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Religious Lea$h - Cut To Fit - Havoc Supreme (File, MP3) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Religious Lea$h - Cut To Fit - Havoc Supreme (File, MP3)
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I picked these up at a Conference a long time ago. I bought this audio Bible cassette tapes probably close to 20 years ago. I have enjoyed it. I have this version. Does any one know of a time code that will guild you to the chapters? It would be nice if fast forward if you are looking for something specific. One other thought. Douay—Rheims Audio Bible with lrc lyric files go here douayrheimsaudiobible.

Here are some Audio Bibles in various languages. I think there are some English there also. I should have noted that this is only the NT.

Resurrection Tapes if they are still even called that may even have the OT now for all I know. Thank you. For official apologetics resources please visit www. The brainwave effects of screens are just one more problem to put on the pile.

Feierstein's predictions for include QE4, the collapse of GDP, the end of US dollar hegemony, and big moves up in gold and silver prices. In fact, it's pretty obvious that his is just another elite op, and the end game will happen in the financial markets.

Perhaps she has a reason, but I'd like to hear it. All that said, this is good listening. Radio Parallax. Topics include how The Hobbit evolved out of bedtime stories for children; why The Silmarillion failed to interest the publisher even after the success of The Hobbit ; the influences of Tolkien and C.

Lewis on each other's writings and personal philosophies; what Tolkien might have thought of Peter Jackson's movies. The Farmers Union and the Future of Food — Tom Giessel, honorary historian of the National Farmers Union, talks about the history of the Farmers Union, which was started in the early 20th century by cotton farmers in Texas. Giessel discusses the importance of community organizing and collaboration; the impact of technology on the Farmers Union; and visionary leaders throughout the Union's history.

He advises listeners to beware of threats to uniform cooperative law, and the further danger of wholesale privatization of cooperative assets. The discussion concludes with a look at the role of commodity groups in the political landscape and the dwindling role of cooperative extension in the face of persistent budget cuts. Collum says we know that the big financial players and their political minions are pathological liars.

Our failure as a society is not bothering to prove their crimes John Michael Greer's Review — John Michael Greer comments on how interlocking systems make specific technological tools far more useful—and in some cases, useable at all. He examines the fracking boom as a financial scheme that will likely blow up big in and talks about how society Religious Lea$h - Cut To Fit - Havoc Supreme (File now experiencing the slow breakdown of infrastructure such as roads as governments experience chronic cash-flow problems.

Greer predicts a continuing slow move towards a highly unequal, totalitarian society that comes to see science as part of the problem because it enables TPTB to control the impoverished populace. Current conditions, circumstances, and collusions suggest possible economic calamity in the not-too-distant future. Just remember, though, that "crises" are often manufactured by the banksters. You will know only in hindsight that a crisis was real: If the big banks are still in business after the dust settles, the crisis was likely another con job.

The proper metaphor for today's Wall Street is not a casino but rather a rigged numbers game. Harpignies kick the tires on the value of utopian thought and ambition as well as the dangers. KMO and JP agree that the idea of Earth as just the cradle of humanity, a place from which we are meant to leave to establish an interstellar civilization, is a dangerous conceit. Now only five animals remain in this subspecies, all in captivity. Four are females. The lone male lives in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

So it would seem the northern white rhino is doomed to extinction. But there may still be a way to bring back this 2-ton creature. Health Effects of Cinnamon — Cinnamon has been used as medicine since biblical times. Today it is even being studied for possible protection against viruses and diabetes. Dee McCaffrey explores whether small amounts of cinnamon every day can help you be healthier. That's an inappropriate extrapolation. That said, the evidence is strong that cinnamon is a good thing when included in the diet—assuming you tolerate it.

My other complaint here is that they do not discuss the different varieties of cinnamon—I know there are at least two—and whether the health effects vary. The move follows years of efforts by environmentalists, who cite dangers like earthquakes and potential contamination of New York's renowned pristine water supply. Chris Martenson on Wall Street Games and Fracking Bombs — Chris Martenson guides us through the swamps of financial lingo so we might all develop a clearer notion of the jargon used in financial sectors of the chatter-sphere.

