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Download Fractal - Istengoat - Atlas Shrugged (CD, Album)
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You know what it takes, so do it and shut up. If it wasn't for the person who created this company, you wouldn't even have a job. I'm an administrative assistant making less money than the people complaing about wanting more money. It just makes me sick. But the people in Ayn's story didn't work for money. They loved their jobs.

And she wasn't saying you had to be a rich, corporate big shot to hold the world up. There were teachers and stay at home moms in her little world in the mountains. Ayn has extremely valuable points and if you are someone who is constantly looking for something to criticize in every book, then don't read it.

If you can't handle looking at your imperfections, don't read it. If you have an open mind and are willing to learn something from every book and experience you have and grow as a person, then you will benefit from reading this book.

View all 90 comments. In the middle of the winter you would see this guy walking down the street with his shovel, he was doing work for the city shovelling snow. Over time, this man saved his money, and one day, opened a corner store.

Over more time, he built an apartment over that store. Eventually he was able to open a second store and never stopped working hard. One day this man came driving down the street driving his new Cadillac.

No, the man created his wealth. His choice was to work, save his money and live within his means, while other sat home, and this was reward. To a socialist, they think the redistribution of wealth is the answer, so to that I would say this. How do you feel about the redistribution of wealth now? William Paul, you clearly do not understand how a social democracy works. Perhaps your "F" in college should motivate you. Jun 27, PM. Jul 30, Richard rated it did not like it Recommends it for: assholes seeking rationalizations for their terrible ideas.

Ayn Rand's characters are almost completely defined by the extent to which they embrace her beliefs. A good guy by definition is someone who agrees with her; a bad guy someone who dares to Album) a different point of view. For all the lip-service Rand pays to individualism, she brooks no dissent from her heroes; none of her so-called individualists ever expresses a point of view significantly different from hers. To illustrate the gulf between Rand's characters and human reality, consider this beha Ayn Rand's characters are almost completely defined by the extent to which they embrace her beliefs.

To illustrate the gulf between Rand's characters and human reality, consider this behavior. When Dagny Taggart meets Hank Rearden, she dutifully becomes his property, for no other reason than that he's the most Randian male around.

When John Galt arrives, ownership of the prize female transfers from Rearden to Galt, because Galt is the more Randian of the two. Does it ever occur to Hank to be resentful or jealous? Does Taggart experience loyalty or regret? Might Taggart love Rearden despite his lesser Randness?

No, those are all things that human beings might feel. In a related departure from reality, sex in Randland is more or less indistinguishable from rape. Capitalists don't have time for that commie nonsense. The real focus of Atlas Shrugged is to extoll Rand's philosophy.

Not to debate it, since no one in Randland with any any intelligence or competence could have a different point of view. About Rand's philosophy I'll just make two points which I'm not going to bother providing evidence for at the moment. The first is that, like most social Darwinists, Rand fell short in her understanding of natural selection. Her philosophy was largely based on the false belief that nature invariably favors individual selfishness.

In reality, evolution has made homo sapiens a social animal; cooperation and compassion are very human traits. More importantly, even if cold selfishness were man's nature in the wild, it would not necessarily follow that that would be the best way for us to behave in our semi-civilized modern condition.

The second point is that, contrary to Rand's belief, pure laissez-faire capitalism never works; it invariably leads to exploitation of the poor and middle class and to environmental catastrophe. The best economic system that has ever been devised -- so far -- is a mixture of capitalism and socialism. Apr 17, deanna rated it did not like it Recommends it for: the unsubtle. The best way to understand Rand's message in this book is to simply close it, and beat yourself over the head with it as hard as possible.

This is essentially what Rand does throughout it's ridiculous length. I see no reason that a book with a strong lesson can't also have decent character development, natural dialog, and a believable plot. Of course, I also think that you can establish a theme with subtlety, and trust that your reader will figure it out.

Ayn Rand writes as if the elements of fi The best way to understand Rand's message in this book is to simply close it, and beat yourself over the head with it as hard as possible. Ayn Rand writes as if the elements of fiction get in the way of her message, and that reader's skull's are extraordinarily thick and require a firm beating over the head to absorb the theme. Countless philosophers have said the same thing better and quicker.

I realize that I offend many atheists, agnostics and free thinkers by writing this, but as one myself, I have to say that a passionate love of Ayn Rand is not required for membership in that particular club.

