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Word On A Wing - David Bowie - When God Was An Englishman (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Word On A Wing - David Bowie - When God Was An Englishman (Vinyl, LP)
Label: Not On Label - eng 76 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Unofficial Release Splatter • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock •

The only gimmick that makes this "40th anniversary" release interesting is the transparent vinyl. Note, though, that there is a way to find out whether a sealed copy contains a black or a transparent LP: as Peter Bollen, Gary Jones and Chris Hanington pointed out to me independently of each other, you can hold the sealed record against a strong light, and if the light shines through, you've got a transparent record - as simple as that!

The distribution LP) the tracks on the sides follows the EMI issue, which I haven't got. The pressing is so-so, but let's face it: who would buy such a record to listen to it? Note that the running order of the songs is slightly different from that on the CDs.

It's a beautiful release, but it would have been better to distribute the tracks over four LPs, since the volume is rather low. However, some of the tracks are on both albums, and what really makes this album a nuisance is that the actual contents of the record has little to do with what is listed on the cover and labels.

In fact, only two of the songs listed are actually on the record! I suppose it is limited, although I can't say to how many copies. The cover says that the recordings were re-mastered from the original source tape, which may be true because the sound quality is actually slightly better than on the earlier bootleg. What is really great about this release is the beautiful cover.

Both that and the inserts have a canvas-like structure, similar to that of the original UK issue of The Man who Sold the World. The album was available in yellow, white and clear vinyl copies each. For those who need such stuff there were also 30 "test-pressings" in a black and white cover. It's an average early s audience recording. The pressing is very good, though. The record comes with four label stickers, which have no side markings, so that you can apply them in any order you like although very few buyers will actually apply them, I guess Available in white, blue and red copies each.

There is also a strictly limited number of picture discs. Since both the CD and the vinyl version were available through the usual channels it must count as some kind of "semi-legal" release. The parts featuring Bowie had been available on bootlegs like Live. Inside and 1. Hurling Disdain before. This set could have been a great release - it could have been the first vinyl issue of this interesting show in full length, including the Nine Inch Nails part.

But, alas, they missed the chance. This does not apply to this volume 1. The sound quality is great: although the tracks seem to be MP3-based, the general sound quality of the tracks with Bowie is even better than on the above-mentioned older bootlegs which already had an excellent sound. The problem is the more interesting volume 2. I don't refer to the occasional clicks in the pressing, but to the fact that they used a defective source: there are numerous "skips" on several tracks which are in the recording, not on the recordand a lot of annoying noise again in the source on other tracks.

So, despite the generally "fuller" sound of this album, the Live. Inside bootleg is certainly the better representation of Bowie's solo part than this album in any format - I've read that the CD version has the same flaws. And, again, it leaves long-time collectors with mixed feelings. On the on hand, it's full of beautiful details, like the fake generic paper sleeves that come with albums that didn't have original inner sleeves, on the other hand, it's disappointing from the musical point of view.

Did we really need the remix of Station to Station on vinyl? The extended version of David Live is more interesting, since it's really different from the original album and here available on vinyl for the first time. Before the release, much fuss had been made about The GousterBowie's original draft of what later became Young Americans.

But what do we get? Three previously released tracks, two alternative versions, one alternative mix, and one track that ended up on the final product in exactly the same form. I'm aware that songs like Shilling the Rubes and I Am a Laser are unfinished and were not intended to be included in the album, but since long fragments of these tracks are circulating anyway, it LP) have been nice if complete versions had been thrown in as bonus tracks.

Some of them, especially the drastic edit of Station to Station are quite funny, but after all they're good for a laugh, and that's it. Some notes on the particular albums: Diamond Dogs : the fold-out cover comes close to the original. In addition to the plastic-padded neutral inner sleeve, there is a generic Word On A Wing - David Bowie - When God Was An Englishman (Vinyl sleeve with "Patent Nos. David Live : the gatefold cover is a faithful reproduction of that of the first UK issue. Even the wrong recording dates on the inside have been copied.

