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Prophet Of Nervegas - Hybrid Xenomorph Predator - Untitled (CDr) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Prophet Of Nervegas - Hybrid Xenomorph Predator - Untitled (CDr)

Label: Not On Label - none • Format: CDr Promo • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Grindcore, Industrial, Death Metal

Speculative Life by grisador. Monsters Unleshed by clockworks Featured in groups See All. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. The xenomorph natural predator. Hi there! Looks nice! They are smaller than the King, but seemingly no less intelligent.

No Queen members of this species have been seen, but the Hybrid King did intend to impregnate a number of people with Queen embryos. On board the skyliner, the White Hybrids are engaged by Caryn Delacroix, the female Predator 'Big Mama', a group of mercenaries trained in the ways of the Predator and an Alien Queen Mother allied to the group due to Prophet Of Nervegas - Hybrid Xenomorph Predator - Untitled (CDr) carrying her last offspring - a royal chestburster.

The group wipes out most of the Hybrids, but are captured with the exception of Caryn, who apparently dies after the chestburster erupts from her. However, the group is aided by the alien that came from Caryn - which is also a White Hybrid, but more closely resembles a Xenomorph - who battles the Hybrid King.

As the group begins to escape during the battle, the Queen Mother which has been impregnated with a White Hybrid chestburster kills the Hybrid King by grabbing him right before the chestburster emerges, causing it to burst through the King as well and kill them both. It is important to note, however, that this particular Xenomorph hive was grown by the Predators, who introduced a hormone with unknown effects into the Queen's system. As the Xenomorph has been shown to be an extremely adaptable organism, which lays hundreds of eggs, develops quickly and is highly efficient at altering its own genome to better fit the environment absorbing traits from its hostsit's very likely that some phenotype variations are simply the result of genetic variation between different populations, which evolve very fast.

Like normal Xenomorphs, a Predalien gains traits from its Prophet Of Nervegas - Hybrid Xenomorph Predator - Untitled (CDr). From the chestburster stage, it is noticeably different from other Xenomorphs. It is a somewhat dark shade of green with external mandibles, due to its Predator Yautja heritage.

They lack speed, and their acid blood is not as deadly as a normal Xenomorph's. If a Predalien is part of a hive that has no Queen, it may serve as Queen due to its reproductive capabilities - its mandibles hold the host's head in place while its inner mouth implants one or more Xenomorph embryos into the host's throat, similar to the function of a facehugger.

Up to four Xenomorph embryos may be planted in a host, if the Predalien needs to build up numbers quickly. It also possesses higher intelligence than normal Xenomorphs. Though an accepted breed among the Xenomorphs, the Yautja believe this kind to be abominations that must be vanquished by any means necessary. Runnersa. They act as scouts for the hive, likely due to their quadrupedal and fast nature. Runners are tinged a noticeable brown and run on four legs like the host they hailed from.

However, they will walk and stand on two legs sometimes. On their back, there are no dorsal tubes, likely for better head mobility. Unlike most Aliens, they are digitigrade i. Their chestbursters are not as larval as the other aliens, but rather a smaller, pale version of themselves. The Runner is all about speed and agility, perhaps one of the fastest castes of Xenomorph ever encountered. It stalks its prey much like a lion or tiger, waiting for an unfortunate victim to come about and killing them outright, rather than cocooning them in a nest like others would.

They are known to use stealth, just like their siblings. Although not as strong as other castes, Runners are still strong enough to lift a full grown Human. Like other Xenomorphs, they're also known to attack the head of their prey with their pharyngeal jawed tongues, and are capable of spitting acid. Runners are shown to be more animalistic in nature and are not the sharpest caste in the hive. They do have some intelligence, but not as much as their bipedal counterparts.

The Runner on Fury utilized hit and kill tactics, rather than capturing creatures and cocooning them in an established nest. They are smart enough to not harm any members of their own kind, especially hosts impregnated with larval Queens.

