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Ho Ho - The Birthday Party - Devil In The Bottle (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Ho Ho - The Birthday Party - Devil In The Bottle (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Party Records (7) - #1992 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release Blue • Country: Belgium • Genre: Rock • Style: Post-Punk, Punk

As boys, the made a pact that they would meet annually to renew their friendship. Trouble ensues when one Ho Ho - The Birthday Party - Devil In The Bottle (Vinyl the boys accidently sets fire to a building. Another boy took the blame. He went to reform school. Years pass before he is reunited with his pals. Now the man is a professional gambler and nightclub owner.

He sees two of his friends, who have become cops, when they come into his club to investigate a murder. As they look into the death, one of the cops is killed. The fourth friend, now a priest, makes sure that justice prevails. Ray McCarey. Roy Chanslor. Mar 1, Victor McLaglen as Marty Malone. William Gargan as Mike O'Mara. Paul Kelly as Jerry Donovan. Beatrice Roberts as Helen McCoy. Frank Jenks as Sam. John Gallaudet as Joe O'Mara. Samuel S. Hinds as Justice Harrison.

Joseph Downing as Frank Diamond. Arthur Hoyt as Webster, LP). David Oliver as Hank Andrews. Edward Gargan as Sgt. Scotty Beckett as Mike O'Mara as a child. Mickey Rentschler as Marty Malone as a Child. Tommy Bupp as Jerry Donovan as a Child. Juanita Quigley as Helen McCoy as a child. Robert E. Mar 20, A group of young kids growing up in Hell's Kitchen form a lifelong bond. Because one refused to rat the others out, he goes to the reformatory.

As adults they find their way to conflicting positions in society. Two cops, a priest, and a nightclub owner. The latter is mixed up in some shady dealings, mostly related to gambling. He hires a couple guys to rough a "client" up but they don't heed his limitations and kill the guy. This sets of a series of events where he is now under suspicion and brings about the death of one of his lifelong buddies. The film looks pretty good and it has that cool black and white element.

Of course, honor is at the center, but that honor is not respected by the "really" bad guys. Victor McLaglan's character must confront his own miscues and face the music for his actions. I was surprized how much I enjpyed this Movie made in Bruce B Super Reviewer.

See all Audience reviews. Tracy Pew grabs a guy a diplomat's son in the front of the audience by his necktie and kicks him. The cops come in and end the show after 20 minutes. I remember Nick pulling one real nerd across the crowd by his skinny tie, and the guy turning blue.

From the stage, he grabbed this boy's tie and broke his glasses and he slammed the guy into this pillar. Keith and I said to each other, 'We're running away. Note: Last date of tour. Money and a bottle of drugs are thrown on stage. Read more in Ian Johnston's biography "Bad Seed". Note: Aussie Bob Gosford starts doing their live sound. Ticket: Courtesy of David G. Note: In front of an audience of over 1, Their largest so far in the UK. His father was in the army, and he'd been in the Marines, but had bought his way out.

He would go to every gig, so if we were playing in Coventry, he'd be there. He'd catch the train or hitch to get there.

He did this all over Europe, and when there was room he'd be on the tour bus, or he'd be with us on the train. He'd check into the hotel and sometimes we'd let him crash. He was totally, totally into the band and what we were doing for a lot of the right reasons.

He later became a really good friend to me. He used several ways to bait the band on stage [. Note: From a photoshoot by David Corio. Note: From a fhotoshoot by David Corio. Photo: Credit by Steve Makin. Used with kind permission. Ticket: Courtesy Soundscene Does Facebook. Just unbelievable. James Johnston interview The Quietus November 16, First time "She's Hit" is performed.

Note: first ever concert on the continent. Apparently a second date on Nov had been planned too. Setlist: amongst others: Release The Bats. Photo: Screencapture from Dutch TV broadcast.

Poster: Scan of poster. Note: First concert in the Netherlands. Photo: Credit Laboratori! Kooos, as published in Muziekkrant Oor Nov Note: Sunday afternoon gig at a late 19th century church. The very few visitors who turn up are seated in the church benches that were still part of the original furnishing. Note: Fan account: a tired, disappointing concert at the Walche cinema, organized by the record store Jamarico.