Topics include credit default swaps, derivatives, margin calls, shorting and going long. If we do not rid ourselves this parasitic "over-layer," we will never solve any of the other problems that plague us. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition for Solving Health Mysteries — Reed Davis talks about his "functional diagnostic nutrition" approach to solving health mysteries.

When allopathic doctors fail, this Columbo of health problems steps in and doggedly pursues the solution. Functional medicine is the only sane approach to chronic health issues.

With the exception of the lame "Immigrants" bit from National Lampoon Radio Hour, clip 1 is must-listening. And I had forgotten just how brilliant "Who's On First" is. Democrat AGs have previously teamed with environmental groups to move on issues that were stalled at the national level; now Republican AGs are allying with fossil fuel companies to challenge federal environmental regulations in court. Political scientist Paul Nolette discusses this development.

They are Scylla and Charybdis and we are a Greek tragedy. MacArthur, president and publisher of Harper's Magazine, about the problems with the Obama-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership being negotiated in secret. They also conclude that the Wall Street sellout means working people can no longer count on the Democrats to look out for their interests.

Not that either party really objects to the other's agenda on those terms. Sure—it's fight, fight, fight when it comes to social issues, but when it comes to the bankster-dominated corporatocracy, there is one rule that both parties adhere to without exception: Don't fuck with the money.

Pesticides—Beware the Drifter — Attorney Amanda Heyman's job is providing legal counsel for independent farmers and food businesses. Here she discusses the legal aspects of pesticide drift, GMOs, organics, and "natural" labeling.

But it affects a wide variety of issues, from air quality for residences around non-organic farms to the integrity of organic foods. Here he discusses his fictional post-apocalypse books, which include the Black Dawn series, which extrapolates from our real-life era when corporations are literally sucking the earth dry of its high quality resources; and Meatwhere a combination of powerful corporations and organized religion completely control the food supply, with living standards for animal welfare and human rights falling by the wayside.

Real-life climate scientist Michael Mann gives his take on our climate prospects. That said, Alex Smith does a nice job at the end mediating the two extremes and adding more scientific—and psychological—context. Topics include the nature of the torture worse than has been admitted to by the CIA ; the lack of repercussions for those who directed the torture strategy; the US torture activities in light of international treaties; the media response to the report; the general lack of accountability of the CIA to the normal power structures of government.

What's amazing is the ferocious denunciation of even a no-impact report like this by the pro-torture lunatics and their allies in the mainstream media. Two doctors have written a book called The New Puberty that looks at the percentage of girls who are going through early puberty, the environmental, biological and socioeconomic factors that influence when puberty begins, and whether early puberty is linked with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Authors Julianna Deardorff and Louise Greenspan explain. A Debt Meteor is Headed for Planet Earth — Max Keiser explains why negative interest rates are state-sponsored confiscation and how centripetal force is creating the conditions for a financial blow-up.

Whereas TPTB think exponential debt growth is a lever with which they can move the economy, Max thinks it's a meteor that will wipe us out.

A Short History of Personal Computers and the Internet — As told by Walter Isaacson, the story of how the digital age came to be involves a cast of more than 40 people, ranging from a 19th century English countess to a WWII codebreaker to California hippies.

In his book The InnovatorsIsaacson profiles many of those characters, focusing on how their collaborations helped bring us into the digital age. Sloppy Fracking Practices Result In Large Methane Leaks — Faulty equipment and maintenance procedures in natural gas operations can inadvertently release large quantities of methane, new research reveals.

Scientists say most of the problem can be pinned on a relatively small number of "clunker" wells. That sounds like a "see, things aren't so bad" result, just as one might expect from an industry-funded study.

