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How Do You Do, Miss Pratt? - Milton Berle, Sammy Lambert, Bernie Foyer - Booth Tarkingtons Seventeen (A Musical Comedy) Original Cast (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download How Do You Do, Miss Pratt? - Milton Berle, Sammy Lambert, Bernie Foyer - Booth Tarkingtons Seventeen (A Musical Comedy) Original Cast (Vinyl)

The award-winning country singer generally lives her life like an open book through her music. But there are still a few things you probably don't know about the year-old superstar, including a very interesting link to President Bill Clinton? Growing up in a small town, the singer's parents often struggled to make ends meet, and at one point, the Lambert family found themselves without a roof over their heads. Lambert, her parents and younger brother Luke spent several months staying with relatives and friends until they were able to find a home of their own to rent.

When Miranda Lambert got her first tattoo, her father Rick was livid. She wrote about the interaction in her song Bernie Foyer - Booth Tarkingtons Seventeen (A Musical Comedy) Original Cast (Vinyl) Like Mine. The two eventually worked it out and Lambert's tattoo of two Colt.

But it's not the only tattoo the singer has. Lambert had the logo of her organization MuttNation Foundation tattooed on her foot in Singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert has come very far from her small town roots in Lindale, Texas to five-time winner of the ACM female vocalist of the year.

Successful song writer? Hot hubby? Double check. I thought I'd hang here for another twenty minutes and then go get some lunch It's been so good for me. Pilates for the submissive, eh? Kathy screamed as the cane slashed her stomach. But she was still holding onto the rope. Miss Pratt had danced back to Kathy's butt,oooh, How Do You Do hurt Right on the tits.

Kathy let go of the rope screaming, and fell to the wood floor. But not for long. Miss Pratt began whacking Kathy as soon as she landed flicking the cane up and down her nude body. Finally she jumped for the rope and grabbed it, just as the last of the cane slashes marked her back. Miss Pratt gave Kathy a final whack on the hip. Debra stuck her head in.

Samuel, come with. Samuel, do the whipped cream! Remember, I'll be back in fifteen minutes. Kathy looked over at Evelyn sympathetically. The older woman looked terribly in pain, hanging as she was from a rope that she could let go of at any time And also, it must be horrible having all those clothespins hanging on her nipples, belly, armpits clitoris, buttocks and inner thighs. Evelyn opened her eyes and smiled weakly at Kathy.

My nipples hurt terribly, but the rest of the clothespins really don't bother me. Kathy watched, amazed as Evelyn's elegant fuschia nails gripped the rope, and she swung a bit. I got lucky with him! When I discovered that he could accommodate my submissive fantasies along with being a great guy, I was thrilled! I don't have a Master, except for Miss Pratt. If I can hold onto a rope, and spare Miss Pratt the trouble of chaining me to the ceiling when I get my discipline, it's well worth it, and well worth the eight hundred dollars an hour that I pay for training.

Besides, " Evelyn smiled "I've lost weight and my normal personal trainer says my body is quite muscular now! I know you think she's not too sharp because she's so young, but Miss Pratt never really had a childhood, and became a working domme in her late teens.

She is old beyond her years. Giselle was a small-breasted blond girl, rather sallow looking,but with a definite mean streak. Kathy had undergone several rather vicious whippings at Giselle's hand, and she was aware that Giselle didn't like her Lifting her rattan cane, she knocked a clothespin off the side of Evelyn's breast.

It was a damn good thing that Titus was well fixed, because Kathy's stay here had already run in the five grand mark Giselle bent over and picked up the clothespin and walked over to Kathy. My head? I'm going to teach you to run your mouth. Kathy, a hygeinic sort She worked as a surgical nurse gagged. Oh, God But Kathy held onto her rope gamely, and tried not to move her tongue around.

It felt as if she'd bit her tongue 12, times. Evelyn, you are so nice, telling Kathy about how good Miss Pratt is Giselle lashed Kathy across the front thigh and Kathy moaned. Your dedication is great. Evelyn, gripping her rope weakly, responded.

Who the fuck do you think you are, you rich bitch? My ma usta be a maid in one of the Spotlight Inns you own, you lousy old hag You think I'm some kinda European import domme? Hell, my front name is Sabrina Hooks I got renamed for this job, baby! Sammy Lambert Evelyn is so eager to help Kathy, I'll make a deal I'm going to knock all the clothspins off Evelyn's baggy old body. For each one that Evelyn takes in silence, each pinching knock, I'll leave the clothespin be on the floor.

That wasn't fair! She wasn't ready for clothespins yet! Kathy tried to speak,but the clothespin on her tongue prevented it. Giselle laughed, comprehending. But I don't care. Kathy burst into tears, even through the clothespin, but she hung on. He's sick of your slowness in training, Kathy.

And part of it'll be using the clothespins Kathy inadvertently bit the clothespin, which pinched her tongue more, but she didn't let go of the rope. It was do or die now. Kathy had spent half an hour once in the chest with four holes, and she had terrible claustrophobia. As the feather traveled up and down the underside of Kathy's arm, she began giggling through the horrible clothespin, and shaking around, desperately trying not to let go of the rope.

It vaguely occurred to Kathy that all she had to do was say the word, and she'd be helped down, given her clothes, and sent on her way Giselle would call her Mrs. Parsons, and it would be total respect--but then the sessions would be over and Titus would be terribly disappointed in her.

