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Part 1 - Vazytouille - Vazytouille (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Part 1 - Vazytouille - Vazytouille (CD, Album)
Label: Circum-Disc - MICROCIDI003 • Format: CD Album • Country: France • Genre: Jazz • Style: Contemporary Jazz, Big Band

Not really. Meta Meta Meta Meta Metallica I whish the album was somewhat longer though. Redemption Snowfall on Judgment Day Redwood Hill Descender Redwood Hill Collider Although moments of sonic intensiveness are found on this here release, they are few and far in between.

The band's attempt to toe the line between hardcore and post-metal ultimately result in something just beyond mediocrity. Poor record really. One of the many duds in Sun's discography. Their later output is far superior to this debut. Det Goda, Part 1 - Vazytouille - Vazytouille (CD. Det Vackra. Det Fula. Painfully average release. It's painfully average nonetheless. This, unfortunately, is merely painfully average modern prog rock without an edge and bereft of creativity.

A poor man's High on Fire at best. Behemoth Satanica Behemoth Thelema. Do yourself a favour a listen to the second part, it's far superior in almost every conceivable way.

My goodness are the vocals poor and my goodness is the production sterile. How painfully average can you make noise-rock sound? Cheer-Accident The Why Album I'm not entirely sure why the thought adding pop music to their already unbalanced musical formula would constitute an improvement. Code Mut While the band's core aesthetic warrants interest, the execution leavevs much to be desired. Far from a progressive black metal tour-de-force, it's a sterile mess. It's has been down hill from there and this album simply serves to reaffirm this.

This record is merely a testament to that. Enemies Alpha Waves The musical immaturity of this record is so overt, it's almost painful.

Perception of Casualty sgt. Truly a disappointment. The pompous melodrama of this band annoys me to my core. Bolt Thrower Mercenary Bolt Thrower Honour - Valour - Pride I can forgive this band for sticking to their specific style of death metal, but I cannot forgive them writing a record so exceedingly creatively bankrupt.

Not an ounce of musical intensity to be found. It went in one ear and out of the other without a single moment of poignance. Melancholic boredom. That's all I want to say, based. Capital of Gravity sgt. Sonny Rollins On Impulse! The Truth Is a Fucking Lie III - Nostalgia Besides an undeniably captivating atmosphere Nostalgia, not unlike the other albums of the SM-trilogy, has not much more to offer.

Zygoma The Highest Court 1. And Then There Were Three Just look up the album cover, and you will catch my drift, I'm sure.

What a travesty of an album. This record is such a terribly cheesy progressive rock release, I can't imagine anyone being even remotely comfortable sitting down and listening to this travesty of a album.

Baffling release. Hot garbage. Anger Objectively speaking, the very best snare sound ever recorded. This might in fact be sterility distilled into sonic form.

Novembers Doom Amid Its Hallowed Mirth This band manages to be pull together so many interesting influences, yet utterly fails to create a single interesting song.

Nowhere else is this more painfully obvious than this record. Tiamat Sumerian Cry One of the worst doom-metal outifts around establishes its reputation right of the bat. Trivium The Crusade Wayne Shorter Phantom Navigator Weather Report Domino Theory A fantastical as his earlier output is, his later output, as is the case with most jazz greats, is as soul-suckingly uncreative and vapid as jazz can be.

MementoMori J. Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain. Albert Ayler Spiritual Unity. Area Arbeit Macht Frei. Art Zoyd Phase IV. Art Zoyd Haxan. Can Tago Mago. Cardiacs Sing to God. Charles Mingus Mingus Ah Um. Cult of Luna Somewhere Along the Highway. Death The Sound of Perseverance. Death Symbolic. Dirty Three Horse Stories. Eric Dolphy Out to Lunch! Frank Zappa The Grand Wazoo. Gorguts Obscura. ISIS Panopticon. Jean Louis Jean Louis.

Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick. John Coltrane A Love Supreme. John Coltrane Ascension. John Zorn Interzone. Kayo Dot Choirs of the Eye. King Crimson Red. Koenji Hyakkei Dhorimviskha. Magma K. Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire. Merkabah PL Million Miles. Miles Davis Bitches Brew. Bungle Disco Volante. Naked City Naked City. Neurosis Through Silver in Blood. Neurosis The Eye of Every Storm. Opeth Part 1 - Vazytouille - Vazytouille (CD Park.

