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A. W. I. Chitty And Jennifer Day (3) - Activity Songs For The 5s To 7s (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 04.11.2019

Download A. W. I. Chitty And Jennifer Day (3) - Activity Songs For The 5s To 7s (Vinyl)

He was owner of Wright Artist Management. He was VP of promotion for Restless Rec- ords. Also included, the effect of online music and video distribution, DVD- 18 and what replicators hope for in the future. Don't miss this replicator must-read, call your Billboard representative today.

Contact: Aki Kaneko Capture this market with your latest catalog releases in this must-read guide for retailers. Billboard's annual spotlight will focus attention on hot selling music and the trends that will shape the future of New Age and Contemporary Instrumental. Call to place your ad today! Make some noyze with an ad in this hip issue! Three of the best have new or recent releases that are gaining new fans for the form, in and out of the colorful neighborhood of alpha- bet-letter avenues that spawned it Billboard, March 21, As her recent Bottom Line appearance evidences, the rising tide of interest has seen artists like herself and Skye begin to receive recognition beyond Alphabet City.

A Nashville native who came to New York in to attend college, she soon fell under the sway of local country recording acts like Last Roundup, featuring the great Angel Dean, and the Diesel Only label "rig rock" bands, such as the World Famous Blue Jays. That's what I love about staying here: The music I love is actually here.

But she's also gain- ing exposure nationally: She recently appeared on Comedy Cen- tral's "Upright Citizens Brigade" — after reps of the show's troupe saw the Demolition String Band at 9C and drafted the band for a blue- grass skit — and later joined the brigade on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien. But "Like A Prayer" has also re- ceived the imprimatur of none other than Madonna's longtime spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg.

But [Skye's] ver- sion is so heartfelt, it sounds like she wrote it. And the arrangement is outstanding: I can't sit still when I hear it; I'm catapulted out of my chair. She char- acterizes her otherwise original material as "hardcorn, honkahilly, grindgrass music. I was confidence," she says. The allure is clear: MacLean's emotive vo- cals are surrounded by intriguing yet accessi- ble melodies. But the key is the vulnerability her lyrics bring. Tingle" soundtrack, has already U.

Nettwerk released the album in captured the attention of modern AC anai la late last year. Although Capi- and triple-A radio programmers, tol A. W. I. Chitty And Jennifer Day (3) - Activity Songs For The 5s To 7s (Vinyl) has a joint-venture deal with "It's still too early to tell, but I have Nettw erk America, MacLean's deal high hopes," says E. Her abil- ment Billboard, Oct 2, I was still a little shy," San Diego. By the time I did voice has an early Madonna sound to this record.

I had done or it. It has the potential to he a hit" more shows, and I had more confi- Despite the early acceptance at ra- dence i 1 1 my voice; I felt like I could be dio, Lott expects a slow build. I had my husband [Bill Bell, who a long-term project," he says. Lott produced the album with Malcolm plans for MaeLean, who is booked by Burn] around me.

Indeed, it has. With her newest effort, which will be issued by Windham Hill. It began "bunker-style," with the artist and a small group of musi- cians literally locking themselves up in a house until the album was done.

We had two people in my age group and then two people in their early 30s. This was a way to force everybody to use their talents instead of taking the easy way out. We sat around and in the morning, and we drank coffee. In the evening, we drank single malt and just saw what happened. I always take a guitar and key- board to differ- ent movie [sets] and have always written songs. The set will also be available through Bridges' Web site and a number of other E-tailers, such as Amazon.

In fact, buddy David Crosby sings on "September Brings," one of the few- tracks on the set not penned by Bridges. They react to songs total- ly different than 1 do. They hear a song and immediately think elec- tronics. I hear one and think orches- tration. He hosted a Feb. McDonald says the mar- ket for the album is "college radio or any of that more offbeat stuff. In terms of touring, McDonald says, "we're not even sure what we're going to do, but we thought we might hit the road, hit some campus stations, and do some surfing along the way — work it away from middle- age fantasy into business.

While he says, "If people don't like the record, it's not going to crush me," he admits that "this is some- thing I'm serious about.

I enjoy play- ing music and writing. Pictured, from left, are Bowlegged Lou. M2M s Marion Raven. Anthony, and M2M's Marit Larsen. And The Winners Should Be. Record of the year: Being the pop devotee that I am, this year's slate is like a delicious buffet with the seemingly impossible task of having to pick just one entree. I still don't switch stations when any of these songs come on the radio but that could be because I'm still trying to figure out what Backstreet Boys are talking about in "I Want It That Way"but I'm vot- ing for "Smooth" by Santana Featuring Rob Thomas.

Album of the year: There's going to be a riot, led by Clive Davis, if Santana doesn't win. While "Supernatural" is a great album, Santana will also get plenty of votes just because people love a comeback, and they want to honor Carlos Santana's whole body of work. The surest bet of the night. I'm going with "Smooth," although my heart is with "Unpretty" Dallas Austin and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins for all the support it gave any girl who's ever let someone make her feel like she's not good enough.

