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While Im Standing Here - Dallas Holm & Praise - Change The World (Cassette, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 31.08.2019

Download While Im Standing Here - Dallas Holm & Praise - Change The World (Cassette, Album)
Label: Dayspring Records - 7-01-413857-X • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Funk / Soul, Pop • Style: Gospel

Ever since the day You came into my life I been changed! I got love, love, love in my heart, I got peace like a river, never will part; I got joy on my mind, a smile on my face; Where I used to have hate I got love in its place, I got love, love, love in my heart! All That Matters. Saved, Saved, Saved. Well, now I tried the other, But Jesus is the way for me! Well, now I tried the other, But Jesus is the way for me.

Well, now I tried the other, And Jesus is the way for me! Holiday Inn. Well, they rode into town in the dark, by the light of the moon; Mary felt her Baby and she knew that it was coming soon; All they needed was a small room where she could lay her head; All they wanted for Jesus was a bed.

Well, chase those cattle out, and move some things about. Sure, I have failed, and so have you, And now we reason; what shall we do? What can I say? How He was wounded at Calvary; Despised and rejected by you and by me. But look on His face now; what do you see? Praise Him forever; bow at His feet. Jesus You Are Mine. I was weak and You were strong, You were right and I was wrong, How is it that we ever got together? Is this a dream? Can this be true? You gave me hope; my life is worth the living.

Hope that I had never known, Love, that since that day has grown patient and kind; All of my sins forgiven. Worth The Waiting. Peaceful Harbor. My sailing life is over My legs have felt the land. Hey, Child. The struggle goes on each day Fighting inside my mind Victory sometimes seems Hard to find. Verse: Please give me strength today To help me stand on my feet. Verse 2: The things we hold so precious now Will suddenly one day fade away.

When we look into the sky, And hear the calling on that resurrection day. When the least shall have the most And those with the most shall find that they then have the least, When He calls us to be seated at His table For that royal wedding feast.

I Saw The While Im Standing Here - Dallas Holm & Praise - Change The World (Cassette. The place was white as snow and pure as finest gold. It had the look of new, yet had the look of old. I felt like I was home, but felt so far away, In fear I thought to leave, but felt the urge to stay. I stood among the millions, I stood there all alone. His face was like the sun, His eyes were like the sea, His voice was like the thunder rolling through eternity.

And then from sleep awakened I looked into the night. The darkness overtaken By a bright and shining light. Along The Way. Hearts that never mend, The tears that never end, And words that go unspoken every day, Love we should have shown, Dreams they could have known; If only we would have told Them along the way. And who are we to say we really love Him, When all we seem to do is throw His love away?

Will we smile when we stand before Him And laugh all the hours away, Or cry for the friends we left behind along the way?

I Believe In You. I believe in You even through The tears and the laughter. I believe in You even though We be apart. I believe in You when wintertime turns to summer I believe in You when white turns to black. The eyes of God are upon me, He sees everything I do. The arms of God are around me, They keep me safe and secure. This changing world alarms me, With war, with sin, with strife. But my loving Father charms me, With joy, with peace, and with life.

Come Sweet Jesus. Come, sweet Jesus; come take me away, I really wanna see you Lord. Jesus come today. Lord, we are Your people Preparing now to be Your bride, pure and holy For all the world to see. Losing Game. How could you give your life away like some kind of crazy fool? You Rescued Me. I went sailing out to sea Nothing seemed to bothering me. Seas were still, winds were calm, Surely nothing could go wrong.

Then the sun went down, Darkness filled the sky, The stars refused to shine, I just wondered why. And You rescued me, You rescued me.

You looked down and heard my plea And picked me out of the raging sea You rescued me. When I sail across the sea, Jesus, Saviour, pilot me. And you rescued me, You rescued me. You looked down and heard my plea, And picked me out of the raging sea. You rescued me, You rescued me. Only One Lord. Chorus: Only one Lord, only one love, Only one life to live for You.

Only one plea, only one prayer, Only one pleasure; pleasing You. Jesus make me like you are Change my heart and heal my scars, Make me faithful, make me true Make me Lord like you. Running The Race. Touch Me With Love.

