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Life Cycle - The Earth Disciples - Getaway Train (Vinyl, LP, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download Life Cycle - The Earth Disciples - Getaway Train (Vinyl, LP, Album)
Label: Solid State Records (2) - SS-18064 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Funk / Soul • Style: Jazz-Funk, Funk

For a long LP, the church has put an emphasis on making converts. The call of Christ is not to make converts, but to make disciples. But discipleship is a process. And who has the time to disciple an entire church? Fortunately, the solution is already sitting in the congregation. There is a disciple-maker inside every Christian. Disciples Path: The Journey was created just for them. Disciples Path was originally created by 14 disciple-making church leaders who were brought together to think through how to instill biblical principles and practices of discipleship.

The group included senior pastors, education ministers, and small group pastors from various churches, ministry areas, and traditions.

The end of each session presents a set of expectations that the growing disciple agrees to accomplish on his own before the next session. The disciple should become a disciple-maker. By using these resources, even the first-time disciple-maker will be equipped to take on this important but sometimes intimidating role. Volume 4 Study Plan: 1. Return to the Gospel 2. Seeing the Big Picture 3. The God Who Sends 4. Our Work in the World 5. Compelled by Love 6. Reversing the Curse 7. All Things to All People 9.

Producing Spiritual Fruit The Commitment to Disciple-Making Disciple Through Strong Relationships Who Is a Disciple-Maker? Review and Commission Purchase one for each participant, Life Cycle - The Earth Disciples - Getaway Train (Vinyl.

Add to Cart Add to Cart. In Stock Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days. We have added these items to your cart. Summary Total Items in Cart Cart items subtotal. Continue Shopping Proceed to Checkout. Height 0. Paperback, Study Guide. Leader Guide to inspire and train disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples. Also, in this newly revised and expanded Leader Guideeach page includes additional comments, questions, other leader helps to facilitate discussion and a robust commentary for each session.

Purchase one for each leader. It's a Album) intentional plan of discipleship that's designed to make disciples who make disciples. Available Options. The Minimum amount that can be purchased is 1. Add to Cart. Quick View. Your email has been sent. We're sorry, an error occurred. Please see below for details. Please enter a valid email address. Personal Message. This field is required. Send me a copy of this email. Send Email. Use code: My Code: Your code has been copied.

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Learn More. Email Want to get in touch? Each time I rejoined the band there was this honeymoon period, but then the ugly demons would start to rise, and the control would start.

We only had six weeks to put this album together, and it was a very difficult album for me because I was playing guitar. I was just gritting my teeth. It was either that, or his tantrums and personal attacks. Rehearsals with Don were often talking sessions, like a cult situation. This feeling was pervasive throughout the entire time I worked with Don.

How was it, seeing Beefheart and the music being critically lauded, but, within the band, being bullied and financially insecure? We were working all day long on his music; we were definitely on his side! He realised too late. Frank was actually playing accessible music. Who was going to want a Beefheart musician? Henry Kaiser liked my Life Cycle - The Earth Disciples - Getaway Train (Vinyl, and was a big fan of the Beefheart band.

I did a couple of things with him. He was doing something new every six weeks. It seemed like the focus was on quantity, not quality! He associated himself with people like myself, people considered to be critically acclaimed or whatever, and sorta used that to boost his own name. I like Henry, but after a while I became disillusioned with that. Why go back to this music now? Live at Carnegie Hall - The Dave Brubeck Quartet: "[They] looked like geeks, but played so well together, and experimented with odd time signatures, introducing me to completely new concepts".

Just about anything with McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones in the rhythm section Life Cycle - The Earth Disciples - Getaway Train (Vinyl a one-ness seldom found in groups today". For more on the Magic Band and John French visit the website: www. They played excellently, to a poor but enthusiastic house, but - due to the absence of the original power crazed maverick megalomaniac weirdo known as The Captain - it was a bit like admiring a vintage car that has had its engine removed Posted by Seb Palmer at 3 comments:.