Best new artist: Carlos Santana How'd that happen? Seriously, some of the critical votes are going to go to Macy Gray and Susan Tedeschi, but, whether you like her or not, whether you think they're real or not, Britney Spears deserves this one. No one's worked harder. Best female pop vocal performance: A bit of a wacky category, with Sarah McLachlan and Ala- nis Morissette duking it out with the likes of Brit- ney Spears and Christina Aguilera I'm going with none of the above and am voting for "Beautiful Stranger" by Madonna, simply because it's my favorite of the nominees.

Best male pop vocal performance: The good news is that there are actually some strong entries in this category this year; with females dominating pop music for the last several years, the male by Melinda Newman entries were slim pickings. Best pop album: Cher only had one hit albeit a huge oneso it would be tough for her album "Believe" to snare this one. Perennial favorite Sting could take it, but "Brand New Day" has not lived up to expectations yet. I'm going with Backstreet Boys.

Best male rock vocal per- formance: We know the Gram- my is going to Lenny Kravitz for "American Woman," and we're happy for him, but it really should go to Chris Cor- nell for "Can't Change Me," an underrated track from a tremendously underrated album. Kelly's always tough to beat. Best female country vocal performance: Wow, this category is definitely proof that you don't have to get country radio play to get nominated, and depending upon your perspective, that's a good thing or a bad thing.

With absolutely no disrespect to Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss, both of whom are nominated in this category, there are a lot of overlooked females whom we hear on country radio every day who deserved slots here. Having said that, Harris could win if the non-country vot- ers weigh heavily.

I'm still going w r ith McBride, because there's no finer female singer in country right now. Best male country vocal performance: "Please Remember Me" by Tim McGraw was the only bona fide hit in this group, but there are other consider- ations.

Vince Gill, who's nominated for "Don't Come Cryin' To Me," is a Grammy darling, having won more than a dozen trophies, and George Jones had his first radio hit in years with "Choices," which peaked at No. I'm going with Jones. On Feb. At the same time, Gilmore is reuniting onstage with the Flat- landers, the historic '70s group thai also included his old friends and collaborators Joe Ely and Butch Hancock.

Rounder director of national sales and marketing Tracy Waksler sees the same sales potential in Gilmore's album that was experi- enced by Lucinda Williams' breakthrough, "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road. That affords us a lot of opportunities for a lot of retailers who now have a fan base that's more accustomed to buying this type of artist than they may have been in the past. They had been approached with offers from Rykodisc and Nonesuch but ultimately decided to start recording a self-financed release.

Gilmore explains, "Mike and I just finally decided that it was worth the gamble, that I had enough of a presence, that my name was enough known, that it wasn't the same as a total beginner jump- ing into the gigantic mosh pit.

Buddy's got like a pho- tographic memory, and he remem- bered it completely. He remem- bered meeting me back then. We could go into a living room [and do itj. It was in Nashville, but it wasn't a studio — it was Buddy's house, and we could have the quality of production. I don't think there's any better capa- bility for production anywhere, and it has to do with Buddy's expertise as an engineer and a producer and being so computer-literate.

I've always thought of myself as an interpreter. And that's what 1 had always thought — I loved him for verbalizing that. I think he was saying that Bob Dylan was a songwriter who sang a little bit, and that I was a singer who wrote a little bit" Waksler says that "One Endless Night" will be worked at triple-A and public radio but that no empha- sis track has been selected yet.

She says, "I'm actually starting to go out to a lot of the [Universal distribution] branches and key retailers with Jimmie, so he can say hi to everybody, play a few songs. We're starting off in Dallas and Houston, and then we're going out to L. We're just making the rounds. That's basically following the Flat- landers tour.

Though led by marquee hard-rock names — former Motley Crue vocal- ist. To that end, Corahi adds. Union took extra steps to "sound more co- hesive and more like a band" by en- listing producer Boh Marietta, who Corabi believes provided a positive influence in the studio. You find yourself singing along.

Meet Red at Narm Conf. Feb adio icks Off Feb. Bibeau hopes the ad will help pro- pel sales for independent rock re- tailers, many of whom had success with the first Union album.

I think this will lie the CD that brings Union to the forefront. The band will tour extensively in support of the album. Described by Kulick as "a meat- and-potatoes rock'n'roll [hand]," Un- ion was formed in after the original lineups of both Corabi's and Kulick's former groups reunited. Kulick is published by Robert Brace Music Ltd. JV ? ON Sl. LOU Ktt. Phone: Fax: OB For research information and pricing, call Bob Alien.

You don't get a fourth. We'll rack it next to the younger artists of the genre in hopes of intriguing fans of those other artists — artists whose careers have been helped by the fact that Janis Ian exists. She has worked continually through the years, touring extensively through- out the world. Yet it's the times when she doesn't have a hit that most intrigue her. They sit there and wait for me to sing 'At Seventeen. But I'd like for them to hear the rest of the show too. When we get this music exposed in the appropriate way, Janis will connect with the pub- lic.

