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Sehnsucht (Zitternd) - Einstürzende Neubauten - Elektrokohle (Von Wegen) (DVD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 07.10.2019

Download Sehnsucht (Zitternd) - Einstürzende Neubauten - Elektrokohle (Von Wegen) (DVD)
Label: Neue Visionen - DV 933508 • Format: DVD • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Industrial, Experimental

Blixa's former school mate N. Unruhborn Andrew Chudy in New York returns from Amsterdam where he had studied for several years to become a piano tuner and starts 'jamming' with Blixa in his cellar.

Alexander Hackeborn in West-Berlin, 14 years old in is also present at these sessions. At this place Blixa Bargeld and N. The cellar space is later in the year also used by Mania D. Mania D. The old paint boxes are used to paint the shelves. The clothes they design are mainly grey of colour. By end of the shop is transferred to Blixa, who starts selling tapes from the shop, whilst the girls keep on selling their clothes and design. After some time Blixa's other shop-flat at the Langenscheidtstrasse is no longer used.

Photo: Credit Sabine Schwabroh. Google-street view circa Note: Rehearsing for the upcoming first concert. Setlist: Gier a. Note: Their first concert. About 50 people attend. Unruh on real drums. Gudrun and Beate were at the time also in Mania D. The concert was recorded by the band and later sold as a cassette in Blixa's 'Eisengrau' shop.

Flyer: Scan of flyer. Note 1: Their second concert. By Jan artist Martin Kippenberger took over Brennecke's share.

Note: Their third concert. He died in August at the age of Engineered by Harris Johns. Gudrun Gut leaves the band. Note: Their fourth concert. Beate Bartel's last concert with Neubauten. Together with Gudrun Gut she focusses on their own band, Mania D. Blixa Bargeld and N. Note 1: The space was 1. Pocket torches Sehnsucht (Zitternd) - Einstürzende Neubauten - Elektrokohle (Von Wegen) (DVD) used to lit the place and a Telefunken Bajazzo transistor radio was used as amplifier.

The session was taped with an ordinary cassette recorder. Not Sehnsucht (Zitternd) - Einstürzende Neubauten - Elektrokohle (Von Wegen) (DVD) be confused with the recording of the "Stahlmusik" video at the same place, but in April The plaque visible in the "Liebeslieder" film was a mockup made for the film. They removed it after the filming, and now it is at Andrew's place. Note: With Alex von Borsig a. Alexander Hacke on bass. Unruh still on real drums. Birthday party for film director Rosa von Praunheim.

Excerpt available on the "Liebeslieder" video. Photo: Taken from the "Liebeslieder" Sehnsucht (Zitternd) - Einstürzende Neubauten - Elektrokohle (Von Wegen) (DVD). Dec N. Unruh sells his real drums to pay the rent and constructs his own with material stolen from building sites. Their first concert outside of Berlin. With Alex von Borsig a.

Alexander Hacke joining N. Unruh on drums. At this concert Blixa and FM Einheit [a. Poster: Photo of poster. Photo: Credit Norbert Bauer. With Alexander von Borsig a. Alex Hacke on guitar, his first recording with Neubauten. Also recorded "Scheinbar Unsichtbar" unreleased. Recording "Stahlmusik" 20mins video. Filmed by Albrecht Metzger. Not to be confused with the "Stahlmusik" cassette album recorded at the same spot on Jun Note: Exact location, see Jun entry above.

Note: 2nd concert in Hamburg. Alex von Borsig joins for this concert. Ticket: Photo of ticket. Alledgedly only 2 days of recordings were needed. Note: They perform in 2 rooms of the small bar at the same time. Blixa runs back and forth between the 2 rooms and shouts the lyrics into the stunned audience members' ears. Flyer: Xerox of flyer. Jun DE Hamburg,Hafenklang studios,recording the "Kollaps" album and the "Stahldubversions" cassette album in a mere days.

Setlist: a. Also recording "Mikroben" song later released on "Strategien Against Architecture" compilation album and "Schiess euch ins Blut" song.

He will operate from behind the mixing desk at concerts only. Also available on the "Berliner Dillettanten" bootleg tape. Note: All above tracks available on the "Live In Berlin " tape. Blixa Bergeld and NU Unruh only. Note: Start of the 'Die Berliner Krankheit' tour. Their first tour of Germany. Review 1: Xerox taken from Stuttgarter Nachrichten Nov Review 2: Xerox taken from Stuttgarter Zeitung Nov Note: 'Die Berliner Krankheit' tour.