Save yourself a headache, and pick up the much shorter Anthem. It's just as overdone, but weighing it at ounces rather than pounds, it'll leave a smaller dent in your head. Oh, and if you're only reading it to answer the question on geeky bumper sticker "Who is John Galt? It's usually stuck on the butt end of a car to express general disenchantment with big government, and a lack of heroes.

Now you know, so go read something worthwhile, and if you insist on reading Ayn Rand, hit her non-fiction. Stripped of an attempt at storytelling, she doesn't do half bad. View all 47 comments. Jul 09, Jason Pettus rated it liked it Shelves: classiclate-modernismcharacter-heavy. Would you like to hear the only joke I've ever written? Q: "How many Objectivists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Here in Rand's second massive manifesto-slash-novel, we follow the stories of a number of Titans of the Industrial Age -- the big, powerful white males who built the railroad industry, the big, powerful white males who built the electrical utility companies -- as well as a thinly-veiled Roosevelt New Deal administration whose every attempt to regulate these Titans, according to Rand, is tantamount evil-wise to killing and eating babies, even when it's child labor laws they are ironically passing.

Recommended, but with a caveat; that you read it before you're old enough to know better. View all 45 comments. Feb 12, Christopher rated it it was amazing. As Ayn Rand's immortal opus, Atlas Shrugged, stands as a tome to a philosophy that is relevant today as it was in her time. Basically, the major moral theme is that there are two types of people in the world: the Creators and the Leeches. The Creators are the innovators who use the power of their will and intelligence to better humanity.

The first person to create fire is often referenced as the paradigm for these people. In the book, each of the major protagonists also represent Creators improvi As Ayn Rand's immortal opus, Atlas Shrugged, stands as a tome to a philosophy that is relevant today as it was in her time.

In the book, each of the major protagonists also represent Creators improving the human condition with their force of will. The Leeches my word are the people who create nothing, but thrive off feeding on the Creators. In Rand's view, they are the bureaucrats, politicos, regulators, etc. Throughout human history she tells us, these people have benefited through no ingenuity of their own, but merely from piggybacking on - and often fettering - the success of the Creators.

Where the conflict in this book arises is when the Creators decide they have had enough and revolt. I won't spoil the book by describing specifics, but let's just say it causes quite the societal drama. For Leeches can't feed where there's no blood. All that is fairly Album) and involved and worth the read to begin with, but where this book really stimulates me is in the fact that it is still relevant. Today we have Creators and we have Leeches. Some titans of industry and technology move our culture forward and others hold it back to their own benefit.

I work in Silicon Valley and I see this all the time. That's why in many ways I consider this voluminous novel to be as important to a business education as Art of War. To cite other readers' posts, you don't have to agree with what Rand is extolling, but I think you'd be foolish to try and deny the existence of this struggle since it is ingrained in humanity.

Yes, Ayn does get long winded and arrogant in parts as she draws the battle lines, but I don't think an author could have crafted such a powerful conflict without copious quantities of ego to accentuate the differences.

View all 46 comments. This book, as much as I detest it, is actually rather useful. Those who have read it tend to be those whom I most especially desire to avoid. Because those who have read it are invariably proud of the fact--ostentatiously so--it is even easier for me to keep my life free and clear of delusional egomaniacs. Thank you Ayn Rand. View all 18 comments. Sep 08, Album), Simon rated it did not like it.

Absolutely terrible. Imagine an analogous situation: A white supremacist writes a book in which all the white characters are great and all the black characters are awful.

If you were to read that book and as a result buy into white supremacy; that would make you an utter utter fool. And yet, Rand writes a book where anyone who is a raging capitalist is a veritable super-hero and anyone who pauses for half a second to consider that maybe such a system is sub-optimal is a sniveling lunatic - and lo, Absolutely terrible. And yet, Rand writes a book where anyone who is a raging capitalist is a veritable super-hero and anyone who pauses for half a second to consider that maybe such a system is sub-optimal is a sniveling lunatic - and lo, the mindless prols think it's a masterpiece and a template for how the world should be run.

The most annoying book I have ever read. View all 50 comments. Jul 10, Meredith Holley rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: soviets. Shelves: reviewedutopia-dystopiamotherless-daughtersclassic-or-cannonicalgirls-rule. I was visiting an old friend for the past few days, and she showed me this cover of Atlas Shrugged I made for her when we lived in Ukraine: [image error] It was a necessary repair, but it pretty much proves I should be a cover designer.