She utilizes her Internet site wwwvjanisian. Wind- ham Hill acknowledges Ian's efforts, and the label aims to build upon her Web presence. He adds, however, that the mar- keting of the album will initially not be geared toward a trendy, youth-ori- ented audience. Actually, she does, but we won't worry about that out of the box. Shell tour the U. The label is also eyeing soundtrack prospects for several cuts, and a music videoclip is being planned.

Ian is likely to also haw a strong presence in the gay media, given her longtime commitment to being an out-lesbian artist. She remains unsure if her sexuality — as well as her commitment to being vocal on various civil rights issues — has affected her career.

For everything I've lost, I've gained elements of support from people in return. I'm proud of who I am, and part of who I am is a lesbian. It's not the whole picture, but it's cer- tainly part of it. That's one of the rea- sons she chooses to live in Nashville. Nobody in Nashville cares if I've had a hit recently. They care about what you've written. It's a very cre- ative place for a songwriter to live.

One of the set's strongest cuts is an ode to Tennessee, "Memphis," a duet with Willie Nel- son. Also, there's a solo by Chet Atkins on the track. She's managed by Senior Management in Nashville. Top Pop Catalog Albums. F'fFN lP. DJMG i 1J.

Numeral W wring Platinum or Diamond symbol indicates album's mutti- platinum level. Pop 4 Alternative, Rock 1 8 Rock. Pop 2 Alternative. Dance 1 New Talent Spotlight Pop.

Hip Hop. RftB Hannover. Germany Recording Contract North America! For further artist details log on to www. Socially, we're together a lot. We played for my daughter's wed- ding — we've had those kinds of reunions all thruugh the years. At that time, we thought, 'We gotta do this more.

Let's get Butch and let's write some songs and go play. Let's stop saying we're gonna do it someday'. Joe called Butch up and told him what he and I had just talked about, and Butch said, 'Well, tell me where and when.

For The Greater Good. Jimmy Somerville, who recently issued "Man- age The Damage," his first album in five years, is donating a portion of the profits from the single "Something To Live For" to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, His label, Instinct Records, will also donate part of its profits to the gay and lesbian civil rights organization. Somerville is rehearsing for a worldwide concert tour that will include March dates in the U.

Instantly infectious, hit-worthy jams like "Lock Keeper" show the daughter of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham flexing a sound that falls somewhere between Sheryl Crow and Britney Spears.

That may sound a tad odd, but it all makes sense once you dig into the blend of mus- cular guitars and funky dance beats that anchor her material. Adding to the stylistic straddle of Bon- ham's music is a vocal delivery that is, by turns, youthfully defiant and quietly seduc- tive. The tunes "Over" and "Only You," in bonham particular, are way smarter than your aver- age radio hits, given their clever lyrics and complex arrangements.

Of course, at the center of each cut is a hook that is unshakable. In short, Bonham has the makings of being a diva for the "Daw- son's Creek" generation of college-age punters. She's starting to gig in clubs around her Los Angeles home base. Be sure to check her out. She's as charismatic and visually appealing as she is musi- cally talented. For more information, contact Jeff Gordon at Smash Manage- ment,orjefcty pacbell.

Tentatively titled "I Must Have Been Crazy," the set is shaping up to be the project that will elevate him to a higher commercial level. Cohen's gravelly voice has taken on a more convincing, world- ly tone, which lends considerable depth to his songs. Although Cohen clearly doesn't write songs for top 40 aficionados, he does cohen have a nice knack for crafting taut melodies that linger in the mind.

His true calling card, however, is his ability to weave a tale that has both a vivid cinematic bent and an intense emotional undertow.

In between sessions with produc- er Jack Piccari, Cohen is testing new material out in clubs around Philadelphia, where he's based. Cohen is planning to issue "I Must Have Been Crazy" on his own, though he's shopping early mixes of the set in hopes of sparking some much-deserved distribution or publishing interest. For further information, call Cohen at E-mail him at KeysCohenCn aol. Gioia has a guttural belting style that serves her material extreme- ly well. For more details, call her manager, Dave Margolis, She's teamed with Brian Sperbcr to create a collection of songs that warmly trigger com- parisons to Sarah McLachlan — but with a more bouncy, poppy feel.

The band is lining up a scries of showcases in the coming weeks, with the first happening on Tuesday Check 'em out. Contact Eric Bender atext. When an album reaches this level, the alburn and tie artists subsequent alliums are immedi- ately ineligible to appear 00 A.

W. I. Chitty And Jennifer Day (3) - Activity Songs For The 5s To 7s (Vinyl) Heatseekers chart AH albums are available on cassette and CD 'Asterisk Indicates vinyl LP Is available. O Albums with the greatest sales gains. As bass player Todd Harrell says of the group, "It's a rock'n'roll band, straight up. It's not really Supreme Music. Drawing from a diverse mix of influ- ences, electronics act Supreme Beings Of Leisure has a sound thai could be described as Portishead meets Massive Attack.

Supreme Beings Of Leisure's self-titled debut album, due Feb. As bass player Kiran Shahani says of the group's eclec- tic sound, "If you saw our record collections, you'd understand. The album's first single, "Kryptonite," has been soar- ing up the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, where it stands this issue at No. It will be his first Higher Octave album after releasing several albums on Columbia. Femando's 'Home. Last year, the Dove Award-winning singer completed a U.