But even if the study's conclusion is correct, and even if the worst of the leaks are fixed, methane is such a potent greenhouse gas that the remainder would still be an issue. This is why it's the conspiracy refusniks who are the nut-jobs.

If the bankster-CIA cabal will kill a president, what won't they do? But if you think of Bhopal as a tragedy from the '80s, you're missing the point: It was a crime and it's far from over.

Amitabh Pal of the Progressive talks about MP3) ongoing disaster of Bhopal and the potential progress finally being made to clean up the area and properly compensate victims.

It's extremely rare that we put corporate executives or board members on trial for such failures, but that should change. Their personal fortunes are made by reaping the revenue from such operations in good times; their liberty and wealth should be at risk when it goes wrong due to their mismanagement.

The US Role in Illegally Logging Peru's Forests — More than half of Peru is still covered by tropical rainforest—an area the size of Texas—which plays a crucial ecosystem role and is a significant carbon sink. A new report documents how more than 20 US companies have imported millions of dollars in illegal wood from the Peruvian Amazon since Nonetheless, this is just another example of how most people in the West are fine with not asking too many questions about where wonderful but illegally sourced products come from.

Its goal: the destabilization of Central Asia and the Caucasus to the advantage of the Western powers, especially the US. In this presentation, James Corbett lifts the lid on Gladio B, discussing the evidence, the key players, and the secret battle for the Eurasian heartland.

The Seed Underground—A Growing Revolution to Save Food — Janisse Ray discusses the threat to seed sovereignty posed by multinationals like Monsanto, which are endeavoring to lock up the food-related profit stream from field to fork by owning the means of production.

She explains how activism and seed saving both play a role in the fight. Um, did I say simple? Now Don Blankenship, the CEO of mining company Massey Energy, has been indicted on federal charges, which accuse him of directing company policies that were contrary to mining regulations and laws and that contributed to the disaster.

Law professor Patrick McGinley talks about the case. So says Jamie Brown Hansen, an international researcher who studies bio-mimicry to understand how economic sustainability can be derived and adapted from ancient systems of nature. The people currently running the financial system don't want it to be stable, efficient, and sustainable.

They have fought hard to devise a system of "managed instability" that allows them to profit from both the ups and downs in the seemingly chaotic cycles, which are in fact just meta-manipulations.

Don't expect any change in their goals or the system until we take it from them. This point is thankfully addressed here in the excellent epilog by Gwen Halsted of the Public Banking Institute.

Craig Spencer. Alex Campbell talks about this and other cases of con artists using the media to help create the illusion of credentials. But realize that the mainstream media is not there to inform people; they are there to push their buttons.

In their world, minor lapses in credibility are unimportant compared to keeping viewers off-balance and engaged. It's more important than ever to cut through the propaganda to learn what we can about the most feverish geopolitical tensions in recent memory.

Orlov offers a clear-eyed assessment of the game in the Ukraine and the general nonsense the US calls foreign policy. Why rust in barrel of the supposed murder weapon means it was never fired; other ballistics inconsistencies; why the official timeline of the cops hot on the trail of fugitive Oswald does not compute; the oddity of so much background information MP3) Oswald being provided in press releases almost immediately after his arrest.

Joe Alton and his wife Amy Alton—better known as Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy—talk about which techniques we need to know and which supplies we need to keep in stock to stay healthy when help is not on the way. Topics include how to get started in putting together a medical kit; whether you should concentrate on natural medicine, traditional medicine, or both; and why you can't trust what the government says when a pandemic hits. He is also "sort of correct" on his assertion that if you live debt-free you are not understanding how to use the system to best advantage in the way the elites do.

But if you are not an elite who gets inside info, has deep pockets, and employs a team of financial tricksters to help you navigate the currents, then proceed with caution into the Sea of Debt! When you're perusing the shelves, be they virtual or actual, what matters to you? Beyond price, quality, and value, what about knowing how the company that made the product treats its workers, the extent to which production depletes natural resources, and what impact this product has on the environment?