I get that Rand is kind of loony tunes of the Glenn Beck variety, and some people maybe? Warning: I think, to make my point, I have to refer to Dostoyevsky a lot, which I seem to always do because he really is some kind of touchstone to me. It makes people say that ideas are dangerous. It happens because people put forward too few ideas. Anyway, back to the book: First, story.

The third part of this book is super weird. My favorite part of her ending is how John Galt gives the most boring speech possible, and it lasts for about a bazillion pages, and you have to skip it or die. Nice try, liar. Second, writing. I know it made a huge difference in my reading of this book that I was living in a Soviet bloc apartment in Lozovaya, Ukraine at the time and had forgotten a little bit how to speak English.

But, we allow for the weirdness because we picture the stuff happening in Russia, where the weird stuff typically goes down anyway.

No joke. Third, philosophy. Maybe I told you this story already, so skip it if you already know it. When I lived in Ukraine, I had the same conversation with three or four people of the older generation who grew up in the Soviet Union. We had free health care, free housing, and now we have nothing. I mean, every once in a while your neighbor would disappear, but it was completely worth it. Admittedly, the problem with this argument is that it sets up a dichotomy where our only choices are the prosperity gospel and Soilent Green.

From what I know of Rand, though, she had seen her neighbors and family thrown out of Russia or killed for being rich. She was fighting something extreme by being extreme. To me, this comes from people taking her arguments too seriously on both sides.

Why is it different with Rand? Fourth, women. I think, in this way, it was particularly important to me that the protagonist was a woman. Anyway, that kind of hegemony really creeps me out. When I read this book, I was just realizing that I had joined Peace Corps with a similarly misguided motivation. I wanted to go to the needy and unfortunate countries of the world and sacrifice myself to save them. It might sound more nasty than it really was when I say it like that, but I think it is a really arrogant attitude to have.

But I love it for the things that I got out of it, and if someone else benefited from my being in Ukraine, it was dumb luck. This would be the Hank Rearden character in the novel. I love that Rand sets up characters who destroy this cycle of abuse. I love that her female protagonist lives completely outside of it. There are lots of other reasons to read Rand, but most of those get into the argument about her ideas being dangerous.

Yes, she conveniently ignores the very old, very young, and disabled to make a specific and extreme point. Anyway, read, discuss, agree, disagree.

I hear in the sequel there are werewolves. Liz Mandeville Meredith Holley you are brilliant! If you wrote a page book I would like to read it.

Thanks for your review and your cover design! Apr 09, AM. Katharine Love your insightful review! And this is my new favorite quote: "something that I might hate Aug 16, Richard Derus rated it did not like it.

This blog debunks some of the Aynholes' major misunderstandings about the book. Pretentious poseur writes pseudophilosophical apologia for being a sociopath. Distasteful in the extreme. View all 86 comments. Apr 10, s. There is this really great moment about halfway through where the Ents collectively decide to burn the military industrial complex to the ground and restore it back to nature.

It's this great moment of socialism defeating the pathetic capital-- oh, wait, that's Lord of the Ring, a book about people getting things done because its the right thing to do to help everyone, this is Atlas Shrugged, a book about people throwing tantrums if they aren't making enough money off the labor of others. I real There is this really great moment about halfway through where the Ents collectively decide to burn the military industrial complex to the ground and restore it back to nature.

I really like trains, but goddammit does this novel give them a bad name. Also, everyone, pardon my french. And sorry Grandma. Recently someone told me this was their favorite novel.

I believe they referred to it as 'the greatest book ever written. Because who cares about Ulysses, right? No, that won't do, I'm going to have to drink and rant for a moment. I refrained from commenting to the customer, because I'm sure it is typically for political reasons that people like this book and, whatever, some people swing left, some people swing right, some people suckle the golden calf of capitalism and some love thy socialist ways and who am I to judge.

I'm not a politician and you should all thank me for that. I'd like to push politics aside but, frankly, I think it is solely for political reasons that this book managed to stay relevant and in print. However, I suppose you are all here to hear about the politics of this book and I would be boring you with talks of wooden character and language and overall juvenile writing abilities, so I'll save those for after.

I don't want to argue politics, especially not while drinking, so lets take a moment to look at the plot and oh what a plot it is and see how the politics hold up within.