This spring Ortega plans to start another concert tour to promote the album. KtMin Rtfcftal MeWlana 4. Static -X Wisconsin Deatti Trip 6. Shakira Donda Estan Lot Ladronas' 7. Sornerhirt; 8. Dave Koi The Dance 9. Beth Hart Screamm' for My Supper Protect Playai Tl We Die 7. Met Waiters Material Things 8.

Intocabk Contigo 9. Coorunto Prim avers Mcrir De Amor Vanessa's album, which is set for a U. Vanessa, already an experi- enced nightclub performer, has also received exposure in theater and in soap operas. Turner jazz: Tenor saxophonist Mark Turner has been touring in support of his third major-label album, "Ballad Session," which was released Feb. Turner plays Cambridge, Mass. Here, he follows up a previous set, "Love Online" — a love-found project in which the Internet played a central theme — with a story line that suggests all has not gone well.

With a tunefulness through- out, Gari's songs don't envelop the listener in self-pity and at times offer memories of a more pleasant past. Vocalist Alison Fras- er has a solo with touching sweetness on "Two Men. TCDJ Pnrmier. RockwikJtf Tommy Boy First, a quick lesson in hip-hop lingo. The term was coined by D. The underground crew quickly grew to include A. On "Ebonics," which became an underground classic last year when it was released as a white-label single. L capably flexes over the hypnotic beat provided by DJ Pre- mier.

The album closes with the moving Tribute," which is dedicated to L, who was shot and killed one year ago this month while the group was recording the album. With this release, D.

Fairly inactive in the recording department since then — due to country radio's aban- donment of "older" artists — Campbell returns with a smooth collection of love songs. Tracy Chaemin EleWra On her fifth album, "Telling Stories," Cleveland- born'San Francisco-resid- ing Chapman continues along a soul- searching, heart-wrenching, and, at times, heart-warming musical journey that dates back to the singer's epony- mous debut. Over the course of 1 1 songs. Thankfully, the set's first single, the title track, has been embraced by sev- eral radio formats.

Here's hoping this will bode well for the success and fu- ture of "Telling Stories. Dim the lights, start a fire, and get out the martini shaker. Contact infoty patsgold. Working within fairly lean, yet undeniably sweet arrangements, McDonald sticks close to musical theater material and pop standards here, breathing an engaging, fresh perspective into lovely gems by Harold Arlen. Jerome Kern, and Leonard Bernstein, among others. However, the young diva's inter- pretations of "Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home" and "The Man That Got Away" prove thai she's working from her own vocal blueprint, and she's developing an interpretative skill and style that will likely be copied in years to come.

Simply put, "How Glory Goes" is proof that McDonald has the potential to soar to astonishing heights. Climb aboard now and enjoy the journey.

Montana cowboy who strays off the range just often enough to record and tour with his unique blend of Western swing, cow- boy songs, ballads, shuffles, and yodeling.

For the most part, he performs his own material. The title track — about the heal- ing qualities of riding horseback along Montana's northern border — is a show- case for both his writing and singing skills; the vocals of Joni Harms are added for good measure. Following Dirty Three's indie film scores and collaborations with kindred spirit Nick Cave, "Whatever You Love, You Are" veers between the raw, keening emotionalism of the band's '96 set "Horse Stories" and the more fine- tuned, pastoral charms of its follow- up.

KUis wears his heart on his sleeve throughout, with his hot-wired lead fiddle dancing and crying by turns.

In a world plagued by plastic perfection, it's nice to know that Dirty Three are still making a brave, beautiful mess of things. This is distinctly romanticized Beethoven, worlds away from that of today's historically minded performers or even of a harder-edged Mengelberg contemporary like Toscanini. The sonic restoration of the early recordings is incredibly well done, with the sound coming across with real weight and presence.

The "Telefunken Legacy" features attractive packaging, with many historic photos and excellent doc- umentation a la Sony's "Masterworks Heritage" line although the notes could be longer. Other titles in the ini- tial release include a set of Richard Strauss tone poems led by Mengelberg and Clemens Krauss, plus Beethoven from the Calvet Quartet and a recital from "the German nightingale," sopra- no Erna Sack.

The next batch features soprano Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and others in Franz Lehar operetta arias, as well as Erich Kleiher leading A. W. I. Chitty And Jennifer Day (3) - Activity Songs For The 5s To 7s (Vinyl) Berlin Philharmonic in orchestral showpieces. The Telefunken catalog also boasts such titanic artists as WU- helm Furtwangler, Claudio Arrau, and Marlene Dietrich, so here's hoping for a long line of reissues. Despite such precedents, "Trio " is his most satisfying triad outing yet.

Metheny sings with silver-toned brilliance, and Grenadier and Stewart are ideally interactive jwrtners. Here's to having a live album from this threesome soon. It's no wonder that it's become a highlight of his live show.