Ticket: Xerox of ticket. Recorded by the band but not released. Photo: Photo of live cassette from the Neubauten archives. Ticket: Scan of ticket. InFranz Stollwerck opened a factory in Cologne, producing cough bonbons.

By the production was extended by chocolate, marzipan and gingerbread. The factory was operational until the late 's. In the derelict Stollwerck was occupied and throughout the 80's used as a cultural centre by "Pallazzo Schoko and Regenbogenhaus" organisation. Review: Xerox taken from Taz Hamburg Nov Note: Last date of 'Die Berliner Krankheit' tour.

Setlist: Steh auf Berlin a. Article: Scan of articletaken from Trouw Jan Note: Concert in the early evening. Note: With Alex von Borsig joining in. Second concert of the day late evening. Short 25 mins set only. Year is wrong on flyer. Poster: Scan of a poster designed by Martin Kaye. Ad: Scan of adverttaken from Volkskrant Jan Review 1: Scan of reviewtaken from Trouw Jan Review 2: Scan of reviewtaken from Oor Flyer: Photo of flyer. Note: With Alex von Borsig at the mixing desk. Basically Wolfgang and Andrew taking a bath in a plastic tub and metal tub respectively and the mermaids throwing fish parts.

Neubauten attends the concert. Photo: Screen capture taken from "Liebeslieder" video. Review: Scan taken from De Waarheid newspaper Jun Note 2: Malaria! Photo: Screen capture from film. Ad: Scan of ad, taken from De Waarheid newspaper Jun Review: Scan of reviewtaken from De Volkskrant Jun Note: First concert of the day.

Note: Second concert of the day. Security intervened when a powerdrill was used on the expensive theatre floor. Nick Cave [then in The Birthday Party] visits the band in the studio.

Due to contractual reasons the band were billed as "Blixa Bargeld und Freunde". Photo: Credit Gorm Valentin. Courtesy of Luftantenne. Some tracks are included in the "Ein Abend im S. Excerpts also available on the "Liebeslieder" video. Ad: Back cover of original program. Note: Partly available on the "Liebeslieder" video. Producer: Joly MacFie. Recording sound samples for "DNS Wasserturm" in a disused water tower. Note: The water tower is located in what's now the Berlin Deutsches Technikmuseum in the Gleisdreieck urban park, which can be reached via Trebbiner Strasse 6.

Another photo of the water tower. Mar Alex Hacke then 17 officially re-joins the band after his forced 'holiday'. At live concerts he continues operating mainly from behind the mixing desk, but sometimes during encores he joins on stage to add percussion.

Only as of he will play guitar on stage. Note: "Fleisch 'Blut-Haut' Knochen" available on the "2x4" live album. Used with kind permission.

Setlist: Vanadium-I-Ching a. Note: Released on bootleg cassette "Kritik der reinen Krach". Setlist: Zeichnungen des Patienten O. Note: Their first concert in the UK.

Also recording the "Wardrobe" song which later appeared on the "If you can't please. Engineered by Jon Caffery. Neubauten still had to cancel the gig because N. Unruh needed to be hospitalised. Ad: Taken from Sounds mag Jun Note: Postponed till Aug Note: Neubauten pulled out of this concert. Note: Cancelled by Cabaret Voltaire. In order to go on tour, the band reneged on the idea of creating a supporter-only album, and cooperated with Mute Records to go on tour and release Perpetuum Mobile in A half-hour documentary about the supporters project, 'Traumfestival', Sehnsucht (Zitternd) - Einstürzende Neubauten - Elektrokohle (Von Wegen) (DVD), was made by Ste van Holm and Dihcar, and is available on YouTube.

The live shows of the Perpetuum Mobile Tour were recorded by the band's sound engineers, then burned on CDRs with individual pictures of each show taken by Danielle de Picciotto and sold directly after the concerts; numerous "official" live albums were created during this tour as a result. In Novemberthe band went on a mini-tour, which included a supporters-only performance at Berlin's Palast der Republik. The band also started a new project called Musterhaus in early The first CD, Anarchitekturwas sent out in Mayand was also Sehnsucht (Zitternd) - Einstürzende Neubauten - Elektrokohle (Von Wegen) (DVD) for download to Musterhaus subscribers.

The Musterhaus project was a "line of releases intended to give the band an outlet for more experimental impulses and exploration. Phase II of the Neubauten Supporter's project finished in Augustand the official site was taken down on September Musterhaus No. The album consists of rare live tracks, handpicked by 6 supporters of Phase 2 and mixed by Boris Wilsdorf. This was quickly followed by Musterhaus No.