Many of us care about these things in the abstract, but it's difficult to put our tenets into practice. If only there were an app. But there is! Dara O'Rourke explains the Good Guide, a website and smart phone app that consumers can use to make informed "green" decisions on what they're buying.

Michael Klare on Cheap Oil and Geopolitics — With the price of a barrel of crude oil having fallen almost 40 percent compared to its peak in June, filling your gas tank has gotten cheaper. Analyst Michael Klare talks about the impact lower oil prices are having. Topics include the reasons for falling oil prices; the effect on oil producers like Iran, Venezuela, and Russia; the psychology of car buying; boosts to American, Japanese and European economies; Keystone XL; wither peak oil?

While we knew the people in charge would be willing to turn the planet into an industrial wasteland to keep the petro-circus going, we didn't realize a majority of the populace would be OK with that. Silly us. Quirks and Quarks. Genetically Modified Chestnuts — A century ago, the American Chestnut was a tremendously important species in the forests of Eastern North America, representing more than a quarter of all forest trees in a swath from Georgia to Ontario.

But a fungus introduced on imported Asian chestnut trees turned out to be catastrophic for the American Chestnut, killing billions of trees and essentially wiping out the species by the s. Breeding a blight-resistant tree has proved laborious and difficult, so now a research team has developed a genetically modified American Chestnut that uses a gene from wheat to resist the effects of the fungus. Lead researcher William Powell explains. But beware anytime a GMO proponent says "this is for the people and for the environment.

The Anthropocene and Techno-Utopia — Environmental journalist Christian Schwagerl discusses some of the concepts of assigning human impact as the dominant force of the current era, now being called "The Anthropocene" by many in scientific circles. Can the planet survive the wave of human modification washing over it? Can WE? That's still a worthy goal, but it is a subset of the need to awaken to humanity to the disease of financial parasitism, that we simultaneously are exploited by and are willingly participants in.

In the end, the real question is whether the masses are psychologically capable of dealing with either of these problems even if they grasp them. Participants agree to pay a premium for the tomatoes in order to support a "penny per pound" bonus that is then paid to the tomato pickers. Soon, the Fair Food label will appear on Florida tomatoes at participating stores. Gerardo Reyes-Chavez, a farm worker and organizer with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, discusses the issue.

Farm workers have always gotten more than their share of the unfairness. Films of the New World Order 21 — Tora! FDR's insistence that the Pacific Fleet be stationed at Pearl Harbor, despite strong objections from the Navy; the interesting fact that mostly US ships of lesser military value were at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack; what was known before the attack and who presented it to whom; the smear campaign against the admiral in charge of Pearl Harbor and the attempts to suppress public analysis of what happened there; how the movie paints Pearl Harbor as a tragic accident rather than a devious deception, and the historical revisionist behind that tack.

Just assume they lie about everything, and then we can focus our energies on disrupting the continuum of elite psychopaths rather than arguing about their press releases. Money—Avarice, Politics and Madness — Douglass Everett talks about recent news item that, collectively, show the broken mindset of the elites and the minions that serve them. Lakes Turning to Jelly — The problem of acid rain is often touted as one of the few success stories in controlling pollution, as the industrial emissions that cause it have been cut substantially.

But the environmental damage and disruption caused by acid rain still echo in the wilderness. One example discovered is the "jellification" of temperate lakes, where acid rain has reduced calcium content, an essential element for most lake organisms. This has caused some crustaceans at the base of the aquatic food chain—the ones that make their exoskeletons from calcium—to be at a disadvantage, and they're now being displaced by species that have a jelly-like coating. These jelly organisms are inedible to many predators and thus are disruptive to the lakes' ecological balance.

Why, of course, to blast sulfate particles—the most toublesome of the old acid rain pollutants—into the atmosphere. Pandora's New Deal—Different Pay, Different Play — The Internet radio service Pandora made its name by creating personalized stations by having users "like" and "dislike" songs and by tweaking playlists based on the relationships between artists and songsrelationships that have been established through its massive Music Genome Project.

