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Detrytus I - Kamil Szuszkiewicz / Hubert Zemler - Detrytus (File, MP3) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 05.10.2019

Download Detrytus I - Kamil Szuszkiewicz / Hubert Zemler - Detrytus (File, MP3)
Label: Iskry - ISKRY 005 • Format: 3x, File MP3 320 kbps • Country: Poland • Genre: Electronic, Jazz • Style: Free Improvisation, Experimental

Alleluia, Alleluia Zmartwychwstal! Prawdziwie zmartwychwstal. Czytajacym moj blog. Niech zmartwychwstaly Chrystus ma Was wszystkich w swojej opiece. Pusty grob W pierwszy dzien tygodnia poszly skoro swit do grobu, niosac przygotowane wonnosci. Kamien zostal odsuniety od grobu.

A skoro weszly, nie znalazly ciala Pana Jezusa. Gdy wobec tego byly bezradne, nagle stanelo przed nimi dwoch mezczyzn w lsniacych szatach. August 31st Single Detrytus I - Kamil Szuszkiewicz / Hubert Zemler - Detrytus (File testing. September 10th, Beta deck v2 with color graphics taken from Submachine games.

September 13th, First print of the color beta deck. Looks awesome. November 4th Rebalancing the deck. November 6th Big change today. February 25th, New mechanic added card switching after play session with professional card players. Updates to instructions, card descriptions and pictograms on cards. Blaki on Croatian Stones August 20, Bricks July 25, Ingame ink with temp colors July 8, Submachine Tattoo 3 July 1, Submachine Tattoo 2.

Blaki face urn June 17, I got this face urn, so I drew some faces on it. Biskupin, VI What is your background in comics? How does Europe affects your creations if it does? What type of books did your parents give you? Do you attend to comics events in Europe? Do you have feedback from readers out of Poland?

Where is ? Squirrel Escape 14 years later May 15, And despite, or maybe because of its mix of influences, it is one hundred percent American. The band consists of Carla Kihlstedt on violin and trumpet violin, Mark Orton on guitar and dobro, Ben Goldberg on clarinet and contra alto clarinet, and Ara Anderson on trumpet, pump organ, piano, glockenspiel, percussion.

Matthias Bossi joins on percussion on two tracks. The album brings a selection of tracks from two live performances, one in Berkely inand one in Mallorca, Spain in Many of those get a different approach because of the different line-up. And you also get some new tracks, sometimes with a joke included : "Anna Kournikova", the Russian tennis playeris now replaced by "Ana Ivanovic", the Serbian tennis playerfor an equally melancholic tango.

A sweet delight. Album will be officially launched on March 9, but so you know it's coming. Watch a quite disconcerting clip. Talking about listening experiences, this is an avant-garde experimental album that those of you with very open ears and strong hearts should listen to. It is one of the widest and deepest adventures into the sonic heart of the piano, including its entire cardiovascular system attached to it.

It is a discovery of sound possibilities, that are utterly frightening while being soothing at the same time. Usually this stuff bores me to death after a while, but this one doesn't. It is so powerful that it's captivating. Magda Mayas is a German pianist. She is clearly a musical visionary. Listen to an excerpt. I'm not sure what the "desert ship" in the title refers to : is it an order?

I wouldn't know. No liner notes to explain it. It's an ambiguity and cleverness that characterizes the music of Satoko Fujii. She and her band are the perfect synthesis of modern music, going beyond jazz, integrating anything from classical over folk and traditional music, with jazz, free improvisation and avant-garde, but then pushing it all over the edge.

She is also a master of contrast, just to give a few examples : putting almost romantic piano musings over a drums going berserk, as on "Sunset In The Desert", or starting a composition with a repetitive piano phrase over which the bass improvises, as on "Ripple Mark", MP3), creating some kind of reverse world hegemony, in which things are topsy-turvy.

The totally unpredictable compositions, with angular turns, changing rhythms, the juxtaposition of carefully composed and structured elements with wild even violent excursions, the stark contrast of Tamura's sweet trumpet sounds with his unparalleled screaming, it's all here, again, with unrelenting intensity.

A wealth of ideas, mood changes, taking the listener by surprise by each listen. Using contrast is one thing, but making it match is another: lyricism blends with noise, harmony with dissonance, impressionism with expressionism, fire with water. It's story-telling time: "While You Were Sleeping", gives an eery picture of awful or menacing things that could happen in the dark outside world, while you are dreaming in peace, or it could be the reverse : the stuff that nightmares are made of : the piano strings that sound like a uncanny gamelan, the trumpet first whispering like a choir of zombies, then howling like the wails of the insane.