So Kathy had to hold onto the rope and keep trying. Giselle knocked a clothespin off Evelyn's buttocks, and the older woman bit her lip. Kathy pleaded with Evelyn not to make any noise, for she didn't think she could take the transfer of the clothespins, and Evelyn signaled back that she would try WHACK!

Giselle knocked one clothespin off Evelyn's clitoris lip and the older woman screamed. Giselle picked the clothespin up, and took two more from a small bag and, climbing up on a stepladder, placed three on Kathy's right earlobe.

It had never occurred to Kathy that Giselle would choose a non-lower body part to place clothespins on, but Giselle knew the most painful places, all right. Giselle smiled. When Prattsie and I were growing up in the trailer park, before she went off to that fancy prep school, I was her slave A half hour later, and Kathy was a veritable pincushion of clothespins. Six on each ear, two on her nose, one on each of the webbings between her fingers It had been especially hard to hold onto the rope with one hand while Giselle had placed these clothspins on the other Giselle had put a belt of clothespins around Kathy's waist, and three on each of Kathy's inner elbows and behind the knees, which had been mind-bendingly painful.

Giselle also placed a "Zipper" of clothespins on Kathy's side. This was a string of 20 clothespins connected by a long rawhide cord.

Giselle had a Zipper on each side of Kathy's body, where her arms usually were as of course the arms were above her head, clutching the rope and the two Zippers were connected to a keyring, that Giselle kept pulling on gently, and dragging the Zippers off, and then again she'd put them back on Kathy's side.

Giselle appeared to be enjoying herself immensely. She tried hard not to make any more noises as Giselle continued her tortures. LATER Claudia bent and bit her lip as the three lashes of Miss Pratt's Reminder, a short whip with three leather ox hide thongs knotted with small pieces of zinc and iron up and down each strand thwacked across her tender breasts.

Claudia tried to think of a time that had been worse than this, and all she could come up with was when Miss Pratt had invited two gay street hustlers to whip and torture poor Claudia, and then she'd been forced to fellate them. Finally one had cum in the other's ass, and Claudia had been forced to lick the semen out of the greasy boy's rectum.

Claudia gritted her teeth against the pain, but it was almost too much. Yet, for the first time in months, she was not worried about her manager, or the demands of her singing career I do care for you! Miss Pratt bent the cane, running her tongue across her teeth as she looked at the weeping Claudia with some satisfaction. I called you "Let's see. I got How Do You Do call. I'm a little tired as Samuel and I just spent half an hour mummifying a naughty little girl Clauda remembered the eternal six inch rolls of Ace bandages continuously overlapping her body, the gleaming black eunuch Samuel grinning as he'd pulled them around and around her body that time two years ago.

Miss Pratt had ordered her placed horizontally on her back, and she'd been completely covered except for her nose, mouth and breasts, which had been whipped and tortured for several hours. At one point, Miss Pratt had put a piss gag in Claudia's mouth, and had had several other subs pee through it Then Miss Pratt had had Claudia turned over, and the wrappings surrounding her buttocks had been loosened. As she'd lay there, bound, her anus had been cleaned by a series of enemas, and her anus thoroughy lubricated with motor oil, the smell of which had turned Claudia's stomach.

Then Claudia had felt Samuel's massive fingers working slowly and lightly at her anal opening, inserting one finger, and then as the opening widened, two or three. As her ears had been mummified, Claudia hadn't been able to hear nothing and see nothing, her only sensation the moving of the fingers.

Finally she felt Bernie Foyer - Booth Tarkingtons Seventeen (A Musical Comedy) Original Cast (Vinyl) Samuel's fingers in her anus as well as the heel of his hand.

Suddenly the hand withdrew, and then a huge pressure entered Claudia's anus, and she realized it was-oh, Sammy Lambert, God Samuel's fist, and in and out it had slammed, while she was in her mummified state, for nearly three hours. Fistfucked and mummified Nutter Center but did you call back?

With all the lack of attention Miss Pratt decorated Claudia's back with a series of red swathes. She threw down the Fiberglas and walked to the wall, where she took down a bullwhip. And fear not, Claudia, I was instructed in good bullwhippery by a former circus ringmaster, so you're in luck I can pace these lashes good--er, well. Claudia looked up in fear.


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    Oct 25,  · Juliet Lambert Pratt, who played Fantine in "Les Miserablés" on Broadway and most recently won an award for her portrayal of Diana in the Music .
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    Sep 27,  · Miranda Lambert: Things you didn't know. Miranda Lambert has come a long way from tiny Lindale, Texas. And despite living her life like an open book through her music, there are still a .
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    Mar 29,  · For the following season, he signed with Whirpool and Sunbeam to do "The Milton Berle Show," the first color series from California. Las Vegas and Movies In , Mr. Berle presided over the "Kraft Music Hall" but by he was considered overexposed, and he was reduced to being the host of "Jackpot Bowling.".
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    Music by Walter Kent. Lyrics by Kim Gannon. Produced by Milton Berle, Sammy Lambert and Bernie Foyer at the Broadhurst Theatre (NYC - -) starring King Calder, Kenneth Nelson, Ann Crowley, Frank Albertson, Doris Dalton, Dick Kallman (Television's "Hank"), etc. Directed by Richard Whorf.
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    I'd rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are; because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star. I'd rather be a has-been than a might-have-been, by far; .
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