Opeth Still Life. Pink Floyd Animals. Porcupine Tree Fear of a Blank Planet. Swans Soundtracks for the Blind. The Evpatoria Report Golevka.

The Flying Luttenbachers Cataclysm. The Ocean Precambrian. Ulcerate Everything Is Fire. Ulcerate Shrines of Paralysis.

Wayne Shorter Speak No Evil. Agalloch The Mantle. Albert Ayler Vibrations. Alex Lofoco Beyond. Amenra Mass V. Amenra Mass VI. Aranis Aranis II. Aranis Aranis I. Area Crac! Area Maledetti.

Art Bears Winter Songs. Art Blakey Free For All. Art Zoyd Les Espaces Inquiets. Art Zoyd Generation sans futur. Art Zoyd Musique pour l'Odyssee. Atheist Unquestionable Presence. Blotted Science The Machinations of Dementia.

Boredoms Vision Creation Newsun. Brand X Unorthodox Behaviour. Cardiacs On Land and in the Sea. Causa Sui Summer Sessions Vol. Cecil Taylor Unit Structures. Colour Haze Colour Haze. Comus First Utterance. Converge Axe to Fall. Converge Jane Doe. Cult of Luna Salvation. Cult of Luna A Dawn to Fear. Cynic Traced in Air. Cynic Focus. Death Human. Demilich Nespithe. Dexter Gordon Go! Dirty Three Ocean Songs.

Don Caballero American Don. Don Cherry Eternal Rhythm. Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini. Ephel Duath The Painter's Palette. Estradasphere Palace Of Mirrors. Factor Burzaco Factor Burzaco. Fall of Efrafa Elil.

Fall of Efrafa Inle. Far Corner Risk. Frank Zappa Hot Rats. Frank Zappa Zoot Allures. Freddie Hubbard Red Clay. Gevende Sen Balik Degilsin ki. Gorguts From Wisdom to Hate. Gorguts Colored Sands.

Haken The Mountain. Harmonium L'heptade. Henry Cow Western Culture. Henry Cow In Praise of Learning. Herbie Hancock Head Hunters. Immolation Close to a World Below. Imperial Triumphant Vile Luxury. Inter Arma Sulphur English. Intronaut Prehistoricisms. ISIS Oceanic. Jean Louis Uranus. Jethro Tull Aqualung. John Coltrane Giant Steps. John Zorn The Circle Maker. John Zorn The Hierophant. John Zorn The Interpretation of Dreams. King Crimson Larks' Tongues in Aspic.

Koenji Hyakkei Angherr Shisspa. Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason. Miles Davis In a Silent Way. Miles Davis Kind of Blue. Miles Davis Miles Smiles. Motorpsycho Heavy Metal Fruit. Bungle California. Naked City Grand Guignol. Ne Obliviscaris Portal of I. Ne Obliviscaris Citadel.

Neurosis Times of Grace. Neurosis Given to the Rising. Niechec Smierc w Miekkim Futerku. Obliteration Black Death Horizon. Obscure Sphinx Void Mother. Oceansize Effloresce. Oceansize Frames. Opeth Damnation. Opeth Ghost Reveries. Opeth Watershed. Oxbow The Narcotic Story. PainKiller Execution Ground. Pharoah Sanders Karma. Phideaux Doomsday Afternoon. Porcupine Tree In Absentia.

Porcupine Tree Deadwing. Present Triskaidekaphobie. Pretend Tapestry'd Life. Rush Moving Pictures. Rush Hemispheres. Sigur Ros. Sigur Ros Takk Sun Ra Lanquidity. Swans The Seer. Swans To Be Kind. Talk Talk Spirit of Eden.

Talk Talk Laughing Stock. Thank You Scientist Terraformer. The Dillinger Escape Plan Dissociation. The Flying Luttenbachers Shattered Dimension. The Flying Luttenbachers Imminent Death.