Well, they tell me Lord You know just how I feel. Well, is it true and is it real? I only want strength just for today Tomorrow may never come anyway. You touched me with love, You held to my hand, You stood by my side, You helped me to stand. You joy has replaced the sorrow I knew And all of my happiness is in You. He loved me when nobody cared, His mercy with me He shared. He gave me all He could give, Yes, He dies so I might live. I love Him with each passing moment. I love Him more each day.

Sure never do this for nobody but You. String my guitar; pack up my clothes. Get on the bus and then get on the road. But You left heaven for me. Hit the roads and the shores of Galilee. Burgers and fries; motel rooms; Short nights and long afternoons. Load in at four; focus the lights; Get ready for one more night.

Prayer Warriors. Front liners ready every hour Doing battle constantly with supernatural power. As one chorus fighting now Warriors press on, Bringing strongholds to the ground With a prayerful song. Little children missing by the score. Stopped a life that she had helped to start. Put on the helmet of salvation Put on the breastplate of righteousness Clothe your whole being in holy armour Worthy to stand the test.

Live What You Say. Do you live by the rules? So just live what you say Show them that Jesus is truly the way. So be an example in all that you do Show them that Jesus is living in you.

Speak of His power and love every day, Then live like you mean it, and show them the way. God, give me a burden God, give me a word and send me off To help the hurt and crying Wounded, hungry, lost and dying ones. Change The World. Verse: Truth will bring us liberty, Lies will only bring us death. This Breath Of Life. Whose fault is it anyway- Who assumes the blame? Is it those who know you well, But are afraid to speak, Claiming to be strong in you, But in the end are weak.

Oh, we spend our lives so foolishly Seeking after things that will not last, When on ahead, lies all eternity And soon this breath of life will all be past. How can we be so unmoved By how the world is. Do we still belong to Him? Are our lives still His? If He owns the universe And still owns you and me Why the need to have so much And live so selfishly. Care For The Wounded. The war rages every day, the battle never ceases.

Innocent people caught in the way, their lives are torn to pieces. The rules of war say we must care, we must help our neighbor; And like the one who loves us all, we can show no favor. Easy living is no more, time is of the essence. Battle scars have always been since the fighting started, We must fight with tender hearts, hence the broken hearted. I was looking for some kind of magic, The state my life was in was so tragic, I was tired of living — what could I do?

I was just on the edge of disaster I was trying so hard to master All the tricks of the trade To just make it through. I was needing some super power Looking for some magical hour And I finally found it when I found You. We Have Overcome. We shall stand together, the army of the King. Sometimes you feel alone, does He really care? Well, He has never left you or forsaken you one day; Listen to these simple words I say. Your joy has replaced the sorrow I knew And all of my happiness is in You.

Against The Wind. Problems on the rise Troubles just increase Responsibilities never cease. Fears and doubts assail, Worries from within. Sometimes life is just like walking Against the wind. Against the wind, against the wind, Sometimes life is just like walking against the wind. Accusations met, not a word you spoke Love flowed from the heart that we broke.

On a dark and stormy day, You just gave your life away You were lifted up before us against the wind. That Way. Look For A Window. Responsibilities change And so do our pathways One way God shows which way to go Is to let the old road close.

Count The Cost. The First Stone. She was led there condemnation They knew her fate was now insured As He heard every accusation Her shame and her guilt endured. They knew death was the right solution But the Lord had another plan Take away their righteous illusion Teach compassion to every man. There are none of us here so righteous That our lives are not marred by sin Our vain strivings become so pious We lose touch with the Grace within.

Jesus cries for our heartless anger He once bled just to pay the price We forget how we once refused love How we saw life with blinded eyes. Each Song I Sing. Losers, Winners. So, I got to lose myself and find myself in Him I must lose myself if I am gonna win. The crown of life becomes the prize That losers hope to gain. The Second Mile. Like a Texas wind that blows in springtime In the morning sun I feel it grow The ever restless spirit of the Lord Moving through my soul Calling me to go the distance Where love demands a higher price Fields of white are burning for the harvest On the second mile.