It goes without saying that the record comes with replicas of the original inner sleeves. David Live Mix : comes in a beautiful tri-fold gatefold cover with three printed inner sleeves and an additional insert.

In fact, from a vinyl collector's point of view this is the most interesting album from this box, since this is the first release of the full-length David Live on vinyl. So far, this recording had only been available on CD. The Gouster : in addition to the plastic-padded inner sleeve, there are another generic paper inner sleeve which I don't show and a printed insert.

The version of Young Americans is the one that finally ended up on the album of the same name. Young Americans : the cover has a canvas-like structure similar to that of some original issues. Comes with an additional plain white paper sleeve and two inserts. Station to Station : comes with a replica of the original generic company sleeve "Made in England Station to Station Mix : comes with a one-sided printed inner sleeve, LP). This mix had previously been available on audio-DVD as part of the Station to Station box setand is here available on vinyl for the first time.

Live Nassau Coliseum '76 : comes in a gatefold cover with plain black inner sleeves, just like the original album, which had previously been available as part of the Station to Station box set. Re:Call 2 : comes in single cover a printed inner sleeve. The sound quality is excellent, but not as good as on the CD.

Drive-In Saturday is from the 7". The pressing is very good with the occasional click and crackle and the sound quality - it is a soundboard recording - is excellent. By and large, this bootleg is much better than the earlier Low Live album. The only sad thing is that it is not a rendition of the complete Low album: Bowie doesn't play Weeping Wallalthough it is erroneously listed on the cover. The most interesting aspect about the album is of course the fifth side, which features, apart from the album version of Lazarusthree new tracks.

These are said to be the last songs Bowie ever recorded. It's said to be limited to 5. Note that the catalogue number is only on the barcode sticker. The cover is that of the regular US issue. My copy hasn't got any title sticker. Of course, no long-time collector would have needed the Revolutionary Song again. But especially Wild Things and the brilliant David Impersonatesthe two tracks that turned up shortly after Bowie's death, are certainly valuable additions to anyone's collection.

However, since the tape also lists an "album mix" of Absolute Beginnersit probably refers to the mixing of the tracks. The original versions of the songs from Baal are also very interesting. They are quite different from the re-recorded versions that had been officially released, and it's very strange that it took 35 years for them to turn up on a bootleg - especially because they had never been particulary rare: video tapes were already common in the early s, and a DVD version of the TV play had been circulating on the internet for many years.

The pressing of this record is very good, and the sound quality is excellent, with the exception of the last three tracks, which have a rather poor sound, but are interesting nonetheless, since they are Bowie's last-ever live performance. Note that the cover claims that this is a US bootleg, but since most copies are sold from Europe, I suppose that it was made in Europe.

But apart from that it's a superfluous re-issue. A mere collectors' item. The cover says that this is an Australian release, but I doubt that - as much as I doubt that the original issue was made in Japan. Also available in black, blue and pink. It's an audience recording, but in truly excellent sound quality. The pressing is okay, especially for a picture disc. And the design is nice, although, as so often, the pictures are not really appropriate Even the legitimacy of that release is sometimes called into question, although it probably is an official item.

Be that as it may, here is a beautiful pirate album, available in two cover variations. The cover front and back and the second insert of this version are based on those of the Brazilian issue which was in turn that of the European issue. The design on the inside is based on that of the US CD issue. Some more remarks on the cover will be made in the next entry, which is about the version in the alternative cover. The sound quality of the album is quite good, although the volume is rather low - probably because of the length of the album.

So the naturally present background noise is audible on the quieter tracks. There are copies altogether: in yellow or lime vinyl, in white or rather light yellowin gold brown, 70 in black, and 30 "promo" copies colour unknown to me. The inserts and labels are identical to those of the other issue, so I don't show them again here. The cover opens to the left, which is quite unusual for a gatefold sleeve. If you examine it more closely, you will see that there is printing on the inside of the part that holds the record, too.

