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Blues, How Do You Do? - Robin Hemingway & His Blackriders Orchestra - Red Light Blues Night (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Blues, How Do You Do? - Robin Hemingway & His Blackriders Orchestra - Red Light Blues Night (CD)
Label: Cinedisc - 2014US • Format: CD • Country: US • Genre: Blues •

The musical genre known as the blues is difficult to define, but you know it when you hear it: a simple chord progression, a deep bass line, and lyrics that evoke wisdom, sadness, and resignation. No one is quite certain where the blues came from, but most likely this musical genre evolved from the field chants of recently emancipated slaves in the deep South.

Because it was considered a "lower" art form, not worthy of the attention of the white establishment, this evolving form of the blues was poorly documented—there is very little for scholars to go on until the sheet-music publication of the first two "official" blues songs, "Dallas Blues" and "The Memphis Blues," in Early blues songs also contained elements of ragtimea multi-rhythmic musical genre that pretty much disappeared after the end of World War I.

During the s, variants of the blues were being played all over the U. Unlike the vaudeville strain of the blues, which was influenced by jazz, gospel, and other musical genres, the Delta blues of the deep South was more austere, more forbidding, and more "authentic. The years after World War II witnessed what sociologists call the "second great migration," in which millions of African-Americans abandoned the South for economically prosperous cities elsewhere in the U.

As luck would have it, many Delta blues musicians wound up in Chicago, where they adopted amplification and electric instruments and began attracting a wider urban audience. At the time, rhythm and blues was basically a code phrase for "music recorded and bought by black people. For the key of E, your chords are E, A, and B. While the following article uses easy to form power chords, you can also uses seventh chords, minor chords, or minor sevenths.

Before beginning, make sure you review the major and minor scales for guitar. If this is a struggle, review rhythm and time signatures. Alternate a big downstroke and a quick upstroke when strumming for a "shuffle" feel. Use a "swung", chugging rhythm to give the song a blues feel — your strums should sound like "dun da-dun da-dun da-dun Play an open E, the I chord, for four measures.

The first chord you play is going to be Blues key of the song. If you start with an E, your songs will be a twelve bar blues in the key of E. You will hold this E for four full bars. It always helps to practice with a metronome to ensure you play each measure the correct number of times. Play open A the IV chord for two measures, return to then E for two measures. Next, in a bar blues, you play the fourth of the starting chord for two measures before returning to the starting chord.

Play B-A-E-B, each for one measure to end the progression. The last four bars of a bar blues are called the turnaround. In the turnaround, you play the fifth, the fourth, the starting chord, and then repeat the fifth one more time. Repeat ad nauseum. To get the full bar experience, try getting a friend who's more experienced How Do You Do? - Robin Hemingway & His Blackriders Orchestra - Red Light Blues Night (CD) guitar to solo over your chords — with a little practice, Blues, you should soon get the hang of this simple but important blues progression.

To play in a different key, simply pick a different starting chord and shift the fourth and fifth accordingly. For instance, if you want to play in the key of C, you'll use C as your starting chord, F for the fourth, and G for the fifth. Looking to spice up your progression? Check out Wikihow's ways to spice up your riff. Substitute 7 chords for a bluesy feel. Real blues musicians often use a special kind of chord called a "7" chord or a "dominant 7th chord" to make the song sound a little "bluesier.

For a quick rundown of how to finger the most common 7 chords, click here. You have two options when you substitute 7 chords into a bar blues: you can either change the fifth to a 7 chord for instance, in the key of A, E would become E7or you can change every chord to a 7 chord in the key of A, A would become A7, D would become D7, and E would become E7. Different options sound better for different songs, so try experimenting to find the chords you like.

Method 2 of Use a modified version of the pentatonic scale to solo over any chord progression. If you remember the pentatonic scale, this will be an easy modification.

If you don't know it, then it can't hurt to review, but the rest of the article will continue as if you've never played it before. The following scale is for the E-minor blues, meaning it will fit the chord progression played earlier. Use all of the open strings as part of your scale. The beauty of playing in E is that you can use all of the open notes as part of your How Do You Do? - Robin Hemingway & His Blackriders Orchestra - Red Light Blues Night (CD), meaning you don't have to fret six of the notes in the scale.

This can make hammer-ons, pull-offs, and quick multi-string playing a lot of How Do You Do? - Robin Hemingway & His Blackriders Orchestra - Red Light Blues Night (CD) with a lot less effort. Play the open note and the 3rd fret on the sixth string. These are the first two notes of your scale.

Play the root note, here the E on the open sixth string, then move down three frets. Most people play this second note with their ring finger or pinky. Remember that the pentatonic scale is a "shape.

The first note of the scale will be the song's key. Move down a string, playing the open note, the first fret, and the second fret. These three notes are where the blues scale differs from the pentatonic, which ignores the first fret.

This note, however, is the "flat fifth" in music theory that makes a song sound bluesy. You will play three notes total on the A string. The flat fifth is an accent -- it is best played quickly, not lingered on. Play the open string and second fret on the D string. Note how a box-like pattern is forming. The open strings form a constant "line" of notes in Blues scale, while your ring finger frets a box either frets down.

Here, you simply play the open string and the second fret. Play the open string, second fret, and third fret on the G string. This third fret is actually a reoccurring flat fifth -- it is the octave of the note you played earlier.

Theory aside, this means the 3rd fret, usually played with your pinky, is another bluesy accent note. Play the open string and the 3rd fret of the last two strings. The last two strings are identical to the first string. Simply create this little box between the open string and the third frets on both the high-E and B strings. Move the whole scale down to the 12th fret to see how easily the form moves.


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    Robin Hemingway & His Blackriders Orchestra ‎– Red Light Blues Night Label: Cinedisc ‎– US, Jitney Jane ‎– US3/5(1).
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    Sep 20,  · You have two options when you substitute 7 chords into a bar blues: you can either change the fifth to a 7 chord (for instance, in the key of A, E would become E7), or you can change every chord to a 7 chord (in the key of A, A would become A7, D would become D7, and E would become E7.).
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