But a deal between Pandora and a group of record labels has raised concerns that the company will now start favoring certain songs over others because it can pay a smaller royalty to the musicians behind the favored songs. I personally have never found Pandora very helpful due its simplistic binary rating system.

I miss Launchcast! A Bowl of Soul. The Inflation Genie Is Out of the Bottle — Andrew Gause explains why the inverted yield curve means that a lot of companies and players are in financial trouble and are trying to borrow furiously to fend off disaster. Meanwhile, the top players predators are taking advantage of the weaknesses and are on a buying spree, purchasing all depressed assets and commodities.

Gause reviews how the setup for the current harvest started inexplaining who got the Fed-created money, what was done with it then, and what's being done with it now. Other topics this time include Wall Street banks speculated wildly, reaping vast winnings and getting bailed out on vast losses, Religious Lea$h - Cut To Fit - Havoc Supreme (File.

Then the Fed made all major financial institutions well again by creating money and parking it in the banks. The final phase is for the printed money to be released, which will unleash inflation, which has the effect of making all us peons pay to fix the imbalance caused by all the money printing, which helped fund the original crime.

Healing Green Despair — Todd Wilkinson, author of a new biography of eco-billionaire Ted Turner, talks about Turner's attention to green issues. Is this proof that the wealthy can lead on environmental challenges? Species that have been able to adapt have prospered; most have not. We've back-slid since the major green successes of the s. Is it coincidental that the central banking-corporate-warfare complex has grown much more powerful in that same timespan? There's a battle in your brain. The more you read on screens, the more your brain adapts to the "non-linear" kind of reading we do on computers and phones.

Your eyes dart around, you stop half way through a paragraph to check a link or a read a text message. Then, when you go back to good old fashioned paper, it can be harder to concentrate—unless you can develop your 'bi-literate' brain.

The Psychopath Inside — When UC Irvine neuroscientist James Fallon was studying the brain scans of known psychopaths alongside the brain scan of a "normal" control—himself—he discovered something fascinating and troubling: the scans showed that he too had the brain structure of a psychopath. This forced Fallon to reevaluate what psychopathy means, both in clinical terms and in practical terms. He talks about his odyssey and the conclusions it led him to. I do disagree, though, with one of Fallon's conclusions: He says we need "good psychopaths" as enforcers against the "bad psychopaths, Religious Lea$h - Cut To Fit - Havoc Supreme (File.

One liberal columnist told readers not to listen to the "yes but" naysayers. But critics of the deal are worth listening to; for one, Daphne Wysham of the Center for Sustainable Economy, who says the goals are timid, the timing is suspect, and the enforcement mechanism is weak.

But that's not the same as true progress on climate change, so in the end, this is a lot of noise about what will largely turn out to be a stalling tactic. Sulu on Star Trek and used it as a platform from which to speak about important social issues, including marriage equality and redressment for Japanese-American internment during WWII, which he personally experienced.

Here he talks about his personal odyssey, the issues, and the fun he's having in his new late-life career as a social-media darling. Hawken talks about the challenge of taking society to the next quantum level in the face of political factionalism and environmental immaturity. Topics include corporate social responsibility; the evolution of the open-source-economy and sharing-economy movements; and how communication technology has transformed global human interaction, holding promise for future green activism.

In the end, his conclusion that we need to try hard but also just live in awe of the spectacle is quite apt. Attacks on Iraq and Syria — An analysis of corporate TV news has found that the public was given almost no debate about whether the United States should go to war in Iraq and Syria.

The group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting found that of the more than guests, just six voiced opposition to military action. On the high-profile Sunday talk shows, out of 89 guests, there was just one antiwar voice—Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation. We are not quite in Orwell's world of yet, but we are getting there.