This was seen when Ellen Ripley was in the medical bay of the Fury penal colony. After the Dragon killed Chief Medical Officer Jonathon Clemens, it quickly turned to Ripley, who was horrified of the creature and despite its intimidating moves towards her, left her completely unscathed.

It even tried to protect Ripley from Leonard Dillon who was trying to get her away from it while it was trapped in a corner. Conversely, this same individual has also demonstrated a desire Prophet Of Nervegas - Hybrid Xenomorph Predator - Untitled (CDr) revenge, even against those carrying unborn Xenomorphs.

This was seen after it was drowned in hot lead and managed to survive. This led to the creature chasing after Ripley until she dowsed it in water from the sprinklers, causing it to explode via thermal shock. The Tarkatan Xenomorph is a strain of Xenomorph born from a Tarkatan host.

Although, by genetic identification, this strain is identified as "Tarkatan", this type is only one of three variations of this specific strain. This Xenomorph strain appears to be a bit more bulky and muscular than their wiry, lanky Human-spawned siblings. It is black, like them, but has a shorter head and a more impressive set of teeth, like its host. The Xenomorph also has arm blades, a trait taken from its host, though its blades are segmented and hooked at the ends.

The primary difference between the three variations of the Tarkatan strain is the head. The primary variation's head is similar to the ridged head of the Warrior. The Acid variation is smooth-lined like the Drone caste, while the Konjurer variation's head bears a close resemblance to the larger crest of a Praetorian.

The Tarkatan Xenomorph appears to be able to adhere itself to surfaces like most of its species. Its most obvious and striking feature is its arm blades, which bear a resemblance to some Yautja weaponry.

The Acidic variation of this strain is able to spew blood out from its body, while the Konjurer variation has the ability to summon Drones and facehugger "traps" on the battlefield. Numerous types of Xenomorphs have been recorded which aren't the product of gene transference from a host. As a widespread species with fast reproduction, the emergence of a number of subspecies and mutations is to be expected; although some of them haven't evolved naturally, but were intentionally engineered by scientists.

The Xenomorphs have a caste system similar to that of bees and ants. A major difference is that their caste system is far more complex. It's believed that the Drones in this instance used to indicate a "worker" caste, instead of mating-capable males have the smooth cowl while the Warriors display the ridges. The Drones and Warriors have different tasks: Warriors defend the hive, and Drones hunt potential hosts, while some live only to protect the Queen, such as Hive-Warriors or Praetorians.

The basis of any Xenomorph hive; the Drones are very much like worker bees or ants. Their main tasks are to keep the hive in good condition.

Also, they seem to have the job of creating their nests with their own secretions. They have the basic body build of the Warrior, except that their dome is completely smooth, whereas the Warrior's dome is typically more ridged. Drones are smaller and somewhat more delicate than the Warriors, not considered quite as dangerous by Yautja standards, but striking fear into the heart of any Human. Like all of their brethren, they have acidic body fluids, but only the Drone can spit this secretion onto prey over a short distance.

Drones have an organ in their bodies that releases a sticky fluid that they can spit out of their mouth onto any surface. It can be used to harvest cocooned hosts for the Queen's facehuggers. Warrior Xenomorphs - commonly known as simply Warriors - are the soldiers and protectors of the hive.

They are all children of the hive's Queen, bigger and stronger than the Drones. The Drones are less deadly and somewhat less intimidating. In most cases, the Warrior looks the same as a Drone, except that the dome on top of the head is generally ridged.

They may evolve Prophet Of Nervegas - Hybrid Xenomorph Predator - Untitled (CDr) Praetorians, which may serve as the Queen's personal guard and potential successors.

Typically, there are four of them at any given time. However, when the Queen wishes to watch them battle for her attention or increase protection in preparation for an attack on the hive, she will release pheromones which cause four additional Warriors to evolve into Praetorians.

