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Published 07.10.2019

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Journalist Frederick Clarkson talks about the shooting at Planned Parenthood:. Additionally, […] witnesses said the gunman was motivated by his opposition to abortion. The national brouhaha about the videos not withstanding, the absence of evidence of unethical or illegal activities on the part of PPFA has become more of an issue, as investigations of the spurious charges in state after state have found no wrong doing.

A few months ago, I wrote about how the producers of the anti-Planned Parenthood smear videos attempted to cast themselves as investigative journalists. As someone who has done investigative journalism, this was particularly galling.

Facts matter, even in advocacy journalism. Mother Jones posted an article that covers the current Planned Parenthood shooting and goes on to summarize most of the recent uptick in violence against PP clinics.

More indications that some rightwing media stars use hyperbolic language that could be interpreted as promoting violence:. Is it a drone free zone? Bomb the planned death center! No one else deserves to die as much as they do. All life is precious, and must be protected cradle to grave.

Here is Well Thats All Right sampling of the heated, and factually incorrect, rhetoric Well Thats All Right preceded the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado. These quotes are from our elected officials:. State Rep. I would hope that even proponents of abortion would agree to that much. And Rep. Doug Lamborn, who represents Colorado Springs in the U.

It is the very definition of inhumanity to treat children like agriculture, to be grown and killed for their body parts, to be sold for profit.

Think Progress link. The people celebrating this act of terrorism are fucking sick. I believe Daleiden knew exactly what would happen when he posted his lies, and now he got just what he wanted. As a lifelong copy editor, no way would I let that graf slide by. To Pierce R. Yeah, I was going to ask about that myself. Gentle and violent. It fits perfectly with the Republican application of an Orwellian social model.

Family tragedy…. It took Republican presidential candidates a long time to comment on the Planned Parenthood shooting. Donald Trump was tweeting about his poll numbers, Rubio was urging people to shop at his merchandise site, etc. Now that they are bothering to comment, they are repeating all the lies about Planned Parenthood.

They are all repeating the false claims made in the bogus videos, namely that PP sells baby parts for profit. Now I know some of the tapes were perhaps not pertinent. But there were many tapes that are appropriate… and there are people that are extremely upset about it.

Fiorina is one of the worst offenders here. She took the bogus videos as a starting point and from there went even further to describe live-born babies being dismembered.

Still, now we get into the phase of focusing on the murderer and the susprised non-surprise of the acquaintances who ignored all of those risk markers that would have seen him locked up long ago if his skin was a little darker. The victims will be forgotten, other than that one of them had a badge. And look over there! Fiorina has a real hatred for Planned Parenthood. Fiorina saw a video snippet that was not taken in a Planned Parenthood facility, and from that non-PP snippet she compounded the problem by misinterpreting what she saw.

A video interview with a former employee of StemExpress does exist. In that interview, the former employee claims to have seen a fetus with a heartbeat, and claims to have heard her supervisor making plans to procure the brain for medical research. Unrelated, yes unrelatedstock footage videos or photos of a fetus outside the womb were used by the dunderheads from Center for Medical Progress who made the bogus videos.

They used footage they claimed was from an abortion, but it was not an abortion. That stock footage was from a miscarriage. The footage of a miscarriage, and possibly photos of a stillbirth, was coupled with the discredited interview of the StemExpress employee to create the impression that an aborted fetus in a Planned Parenthood clinic was kept alive while plans were made to harvest the brain.

It was also not connected in any way to Planned Parenthood. The stock footage of the miscarriage was most likely provided to Daleiden unethical doofus who put together the bogus videos by a group or groups that make a living supplying icky images to anti-abortion activists.

It was only in the presence of other people, especially women, that he was violent. The New York Times — so precise! So nuanced! So informative! Whatever would we do without them? They are no less existentially certain of their divine right to murder than bin Laden was.

Life is indeed precious, if it happens to be growing inside one of those mobile incubators. Outside of that, not so much. Not to derail, but I wanted to mention the names of the two other Well Thats All Right that were killed, along with University of Colorado Officer Garrett Swasey:. Stewart was originally from Texas, Markovsky, a married mom of 2 was originally from Hawaii.

According to the Denver Post article Stewart was an Iraq war vet, his friends have set up a GoFundMe account to help his wife and 2 children pay for funeral expenses…. No kidding. According to a Rolling Stone interview, Sam Phillips said that Elvis changed some of the lyrics of the songs that he recorded.

The recording session was Presley's fifth visit to the Sun Studio. Get that on the radio and they'll run us out of town. Interest in the song was so intense that Dewey reportedly played the acetate 14 times and received over 40 telephone calls. It also became a modest hit outside the UK, peaking at number 31 in Australia, number 33 in Ireland, and number 47 in Sweden. Rolling Stone magazine argued in a article that Presley's recording of "That's All Right" was the first rock-and-roll record.

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University of North Texas Libraries. Retrieved January 2, July 24, Retrieved March Well Thats All Right, Irish Singles Chart. Retrieved January 28, Official Charts Company. Singles Top


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    Elvis Presley Lyrics. "That's All Right". Well, that's all right now mama. That's all right with you. That's all right now mama, just anyway you do. That's all right, that's all right. That's all right now mama, anyway you do. My mama, she done told me, papa done told .
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    Blind Faith Lyrics. "Well All Right". (originally by Buddy Holly) Well, alright, so I've been foolish. Well, alright, let people know. 'Bout the dreams and wishes that you dream. In the night when lights are low. Well, alright, well, alright. You know we'll live and love with all our might.
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    Song information for Well That's Alright - Howlin' Wolf on AllMusic.
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    flynhghr posted a comment on Friday 20th November am for Well That's All Right by Me. I like your chapter closings, always something witty to look forward to. The assault rifle was a nice touch, now Harry just needs to carve some copy/conjuration runes into it's clip, and a cooling charm into the barrel.
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    Oh, well, that’s all right then. I don’t say the pledge of allegiance; I actually find it rather offensive that I’m expected to give a loyalty oath to a political entity if I attend a school board meeting. So I was a little sympathetic to this story of a student was kicked out of school for refusing to .
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    Song information for Well That's All Right - on AllMusic.
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    That's alright, that's alright, yeah that's alright my Mama, anyway you do. Well, that's alright, Mama. Yeah, that's alright with you. That's alright now, Mama. Just anyway you do. That's alright, that's alright, that's alright my Mama, anyway you do. Ooh, ah-hoo. Ya .
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