Stolen Future, Broken Present — David Collings discusses the epochal environmental crisis that is unfolding. Climate change is a centerpiece, but this is a many-faceted problem with no easy solutions. Overcoming the psychology that fathered the problem may not be possible, but it's still worth trying. It is indeed important that we keep trying to minimize the damage—it will make life more pleasant for longer.

But we should always make the basis for discussion facts, not hopium. Voting Machines—Computerized Election Theft — Jonathan Simon explains how Republicans have engaged in vote rigging via electronic voting machines over the last 10 years. Exit polls consistently disagree with election results, and Republicans are winning close races at a much higher rate than statistical probability would allow.

Election theft started long before electronic voting machines, and while the Republicans may indeed currently have the upper hand in the legerdemain, the Democrats are not without their corrupt ways. Among other things, they sold their soul when they colluded with Republicans to change election rules in a way that de facto excludes valid third-party candidates from the process, ensuring the Democrat-Republican duopoly.

And now, as their partner in crimes against democracy executes a doublecross to gain even more advantage, the Democrats cry foul. What nonsense. Any US citizen who still hopes that this mess can be fixed at the ballot box—or that it's "that other party" that is causing all the problems—is not paying attention. Global Research News Hour. Dismantling the Pro-War Cult—The Myth of the Soldier as Guarantor of Freedom — The myth of the soldier as the guarantor of a nation's security and freedom has become widespread and reinforced in the imaginations of citizens, particularly in America.

Unthinking devotion to all things military has largely trumped public concern over the idea of war as an end unto itself or the effect war has on global stability or the amorality of US involvement in particular conflicts. Jonathan Wright is a "medical detective" who has perused over 50, research papers about hormones and other body systems; diet, vitamins, and minerals; botanicals, and other natural substances designed to heal.

He specializes in non-drug treatments for chronic health problems. Topics in this show include Each individual's ears will find the things that may be relevant to him or her, so put on your slicker and listen up. Perhaps the most monstrous example was the so-called "suicide letter," which threatened to expose King's sexual activities to the world unless he did "the one thing left" to escape shame.

Yale Professor Beverly Gage discusses a recently discovered redaction-free version of the letter. Sure, because many of the heart-of-darkness operations have been migrated to other agencies, known and unknown.

Making Contact. This Changes Everything Or Not — Naomi Klein argues that while it's too late to stop climate change, we can still take action to save our civilization. Klein offers her vision of how we can foster a global movement to counter climate change. But she's got it backwards: The climate crisis is not the threat that will unite people against those elite forces. Instead, uniting the masses to take back power from the elites and reestablish a fair economic system should be the stated political goal.

That is Job 1, and trying to superimpose a divisive issue like climate on top of it is brainless. Chicken Big — Chickens raised for meat have quadrupled in weight since the 's, thanks to selective breeding. The meatier chickens are also being produced with much less feed, which makes the process of raising and marketing chicken more cost efficient. The Keiser Report. Whistleblower Alayne Fleischmann—JP Morgan's Worst Nightmare — Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the trend in some parts of the world where people are showing just how sick they are of a corrupt elite Religious Lea$h - Cut To Fit - Havoc Supreme (File holds itself above the law.

They also look at the headlines of students in India who believe in the right to cheat, and at innocent people in America who plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit. They talk about fraud in the mortgage backed securities business, the statute of limitations on wire fraud, and what exactly it is that Jamie Dimon wants. Anyway, pay attention to him on monetary issues; ignore him on climate science.

Steeling Ourselves Against the End of the World — Ina solar storm threw an electromagnetic pulse at Earth so strong, it fried the telegraph system. A whole lot more is on the line now. Rocky Rawlins of the Survivor Library talks about his efforts to make sure we are prepared for getting zapped back to a time before computers and an electric grid. A killer asteroid, for instance. The Last Policeman trilogy imagines what we would all do if we knew the world would end in six months.