You are part of it, whether you want to or not. The last piece's title, "Vapor Trail" is a good descriptive of the music, which comes as a kind of soothing finale, when catharsis has been reached, a moment of acceptance, of resignation, of awe for the beauty that arises after the violence, the fire has died down, after the sun has set.

In spirit closer to free jazz musicians Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry, in attitude closer to the famous Dizzy Gillespie and Max Roach duet, this duo with Kelly Rossum on trumpet and Phill Hey on drums is an event full of intense interplay. Starting with Don Cherry' "Brilliant Action", and also covering Monk's "Epistrophy", and Ornette Coleman's "The Sphinx", you cannot question the good taste nor their musical references. The playing is absolutely excellent, and captivating from beginning to end, but like the Gillespie-Roach duet, the entertainment factor prevails over the musical statement or the artistic creativity.

The Detrytus I - Kamil Szuszkiewicz / Hubert Zemler - Detrytus (File is direct, at times sensitive, but mostly unrelenting, and quite intense. Lots of passion and great fun. Listen and download from CDBaby. Watch a performance of "Marse", one of their own compositions. Following the great example of Tomasz Stanko, the trumpet is an instrument in full appreciation in Poland, and there is also Andrzej "Major" Przybielskiwho is quite a phenomenon in Poland and insufficiently known outside the country.

Recently, he played alongside Wojtek Jachna, a young Polish trumpeter in " Sing, Sing, Penelope ", who just released a new duet with drummer Jacek Buhl. And then you have Kamil Szuszkiewicz, another young trumpeter who's played in quite a number of Polish bands. Some of his recent material is featured here. The great thing about the two musicians is that they develop their own style and voice, without making too many concessions to popular expectations.

Although Jachna is a guitarist and punk rocker "by education", his trumpet-playing is mainly self-taught and refined by studying with other players. Both musicians add rock and electronic elements in every track, resulting in an atmospheric meditations combined with a sometimes powerful drive. To it's credit, the album does not have the pretense of Nils Petter Molvaer although his influence is obvious, yet without the Swede's powernor does it fall into the abyss of commercial sentimentalism like some of the more recent work of Markus Stockhausen or Matthias Eick.

It's a pleasant, sometimes even joyful and promising album, although one would have expected more power, anger and creative attack from two musicians who have been active in the alternative, punk and noise scene. It's just an EP, with only three tracks, but it's quite powerful in its simplicity. It is creative, fresh, joyful, intimate and pure.

Even the somewhat darker second track demonstrates - despite its more avant-garde leanings - a total lack of artificiality, and even fun when the sound of sports shoes rubbing the floor is used as a rhythmic gimmick.

And the last piece is a great open-ended meditative improvisation. It's just twenty minutes long. It's free, and I love it. The EP can be downloaded for free from " Internet Archives". With two drummers, the rhythmic elements are much more prominent than on the duet, but the fun is as great. Again, no need for special effects, no need for elaborate compositions, just plain melodic improvisations over a great rhythmic foundation. It is light-footed, open, creative and crisp.

Fun and deeply sensitive at the same time. It's again only an EP, a little over twenty minutes long, but again twenty minutes of pure musical listening joy! Listen and download from Bandcamp. For ignorants 1 like me : snus is a Swedish kind of chewing tobacco. Unlike snuff, it is steam-cured rather than fire-cured, it is not fermented and contains no added sugar.

Typically it does not result in the need for spitting, which offers huge social and practical advantages. The sale of snus is illegal in the European Union, but well, it's too popular for the Swedes to take that detail into account.

From the very beginning, the three musicians dive in head-first, with a rawness and directness that is absolutely appealing. No need for melody or rhythmic structure, just strings of sounds weaving through each other, full of energy, enthusiasm and intensity, using the range of their instruments to the full, and often going beyond. Even on the slower tracks, like "Water", the tension remains, because the three musicians listen quite well to each other and build the pieces really as a joint creation.

Despite the lack of clear anchor points, and its level of abstraction, the performance has its warm components, some bluesy references, some sensitive moments, and that is the result of their musical approach, which is not an amalgamation of sounds, but a progressive evolution of phrases and moods.

