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Leaves - Staqq Overflo - Promise (File, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 14.12.2019

Download Leaves - Staqq Overflo - Promise (File, Album)
Label: Business Casual - BIZC132 • Format: 10x, File ogg-vorbis, Album VBR • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Disco, Chillwave, Vaporwave

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I have been learning bass guitar for one year. I have the basic in the major and minor scales. Basically, I am able to figure out the bass line of a song I hear, like pop song or rock song. But, when it comes to the Jazz song, it will be hard for me to figure out the bass line. So, how to learn jazz music from the basic? And Which scales should I learn first for playing Jazz? That said, I've doubled on bass on a gig or two, and I've spent a fair amount of time on the theory.

The following is basically how I learned to do what I'm able to do. If you want to get into jazz, I'd say first thing to do is get a good fake book. I like The Real Book a lot myself, and around these parts it's the go-to book for gigs. Everybody shows up carrying one of these. There is a bass clef edition of the book which might come in handy for you, but you're not really in this for the melody.

What you want is a book of different chord progressions to practice improvising on, and the treble clef edition will serve that purpose just as well. Just steer clear of Eb or Bb editions, as those are for horn players and they'll land you in strange keys. I'd also grab some backing tracks this question asks about jazz piano but my answer applies to you as well.

They're a great practice tool. Once you've got your book and tracks, I'd spend Album) time tinkering with tunes. Find one that looks a little simpler "Autumn Leaves" and "Blue Bossa" are great starter tunes, for example and play!

Easy, right? There's a lot to learn about rhythm, but if you're trying to learn jazz I'd start with swing type tunes. In those cases, usually, the bass player will be be playing "in two" or "in four". Try to wrap your ears around that listening a bit, and try playing the rhythm a bit too, without worrying too much about notes.

I like to practice with a metronome set to half my desired tempo, and play as if it's hitting the 2 and 4 like most jazz drummers will do. Think "One, beepthree, beepone, beepthree, beep.

The bass player tends to drive the rhythm of a jazz group more even than the drummer, so try to get your ears around that rhythmic feel as best you can. If you want to grow into fusion- or funk-influenced playing, there are a lot of resources out there that can help you learn about syncopation.

I honestly did it more by feel, Leaves - Staqq Overflo - Promise (File, listening to players I liked and copping their licks. Listen to lots and lots of recordings! I found that learning to play bass lines was the greatest single thing I could have done for my music theoretical knowledge. Not only do you have to be able to follow "the changes" that is to say, the chord changes. Following, of course, the appropriate harmonic rhythmyou need to know about chord tones and chord-scale relationships in order to "walk" convincingly.

Start by playing only the root notes of the chords as written. If you don't know your way around the fretboard well enough to pick Leaves - Staqq Overflo - Promise (File notes out, that's going to be a bit of a project, but it's a necessary step. There are a great many different resources out there for that, from charts to wacky mnemonic systems to video lessons.

Find what works best for you and learn it! You'll want to learn how to construct chords. Bass players often spend a lot of time bouncing between the 1 and the 5 of a chord that is, the root of the chord and the note a fifth up from that root. On a normal major or minor chord, that's no problem.

But the 5 of a half-diminished chord is flatted! And the 5 of an altered dominant chord might be flatted or sharped. What does that mean? Chord-scale relationships are also really important. What does a Dm7 imply? All those are actually modes of the C major scale. These things are important to know, and while they seem incredibly daunting at first, learning them will make quick work of the meatier tunes down the road. A further note about scales: The bulk of jazz harmony is based on four scales.

They are, in roughly descending order of importance, the major scale, the melodic minor scale, the diminished scale, and the whole tone scale. The modes of these scales are also used, so it's important to know those. And so on and so forth There are also pentatonic scales, which have only five notes and are generally formed of a subset of one of the above scales or modes.

Bebop scales are derived from the above modes but with an extra note stuffed in between a couple of the others as a passing tone.

There's also the blues scale, with a similar addition to the minor pentatonic scale. I personally prefer to identify a chord with one of the first four scales, then to make note choices with the latter scales in mind.

Your mileage may vary. Substitutions are also useful to know. Look up and learn what a tritone substitution is. The Tadd Dameron turnaround is a related concept, and very useful. If you're feeling ambitious, try to figure out how Bird changes are related to a twelve-bar blues, or start digging into Coltrane changes. With regards to harmony, Jamey Aebersold's reference sheets "Jazz Nomenclature" and "The Scale Syllabus" will be good resources for you.

I printed copies and kept them handy for years. Once you've learned a little about the theory behind what notes you can play, you'll have to choose the notes you want to play.


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