Labels: john french interview drumbo beefheart. This time it's that good ol' stuff I was talking about in the previous post. This is actually a gig released not long before her first album came out on Reprise, an impending event she mentions on the gig. It's also interesting to realise how old some of these songs are: here she is performing 'Morning Morgantown', in '68, and yet it didn't get onto an album until Ladies Of The Canyon in Joni is flying solo here, the audience appears to be spellbound, and who can fault them for that?

Joni is the embodiment of musical magic, for my money at any rate. She sings and plays fabulously, but also with a sweet human frailty, of a piece with her whole vibe. Her talk between songs is great too: she seems relaxed and easy, and clearly enjoys giving some background to her compositions. Whilst these less well known numbers are a pleasure to discover, they're not quite mind-blowing lost gems, but neither are they sub-standard.

No, really they're just further confirmation that her talent is and was a bountiful and o'erflowing thing. Posted by Seb Palmer at 4 comments:. Labels: Joni Mitchell Live Club 47 genius. In the long run I want to go back to Joni's earlier stuff: as with Waits I prefer the first flush of youthful talent, musically speaking, but, again like Waits, she's a real artist, and as they both continue to produce wonderful art, well, you gotta love 'em!

Anyway, this was the first one I found in my archives, and after a listen I thought, well, dang-nab it, it may be more modern Joni, but it's bloomin' marvellous, so up it goes! As well as her own fabulous originals, which, as proven by 'Happiness Is The Best Facelift', continue to be strong both musically and lyrically, there are a number of jazz standards.

But, and very refreshingly, they are treated in anything but a standard way. Just taking the first two alone, 'Come Love' and the much covered 'Summertime', Joni and her magnificent band manage to make these songs spookily personalised.

She really is an artist, and I love her for that. As mentioned in her intro, and referencing her own absence from the original Woodstock, it took Joni 30 years to " get back to the garden ", and lot of muddy water passed under the bridge in those years, but it has to be said, better late than never! I've posted them as kbps MP3 and they sound fine to me. I might re-post at higher res if I get the time and the demand. I have to mention the 'Crazy Cries of Love', because it's a fabulous thing to write a song about: she introduces the song with sufficient candour and clarity to leave us in no doubt as to exactly what kind of crazy cries of love she's singing about!

Even in this post-hippy, post-Kinsey, and supposedly highly permissive society, it speaks volumes of our sexual culture that we're all so buttoned down.

But not all of us are: I have memories of being woken by the sounds of untrammelled passion way back in the London days of my youth on a number of occasions Posted by Seb Palmer at 7 comments:. Bellerin' Plain by Seb Palmer. I ripped mp3's from my vinyl of this way back, in the days when I had a functioning turntable, before I'd heard of blogs, or even knew what 'ripping' was, in cyber-techno-audio-speak!

I did it via Logic and a Tascam two-track AD converter, i. The resulting files were kbps MP3, and sound alright to me! Other bloggers will have posted this, but as it's my own rip, and as I love this album with an almost proprietary jealousy, I'm putting one of my ripped tracks up, via Soundcloud, anyway If you dig this, and you know you ought to, then you might also like this.

It's some out-takes band without vocals from the sessions for the album. Also worth checking is the short promo filmallegedly produced to promote the album, but so off-kilter that it ended up being banned! And shown below is an image of a promo sticker that was included with some versions of the album. I bought mine second hand, in a record shop in Cambridge's Silver Street, long gone now anyone remember the name of that shop?

I love this album: it's more focused, precise and together than Trout Maskand more intense and playful too.

All I want to say is that this is brilliant, original, and uncompromising music, played supremely well by excellent, sensitive players. Particularly noteworthy are John 'Drumbo' French's brilliant brittle drums, Art Tripp on marimba and traps - what a dude! Wow man, it's mind blower! Posted by Seb Palmer at 1 comment:. Labels: captain beefheart magic band lick my decals off baby.

A Lewis Taylor Miscellany. I'm surprised to find myself sharing a position - oo-er - occupied by Elton John he tried to hype Taylor some time back. Anyhoo, my biggest gripe with Lewis is that he's such a control freak and perfectionist he can't work with anyone else.

At least, that's what I've heard, and what I surmise from his music mostly being written, arranged, sung and played all by his bad self.