They used a very clever trick here: both versions actually have the same cover, and which variant you get only depends on the way the cover is folded and glued! After a very rare one on Simply Vinyl ?

This second official vinyl version of the soundtrack was also available in yellow, limited to 2. However, since it's not one of the most interesting albums, the cheaper black version of this re-issue will do for me.

Excellent sound. There are also copies in white vinyl. I'm quite glad that this isn't actually Bowie's "legacy" - much of his best work is ignored.

But I like the cover. I can't say how many copies of this limited issue with the prints were made. The CD issues of this album had already been released in November In any case this album was a nice addition to one's collection: you got a lot of great music for little money, especially because the sound quality is very good to excellent.

Disc 1 has the old Floor Show again. The recordings as such are identical to those on the Dollars in Drag and Absolutely Rare bootlegs, but this album shows how different identical recordings from different sources can sound.

To begin with the flaws: is incomplete it fades Word On A Wing - David Bowie - When God Was An Englishman (Vinyl where Dodo should startTime has a short gap where the word goddamn has been edited out which had been cleverly masked on the old Dollars bootlegand I Got You Babe is the edited version. However, with the exception of the edited and, possibly, Time due to the gap this is certainly the best-sounding version of this show in my collection - note, though, that the vinyl version of this disc is even better.

And, by the way, for purists I must point out that the music is based on compressed files. Disc 2, originally recorded for and broadcast on Japanese TV, had previously been circulating as a DVD on the internet and probably been available in some audio form, toobut it's nice to have it on CD.

Disc 3 is an incomplete version of the Riverport Amphitheater show that had previously been released on Live. Inside and the Back in Anger volume 1 and volume 2 bootlegs. There are no sound dropouts on this version, but there is some distortion on the last two tracks. Disc 4 is a hotchpotch of TV recordings in nice sound quality, but not particularly exciting.

After all, I can only repeat that it's a great collection for little money - and they seem to have put more thought into the cover design than some designers have for some official releases! Much of the stuff is from the Early On CD and on vinyl here for the first time. The tracks on side 2 are not really interesting: in addition to the inevitable "long hair interview" we get a Kenny Miller track, and two familiar Deram tracks called "alternate single versions" on the cover, but actually the standard single versions - there is no other original version of The London Boysanyway.

Note that the cover lists seven tracks for each side, whereas the tracks are actually distributed as listed above. The cover is truly beautiful.

It is a kind of envelope opening at the top. The triangles on the front can be opened to reveal the picture printed on the inside. I can't show this here because in order to scan the opened front I would have to bend the triangles so far that the cover could get damaged. My copy came with two flyers and a plastic bag of the exhibition.

Since these are not actually "part" of the record, but only "associated items", I show only the front the bag has the same design on both sides, anyway. However, the version here is longer and in stereo, similar to that on the old Little Toy Soldier bootleg, but mastered and mixed differently.

It's a pity that the sound quality is so poor - even by the standards of a picture disc. The last picture shows the etched B-side with the blank label. I haven't shown the etching because it's identical to that of the other issue. The soundboard recording of this show had been available before, for example on the Strange Fascination bootleg, but here all songs are complete, and the sound quality is better.

A recording with comparable sound had been circulating on the internet, and might have been released on bootleg CD I'm not surebut it was great to have the show as an official release in a beautiful packaging. The second last picture shows the etched B-side - as you might realize, it was extremely difficult to scan. The pictures show the front of the box the back is plain whitethe barcode sticker, the front of the cover with its sealed wrapping it can be taken out without breaking the sealthe front and back of the cover without the wrappingthe front of the envelope the back is plain brownthe five prints, the front of the insert, and the label.

It was exclusively available as a pre-order through Bowie's official webside. The number of exact copies is unknown; the number pressed depended on the number of pre-orders. I haven't tried to show the etched B-side, since it's difficult to scan and the design is the same as on the European issues. One 2LP. Collector's notes: Released for the Barcelona exhibition. An edit of an old mix and a re-issue of a track from a various artists compilation. Al Alba would actually have been more interesting The magazine third picture is, of course, not an integral part of the release, but comes from the same exhibition.