Praetorians "Royal Guards"are bigger and stronger than the Warriors and are seen to have a developing crown. Their primary role within the hive is to guard key locations of importance or interest, and, if nothing else, to protect the Queen herself. Most Praetorians can be found very close to the Queen's chambers.

The physical features of the Praetorian are pristine and very similar to the Queen's: it has a crown-like head crest, large size, and great strength. The Praetorian is said to be created by special eggs and facehuggers known as a royal facehugger these are generally larger and a darker color than normal facehuggerswhich carries a genetic code known as the Royal Jelly Line, which is passed from the Queen herself to the facehugger and embryo.

However, there are cases in which the Praetorians evolve from the Warrior caste. The Queen selects a Warrior to become a Praetorian, and the Warrior is then attacked by fellow Xenomorphs from the same hive and banished.

The Warrior must survive on its own for a long period of time. It returns to the hive as a worthy guard to the Queen. Besides their guard duties, Praetorians may also act as the "princesses", or immature Queens of the hive, who can be promoted to Queens. The Xenomorph Queen can lay specialized eggs that are bigger like Queen egg cells in bees which are bigger than Drone cellsthat upon hatching can carry on the species through making other hives after the new female cocoons into a Queen.

Some varying reports of Praetorians with massive shield-like growths on their forearms have been seen. She lays many eggs that hatch to become the first stage of Xenomorph. It is unclear whether the Queen engages in combat outside of protecting her hive. The Queen is usually nestled deep within the hive, protected by Praetorian guards.

She has been known to display some logic-based intelligence, primarily in using simple Human technology such as lifts, Prophet Of Nervegas - Hybrid Xenomorph Predator - Untitled (CDr). She is the most dangerous of the hive, displaying extreme aggression and using her intelligence to devastating effect. When attached to her egg sac ovipositorshe is immobile and vulnerable to attack.

When she removes herself from it, however, she can move surprisingly fast. She attacks with her four clawed arms, as well as her long, bladed tail.

She has also been shown to use her main and inner jaws in combat. Interestingly enough, it seems that the size of Queens varies.

In one occasion, the Queen was shown to be maybe only twice the size of a Drone this also may be due to her being so relatively young.

In others, she is shown to be considerably larger - three or four times the size of a Drone. This could be explained in a similar fashion to an older Drone's ridged head, as the Queen in question was very old: although kept in a dormant state for long periods of time, she could have been alive for several millennia. Alternatively, she could have been an Empress.

As stated, Queens are created through royal facehuggers which produce Praetorians, or immature Queens. When a Queen dies or abandons a hive, a Praetorian may fully develop into a new Queen and take her mother's place.

Whereas normal embryos adopt characteristics from their host, the royal facehugger's does not. The royal facehugger carries within it the Royal Jelly Line, which is a genetic code passed down from the Queen Xenomorph to her chosen offspring. The embryo is more or less a genetic copy of its mother and as such will not adopt the characteristics of the host, but will retain the physical characteristics of the Xenomorph Queen.

Regardless of host, the Praetorian will appear nearly exactly the same as its mother when it fully develops into a new Queen. Because of this, it's often speculated that the Queen is the only "pure blooded" Xenomorph variety. There is mention of a Xenomorph Empress as well.

Eisenberg might have merely used the term "Empress" to refer to the Queen. However, the Empress is bigger than the average Queen, and might also represent a distinct caste.

Although very similar to a regular Queen, the Empress's main duty is to establish order on a planet with multiple hives. It is possible that an Empress is simply the oldest Queen on a planet, and the physical differences are the result of aging.

It is also mentioned that after a hive grows to around 2, members, the younger Queens set out to establish new hives, and that if the Empress was to die, it would cause the younger Queens to fight over the new hive ruler.