The band stayed overnight after a long journey, between Amsterdam and Bologna. Only 80 people were present. Note: "The first venue had provided amps and drums, but no drumsticks, so Phill got a broom-handle and broke it in half and his hands got split.

It was a disco, and the stage and steps were all metal. On stage, Nick [Cave] would come up to me and put his arm around me, and I'd get a big shock off the P. There were these Italians leaning into the front of the stage, and one of them had wire-frame glasses. Nick put his finger between the guy's eyes and touched the frames, and these big blue sparks went flashing everywhere and this guy shoots back into the audience, and all the Italians were standing there looking quite alarmed.

Note: Free concert in a tent organized by communist party. Chaos erupts after Tracy hits an audience member. People throw everyting on stage and try to get on it, but security beats the hell out of them from Ian Johnston's biography "Bad Seed".

The promoter had hired all his nephews as our roadies, so we had a small horde of about 12 roadies. One of them was leaping around the stage like a salmon, deflecting flying chairs and so on with his head like a soccer player. Alternative version. Photo: Photo of the pissing incident by Gernot Huber. Note: They were advertised as 'The toughest live band from London'. A drunken audience member pisses on stage. Article from NME Dec Note: "Depending on how you viewed it, the high or low point of this journalistic niche was the day Johnny Thunders dropped by the Paddington crash-pad I shared with, among others, Birthday Party singer Nick Cave.

Thunders made us look like amateurs: Nick nearly overdosed on the cotton bud Johnny had used to strain his hit. My own heart was broken at this time, though I rarely talked to Nick about it. Note: Lydia's first concert with The Birthday Party. Lydia Lunch was touring the UK with Produced by John Owen Williams.

Note: last concert before returning to Melbourne. Nick attempts to climb the P. Fights erupt on and off stage. Nick beats up a heckler during "She's Hit" and subsequently forgets the song for which Mick punches him in the mouth. Tracy overdoses before the concert, Nick after. Ad: Scan of ad. Another adtaken from "Inner City Sound"a book by C.

Poster: Scan of poster courtesy of Edvin S. The Rich Kids. Photo: Photo of setlist. Ticket: Reproduction of ticket taken from "Fanatic! Note: In front of 1, people. Engineered by Tony Cohen. The lyrics are Cave's, and the drumming indisputably Morrison's -as Mick Harvey discovered when he attempted to tell her what rhythm to play.

Soon after recording this track, the two groups convened again, on stage at the Tiger Lounge in Richmond [on Jan], to perform a version of [Johnny Cash's] "Ring of Fire. One night they came up with that track because they had nothing else to do. So I said,"We'll use it as a vehicle to parlay against the accrued costs. The general feeling was "put it out.

McLennan agrees with Glass that it was Cave's idea. Wherever it came from it's a dreadful name. Mick Harvey, who has nothing positive to say about Glass, denies that releasing the song as a single was the band's idea: "We were over in England and we suddenly heard this record was coming out. I think he must have private meetings where he sits in his living room, imagines we're all there, discusses everything with us and says, "Right, that'll be okay.

I'll do that, then. Handbill: Original handbill. Review: Scan of review from RAM. Note: A private Missing Link Records party. They perform as "The Cavemen". Note: Despite the worst heat wave in 30 years they put on 3 manic shows in Adelaide. Photo: Credit Bob King. Another photocredit Bob King. Ad: Scan taken from The Age Feb For this and several other outstanding offences theft of a sewing machine, rice and frankfurts sausages in he is sentenced to 8 months imprisonement serving only 2.

Pentridge Prisonat the same place Mark "Chopper" Read was imprisoned in the late 70s. Note: Cancelled, due to Tracy Pew's arrest. Pentridge Prison.

Note: First UK show after their return from Australia. Barry only had been through one! Engineered by Richard Mazda. Engineered by Peter Williams. Photo: Screen captures from TV broadcast, which was largely marred by 'experimental' 80's video effects.