Author Ben Winters explains. FCC chairman Tom Wheeler had previously proposed a set of rules, yet to be voted on, that would create a two-tier system where companies who can afford to pay extra get faster service, leaving non-payers in the slow lane. Craig Aaron of Free Press comments on the coming battle. In this case, he has already telegraphed the out that will let him say one thing and do another: "the FCC is an independent agency.

Economists on Oil—Hubris and Substitution — Richard Heinberg offers a good refresher on the basics of peak oil in light of recent trends in petroleum production, particularly the boom in the US.

He also discusses the delusions that economists engage in when it comes to matters that are more governed by physics than finance, such as energy and the climate.

In particular, he responds to Paul Krugman's recent piece on "climate despair," which claimed that anti-environmentalist right-wingers and anti-capitalist environmentalists are both wrong to think that the world can't have economic growth without increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Heinberg says Krugman either misunderstands or misrepresents the very reports that he cited to support his argument.

Much of the conversation centers on how our higher-learning institutions are not training our students correctly at the same time they foster high levels of post-graduation indebtedness. McPherson contrasts his decision to leave academia with Klein's decision to stay within the system.

Robots at War — Can replacing human soldiers with robot warriors save lives and make war more humane? The consensus seems to be that the laws of war are not written in computer code, and modern warfare is not ready for killer robots that "decide" without human input.

And yes, everyone go watch the Terminator movies again. Dealing with Salination in Modern Irrigation Agriculture — Accumulation of salt in soil is a problem that has plagued irrigation agriculture for millennia—and still does today. Every day, the world is losing 2, hectares—almost 5, acres— of valuable farm soil to salt damage because of inept irrigation practices.

Manzoor Qadir explains the problem, and the solution. Worse still, we find ourselves in an Orwellian world, where a mega coal plant in India is classified as "environmentally friendly technology"; where electricity customers in Europe can buy credits from a coal plant as a "clean development mechanism"; and where hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars help build a dirty coal project.

Nicole Ghio of Sierra Club International explains. It's just not going to happen. Alex Smith plays a brief sidebar at the end of this interview that sums it up perfectly. Listen, and awaken to climate reality. Time Monk Radio Network. The fight, he says, is not one of race or similar characteristic—but rather a challenge of critical thinking so that we may correctly perceive the web of deception, understand the oppressors' tactics, and find common ground with the many who are jointly used and abuse by the elites.

He's not an overly polished orator, but that seems to give his words more force. Radio Ecoshock. Then he reviews the math on how available technologies can have the world well on the way to running on clean energy by But his rapid-fire solution list for a clean-energy transition is well worth hearing.

Topics include evidence for two shots from different directions; acoustics evidence; the importance of the on-the-scene observations of grassy knoll witness S. Holland and others. Paul Martin January 31, at PM.

Bob Kauflin January 31, at PM. Paul, Thanks for the encouragement and the heads-up about the Cyberhymnal version. Leo Galletta February 2, at PM. Leo Reply. Bob Kauflin February 2, at PM. Leo, I added a link to the music in the original post. Thanks for your encouragement. Lindele February 3, at AM. Bob Kauflin February 3, at PM. Kyle February 5, at PM. Thanks, Kyle Reply. Josh February 5, at PM. Bob Kauflin February 5, at PM. Michael February 12, at AM. Bob Kauflin February 12, at AM.

Carol Anderson February 27, at PM. Thanks, Reply. Bob Kauflin February 27, at PM. Carol, E-mail me at bob worshipmatters. Tim April 12, at AM. Bob Kauflin April 12, at AM. Great song.


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    Nov 04,  · First song from the upcoming release, "Spreading The Plague", out in December moathsadartojaktilar.xyzinfo Recorded, mixed and mastered b.
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    ALL Religious SONGS, New York, New York. , likes · 19 talking about this. all.
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    Let's Have Church Demo (E Z Key Performance Track Low Key) [Music Download] by Mike Purkey Hear about sales, receive special offers & more. You can unsubscribe at any time.
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