Just like the chewing tobacco it refers to: this music is "not fermented and has no added sugar", but it is tasteful, juicy and authentic. The track titles read like the ingredient list of "snus", embedded between the additives "E", which is a tobacco humectant, and "E" which is Detrytus I - Kamil Szuszkiewicz / Hubert Zemler - Detrytus (File acidity regulator.

Reasons enough to enjoy! Listen to samples : EAromaand E Raised in the diverse community of Irvine, California, Kian has always been seeking new and exciting music from all over the world. Although interested in the historical aspect of jazz, he endeavors to remain up-to-date with the latest jazz artists, releases and movements. Besides reading and writing about jazz, Kian has always been interested in the arts, history, traveling and the study of biology. He spends a lot of time on his travels attending concerts, looking for and picking jazz records to add to his collection.

Three years ago, when I started with this blog, Myra Melford's "Be Bread" band produced the wonderful " The Image Of Your Body ", which brought a great mixtures of musical influences from around the world, not as veneer on top of her compositions, but really deeply entrenched in the compositions.

With a slightly different band, she expands on the concept. Cuong Vu is still on trumpet, as is Brandon Ross on guitar, with Stomu Takeishi on acoustic bass guitar.

Now we find Ben Goldberg on clarinet and Matt Wilson on drums. The band's approach has progressed, matured over the course of the years, become more coherent. Gone are the harmonium, gone are the electric guitar or the distorted trumpet sounds.

It is all as acoustic as it gets. Gone too, are the explicit references to world music, although the music still has stylistic openness, yet moving more to jazz harmonies and rhythms, with also some deep blues. What also remains are the sensitivity, the compositional complexities, the lyricism and immediate accessibility, the wealth of ideas, the long unison lines. The arrangements vary between tight interplay and loose textures, with varying line-ups and no obligation for each musician to play on each track.

Melford herself takes a more prominent role on the piano, and her playing is wonderful, as you can expect. The use of acoustic guitar and acoustic soprano guitar add some chamber music texture to the overall sound, although some of the pieces have an expansive urgency and percussive power that take it well beyond chamber music.

It is also a delight to hear Cuong Vu's trumpet in an unadultered way: with a naked and clean sound. Maybe that characterizes the music best : it is of a vulnerable beauty and sensitivity, integrating styles and traditions, from blues over bop to avant-garde. Rich music! Irish guitarist Mark O'Leary has been featured quite substantially before on this blog, because he's not only a gifted guitarist, versatile in the jazz traditions, in fusion, electronics or noise, yet also restlessly searching for new sounds and new possibilities to express emotions and thoughts.

He has played with some of the best modern jazz musicians, including Tomasz Stanko, Matthew Shipp, Sunny Murray, Steve Swallow, Uri Caine, to name but a few, but he's also been open enough to work with some unknown Turkish musicians. Louhivuori is the acclaimed drummer of the current Tomasz Stanko Quintet, and Hauta-Aho is one of the leading Finnish bassists, equally comfortable in classical settings as in the European free improv scene, including collaborations with Evan Parker and Paul Lovens.

Although you would expect your regular jazz guitar trio, the music is not exactly that. The trio explores sound, and that includes endless stretching of notes, electronically altered, in dialogue with arco bass and a crackling percussive backdrop.

Once in a while O'Leary plays his guitar in regular style, as in "Lost In Snow", first low-toned, then as the tension increases, with increasing distortion.

O'Leary does not even hesitate to include some boppish elements even, as in "O", but the most beautiful piece is the slow opener "Vesala" dedicated to the Finnish drummer Edvard Vesala, on which the slow wailing guitar and the arco bass interact in a sad dance. A strong performance and strong record too.

Listen and download from iTunes. Irish guitarist Mark O'Leary creates a wonderful electronic opus for the country, together with Danish musicians Stefan Pasborg on drums and Jakob Riis on electronics. The end result is a terryfing soundscape of ethereal beauty, evocating temperatures you can only fear and endless ice plains that you would never dare venture into.

Driven by Pasborg's drumming, both O'Leary and Friis weave a tapestry of sound that is both distant and attractive, without any melody, repetition or anchor points. This is not jazz at all, but still a musical feat that you can only listen to in admiration. Despite the quite slow horizontal development of the music, it is captivating and fascinating.

The long last piece "Nuuk" is absolutely impressive. Listen and download from iTunes and eMusic. At some point during high school, Connor Kurtz found great interest in the eccentric guitar work and experimental tendencies of Sonic Youth.