Note 1: "Dead Joe" with Mick Harvey on extra drums. Ad: Taken from German mag Sounds March Note: All 3 were cancelled due to Tracy Pew's imprisonement. Handout: Photo of handout. Their fan, Bob 'Bingo' Bingham is breathing fire at the band. Photo: Photo credit Francesca Mellina. The band stops the show until their fan Bob 'Bingo' Bingham is brought back into the venue.

When Nick came on stage it was almost impossible to see him or the band. There was, literally, just one light, from the side of the stage, used as the light show. It was a very intense, moody and dark set. But I loved it!

Hofbrauhaus which had for years survived on strippers at lunchtime in January briefly became Dingwalls until summer Photo: Photocredit Simon Clegg. Mick Harvey takes the drum seat for the encore, "Funhouse". Note: Tracy Pew is replaced by Harry Howard. Review: 'Review' of show, taken from Leeds Student May Show was cut short because Rowland's guitar pedals were stolen from the stage after the main set before they would start their encore. Note: Tracy Pew is back! Tracy had flown over from Melbourne to London with The Go-Betweens, after been released earlier from jail due to good behaviour.

The Go-Betweens' debut London show. Note: start of the 'This is the last day of the rest of your life'-tour. Lydia's presence exacerbates the rift growing between Cave and Howard.

Die Haut and The Birthday Party meet for the first time. That day Nick is introduced by Gudrun Gut of Malaria! Poster: Photo of a Martyn Kaye poster. Photo: Credit unknown. Article: Articletaken from Nieuwsblad van het Noorden Jun Review: Reviewtaken from Nieuwsblad van het Noorden Jun Photo: Screen capture from private video. Rowland vocals on " A Dead Song". Poster: Photo of poster, designed by Loulou Picasso of the Bazooka collective. Their only concert ever in France.

Without Phill Calvert. Photo: Screen capture from a private video by Yvonne B. Note: start of the by Rowland christened 'Oops! All tracks available on "Live In Berlin" bootleg tape. Setlist: Hamlet Pow! Photo: Credit Tschiponnique Skupin. Photo: Original photos, credit Peter Kostiw. Uploaded by Mick Harvey to LP) YouTube channel. Broadcast by Radio Bremen FM. Complete concert also available on the "Funhouse" bootleg LP.

Photo: Credit Wolfgang Wiggers. Photo: Credit Tom Sheehan. During "Kiss Me Black" Nick inavertedly kicks a girl in the face. Bedlam with bouncers and audience erupts. Also captured on a private video tape, filmed by Gerd Ho Ho - The Birthday Party - Devil In The Bottle (Vinyl and Rudi Fring. Note 2: InFranz Stollwerck opened a factory in Cologne, producing cough bonbons.

By the production was extended by chocolate, marzipan and gingerbread. The factory was operational until the late 's. In the derelict Stollwerck was occupied and throughout the 80's used as a cultural centre by "Pallazzo Schoko and Regenbogenhaus" organisation.

Photo: Credit Peter Weiss. Engineer Charles Bullen [ex- This Heat]. Ad: Scan of ad from UK mag. Photo: Photo credit Ian Kerkhof. Membership: Zig Zag membership certificate. Photo: Screen capture from DVD.

Note 1: Program directed by Bram van Splunteren. Full program details as follows. Note 2: Broadcast on Sunday evening, Sep repeated Sep Live vocals over playback music.

Note: Next to last concert with Phill Calvert. Photo: Credit Ian Kerkhof. Another adverttaken from Time Out mag Aug Note: Last concert with Phill Calvert.

Howard], had just flown over to the UK, making their UK live debut. Engineered by Steve Montgomery. Aug The songwriting was drying up and a scapegoat had to be found, which was Phill.

Mick Harvey moves from rhythm guitar to drums. The band, sick of London, leaves and moves to Berlin DE. Photo: Credit Thodoros Papadopoulos aka T. Another onecredit unknown. Note 1: Day one of a three day festival, taking place in a basketball stadium and organised by Petros Moustakas. He feels "something warm flowing down [his] fingers," he tries to move his arm but when he looks he sees "there's nothing there.

