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Do Somthin - Empty Mynd - Thoughts Of An Empty Mynd (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 05.09.2019

Download Do Somthin - Empty Mynd - Thoughts Of An Empty Mynd  (CD)
Label: Orpheus Records - 75766 70560 2 3 • Format: CD Promo • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop •

I will forever appreciate your son. Unbroken Bond Nothing can replace the time missed and tears shed. I always took for granted that you would always be here. I know that Carrie would stop the planets to have you back. Your presence on this planet will be missed and you are definitely loved. Rest well lil brother, save me a seat up there in the VIP section. Love Lorando. None of my anniversary entries were published last year, however, most importantly I know that you were able to see them.

So, here we are again, another year of the most dreadful day of my life. Just when I thought I was strong enough to distance myself from the initial pain this day brought, today I learned I was not. I think it was because even before I awaken today - prayers, thoughts, and remembrances of you were already being sent to me. Because you are loved by many and are forever in their hearts, they always remember you and share their loss Do Somthin - Empty Mynd - Thoughts Of An Empty Mynd (CD) love for you with me.

Today, especially reminds us all of how much we miss Do Somthin - Empty Mynd - Thoughts Of An Empty Mynd (CD). I am so grateful for the lasting impression you left with those who were fortunate enough to know and love you. Because of them, you live on!

Because of them you made sure that I would never be alone, not only today but always. Your birthday was always so special to you. So much so, that you set your watches and clocks to alarm at day and night. I can't count the number of occasions I happen to look up at the time and it's I know you are present, and directing my attention to your presence.

I know you will always be with me. Remembering you especially on this day, and always every day. I love you! I miss you!

Happy 35th Birthday Randell What happened to us growing old together? It's been 12 years since you left us for vacation, I think it's about time for you to come back. Yesterday was rough but having Troi Yarnique helped me get thru it. I know that you are with me everyday spiritually and I'm thankful for that.

I just wish March 15, never existed. We aren't suppose to question God but forgive me I do. We had so much more life to live and memories to make.

I'll never forget you my Brother, Bestfriend, and a piece of my heart. On this day of your death anniversary, I visited your gravesite. It was dreadfully cold today, with snow and ice on the ground.

As I kicked the snow and ice off your headstone, the first thing I saw was your smile, which brought sunshine to this cold, cold day. I miss you son. Love, Dad. Wealth And Happiness.!!! You Are Miss And Love. Randall, I will always remember your beautiful smile and personality. Think of you often. Hey Beautiful! Missing you immeasurably Thinking of you always. I know you are always with me, because I feel your presence and I always see your signs, especially the reminders.

Thank you for still finding a way to be a present in my life. Don't ever go away You will always be remembered by those of us who love you so dearly. How can we forget you?? Thank you for all the joy, laughter, love and specialness you brought to our lives. So, on this day we are grateful for the gift of YOU! We are blessed to have had you in our lives. You remain forever in our hearts. With All My Love, Mommy. Happy 34 Birthday to my Bestfriend. I wish you were here in the flesh to enjoy this blessing God has given me.

Dell come December 12, I'll be welcoming a baby girl into the world. She'll always be your God daughter so guide her safely to my arms. I woke up with my heart heavy this morning and would not understand why, until Eboni confirmed that today is indeed your earth bday.

You would have been Oh how I miss you. Happy bday in heaven man. Love u! Lorando Kake Dunca. March 15, - March 15, Forever in My Heart, Mommy. Im Alright.!!! No Love.!!!

I know that you're with me everyday but I want to be with you everyday. I woke up this morning, with vivid thoughts of you. How I wish I could just press the rewind button.

Just to see your smile, hear your voice asking me what's for dinner. It's a bittersweet moment everytime I make crabcakes. Miss you soooo much. It's hard to grasp that much time has passed since you were here. While those of us who love you have grown stronger with time, unequivocally we miss you tremendously! Wherever you are, you must know how much you are truly loved and missed.

The pain is still deep. The void will never be filled. While it's hard to celebrate August 9th, we honor you and all that you were and are to us. Loving you forever, Missing you forever It's hard to grasp that much time has passed since you were here with us.

Wherever you are, you must know how much you are loved and missed. And we are still in disbelief that you are not here. Yes, we will never forget today. We remember you not only today, but each and every day of our life. However, today we honor all that you were and are to us. We can never forget you. It's hard to celebrate today, but it will never be Do Somthin - Empty Mynd - Thoughts Of An Empty Mynd (CD) to celebrate you. Love, Mommy. My baby Randell, I was on FB, when it gave me a notification of this page.

When ur Name came up, of course I cried. I can't read these messages to u, From others, its simply hurts, the pain we all feel, Do Somthin - Empty Mynd - Thoughts Of An Empty Mynd (CD). Missing you like crazy!!!