Gone Forever. Lay my head upon my pillow Trying hard to sleep. Lying in a bed of comfort I began to weep. So I cry in the darkness Cause they never saw the Light. Lord, how it must break Your heart To see them slip away. Perishing in countless numbers Every passing day. And how will they know And now who will go To take the message of your love to everyone. Jesus Saves. Chorus: Untold millions remain untold People hungry for the bread that feeds the soul Multitudes unheard of have yet to hear We must go, we must preach We must make the message clear That Jesus saves, Jesus saves.

Verse: All the fields are whitened to harvest But the laborers are few But by His might the world will know There is hope in God There is life brand new. Tag: We must go, we must preach We must make the message clear Jesus saves, Jesus saves. Reveal Your Love. A young girl runs away from home Why?

Reveal Your love. Speak to me and let me know, Here am I so send me on Your way, Give them just a glimpse of You; Show them that Your love is true God I pray that this could be their day.

Long, hot days, deathly still Test the mind, try the will Sleepless nights seem so long Toss and turn, peace is gone. Here I stand open wide Nothing now left to hide. Beyond The Curtain, Album). It would have been enough for me To stand beyond the Court To view Your beauty from afar A glance, but nothing more But it was not enough for You The distance far too great You tore the Curtain with Your love And called me through the Gate.

Feel Every Heartbeat. More of Your power, More of Your glory Till there is just no more of me. Come to take my people back. Give Me This Water. One sip of living water, and I will never thirst again. Drink from You well, You say and I will be free from sin. Lord, lead me to this river, show me where to start.

Bathe my burning soul, quench my thirst, fill my heart. Mirages of the world have left me so thirsty and dry. Life is a struggle There is temptation every day Sometimes in weakness I have fallen on my way I have been beaten so many times before But I am determined not anymore.

Child In His Arms. I have seen a house in the street below I have watched the foolish come and go From the one who spreads her bed with linens and lies Her embrace will exact such an awful toll In the end it will cost them their very soul Through the shadows they slip and fall So removed within her walls from. Soldiers Again. Backyard soldiers, little boys We fought the enemy with little toys Sticks for swords, hands for guns Every battle always won.

But as we grew and went our way We forgot about our Album) days No more swords, no more guns No more battles to be won.

But we were wrong We did not see we still had an enemy So now we stand Friend with friend We are soldiers once again. Be My Shelter. I have watched the storm clouds gather on the horizon; I have listened to the distant thunder roll. I have felt a stronger current in the ocean; I have felt a stronger current in my soul. I have felt the earth tremble beneath my feet; I have heard the breakers crash upon the shore.

I have seen a stronger wind begin to gather; I have heard the raindrops pounding on my door. Be my shelter, be my sanctuary, Spread your mighty loving wings and cover me. Be my Savior from the adversary, Be my ever present help in time of need. All the earth is groaning, Waiting for the Day. Find me to be faithful, Lead me in the Way. I can almost hear the host of Heaven singing; I can almost feel the power around the throne.

While I wait to make that final distant journey; And until I finally make that place my home. Just What I Do. People sit out in the dark; I stand in the light. Who made the decision, who said this must be? Sometimes I wish I were you And you could just be me. Verse: I have lived in the desert I dwelt in a barren land Once I built my life upon the shifting sand I had no firm foundation Had no shelter to cover me There was little hope that I could see. All I Know. Verse: Born in a world of endless night, Darkness was all he knew.

Without the light what could he hope to do. Begging for bread day after day, Living in dark despair Why must it be — did anybody care? Verse: The sound of a voice, touch of a hand, Healing his eyes with clay, Cleansed in a pool, blindness was washed away.

How can this be, how does he see? Tell us who was this man. Verse: I, too, was lost — hopelessly lost, Darkness surrounded me. Alone in the night, without the light to see. Then He passed by, Light of the world Touching these eyes of clay, Piercing the dark, chasing the night away. I Still Love Jesus. What else could I know You are the beginning and the end. Great Things. Chorus: You can do great things You can do great things He said go in His name and do more You can do great things You can do great things Believe you can do great things thru the Lord.