Besides, there isn't much to analyze in this one as the writing barely goes beneath the surface. Once upon a time there were some factory owners. These factory owners loved to preach about the pride in working for their company, and hey, maybe conditions are piss-poor and maybe you are barely scraping by to feed your growing family, but at least you can take pride in working for a great company and that should satisfy you and give you meaning some cool existentialist thought could have been added into the book for that, but Rand misunderstood Kant so I doubt she'd be able to add anything beyond surface detail and pop-philosophy.

Then one day the great evil government the government is such a caricature and it's almost a surprise she didn't have them all wearing black hooded cloaks.

And really, who voted for those guys? Suddenly, having pride in what they did seemed terrible. Instead of taking pride in their company and working hard to sustain the nation they so loved, like they preached to their employees, they bitched about it a bunch and then stopped working.

Nice guys, right? They set up a utopia Ayn Rand of all people should know utopia is a word for 'fake' society where competing is so cool and they say stuff like 'man, I hope someone competes with me and nearly puts me out of business', which isn't all that different from what was going on in the society they bitched out on in the most comically shameful manner possible.

Meanwhile it is made to seem like cheating on your wife is way cool and general chaos ensues. So it goes for awhile, but then, THEN, after a overlong speech that takes all the points any reader with half a mind already put together for themselves and regurgitates it out without the metaphors and into a boring speech that repeats itself many times about the points already mentioned in the novel and then makes sure you know the stuff already mentioned in the novel through a long speech, all hell breaks loose and the main characters bust into town like the goddamn A-Team.

Guns blaze, Dagny murders a few dudes and the one character who was actually worth reading about blows up the super-weapon because that guy was awesome. Screw the rest of the characters, I want to read more about that guy. He was ' about it ', like people who are apparently ' about it ' say while slugging their Mountain Dews and playing video games. All integrity of the novel was lost with the hysterically overblown rescue scene. I mean, they even got out on 'choppers' at the end.

It was the worst action movie I've ever seen, and I'm not even going to go into the scene where apparently it is okay to shoot your employees in the head for going on strike. And that, my friends, is Atlas Shrugged. People seem to really like the politics, which are 'if things aren't going your way say 'fuck my beliefs, I quit, and fuck america too.

Because if there is one thing Ayn Rand can't stand, it's taking pride in your work. What I really want to talk about is the book as a piece of literature, so don't get all steamed up about politics on me here, pal! Granted, there are a few pretty lines here, particularly the line about cigarettes and how all great thinkers should have that glowing ember at their fingertips while the lightbulb of thought is burning, but other than that Rand is a forgettable sci-fi novelist that has poorly aged with time.

Not a line of dialogue rings true to actual speech, not a cough or a scoff can go without her graciously informing the reader that the scoff or cough shows their disapproval or discomfort and whatnot.

Furthermore, she certainly can't let a metaphor slip out without explaining it; reading Ayn Rand feels like being a grown adult and sitting in a elementary reading class and having the teacher explain how books work.

It's as if she has no faith in her reader as a literate, thinking human being. Worse, the characters are the sort that can only exist on the page and have such narrow-minded two-dimensional aspects that one can't possibly imagine them walking around in the real world. Of course the government is terrible in this novel, its such a caricature that nobody in their right mind would bother being submissive to it. Granted, this book is satire, but come on Rand, put some effort into your creativity. However, Rand seems fully unable to build three-dimensional characters so is it that James is garbage or Rand herself?

This idea is possibly my least favorite aspect of the book because it is comically incorrect. Though maybe my English degree is as useless as it is as finding me a job totally uselessbut from what I've gathered reading books and Derrida is that language is anything but exact. Language is pliable, words are an attempt at harnessing the abstract into sound, caging thought into something more tangible.

If words have an exact meaning then all the poets have been doing is creating gibberish. And how can Rand go on writing her weak metaphors if she actually believes that statement. Briefly, Ayn Rand separates people into two catagories: those that make, and the ' looters '. I've slept on a lot of couches, but also made a lot of breakfast sandwiches. What then am I? Somehow, people still rave about this book. I will say, however, that the chapter where they kill everyone by putting a steam engine through a tunnel was incredibly well done.

She could have cut the rest of the novel and simply published that chapter because all the major points are present and for a Album) moment the book felt worth reading.

I also loved the bits about the pirate and the scene where the government takes over the mines to find them desolated. There are some great 'fight the man' moments but they are buried under a god-awful plot that puts the plot and politics before the writing and told through characters that are so two-dimensional that I can't even believe the scenes that have them walking down a street.