No wonder gloom-rock poet laureate Nick Cave has been covering the song for more than 30 years. Shock rock's greatest act could add any number of songs to a list of truly frightening songs — "Dead Babies" about child neglect"The Ballad of Dwight Fry" an insider's view of going mad"Sick Things" sick things — but it's one of Alice Cooper's at least three! In a Rolling Stone interviewAlice Cooper shrugged off the tune's shock value. If I cut my arm off and ate it, OK, that would be shocking.

But you can only do it twice. The lyrics were directly sourced and spliced from a written testament by artist Blaster Al Ackerman — who served as a medic in Vietnam, and later in a burn victim unit at a hospital, where he cared for a woman who was scorched from her waist to her face. The song was cowritten by Cave and his then-girlfriend Anita Lane, interpolating tonal elements of American Southern Gothic into roiling, cartoonish art-rock. Although the band fell apart just a year later, the Birthday Party influenced gothic rock by incorporating disparate strands of blues and rockabilly to eerie effect.

Just another Springsteen song about a boy and a car and a girl. Bruce had given a voice to desperate souls before, but those were usually good people fallen on hard times. Although Metallica were underground trendsetters for the early half of the Eighties, they broke into mainstream consciousness in with "One," a single about a quadriplegic solider asking to die.

Ho Ho - The Birthday Party - Devil In The Bottle (Vinyl eventually headbangs Morse code on his pillow, asking his doctors to kill him. For Metallica, that story — set against machine-gun thrash riffs for nearly eight minutes — made for an unlikely Top 40 hit, an unforgettable music video using footage from the movie and a Grammy win.

A tale told by a bog witch of the highest order. In the lead single from her album, To Bring You My LovePolly Jean Harvey transforms into a beguiling, filicidal mother from a swampy underworld, beckoning her daughter back from the river she drowned in.

The music video sees Harvey undulating to a sinister cha-cha rhythm and thrashing underwater in a red satin dress: She genuinely struggled to come up to the surface, she told Spinthanks to the weight of her hefty black wig.

The low drone that opens Scott Walker's track "Farmer In The City" only hints at the plainly laid out horror that's going to come. The pop idol turned experimental miserablist has the sort of voice that can't be described using simple terms like "haunting" or "funereal" — he has a precisely calibrated moan with a vibrato, and the pitch-black music he's released in the past two decades has used his voice, and his bleak outlook, to arresting effect.

Over a tense, spare arrangement by the Sinfonia of London, Walker wails his abstract interpretation of the Italian film director and intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini's final thoughts he was murdered in Nearly every Nick Cave song is scary; few artists have dedicated themselves to the grim and macabre like the Australian Bad Seeds leader.

In the mid Nineties he tasked himself with writing and recording the self-explanatory album Murder Balladswhose songs claimed the lives of dozens upon dozens of hapless fictional victims. This dramatic monologue from a nosy neighbor is set to a palette of eerie sound effects — subdued metallic clangs, low-rent electronic flutters — that would be the envy of any haunted house designer.

Always a creepy dude not for nothing did Francis Ford Coppola cast him as the bug-gobbling Renfield in his take on DraculaTom Waits wheezes here like he's shining a flashlight underneath his chin to spook an edgy campfire scout troop. In fact, they way he repeatedly intones, "What's he building in there?

At least until the unsettling coda, where we hear the whistling from the home of the eccentric builder for ourselves. Eminem's revenge fantasia "'97 Bonnie And Clyde" was an upbeat yet horrifying track where the bleached-blonde MC detailed a father-daughter trip to the beach, with some hints that "Mama," in the trunk, wasn't exactly along for the ride willingly. Tori Amos's reinvention for her covers album Strange Little Girls ups the American-gothic quotient with horror-movie strings, dimestore-synth beats, and a flip of the song's perspective — her strangled delivery and parental tenderness make the monologue sound as if it's coming from the victim as the life is being bled right out of her.

There was one person who definitely wasn't dancing to this thing, and that's the woman in the trunk.


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