The Mothers of Invention Absolutely Free. The Mothers of Invention Uncle Meat. Thelonious Monk Brilliant Corners. Thelonious Monk Monk's Dream. Thinking Plague In Extremis. Thinking Plague In This Life. This Heat Deceit. Thrangh Erzefilisch. Ulcerate Vermis. Ulcerate The Destroyers of All. Unexpect Fables of the Sleepless Empire. Univers Zero Ceux du Dehors. Univers Zero Heresie. Univers Zero Uzed. Ut Gret Radical Symmetry. Van der Graaf Generator Pawn Hearts.

Van der Graaf Generator Godbluff. We Lost the Sea Departure Songs. Yes Close to the Edge. Yowie Synchromysticism. Yugen Labirinto d'Acqua. Zevious Passing Through The Wall.

A Whisper in the Noise Dry Album). Abyssal Antikatastaseis. Aenaon Hypnosophy. Aepoch Awakening Inception. Aereogramme Sleep and Release. Aesthesys Achromata. Afenginn Opus.

Afterbirth Four Dimensional Flesh. Agalloch Pale Folklore. Ahab The Boats of the Glen Carrig. Akercocke Renaissance in Extremis. Al Di Meola Elegant Gypsy. Alarmist Sequesterer. Albert Ayler Ghosts. Alfa Mist Antiphon. Alkaloid Liquid Anatomy. Alkaloid The Malkuth Grimoire.

Altar of Plagues Teethed Glory and Injury. Alter Bridge Blackbird. Amenra Mass III. American Football American Football. Amorphis Queen of Time. Amorphis Silent Waters. Anathema Judgement. Anciients Voice of the Void. Andrew Hill Point of Departure. Anekdoten Gravity. Part 1 - Vazytouille - Vazytouille (CD 9 Disappeared Behind the Sun. Anna von Hausswolff Dead Magic.

Anoice Out of Season. Anthony Braxton For Alto. Aranis Songs from mirage. Aranis Made in Belgium 2. Arcturus The Sham Mirrors. Art Blakey Moanin'. Art Zoyd Berlin. Art Zoyd Le mariage du ciel et de l'enfer.

Artificial Brain Labyrinth Constellation. Artificial Brain Infrared Horizon. Ashley Henry Beautiful Vinyl Hunter. Ataraxie Slow Transcending Agony. Atheist Piece of Time. Atomic Ape Swarm. Attention Deficit Idiot King. Avishai Cohen Continuo. Avishai Cohen Trio Gently Disturbed. Balmorhea Rivers Arms. Bark Psychosis Hex. Baroness Red Album. Be'lakor Stone's Reach. Beardfish The Void. Behemoth The Satanist. The Arctopus Skullgrid.

Bent Knee Shiny Eyed Babies. Between the Buried and Me Colors. Beyond Creation The Aura. Bill Evans Portrait in Jazz. Bill Laurance Flint. Black Sabbath Paranoid. Black Sabbath Master of Reality. Black String Mask Dance. Blood Incantation Starspawn.

Blotted Science The Animation of Entomology. Boredoms Super Ae. Brad Mehldau Largo. Brad Mehldau Highway Rider. Brand X Morrocan Roll. Brutus BE Nest.

Burst Lazarus Bird. Caligula's Horse In Contact. Camembert Negative Toe. Can Ege Bamyasi. Can Future Days. Cardiacs A Little Man and a House Caspian Dust and Disquiet.

Cathedral The Last Spire. Cattle Decapitation The Anthropocene Extinction. Causa Sui Euporie Tide. Cecil Taylor Conquistador! Charles Mingus Pithecanthropus Erectus. Charts and Maps Dead Horse. Chick Corea My Spanish Heart.

Chick Corea The Vigil. CHON Grow. Christian Scott Stretch Music. Cleric Regressions. There Existed an Addiction to Blood. Cobalt Slow Forever. Colour Haze All. Conjurer UK Mire. Converge You Fail Me. Cormorant Diaspora. Corpo-Mente Corpo-Mente. Cosa Brava The Letter. Cosmosquad Acid Test. Covet effloresce. Cryptopsy None So Vile. Cult of Luna The Beyond. Cult of Luna Vertikal. Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas Mariner. Danny Brown Atrocity Exhibition. Dark Tranquillity The Gallery. Dave Holland Extensions.