There's some politics here I guess some people could get down with, and I do understand that this is a response to the horrors of Communist Russia, but she did this so much better in Anthem though even in that she contradicts herself often.

Right after a large discussion on freedom and not letting others think for you, the man names the woman character.

He just tells her, this is now your name. Which seems suspiciously not like the freedom the man was fighting for and others have tackled the issue in a much more agreeable and artistic manner. All sarcasm and jokes aside, I simply do not think this book is well written. I could honestly not care less about the political aspects, its the literary aspects that cause the low rating.

I came, I read, I shrugged. However, the office had AC, heat and tons of paid vacation. Perhaps I'm just bitter about the time I was sent home for listening to a DFW interview on Bookworm because it was 'spreading liberal propaganda in the workplace.

Sorry, I'm most likely the asshole in this situation. There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world.

The other, of course, involves orcs. View all 94 comments. Nov 20, Manny rated it really liked it Shelves: too-sexy-for-maiden-auntsblame-jordan-if-you-likescience-fiction. In some ways, this is a very bad book. The style is stiff and clunky, and the world-view she is trying to sell you has holes you could drive a train through.

There is a nice putdown in One Fat Englishman. The main character has just been given a precis of Objectivism. He says "I bet I'm at least as selfish as you. But I don't why I need to turn that into a philosophy". Thank you, Kingsley Amis. But on the plus side, the book is a page-turner; it does a great job of helping people brought up in a In some ways, this is a very bad book. But on the plus side, the book is a page-turner; it does a great job of helping people brought up in a left-wing tradition to understand the right as not just deluded or evil my friend Gen said she had the same experience after reading it ; and it is good at voicing the frustration that competent and honest people feel when they are surrounded by incompetent and dishonest ones.

And the romance between Dagny and Hank is emotionally very satisfying. I was so disappointed when she But I fear the author's desire to push her philosophical agenda got in the way of the story. I haven't exactly changed my mind on any of the above, but, as Jordan persuasively argues, it's kind of missing the point. And, with all due respect to the other reviews here, most of them are also missing the point. Well, because we're answering the wrong question.

Some people uncritically adore this book. Guys, dare I suggest that you might want to broaden your reading tastes just the tiniest amount, and see if you still feel that way? A rather larger group of reviewers can't stand Ayn Rand, and point out various obvious flaws: lack of feeling for English prose style, lack of character development, lack of realistic dialogue, interminable sermons on Objectivism, and sundry other charges. Of course. All of that's clearly true. New Zealand punks Catsick offer four unhinged tunes on the Dust Up label, for those who like things fast, trashy, and full of riffs.

The emo revival is worldwide—this New Zealand group has all the sincere melodies and big, cathartic moments any fan would look for. Double album capturing the legendary New Zealand post-punk band at the height of their powers. Explore music. Atlas Shrugged by The Prophet Motive. Bad hank. Roger Grauwmeijer. Gwyn Lewis. Dustin Herron. Daniel Grant. Anna Stovell. It was the fourth time the flag fell.

Or in birds of night we've never seen? In the emblems on a cloth for an Empire lost? Or in stories cloaked in omittances to hide the obscene? Are we just Culture is something to sell when you're immune to Fractal - Istengoat - Atlas Shrugged (CD abuse of cards you've dealt to yourself Birds of night? God's Saucepan Sink your teeth into the heart of my own dead fate, feel the last of its life-force fade My blood simmers in God's saucepan, I boil away in a broth of my bones and brains But I have lingered long enough here feeling nothing's OK Picked apart the myth of my days There's no need to go on replicating old mistakes I've been re-born and died a million small ways God takes a knife out of the drawer and brandishes the blade, he pares me down to nothing but bait He scoops me up and swallows whole the life I thought I'd made Sates his hunger by ingesting my pain But I have lingered long enough here feeling nothing's OK Picked apart the myth of my days There's no need to go on replicating old mistakes I've been re-born and died a million small ways Come on and pick my carcass to find my faith, buried three feet deep in a shallow grave Hallowed ground, whittled down, I'm fucking hell bound But if I'm in hell now does it even really count?

Come on and pick my carcass to find my faith, buried three feet deep in a shallow grave Hallowed ground, whittled down, I'm fucking hell bound But I'm in hell now And I have lingered long enough here feeling nothing's OK Picked apart the myth of my days There's no need to go on replicating old mistakes I've been re-born and died a million small ways, I've been re-born and died a million small ways I've been re-born and died a million small ways.