The song spotlights the uniquely emotive voice of group member Angel, who contin- ues to be the vocal anchor of Son By Four — and who is heard on potential follow-up singles like the tropi-soul "Sofia" and the sensationally sensuous ballad "Lo Que Yo Mas Quiero. All albums commercially available in the U. Send review copies to Michael Paoietta. New York. Send country albums to Chet Fltppo.

Billboard, 49 Music Square W. TN On this album of mostly original material, Zaa only cuts loose with authority on this ballad-laden CD's final cut — the jubilant pogtfmmNn track "La Pollera Colora," The balance of the disc finds Zaa wading through a mostly slow-moving clutch of treacly love songs, armed only with an ordinary, A.

W. I. Chitty And Jennifer Day (3) - Activity Songs For The 5s To 7s (Vinyl), wafer-thin tenor voice and sweeping orchestral flour- ishes that occasionally brighten up sleepy entries such as "D6nde Esta El Amor" and "Porque Te Vuelvo A Amar. His songs are arabesques of the eeslatic, and the virtuoso singing traces intense, even overwhelming visions of sacred and secular love.

Here, he is ac- companied by a traditional group of tar lutekemancheh spiked fiddlepercus- sion, and occasional reed instruments; his young vocalist daughter, Ferghana, also joins in for several duets. The poetic pro- gram obliterates any questions of cultural divide, speaking from the heart to the heart.

The German Network label is dis- tributed in the U. Hotel bars in sun- ny climes the world over could do far worse than to spin this disc into the wee hours- Distributed by Navarre. His crowning masterpiece was to be the "Mysterium," a vaguely mystical, multimedia ceremony that was to be a catalyst for mankind's achievement of an exalted plane. Some 2Vt hours long, the sprawling, highly textured work takes several hearings to get a han- dle on — but it can make for a fascinating investigation.

Not as historic a venture but perhaps more immediately appealing is Nemtin's "Nuances," his gorgeous half- hour ballet score hased on late Scriabin piano pieces. Conductor Vladimir Ashke- nazy's long experience with Scriabin is in- dispensable in both works, and Decca s presentation is superb.

Racha Smith Chandos The Bekova Sisters have been quietly building a considerable discography for the British indie Chandos, not only re- cording impassioned versions of the stan- dard piano trio Literature but expanding the catalog with inventive arrangements. The group's last album paired Tchai- kovsky's Piano Trio with the Sisters' tran- scription of the composer's collection of small keyboard gems, 'The Seasons.

As usual from Chandos, the recording casts the playing in the most flattering light The label is distributed in the U. This album is a musically textured work reflective of Walsh's Celtic roots that features liilleann pipes, hammer dul- cimer, bagpipes, cello, mandolin, and vio- lin woven into a lovely musical tapestry. The strongest thread throughout is Walsh's stirring, ethereal voice. While this album has obvious appeal for Christian music fans who embrace the message, it should also find a home with those who appreciate well-produced Celtic music.

Though based in France, the mem- bers hail from America, Iran, and Algeria. The group, whose name combines "echo" and "ova," is fronted by American singer Diedre Dubois. Her voice has a throaty, shamanic urgency, recalling Sami singers like Mari Boine. Taking a cue from Lisa Gerrard, Dubois has constructed her own language, and like Gerrard, she makes it sound real, conveying meaning without words.

Even the one song she sings in English, the Irish traditional tune "In My Prime," has an otherworldly edge. Dubois is surrounded by a throbbing, strummed refrain of Middle Eastern percussion and ouds with just a touch of electronic pro- gramming. Earthier than most, Ekova nevertheless creates a dream world, the folk music of a techno-global future. BMI Arista CD promo Dido's debut solo effort, "Here With Me," was one of the finest adult top 40 tracks of and yet, sadly, never entered the mainstream consciousness.

Arista has spaced the time between that stellar effort and her second single, "Don't Think Of Me," and fortunately, it was worth drumming fingers over.

This is an imposing track, one that has universal appeal for the format's core, and a song that would elevate the class of the air- waves. Please, spin it and mean it From the wonderful album "No Angel. Bob Rock. The follow- up perhaps leans more to the modern rock side of the spectrum than the almost-edgy pop sound of the previous single, though Bachman still calls on penetrating hooks to draw in the masses.

Adult top 40, take it on home. Jay, J. While his name may sound like that of a porn star, ahem, pretty boy Phoenix Stone has the goods in place to feed the youth addiction with catchy melodies and slick, contemporary production. But that was just a hint of the forthright paper and passion of one of the finest vocalists of our day. Anthony co-wrote this stunningly lieautiful track with partner and pro- ducer Cory Rooney, and the results will not only feed the souls of those in love but remind those who are wishing to find it again what it ideally feels like.

AC, ami modern adult sta- tions. A smash. Ain't nothing to say this isn't a breakthrough hit — particularly given that it's the latest brainchild of Lou Pearl- man — aside from top 40's caution with introducing yet another act of this type. But with the right promotion at outlets like Radio Disney and the teen mag cir- cuit, young Mr.

Stone could find himself in good company. Radio has been good about giving most new acts a listen, and there's no reason why Stone won't get every con- sideration at mainstream top And, oh, what a sendup. Martin sounds grittier and more tex- tured than in past releases, while his duet partner. Swedish newcomer Meja whom some may remember for her hot "All 'Bout The Money" last yearadds a dreamy layer of vulnerability and sweetness. The lyric here express- es raw emotion through a driving desire to share love: "When your sou!