Dave Holland Conference of the Birds. Deafheaven Sunbather. Death Leprosy. Death Individual Thought Patterns. Deathspell Omega Paracletus. Defeated Sanity Chapters of Repugnance. Defeated Sanity Passages Into Deformity. Der Weg Einer Freiheit Finisterre. Devin Townsend Ocean Machine: Biomech. Devin Townsend Empath. Dexter Gordon Our Man in Paris. Diablo Swing Orchestra Pandora's Pinata.

Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane. Don Cherry Symphony for Improvisers. Downfall of Gaia Ethic of Radical Finitude. Dreadnought Bridging Realms. Dream Theater Train of Thought. Dream Theater Metropolis Pt. Dvne Asheran. East of the Wall The Apologist.

Edge of Sanity Purgatory Afterglow. Edge of Sanity Crimson. Ef Give Me Beauty Electric Wizard Dopethrone. Enablers Output Negative Space. Enemies We've Been Talking.

Enslaved Below the Lights. Entombed Left Hand Path. Ephel Duath Pain Necessary to Know. Eric Dolphy Out There. Eric Dolphy Far Cry. Erik Truffaz The Mask. Esbjorn Svensson Trio Viaticum. Esmerine Dalmak. Esoteric A Pyrrhic Existence. Estradasphere It's Understood.

Ex Eye Ex Eye. Exivious Liminal. Extra Life Secular Works. Eye of Solitude Cenotaph. Eyot Similarity. Factor Burzaco 3. Fall of Efrafa Owsla. Falls of Rauros Patterns in Mythology. Fantomas The Director's Cut.

Far Corner Endangered. Faust The Faust Tapes. Faust Faust IV. She Sleeps, She Sleeps. Orchestra Arrival. Flourishing The Sum of All Fossils. Focus Focus 3. Focus Hamburger Concerto.

Fonderia Fonderia. Fontanelle Vitamin F. Fort Minor The Rising Tied. Frank Zappa Apostrophe. Frank Zappa Joe's Garage. Freddie Hubbard Straight Life. Gastr del Sol The Serpentine Similar. Gazpacho Demon. Gazpacho Night. Genesis Foxtrot. Genesis Selling England by the Pound. Ghost Rhythms Madeleine. Giant Squid The Ichthyologist. Pink Magick. Gojira From Mars to Sirius. Gojira The Way of All Flesh. Gojira L'Enfant Sauvage. Gordian Knot Gordian Knot. Gorguts The Erosion of Sanity.

Gorguts Pleiades' Dust. Gorilla Mask Iron Lung. Gorod Leading Vision. Grails Chalice Hymnal. Grand Ulena Gateway to Dignity. Guthrie Govan Erotic Cakes. Haken Visions. Haken Vector. Hammock Departure Songs. Hank Mobley Soul Station. Harmonium Les Cinq Saisons. Helium Horse Fly Hollowed. Hella Hold Your Horse Is. Helmet of Gnats High Street. Henry Cow Leg End. Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage.

Herbie Hancock Sextant. High on Fire De Vermis Mysteriis. High on Fire Luminiferous. Hikes Hikes. Hiromi Voice. Hiromi Alive. Horrendous Idol. Horrendous Anareta. Hozier Hozier. Hurtmold Mestro. Hyrrokkin Pristine Origin. Ibrahim Maalouf Kalthoum. Igorrr Savage Sinusoid. Ihsahn Eremita. Ihsahn Arktis. Immolation Unholy Cult. Immolation Here in After. Impact Fuze Moscow. Imperial Triumphant Abominamentvm. Part 1 - Vazytouille - Vazytouille (CD Triumphant Abyssal Gods. Incantation Diabolical Conquest.

Inner Ear Brigade Rainbro. Innercity Ensemble II. Insomnium Above the Weeping World. Inter Arma Sky Burial. Intronaut The Direction of Last Things. Intronaut Valley of Smoke. Inzinzac Inzinzac. Jaga Jazzist What We Must. Jakob Solace. Jambinai ONDA. Japandi The Great Dinosaur Mystery. Jardin de la Croix Circadia. Jethro Tull Minstrel in the Gallery. Jing Chi Jing Chi. Joe Henderson Inner Urge. John Coltrane Blue Train. John Coltrane My Favorite Things. John Zorn The Crucible.