Verse: Stand up to that mountain in your life Tell it to be tossed into the sea Watch as humble faith is turned to sight The power is yours, but first you must believe. The Love of God. The love of God is great far Than tongue or pen can ever tell, It goes beyond the highest star And reaches to the lowest hell; The guilty pair, bowed down with care, God gave His Son to win: His erring child He reconciled And pardoned from his sin.

O love of God, how rich and pure! How measureless and strong! All the windows are broken All the lights have gone dim All the doors they hang open Letting time move in. And so make sure that your treasure Is not where rust can destroy But let your heart be forever Be made rich with the joy.

One More Soul. Lord, I have been so blessed More than words can say You have met all my needs In every way But there is one thing more I want to ask You for.

Chorus: Let me touch one more life Give me just one more soul Let me feel Your spirit move again And take complete control Let me help one more weary pilgrim Reach the final goal Jesus, all I ask of You give me just one — give me just one More soul.

Chain of Grace. Jesus keeps changing lives When we spread the Word and watch the Album) climb. Oh to be a link in this line of faith, To help steer somebody to see His face; Then watch them turn around and do the same thing, In this chain of grace. He said take My Word and spread it out, Go cultivate some fields. Love Has Come Over Me. A desperate man in a desperate situation Thought that I could make it on my own Never had the slightest inclination To trust my life to the greatest unknown.

Then I had a sudden revelation Just like a light turning on in me And now I have such a great anticipation Of what my life will be eternally. Nothing Satisfies Me Like Jesus. In this life there are attractions That will lure down a path And there are times, when we all confuse The endless with what will pass. Something To Believe In. Woke up this morning Sat at the breakfast table Picked up the paper read the news Another war in some far off corner Who will win who will lose.

The Long Ride. I Know The Lord. From the beginning of the earth and sky Originating life the Lord was challenged His holiest message falsified To turn away our eyes confuse our minds But the gospel is eternal for the truth can never die I know what is right.

Completely Taken In. Have you sought for treasure In this world below Has it left you empty Nothing much to show Turn your eyes to Jesus Lift your hands to Album) Heavens above Open up your heart and Let Him fill it with His love.

Your Love Comes To Me. Get A Life. Where do you find the way? Come On In. Come on in. You hunger and you thirst You wait in shame He bids you come to Him He calls your name.

One Lord Over Us All. We must bring the message We must tell the story Way too many people have never heard. There should be no differences between us In His love He sees us all the same We are all just members of one family We are children bonded by His name. Walk On The Water. Walk on the water, stand on the sea Anything you can imagine is a possibility If My words abide in you and you abide in Me Walk on the water, stand on the sea.

A few men in a fishing boat sailing out to sea They did not realize what was soon to be The wind and waves began to roll Battered fear into their soul Hope was gone as far as they could see. Then Jesus came to them walking on the waves With just a word of peace they would all be saved. Nothing is impossible if you just have faith Miracles from Him you will receive Ask it all in Jesus name, resting in His grace Trust your heart to Him and just believe.

Though You Slay Me. The Good Samaritan. Face Of Mercy. When We Worship. Some like to lift up holy hands Some like to dance like David danced Some cry; others just smile Some like to stand up; others bow. Man From Galilee. Face to Face. There is a kingdom, not of this world And those who seek will find a priceless pearl The walls are Jasper, the city Gold At the very heart sits the Saviors throne.

To The Glory. By Artist. By Album. Decade 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's. A Party Girl in Dal…. Aloha from Dallas. American DJ, Vol. Best of Dallas Holm. Best of the Dallas ….

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    By Dallas Holm. Chorus: Change the world, change the world, We can change the world through pow’r in Jesus name. Change the world, change the world, We can change the world through pow’r in Jesus name. Verse: Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid, Worry not what others say, Though the world may think you strange, Righteousness will have its day.
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    Twila Paris, who opened for Dallas Holm and Praise when she was a fledging artist, remembers his album, For Teens Only () as the first contemporary Christian recording she heard. Dallas says, "When people come up to me after a concert and tell me they've given their life to the Lord during the concert, I'm humbled and amazed.".
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