This time there's no distortion or crackle, but the B-side runs off-centre. Collector's notes: A more or less truncated version see below for an explanation of this strange formulation of the The Collaborator CD set.

All four parts are good pressings with excellent sound quality. However, if you're only after the music, then go for the CD set They must have used a different source than on the CD, so this might really be the best version of the show in my collection.

The other LPs are incomplete versions of the CDs. Sometimes the choice of songs is odd, but by and large it's worth buying for vinyl collectors. All four records had been available separately in May and I had originally listed them in this way, but I replaced my copies by the box set. I don't know when exactly the box set turned up, but it can't have been long after the separate LPs, which is why I have listed it under June.

Exactly what we've waited for I haven't shown the barcode stickers. Again, I haven't shown the barcode stickers. Maybe superior to the one originally released. However, unlike that album, this one is incomplete: with the exception of Space Oddity it includes only the tracks featuring other artists on Under Pressure this is of course Gail Ann Dorsey. So we'll still have to wait for the definite vinyl version of this show.

On the other, I wonder why they used an edit of Magic Dance that is almost a minute shorter than the original version and which had previously been available as a digital download, as I've read.

There were two coloured pressings: this purple or "lavender" one and a green one, each limited to 1. However, the pressing of this relatively rare and expensive record is awful. There are lots of clicks! If there was no such show the tracks are most likely to be from the next day.

But let's get to the music and begin with the flaws: the show is incomplete and the sound quality is at best mediocre. Despite all this, this is a nice bootleg. For an audience recording from that era the sound is acceptable - worse things from the early s have been released on bootlegs.

The recently released great Cracked Actor album featured a "transitional" show and had thus shown how the original Diamond Dogs concept morphed into the "Phillydogs" tour. By contrast, this album, like the above-mentioned bootleg, is almost dominated by the tracks from the "soul phase", and even the older songs have been given a much more "soulful" arrangement than on the official release.

The pressing LP) this release is very good and the cover and the inner sleeves are beautiful and absolutely appropriate to the time of the show. By and large, this is an essential addition to one's collection! Finally, after 13 years, there was a bootleg release of Bowie's last ever full show.

The bootleg is beautiful. It has small black labels and four label stickers you can use to identify the sides, which haven't even got matrix numbers. Note that the catalogue number is only on the label stickers, there is no number on the cover. As enjoyable as the set is, there is one major drawback: the sound quality!

When I bought the record I expected a soundboard recording, especially since parts of the show were professionally filmed and broadcast. This recording, however, is a mediocre audience recording, even by the standards of that time. The sound is rather thin and there is a lot of talking by the audience "Ich mag die Musik nicht! So we'll still have to wait for a really good release of this historical show.

The sound quality and the pressing are very good for a picture disc. Especially the sound of the B-side is much better than on previous bootleg releases. This time the highlights were the extended version of Stage and the Tony Visconti re-mix of Lodger.

Although it was a practically complete collection of everything Bowie had released during that era, the Re:Call album included still omitted the Revolutionary Song. Some notes on the particular albums: Low : like the original UK issue this one has got the titles on the back as a sticker. The first two CDs were of the analogue transfer and the CD master respectively.

The first LP was of the original stereo analogue master, while the second and third were of the Nassau Coliseum show in gatefold sleeves. The deluxe edition also contained a page booklet, a poster, and two folders containing reproduction artefacts from the era, including a backstage pass and fan club memorabilia. Station To Station was remastered once again in The remaster was issued as a standalone release in Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This live set is a testament to Bowie's greatness,I'm sort of surprised by the 3 and 4 star reviews. I'm a musician, performer and songwriter so maybe I have a different perspective.

This IS a superb set, quality sound, excellent vibe throughout. The audience and band are on fire and having a good time - the energy is palpable! I can point out things about each that differentiate it from the others but each is worth owning for sure. Just enjoy them all instead of worrying over which is best.