John Zorn Simulacrum. John Zorn The Gift. John Zorn In a Convex Mirror. John Zorn Six Litanies for Heliogabalus. John Zorn Madness, Love and Mysticism. Jonas Hellborg Personae. Junius Paul Ism. Kamasi Washington The Epic. Karnivool Sound Awake. Kashiwa Daisuke Program Music I.

Katatonia Brave Murder Day. Katatonia The Great Cold Distance. Kauan Kaiho. Kayo Dot Hubardo. Kayo Dot Coffins on Io. Kendrick Lamar good kid, m. Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly. Kindo This Is What Happens. King Crimson Lizard. King Crimson Discipline. King Goat Conduit. Kingcrow Eidos. Knut Challenger. Koenji Hyakkei Hundred Sights of Koenji. Komara Komara. Kris Davis Diatom Ribbons. Krokofant Krokofant III. Kylesa Static Tensions. Kyuss Welcome To Sky Valley.

Larry Young Unity. Latitudes Part Island. Laura Radio Swan is Down. Le Silo Yamai. Leech The Stolen View. Leprous Bilateral. Leprous The Congregation. Lightning Bolt Sonic Citadel. Lis Er Stille Apathobvious. LITE Phantasia. LITE Multiple. Little Women Throat. Locktender Kafka. Locktender Friedrich. Long Fin Killie Houdini. Loosense Saloon. Lunatic Soul Fractured. Lux Terminus The Courage to Be. Lvmen Mondo. Warp Three-drum Solo Warp Four Wolf Five-part One Wolf Five-part Two Wolf Six If jazz was ever meant to be a religion, its prayers might sound something like Nan Madol.

Influences range from Japanese folk melodies to Alpine herding calls, and all of them strung by a powerful understatement of continuity.

We open our eyes to find ourselves in a field at night in which a nearby forest looms with untold life. We proceed from meditation to incantation, calling upon the sounds of spirits rather than the spirits of sound. Motifs flit in and out of earshot like radio transmissions struggling to hang on. The instruments weep as if the entire album were nothing but a cathartic ritual.

On the surface, the musicians seem unaware of each other, all the while reveling in their secret synergy far beyond the threshold of audibility.

This is music on its own plane and we must approach it as we are. Its mood is inward while its exposition is extroverted and full of exquisite contradictions. Nan Madol 2. Love For Living 3. Call From The Sea 4. The Way Of Areous Vlor Ta 6.

It means to me everything -- said Namyslowski. Until recently I did not set great store by composition. And so I have created my own quartet and my own music, to be able to play what I want and how I want But the ambitious musician was never after the label of a "multi-instrumentalist". Eventually he chose the alto saxophone in which he could prove himself completely.

While writing on Namyslowski we must say a few words about the remaining members of the band as they also have their say in modern jazz. His greatest success abroad was his accompanying to the known Polish group "Novi" which won the first prize at the 15th International Jazz Festival in Zurich From time to time he joins other bands such as the excellent quartet of the Polish pianist Krzysztof Komeda.

For some time he played with traditional bands such as "Warsaw Stompers", Ragtime Jazz Band, the group Bossa Nova Combo and "Pagart's" big band with whom he went on numerous tours abroad. Along with the free form we hive here harmonies of a mountaineer's tune.

This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting items of the record. Despair -- In respect of melody and harmony, an equally interesting piece. Frances the Terror -- Here we come to know the quartet operating within free-jazz, the sort of music which perhaps does not appeal to all, but expresses, however, the artistic changes occurring in our days and the evolution of jazz.

The quartet plays it with dash and half-jokingly. My Dominique -- A typical ballad of simple harmonies, in slow tempo. The composer wrote it with his little daughter, Dominika, in mind. Let's hear what's been the result. Mead Drinker Lola -- A sort of Charleston, a musical joke with typical solo parts. It can do without commentary, being simply a musical relaxation. This album As an orthodox modern jazz group, they possess all the qualities one would look for in their American counterpart In addition their music has a strange attractive flavor which one can only put down to their contact with Polish folk music Latest so far, the fourth album from Forgas' troupes, and maybe the best one yet, but it comes after a three or four year silence Soleil 12 dates from 05 that had us worried.