It was announced on the band's website that it would be undertaking a "small mostly UK tour" in Aprilbut playing in Hannover on April 22 beforehand. A new commercial album was made available later in the year, [9] the first release since 's Perpetuum Mobile.

The new album, Alles wieder offen " All open again "was released in [1] without the backing of a label, a move the band had intended to make with Perpetuum Mobile. Fans who were part of the paid EN community at neubauten. The band also filmed a video for "Nagorny Karabach".

An American leg was also planned, but on November 29, the band announced the cancellation of all U. Silence Is Sexy was reissued on July 1, In Maythe band announced on their official website that it was back in the studio working on new material. It also announced dates for live shows to be held in November The album Lament was released on 7 November.

In Novemberthe band announced on their official website that it would release a new studio album in and accompanying tour.

In Januarythe band announced a tour across North America. The band name is usually translated into English as "Collapsing New Buildings".

Neubauten "new buildings" in English is a general term referring to buildings constructed in Germany after These are often regarded as cheaper, flimsier, and less aesthetically attractive Sehnsucht (Zitternd) - Einstürzende Neubauten - Elektrokohle (Von Wegen) (DVD) Altbautenor pre, especially pre- modernist buildings. Due to the extensive destruction throughout Germany during the Second World Warand the extensive rebuilding thereafter, Neubauten constitute a very familiar element of German cities.

The band's name attracted unexpected attention when on 21 Maynot two months after the band's forming, the roof of the Berlin Congress Hall famously collapsed, killing one person and injuring many. Notes: 44mins. With English subtitles. Shows the band's working process in the studio for an album "Jewels" recorded in parallel with the "Alles Wieder Offen" album.

Very entertaining. Available for supporters of neubauten. The film follows some of the concertgoers who are trying to trace back sometimes literally the paths that led them to the concert hall of the VEB Elektrokohle. They reflect on the road, which on the one hand led them to this once-in-a-lifetime pop event, and on the other to the German reunification. Dekonstruktion 2mins : the demolition of the Palast der Republik. Recording info: "Von Wegen" filmed in Berlin during the summer of Two concerts filmed on Dec Notes: Film about the band's first concert in East-Berlin, 1.

This DVD is released exactly 20 years later. CD sourced from the WDR radio broadcast. Tracklist: No music. Basically Wolfgang and Andrew taking a bath in a plastic tub and metal tub respectively and the mermaids throwing fish parts.

DVD is individually rubberstamped with a fish logo. A mins excerpt is also released on the "Kinderringellreihen. Note: mins. Comes with a page A5 tour program booklet. End credits wrongly state " Recording info: Recorded live the Atonal festival, S. Only shown on TV, but worth tracking down. Notes: A 30 mins SF film which included the above performance. How that tied in with the rest of the film is a mystery. Excerpt available on the "Liebeslieder" VHS video.

Notes: Special guest the 10th anniversary concert was Nick Cave. Not released on video, but worth tracking down. Info: 57 mins documentary mainly consisting of live concert footage. It also features N. Unruh visiting his big red guitar, the autobahn underpass and his workshop.

Notes: Originally filmed for TV broadcast, but dumped by the station. Well worth tracking down. Filmed by Jo Schablowsky with one handheld camera from the front row and mono sound by Eric Trentesseaux. A 62min video.

Steh auf BerlinKollaps. Recording info: Neubauten recorded live the S. Notes: The history of the legendary concert hall. Film made in Recording info: Filmed in West Berlin in Produced by Gerd Stein.

Co-produced by Hidenori Hayashi. Cinematography by Roland Willaert. Notes: 75mins compilation. Recording info: Neubauten recorded the Metropol,Berlin on Jan Goarshausen, on Jul Notes: Compiles 40 bands from "Industrial Revolution Vol. Also tracks by 41 other bands. Universal Records DE,Dec Tracklist: DVD Super 8 movies - Total running time mins.


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    History s. On 1st April , Einstürzende Neubauten made its first appearance, at the Moon Club in West Berlin. This first lineup featured Beate Bartel and Gudrun Gut, Blixa Bargeld, and N.U. moathsadartojaktilar.xyzinfo two female members, Bartel and Gut, left the band after a short period and founded Mania moathsadartojaktilar.xyzinfoy thereafter, Alexander Hacke (alias Alexander von Borsig), a sound technician and multi.
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