It's most likely that an "Empress" Xenomorph is merely a Queen that has dominated the other Queens in a hive. This would make the title "Empress" just that: a title. Above the rank of Empress there is the Queen Mother : the single supreme ruler of all Xenomorph hives on all conquered planets; which resides on Xenomorph Prime, accompanied by a personal guard of Queen-sized Praetorians known as Palatines. One documented caste are the Workersa. Weavers or "Albino Drones", due to their white coloration.

More-so than any other caste, they're primarily concerned with the maintenance and expansion of the hive's structure, and may also tend to the Queen.

They're most notable for their extremely developed proboscis-like inner mouth, which is used to secrete the resin to build up the hive walls. The Carrier caste and the Ravager caste are both large, specialized forms derived from Praetorians.

The Carrier's function is to harbor, protect and transport facehuggers, which will cling to the protrusions on its dorsal spines, and may launch themselves at nearby creatures. The Ravager, on the other hand, is a purely offensive caste which seeks only to destroy opponents, regardless of whether they could make useful hosts or not.

They're only really employed when the hive is at war. A particularly dangerous, but seldom-seen possible caste is the Crusher.

This massive, tank-like, heavily-armored quadruped is mostly known for its wide bulletproof cranial shield. Despite being as large as a Praetorian, it's capable of achieving great speed, lending support to the idea that it might represent a Praetorian matured from the "Runner" Xenomorphs spawned from quadrupedal hosts, such as dogs.

Another possibility is that the Crusher might represent a mutation, rather than a naturally-occurring caste. Other less prominent castes include the Lurker : essentially a Drone which, as its name indicates, specializes in stealth tactics. Although most Drones can spit acid, the Spitter possesses specialized pouches on its head to store additional quantities.

The Boiler, meanwhile, is probably one of the strangest castes: a deformed-looking alien whose suicidal attack consists of rupturing its own body and "exploding" in a rain of acid. Although a few artificially-created individuals, such as the Rogue Xenomorphhave been referred as "king", the existence of naturally-occurring Xenomorph Kings is dubious, supported only by apocryphal sources.

The image of a Xenomorph visible on the walls of the Engineer's temple on LV, in It is heavily implied that Weyland-Yutani's original synthetic android David was the chief designer of the first Xenomorph egg and therefore the creator of the species. However, there are no solid facts as to the origins of the Xenomorph species; instead, there are many theories which cannot be confirmed.

They may be an artificially created species, or they may have evolved naturally on a planet very different from Earth. It has been implied that the Xenomorph species derives from the Black Liquid : a living biological weapon created by the Engineersand stored in special canisters inside a temple on LV, a moon of the gas giant Calpamos, in the Zeta Reticuli System.

The Liquid was created to infect other life forms and either kill them or merge with their genetic structure, giving rise to new and extraordinarily hostile mutations. Simple worms mutated by this substance, for instance, developed into the Hammerpedes : a species which shares some traits with Xenomorphs, such as the acidic blood. The android David built to be curious and Human-like secretly infected Charlie Holloway with a drop of the mutagen, and Charlie then impregnated Elizabeth Shaw; resulting in a large facehugger-like lifeform known as the Trilobite.

Elizabeth, in pain from the creature growing within her, then removed the lifeform by entering the automated surgery table on-board Meredith Vicker's exclusive ship. The lifeform later encountered an Engineer and ensnared him much like a facehugger; thus, creating the Deacon which highly resembles the Xenomorphs, albeit with some differences, such as the pointed head and absence of a tail.

By the next year, David had hijacked an Engineer ship and traveled to an unnamed planet believed to be their homeworld, where he decimated the Engineers' settlement by unleashing the Black Liquid upon them and observed as the Liquid Prophet Of Nervegas - Hybrid Xenomorph Predator - Untitled (CDr) over life forms native to the planet.

Over the next ten years, David experimented with combining these native life forms with material taken from the bodies of Humans and Engineers alike. Meanwhile, on the planet's wild ecosystem, the first Xenomorph variety was already starting to develop, known as the Neomorph.


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