Productions, showing that the team be- hind the flick means business. All tracks are sung by the five actors in the movie, who represent, respectively, the heart- throb, the rebel, the cutie, the shy one, and the older brother — the five boy-band elements. The song itself is alarmingly close to a typical youth track, with heaving beats, a ballad-to-danee track rhythm, and harmonies galore. Ouch, it's actually all pretty good in the context of its audience.

The hip video, directed by the famed Nigel Dick, is, naturally, already smeared across MTV and the network's hype for its movie is certain to have an impact on young fans who regularly pick up the phones to call their favorite radio stations.

Whether top 40 reacts remains to be seen, but all the same, this track possesses all the traits of the boy bands that really mean it Oh, mercy. Jordan, Q. Steven A. You can't really describe it as a ballad because of the song's pronounced drum track, but it's also not truly uptempo. FVom its orchestrated string intro to the accents of Latin guitar throughout the verses and bridge, the song is constantly forward mov- ing, just tike the relationship Cox is describing in the song's lyric.

From "the best of friends, with A. W. I. Chitty And Jennifer Day (3) - Activity Songs For The 5s To 7s (Vinyl) intention of falling in love" to "that day in September when we fell in love," the song unfolds at first with hesitation and grows to a more passionate vocal style, just as the love in the story grows, illustrating how a song's lyric and track can complement each other perfectly.

It's well-written, expertly performed, and creatively produced. Cox obviously Isn't done with her current album yet. While this is not what one might expect from a Guy reunion, the track is strong, with all the elements in place to ascend the charts: classic Aaron Hall vocals and Riley is at his best here and a theme that relates to men and is capable of eliciting empathy from that female core.

As the track ends abruptly, he returns with a spoken-word statement — telling his son he'll always be there — that will leave listeners drained. With radio instantly gravitating to this cut off the album, it was a no-brainer as the next release. It's also probably the strongest track on the album and the one that could help keep Guy on the radio through Williams Jr. It also only further demonstrates the vocal talent and inimitable sense of musical style that has made Jackson one of the most impor- tant country artists of the last decade.

On this newest outing, he revives a well-writ- ten Hank Williams Jr. Jackson delivers a brilliant performance that resonates with warmth and personality. His phrasing is loaded with a smooth Southern charm and vocal elegance that make this a joy to listen to repeatedly.

Jackson's performance is sup- ported by Keith Stegall's understated pro- duction, marked by tasteful guitar and lovely mandolin touches. Country pro- grammers should once again appreciate Jackson's ability to blend classic and con- temporary country into the best of all pos- sible musical worlds. S Smrth. Cuts Are Us Songs. BMI Warner Bros. He follows that redneck anthem with a lively little uptempo tune that will be the title cut of his forthcoming sophomore album.

Co-written by Brock and Music Row tunesmiths Stephony Smith and Jim Collins, the song boasts a buoyant melody and positive lyric that captures all the excitement and emotional energy of a bur- geoning relationship. The chorus is absolutely infectious — one of those sing- along refrains that makes for a great radio song. Brock has a personable, Everyman kind of quality to his voice that makes this tune readily relatable.

All in all, it's a solid outing that shows he may be one of the newcomers to have slaying power. This MC is a self-proclaimed "Grittie Bebe," or in layman's term, child of the streets, and it comes through loud and clear on his first outing. Like its title suggests, "Left, Right. Left" is a chant record, a military march. And Drama's raspy voice could easily be confused with that of any hard- edged military sergeant. But while the song establishes ground at radio in the South, it may have a hard time creeping past a nights-only slot in other parts of the country.

On this first single from "Friends And Lovers," due Feb. Radio might be hesitant to entertain the wishes of this entertainer whose star no longer shines quite so brightly in the U. Try it out, yes? Born on Prince F. Barenaked Ladies, and Sarah McLachlan.

She also was a fea- tured performer at all three Liliih Fairs. Her previous indie release, "Silence," on N'ettwerk, sold 2ii, copies — just the beginning for this stirring presence, who appears to have the chops and artistry to fuel a bon- fire. You must find this one; it is intensely pleasurable. And look for "'Passenger" Feb. Fortunately, the vocals here are more mature than the likes of many other groups vying for their moment in the light, adding to the delightful charm of this runaway could-he smash.

Two versions are offered on the promo single, one with and one without a rap. Sure, the rap may further Americanize the song, but skip it and hold tight to the delicious all-pop rendering.

Like honey on toast, t hi. Now get going. As a result of his initial request under the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI in released just a handful of heavily censored doc- uments while admitting to the exis- tence of pages of intelligence reports concerning the rock icon.

In fact, pages were withheld in their entirety for various reasons, including — of all things — national security. In Wiener filed suit to recover the missing files. Edgar Hoover version of pop history. As can be imagined, and as is evidenced in the volume by extensive reproductions of Lennon file pages, the FBI fought Wiener and his team of American Civil Liberties Union ACLU lawyers tooth and nail over the release of its intelligence reports on Lennon's political activities none illegal and all protected as speech.