Pretexts of fucks given. Mind on coffee and a dart Stare down the train tracks with thoughts of simply stepping out Another pair of shoes has gone to ground Slapped flat Fractal - Istengoat - Atlas Shrugged (CD the feet on another weekly round Increasingly defeated at the edges. All tongue but no sole to speak about No you don't hate Mondays - you hate Capitalism No you don't hate Mondays - you hate Capitalism Pitched in a dog-whistle.

Ever more ears pricking up Live out a lifetime up on the tray of the Hilux Summon up with will to clamber down The safety of the pack? Or the chaos of the crowd? Increasingly belligerent, defensive All teeth but no bite to bark about You don't hate your country - you hate Patriotism You don't hate your country - you hate Patriotism No you don't hate Mondays - you hate Capitalism Oh you don't hate Mondays, no The relentless routines.

The dying embers of your dreams Is a lie aspirational? Will you die keeping your glass half full? Steven Chester Prince. Director: Paul Johansson. Facebook Twitter E-mail. Awards 1 win. Not sure where to start. The ridiculously bad dialogue that sounds like it was written by a middle schooler?

The ridiculously absurd legislative proposals like the anti "Dog Eat Dog" bill and the "Equalization of Opportunity" bill? The fact that characters just say "Who is John Galt? The least realistic exit interview ever committed to film?

When Dagny says "Where is the man that I used to love? James Taggart claiming he is in business for good PR or "to help people," rather than to make money? Really the only reason to keep watching it is to see how bad it can get. Each scene reaches new, more ridiculous lows than the last. And don't get me started on the chemistry-free love story Much of the acting is sub-par. There are a few decent performances e. I can only assume they are either blind devotees of Ayn Rand or else they were on the verge of laughing the whole time they were filming.

The dialogue was really laugh out loud funny. The music is another low-point. Although fine in quality, the way it swelled to emphasize the splendor of entrepreneurship and industry like when they showed the new Rearden rails and bridge was cringe-inducing. Straight out of a 40s propaganda film.

The film has the "look" of a better film than it is. The makeup and cinematography, including the diverse locales, would indicate higher quality film than the hilariously bad dialogue, painfully bad directing, and the spotty acting betray.


Get Over It - Continental Drifters - Continental Drifters (Cassette, Album), Un Coeur Tout Neuf - Les Chats Sauvages - ;Quand Les Chats Sont Là; Vol. 2 - 1961/1962 (CD), My Mind - DJ Peter G. & The Clubjock - My Mind (Vinyl), Anna, Was Ist Denn Mit Dir - Leo Fall - Und Der Himmel Hängt Voller Geigen (Ein Querschnitt Durch Di, Jet Boy, Jet Girl - Chron Gen - Live At The Old Waldorf - San Francisco (CD, Album), For A Good Friend, Hard To Love (RAC Mix) - Matthew Koma - Hard To Love (The Remixes) (File, MP3), Firestarter - Prodigy* - The Fat Of The Land (Cassette, Album), La Descarga Del Bobo - Various - Latin Affair (Part 2) (CD), Welcome To My New House (Dan Marciano Rmx) - Gabriele DAndrea - Welcome To My New House (Vinyl), Carl Story - Everybody Will Be Happy (Vinyl, LP), Viva La Vita - Joia Vita - Viva La Vita / Cosmology (File, MP3), Second Avenue - Various - Best Of Disco House 2009 (File, MP3), Fed Time - Various - Texas Chopped-III Coast Game Vol. I (CD, Album), The Hollies - Bus Stop (Vinyl, LP)

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    Sep 28,  · Think of Atlas Shrugged as SF written in the 50's like the works of Heinlein, in that you have a moralistic tale populated by idealists fighting bad men. I would also label it apocalyptic, in that we get to watch the disintegration of society, brought on by the evils of a collectivist state run by bureaucrats.
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    Apr 15,  · Directed by Paul Johansson. With Taylor Schilling, Grant Bowler, Matthew Marsden, Edi Gathegi. Railroad executive Dagny Taggart and steel mogul Henry Rearden form an alliance to fight the increasingly authoritarian government of the United States.
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    Atlas Shrugged is a long story, which presents Ayn Rand's theory of objectivism through a number of speeches and discussions, but it also has a great fictional narrative that goes along side it. You may not like Rand's politics or philosophy, but at its heart this story has a great female lead character who fights to be successful and competent.
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