Its so hard!!!!! I'm n tears. U will forever b n our hearts, mind, thoughts. U were simply the best!!! We talk about you often, although it hurts to do so. I know ur n a better place. I love u. Your other mommy, Gloria McDowell-Lewis. Lord if your listening let your will be done.!!! Sitting here just thinking about you and our fun times together. Hanging with you was never a dull moment.

We rode in the red Infiniti J30 that didn't go in reverse but that didn't stop us we went everywhere. You are my Brother from another mother and that'll never change. I can't stop the tears. On this day I light a candle for you, because undoubtedly, you are gone too soon. Yet the light that you shared with those who know and love you lives on. I am grateful for your life and the impression you made during your journey on earth. May your light continue to shine, bring laughter and joy, and be a blessing to all who knew you.

Remembering you on this day and always, Mommy. On this 10th anniversary I found myself re-living this dreadful day. Even going back to the place where you likely took your last breath, had your last thoughts, and had your last vision of earth. Yes, I still wonder In spite of everything, I know you are in a better place. For that, I am grateful. Yet, I miss you so much. You are always on my mind and remain forever in my heart.

I know Chi-Chi is with you. Take care of her, she is so lovable and sweet. Give her a hug for me. Tell her that Granny loves her and misses her, and that I had no idea she was going to leave when she did. Please let her know that I am so sorry about what happen and that I wish I could have done more. Tell her I will never forget all the things she did that last day, how she wagged her tail and happily came downstairs to greet me; and especially how she kept going back Do Somthin - Empty Mynd - Thoughts Of An Empty Mynd (CD) forth standing at the car window with the wind blowing in her face.

It was a sight to behold. I was so happy to see her doing that. It will forever be etched in my memory. When your time is up, stop and get on with your day.

Challenges —your mind will resist in the beginning and will get bored. It will attempt to repeat the same thoughts that feed its compulsion. Notice them as they come along and let them be. The moment you notice a thought, it will go on its merry way.

You will be tempted to keep checking the time. If you feel the urge, do it but not more than a few times. If you can, remind yourself to trust the timer. Your mind will wander and you will lose focus on your breath. Awareness comes in waves. Just ride it as long as you can, then catch the next one. If you have a hard time focusing on your breath, start counting with each breath.

When you lose count start from one again. Not sure why :. Variations —you can repeat a mantra to yourself, if you prefer. Pick a mantra that resonates with you. Some examples to inspire you:. What to expect —as noted above, you will have challenges, accept them as part of the process.

Smile as much as you can. By the end of your time you will feel calmer and more at peace. You can handle your day and what comes. As you get more used to meditating, you can explore all sorts of techniques and mantras. What you say is not as important as actually doing it. Free writing is practically ranting on paper or a computer screen until there is nothing more to say.

If you want to type on your computer, use a text editor or word processor but make sure to disable spell check. Then let it all out. Keep going until there is nothing more for you to say. If you get an insight and feel you just uncovered something profound, write a word representing the new idea a few times. So I typed the word observe a few times and continued with how I felt after.

Challenges —your mind will play tricks to get you to analyze and justify. Go with it for as long as you can. If you have to stop, have the intention to continue later. Do it as soon as you can.

Like anything else, it gets easier with practice. What to expect —you will definitely feel lighter. You just took a big load off your mind. You may get an insight or an action you need to take.

Make sure to put such findings in writing journal or to do list. Moving the body is a great way to shake up and release stuck energy. If you like doing cardio, walk, run, ride a bike or dance. If you prefer to do yoga or Pilates, by all means.

The deep breathing and stretching will ease your tension. Talk to yourself as you exercise. Boost your self-esteem and visualize all the unwanted thoughts leaving when you exhale. I find it the most effective tool if there is stuff piling in your head. Do it daily and it will give you more clarity and peace than you ever imagined. It is a great way to relax and keep things in perspective.

Reflect on your experiences and thoughts.


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    Aug 20,  · Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for the creation of good in your life, but if not used correctly, can also be the most destructive force in your life.. Your mind, more specifically, your thoughts, affect your perception and therefore, your interpretation of reality. (And here’s Why Your Perception Is Your Reality.). I have heard that the average person thinks around 70,
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    U will forever b n our hearts, mind, thoughts. U were simply the best!!! We talk about you often, although it hurts to do so. I know ur n a better place. I love u. Your other mommy, Gloria.
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    The album starts of with “The Truth” about Empty Mynd who’s basically telling his life story, or at least the life history of Empty Mynd – the artist. The track’s got a real tight heavy beat completed with something that sounds like a medieval instrument and an instrument that I .
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