Thanks to sympathetic court rul- ings and the tenacity of the ACLL 's Dan Marmalefsky and Mark Kosenhaum, as well as executive decisions by the vaguely more sym- pathetic Clinton administration, the FBI settled with the author in and released most of the remaining Lennon files. From his efforts, Wiener — now professor of history at the University of California, Irvine, and a contributor to the Nation magazine — claims to have uncovered what was nothing less than "an abuse of power, a kind of rock 'n' roll Watergate.

A transcription of the lyrics by an FBI operative at the concert remained confidential for 12 wars. Organized by members of the notorious Chicago Sewn — who had disrupted the 1 Democratic National Convention — the event and Lennon's first post-Fab Four concert was meant to be "a trial run for a national anti-Nixon tour, on which Lennon] would bring rock 'n' roll together with radical politics in a dozen cities.

The authorities, egged on by conservative firebrand Sen. Strom Thurmond today the Senate's sole nonagenarian early insought to "neutralize" lennon's opposition to the re-election of the president by any means necessary.

It mattered not at all that the possible tour which never came to be and all the other FBI-reported activities of Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, were protected by the First Amendment and thus could not be legally used as a rationale for surveillance. Lennon was considered an enemy of the state, and the testament in docu- ments brought to light by Wiener shows the petty, shortsighted appa- ratchiks of the Nixon White House for what history proved them to be — felonious and entirely self- interested.

As portrayed in this documen- tary report, the paranoiac Nixon regime forms a stark contrast to the inclusive, far-reaching genius of the timeless musician and social critic it had hoped to contain through underhanded means.

The primary device used to silence Lennon w as deportation proceed- ings against him and his wife — a wry public harassment that ended only with a puhlic hue and cry in support of Lennon. The surveil- lance itself would not end until Nixon was re-elected.

Is as thorough and on-point regarding the lennon case as one could hope for — and a potent reminder that, while information may want to be free as Netizens argueit can take a significant struggle to release it. With his combination of braggadocio hip-hop and politi- cally driven music, Common wants to take rap music to the next level.

He chose his moniker, Common Sense, for its natural feel. Bad Boy president Andre Harrell says the cut- backs were made to "make the company more prof- itable. Atlantic Starr perform! The group's minute concert will include tracks from its Allou'r Records album "Legacy". The program — under parent company International Institute for Political and Economic Development — was established in by George Jones, who emphasizes that VoterJam www.

We're trying to become a think tank for young minority issues, and we want young people to get involved in the entire pro- cess. It's one thing to complain. It's another to know- how to complain effectively. This is a year-round pro- gram — you can't stop educating people. The program's extensive cam- paign — launched to coincide with Black History Month — includes radio and TV public service an- nouncements featuring boxer Sugar Shane Mosley, among others; posters featuring such artists as DMX, Sisqo, and Mya; political education seminars; and a series of benefit concerts.

According to Jones, Voter- Jam chapters have been initiated at 20 colleges. Also happening during Black History Month: Launch. Radio's syndicated "Doug Banks Morning Show" is staging a national talent search. The winner — select- ed Feb. The Philadelphia-based label's first signing is local hip-hop group X. The group's second single, "PHI," features Wallace and is due this spring. Wallace will introduce and perform with X in San Francisco on Sunday 13 during festivities geared around the NBAs 50th all-star game.

The concert is part of Reebok's Millennium Celebration, which includes a Net Noir-hosted cyber lounge. The year-old's debut, "Capital Punishment," notched No. It was later shortened as the result of a copyright lawsuit filed by a company using the same name.

Unhappy, Common began looking for a new label in late So I knew they had a vision of this progressive music that I wanted to do. The novel's main character is a young woman who is trapped by tradition and uses cooking as an emotional outlet. As a result, her emotions influence whoever eats her food. Similarly, Common crafts emo- tionally charged music that he hopes will influence listeners in much the same way.

It's a sound that has evolved with each album. When I entered the game, I really didn't know anything about music. I just knew that I wanted to rap, to say something dope. With this album, I wanted to just make some funky, soulful stuff. A tribute to Kuti's father, A. W. I. Chitty And Jennifer Day (3) - Activity Songs For The 5s To 7s (Vinyl) Kuti, the song expresses the free- dom that music- offers.

She was able to free her mind and spirit not letting anyone bring her down. The story represents fighting for free- dom in yourself. MCA marketing director Tim Reid says the label will be doing a lot of promotion via the Internet as well.

We will be offering downloadable freestyle sessions exclusively to cer- tain Web sites like hiphopsite. There is talk about a tour later this year featur- ing the Okayplayer artists.

Another promotional focal point will be the album's cover art. Based on a Gordon Parks photo, the cover depicts a young African-American girl drinking from a "culored-only" water fountain. Now the third edition is being published March 9 by London- based Serpent's Tail www.