Just enjoy this, it's amazing and well worth your hard earned pennies. I saw this tour when it came to Atlanta and it was one of those concerts that you never forget. We were of course fairly buzzed and they opened the show with a Salvador Dali film.

As we started to peak, the screen came up and there was giant eyeball on the stage. One of our group, divied to the floor as they cut the eyeball open. He was so thin and his hair was slicked backed.

I believe it was slightly red. It was a magical concert moment. The only negative was that he was trying to escape his Ziggy persona so you did not get that song.

Still, it wasone of my most memorable concert experiences and this cd has brought it all back for me. This is really a gem and one wonders why it took so long to release.

Not enough can be said about the band. Earl Slick is definitely missed on the Station selections no knock on Hayden but everything else clicks. This is a guitar band with touches of keyboards from "fellow Englishman" Tony Kaye. The dichotomy of the suave Bowie fronting a loud, rocking band complete with that '70s obligatory drum solo in the middle of "Panic in Detroit" is just perfect.

From a decade known for its live albums this one holds it's own. A rare CD of his concert at Nassau Coliseum. Live versions of a set list not on any US release. Perfect sound quality! I know my review is "short and sweet" but I'm sure you'll thank me if you pick this one up! I'm listening to this one over and over! David Bowie rapidly evolved and adapted and influenced so much of modern rock music, especially in the 's.

So here, right in the middle of that decade, is Bowie summarizing his previous work and foreshadowing those seminal Berlin years. He is singing with power, soul. This is a priceless gem Another must-have from the great Station to Station tour. This was originally a radio broadcast back inand has been bootlegged for years.

Finally,though, we get legitimate release, properly mixed and sounding better than ever! The energy level here is astonishing. Highly recommended! One person found this helpful. Brilliant David Bowie via the Isolar '76 tour. Awesome show, really dug it!!!

See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Superb live album. Mr Bowie's vocals are the best of all his live albums and his band is sharp as a razor. It feels like a private performance, as the sound is so pure. It combines atmosphere with intimacy. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. Standout track is a blistering version of Panic in Detroit.

Playing is excellent by one of the best group of musicians Bowie ever assembled Special mention to the formidable rhythm section of Davis, Murray and Alomar and to the vocals, by the Thin White Duke himself. This is a quality live recording from David and the band. It is an early live gig,so there are not all the favourites, but it is still worth getting. It is a powerhouse performance. On a plus which is why I give it one star is that it arrived in time praise the Lord. Load more international reviews.

I have Stage and Live but this is a gem, can't really say anything more than has already been stated in reviews here and the sound quality is amazing on vinyl. One of my personally fave live bowie albums.


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    David Bowie rapidly evolved and adapted and influenced so much of modern rock music, especially in the 's. So here, right in the middle of that decade, is Bowie summarizing his previous work and foreshadowing those seminal Berlin years. He is singing with power, soul. and authority, and the band is right there with him. This is a priceless /5().
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    The second half of Bowie's Thin White Duke years in the studio – a record that's more cool and condense than his Young American album – but equally sublime in its own sort of way! The format here is much more compact – with a small group working alongside Bowie, still with some currents of Philly soul – but also some of the darker tones that would come to the forefront.
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    David Bowie - When God Was An Englishman. Artist: David Bowie; Category: Rock; Name: When God Was An Word On A Wing: B2: Stay: B3: Tvc B4: Sister Midnight: C1: Life On Mars: C2: Five Years: C3: Panic In Detroit Red and White Vinyls, for each vinyl colors. This is the Blue Edition The two records come in different shades of blue.
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    Aug 18,  · David Bowie's Space Oddity, Station to Station Albums to Be marks the 40th anniversary of David Bowie's folky, freaky LP Space 02 Golden Years 03 Word on a Wing .
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    Sep 01,  · “Word On a Wing,” closing the first side of Station to Station, was Bowie’s (apparently) open plea for salvation from God. He’d been tempted at the time by some sort of evangelical Protestantism, into which Bob Dylan would dive headfirst a few years later.
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