appeal within the UK but if you enjoy good tunes then this is well worth buying. This young salsero has not produced a bad cd yet and this latest offering is no exception either. If you are into the New York romantica style then this is for you. The cd is very listenable and worth having in the collection. Did you see this band when they toured the UK last year, if not you missed one of the best New York dance bands around.

They have taken straight up old school New York style salsa and added a contemporary feel, making this an attractive buy for dancers and salsa dura lovers. Excellent with stars. OH WOW!!!

A cd from my favourite group. The wait for this cd was well worth it. Track three, Han Cogido La Cosa you got the thing is outstanding as it storms along breaking into a rap part way through, a real hit on the dance floor.

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