I thought it was some of the best music around," re- calls Toop. It was new, but at the same time I could see it connected back to all this old music, like jazz, doo-wop, and a lot of other things. The book has also garnered "a lot of response from young people who were just beginning to get into col- lecting breakbeats," says Toop, who details in the book how breakbeats had been used in old-school hip-hop.

Calling the breakbeat concept a "cul- tural progression," Toop tracks it back to jazz and West Africa, high- lighting the connection between the genres' percussion styles and oral traditions. Co-editing the musically eclectic British magazine Collusion — which covered all kinds of music "from sal- sa, disco, and hip-hop to West Af- rican and pop music" — stood Toop in good stead for his first foray into book writing.

He says of "Exotica," "It's an exploration of the notion of the exot- ic in the 20th century mostly in music, but also in literature and film. He visited the Big Apple again in the early '90s to research the second edi- tion, published in Hip-hop is fin- ished.

You've got rappers in Ger- many, Japan, and all over the world. They were so giving in terms of details and their time. Although it's still influenced by America, it's very much about their own situations. So while that music may not mean anything in America, it's very significant to the people who make it. K release. Kwaku can be reached at kay writ e a;hot mail com. It's Showtime. H0- p. C Cassette single available D CO single available.

Ml Cassette maxi-smgte available. T Vinyl maxi-singte available. Catalog number is for D. T or M respectively, bawd on availability. Ev; ;C. ARL S. R NCoLE. SSi :w. T INTF. RSlTF 1! KS 11 Al. LEWsi t. B WIL. D DEAN. M6' C. BLM :j t. HICKS] i. SU TH. BLIbt G. JAMA; . ES" ',S. AT" :Nj. W :J''. B COK. M: Cawette na. Compiled from a national sample of airplay supplied by Broadcast Data Systems' Rart-o Track service, R48 stations are e.

U uiV. El ,1 E A'. CI- ' tijH 1. IF F En. VE EEE. Sua fS. FiE '. IMI April. AEeeEAe' Siii. Iv Siu. A,' :',' l! IF ifi. PadGiam InteFnaUunal.

EUI See HaFi Sail. ISMf ,! MEH 7! Levi E, Bill. E,fl,li f. YsaFS J. BMl43tmpt Jifu. BMLUickk: ,'E:. Gia-p Intetnahnnal ASC. B 41 MR. EAI b- di. E Sure ASE.

EMI Ajinl. E f'fEF" Fl. FXIl F Si. IHt E EF-'L. ENFII :. UE - UP. EEL '. EE I1AF. AM E'EF. BMVR 0 Songs. TMe Tymc. TlYlB Tyme. Tilnnilip Rw. U- IWu-Iang. WlfieVs SMI. CRG EEG Greatest Gamef shows chart's largest unit increase. Pacesetter indicates biggest percentage growth, Heatseek- er Impact shows albums removed from Heatseehers this week.

To help build momentum prior to the album's release, a white label inch version of the track "Dooinit" was serviced to mix shows and club DJs last November, followed in January by a inch version of another cut, "The 6th Sense.

I have kids in here every day asking about the album. Common's albums seem to mature every time out. He provides a good balance between main- stream and the underground. He provides a con- scious approach but at the same time is lyrical enough to compete with any rapper. Two weeks later the album will be released in Japan.

Be careful though, it will get stuck in your head all. What the heck are the words to this song? Pretty much the best way to start your day. Another oldie but goodie. Every little thing is gonna be alright…. Can we talk about that one time I decided to dress up as Cyndi Lauper for Halloween?

Yeah… That happened… Moving along now :. Warning: If you try to sing in that super high-pitched tone, your neighbors might hate you. This happy song just puts me in absolute chill mode. I just want to curl up on the couch with my husband and waste the day away :. This was our first dance song at our wedding. My husband had me add this one to the list. Pretty much one of my favorite bands right now. The vocals here are just amaze-balls!

I definitely had this catchy happy song stuck in my head for weeks if not months when it came out. I got to see him in concert last weekend and he sounds just as good live… Love him! I hope you enjoyed this list! You will also receive the Boho Berry Newsletter every Friday -- chock full of motivation, inspiration, updates and more!

Now check your email to confirm your subscription and gain access to the Tribe Resource Library :.


Hundredth - Resist (Vinyl), Cloudy Geometrics, Querias Ser Assim? - Quebra Cabeças - Ao Vivo (CDr), Its Your Smile - Pelvis - I Am The Supergrass (CD), Throw Down - Kyper - Tic Tac Toe (Cassette), The Double - Loose In The Air (CD), Falling - Mindy Smith - One Moment More (CD, Album), Adagio - Sviatoslav Richter - Sviatoslav Richter (Vinyl, LP, Album), Kedili Şarkı - Selda Baǧcan* - Çifte Çiftetelli (CD, Album), Drop That Heater - Omarion - O (CD, Album), For No Reason (Clean) - Sha-Low (2) & S.D. (4) As The Re-Up Clik - Cant Stop / For No Reason (Vinyl), Orfeó Català - Cant Del Centenari I Els Himnes Oficials de la Història Del Fc Barcelona (CD, Album), Sensitivity - Various - No. 1 R&B Hits Volume 1 (CD)

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