It's also a massive indictment of the industry that it doesn't cultivate, nurture and facilitate a talent like Taylor's. It seems he's one of those mavericks who seem unable to get himself across. Perhaps he should've just been put in a gilded cage, fed through some kind of tube, and allowed to create, perhaps even being cloned, so he could have a band? These tunes are numbers that as far as I know didn't make it onto any official album releases. Some appeared on b-sides and the like.

I actually think that some of this stuff is his absolute tip-top best. My only real criticism of any of this music - far outweighed by the merits it has in abundance - is the rhythm programming: should've had real drums Lewis! Such deliciously organic music, with guitar, bass, keys, vocals and everything all being so fluid and real But hey, I'm a drummer, whaddya think I'd say!

Most of the world has missed out on this precious gorgeousnessdon't you be a schmuck too! Just like Lewis to do something most people wouldn't even consider, or, having thought of it, would dismiss as not 'viable product', but Lewis, like Beefheart before him, marches to a different and sadly in Lewis' case, synthesized beat! But, as the link above will show, jinkzmusings has already uploaded it.

If his link ain't working shout me and I'll post the tracks. Not for the faint hearted! Posted by Seb Palmer at 16 comments:. Labels: lewis taylor rare tracks cursed genius polymath. Another Tom gem for you, and one of his final solo outings I could listen to these tunes over and over, and hey, so can you now! In using phrases like "laidback Lenny", and with attempts to buddy up to Waits, we can sense Tom bristling a bit, which seems LP almost cause an allergic reaction, as Tom coughs and snivels throughout the interview sections, and he's noticeably resistant to Kid Leo's requests for certain songs.

That said, he does open up quite a bit, and that makes this a great document of the young Waits. The performances, both musical and verbal, are impeccable, and the audio quality is great this was originally taken from a sound-board recording, and is presented here as kbps MP3. In a quick verbal detour with the DJ, when discussing influences, Waits uses a favourite phrase: "passing out wolf tickets". In trying to find out what the hell he meant I discovered that, in an interview for Playboy inhe attempted a definition himself: "Another one I like is wolf tickets, which means bad news, as in someone who is bad news or generally insubordinate.

CanyonsWaits regretted later on: "I was a young kid I talked to Don Henley about that, and I apologised and I took it all back and we patched it up". Humility and contrition from Mr Waits? We like it! He further elucidates the Catch of youthful aspirations to stardom and consequential ego issues succinctly thus: "It was saying "Notice me" He's an articulate ol' bugger our Tom, and you gotta love him, warts and all.

Posted by Seb Palmer at 5 comments:. Labels: tom waits live wmms coffee break concert I actually have this record in storage somewhere, but with no turntable I can't digitise it just yet.

I mention this 'cause this posting is taken from some. Still, this was such a formative album for me, I had to put it up. For now I'm posting kbps AAC files. My dad bought this at a car-boot sale at the old folks home where my grandpa lived out his last years. I think he paid 50p for it, what a bargain that was! This all instrumental album starts and finishes with Stevie Wonder covers: first up a great version of 'Superstition', with Kynard taking the melody on his fat and greasy Hammond, and closing with a nice reading of 'You've Got It Bad Girl'.

Recorded in for Bob Shad's Mainstream label, the cast for the album is a dream ticket who's-who of funky cats: as well as Kynard himself, there's bass-meister Chuck Rainey, who I grew to know and love through his work with Steely Dan check his nifty bass solo here on 'So Much Trouble'guitarist Arthur Adams wicked throughout, you gotta love his volume knob-twiddlin' solo on 'Superstition'!

Dunno which of the two drummers played on which tunes, but the slinky grooves of 'Mama Jive' and 'Zambezi' are pure rhythmic pleasure, and I love the buzz rolls at the end of 'Summer Breeze'. I love the trend for these discog style blogs. There are possibly some others out there as well, if you think I'd be interested, leave me a message in the comments section. The blogosphere is where it's at! I'd like to say how much love and respect I have for the people whose passion for music leads them to spend so much time and energy sharing it with us all.


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