A few years of exploration and listening later, he found himself critically analyzing static, sine waves and silence. Connor's lived all of his life in a South Ontario suburb where, for reasons still unclear to him, he studies IT instead of music.

In addition to writing about music, he also writes experimental music and poetry and records his own music under the moniker of Important Hair. Germany quarter-tone trumpeter Thomas Heberer is not only part of the ICP Orchestra or several other bands, he also creates his own material, although much remains unreleased.

On "Five By Five", which is entirely available for download on his website, he plays five duets with Okkyung Lee on cello, with Harris Eisenstadt on percussion, Achil Kaufmann on piano, Joachim Badenhorst on clarinet, with the latter playing two compositions, which makes five pieces by five musicians.

The duo setting is ideal for intimate and intense dialogues, all quite left of center, but with sufficient discipline and maturity to make this a highly enjoyable and relatively accessible listen. Heberer's technique on the quarter-tone trumpet is nothing short of stunning. Listen for instance to his long circular breathing part on " Grand Street", with Okkyung Lee on cello, matching the continuous tone of the bowed instrument. The most extended techniques are used by Kaufmann on the beatiful first track.

The duet with Eisenstadt is more fractured and power-driven with sudden changes of pitch, and with a clear blues-based tone, whereas his duets with the clarinet and the piano show a more lyrical side.

On the last track, Heberer and Badenhorst exchange timbral explorations with playful interchange, while falling back on a quite solemn compositional backbone. Paige Who is SHE? SHE leads Irrevery. Irrevery is a country-punk-noise band and art collective.

SHE is a composer, lyricist, producer, writer, and filmmaker. This is a duo album, but because of the overdubs you sometimes have more than two instruments playing together, sculpting sounds and themes that some would call "post jazz", because it borrows from so many styles and techniques that the term jazz is no longer descriptive.

In any case, it is again a fantastic album. The two musicians do not shy away from complexity, including shifting time signatures, odd rhythms, and sound explorations, with clever use of electronics, although the entire albums is quite accessible and very rhythmic.

It all sounds simple, but it isn't. The greatest effect is created on Ornette Coleman's "Broken Shadows", on which Taylor plays drums and vibes simultaneously, the theme of which I did not immediately recognize when I first listened to it, but then I came to realise that the men broke down the theme into different parts, with one musician stopping, and the other one taking over, creating the real effect of broken shadows. The compositions combine atmosphere with drive, with playfulness, with repetitive minimalism, with meditative moments, with avant-garde adventure, And a great production by Matt Lux.

Highly recommended. The first time I ever got goosebumps from music, was when I listened to Hendrix as a teenager. I wasn't even aware at first that the music triggered this physical effect. But then it happened again, and again. I still have this today. This year the 40th anniversary of Hendrix's death is commemorated. A new album, "Valleys Of Neptune" with unreleased tracks will become available in March. Why was Hendrix such a great musician? It was a coincidence, or maybe not, that in the sixties two musicians transformed their traditional music drastically, turning it inside out and upside down, turning tunes into art.

The first was John Coltrane, the second Jimi Hendrix. Hey, you say, what about Miles Davis, what about Ornette Coleman? Yes, I answer, sure, but they're different. What they did was comparable: unleash deepfelt emotions, re-inventing what they knew, re-think the scales, deconstruct and recreate, pushing the boundaries. Music before that time did not have the same Detrytus I - Kamil Szuszkiewicz / Hubert Zemler - Detrytus (File quality it has now.

What we take for granted today, was unheard of before these two geniuses. Compositions were tunes, with harmony and rhythm, there to please an audience and were designed to dance and entertain. Hendrix sure still made some poppy songs, released on just four official albums, but his real environment was the stage, the place where his music received its full power. Voodoo Chile and Foxy Lady were compositions on which he could speak a language unheard before.

That language knew no boundaries. Even if his instrument was the same, almost bankrupt, stratocaster that " The Shadows " used, he used electricity, amps, pedals and feedback, but not for the sake of it, but to create a sound that could express his innermost feelings of distress, turmoil, passion, sadness, anger, Many, many guitarists were and are better schooled than Hendrix, with a much broader range of styles in their fingers, but none managed to transform feeling into sound like he did.

Not one of them. Hendrix was an explosion of exuberant and expansive expressivity. What has Hendrix got to do with jazz?


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