No doubt the album's highlight. Not only is Forgas a brilliant drummer, he's also become an excellent composer something he wasn't in the 90'sbut he's also letting his mates plenty of room for them to express themselves musically. One of my album of the year. La Clef 2. L'axe du Fou 3. Double-Sens 4. Or, at least, of presenting specific situations you can visualize. The music has a narrative drive, telling us a story without words but with emotional depth.

There's intense moments and there's space, with the interposed silences adding more unquietness to the flux of events. Highly recommended Review by worldjazznews. Ein Krieg In Einem Kind take 3 2. Don't Ruin Me 3. Bruder Beda ist Nicht Mehr 4. Todays Better Than Tomorrow 5. A Different Koko 6. Fisheye 3. Exit Sun 4. Exit Sun 5. Blackjazz Deathtrance 8.

Omen 9. Good Old Soul Theme For Doris True Blue Miss Hazel A great work "Qualia" is? All I can do in the present days, in retrospect, is praise it with all my heart. The climatic ending may bring some 70s Pulsar memories to some. Liber Nonacris 2. Le Grand Dieu Pan 4. Composer John Zorn is a man of many projects, genres and styles. All those references to literary and film interests can mainly be found in the titles of records and compositions. It could have easily been part of his Filmworks series because of its meditative nature.

It is a gorgeously slow tune with lyrical imagery for the mind and the soul. It shimmers with Steve Reich -like pulsating repetitive motifs taken further with Frisell's overtly blissful Sephardic guitar lines. It is an infinitely fascinating track that begs to be revisited over and over. Gnostic Preludes is an intriguing and seductive recording, with a gentle and contemplative feeling that resonates with emotive power.

It combines the feel of ambiance music with lyrical and melodic prowess seldom seen in Zorn's work. Prelude 1: The Middle Pillar 2. Prelude 2: The Book Of Pleasure 3. Prelude 3: Prelude Of Light 4. Prelude 4: Diatesseron 5. Prelude 5: Music Of The Spheres 6. Prelude 6: Circumambulation 7.

Prelude 7: Sign And Signal 8. For over thirty years, Sun Ra's Intergalactic Arkestra stretched the creative boundaries of avant-jazz. Celestial's music is a far-out cosmic exploration, full of polyrhythms, funky beats, and ear-bending sound experiments. On balance, both discs have a conventional base. It's the respective opening tracks that separate both discs from the norm. It also applies a noir-like patina to the opening of "Green Dolphin Street.

George Tucker's foundation on bass is key, rooting the music so the other players can create in space. It makes sad sense we lost Coltrane and Dolphy too soon—Trane from cancer, Dolphy of complications from diabetes. On Green Dolphin Street 3. Les 4. Glad to Be Unhappy 6.

Jazz Archives. Not only for jazz lovers Popular Posts. Its members were: Robert Musso: guitars, Thomas Chapin: reeds and f Millenium Zeuhl. One might be forgiven for mistaking the Lounge Lizards' debut album for a traditional jazz release at a glance, what with the two Thelon What is immediately noticeable upon listening to this delicately and superbly remastered version of Miles Davis classic first -- and onl Jazz en la Web.

Sonora Aurora. The Boogieman will get ya! Progresivo Del Mundo. E-mile says songs do the matter. Solar Flares 4 years ago. Global Around Town. Music on Top. Aggregators Blogwatch JazzMusicBlogwatch Pages view. Millenium Zeuhl Posted: Friday, 28 June by jazzlover in. Magma is the Earth's heart. Francois Thollot - Marilyn-Antoinette. Universal Totem Orchestra - De Astrologia.

Koenjihyakkei - Tziidall Raszhisst. Bondage Fruit - Three Voices. Imahori Tsuneo, Yoshida Tatsuya - Quantum. Sekkutsu Jean and Kawabata Makoto - Paffughekko. Jyoji Sawada - Riarizumu no Yado inn of realism. Linki do tego posta. New Year Posted: Friday, 28 December by jazzlover in. In The Beginning A Sultan's Last Stand Pentagon Get The Gun See Africa Brass Tactics Recreation Arsenal Tech High Chillin No Me Esqueca Invitation A Shade Of Jade Gazelle


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