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I Now Live (Clubhouse Mix) - Various - Face The Future (Metro One Sampler Disc) (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download I Now Live (Clubhouse Mix) - Various - Face The Future (Metro One Sampler Disc) (CD)
Label: Metro One Recordings - MOCD 1132,Metro One Recordings - MOCD 5000 • Format: CD Sampler • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Techno, Conscious

Lyrical themes found in Babymetal's music focus on real-world issues. Also, they give the message of positivity and self-empowerment with the atmosphere of their music containing less serious and playful themes. Su-metal is the main vocalist, credited on Babymetal's official site with vocals and dancing, while Moametal and Yuimetal are credited with scream and dance, [] [] performing on either side of her in a triangle formation.

In the band's early years, the band members did not speak directly to the audience, or smile at the crowd, [6] but over time the band has incorporated more audience engagement and call and responses into their performances.

Between songs, Babymetal do not engage with the crowd. Instead, during this time there will be a blackout, or, in situations where that is not possible, they will freeze in a pose or turn away from the crowd. Babymetal's costumes take a variety of cues from the popular Japanese Gothic and Punk Lolita styles, with an emphasis on red and black. During the World Tour, due to Yuimetal's absence, the band performed with Moametal and Su-metal in front of one another, using risers to separate, while two backup dancers perform at the sides of the stage.

Instead of the sign of the hornsthe I Now Live (Clubhouse Mix) - Various - Face The Future (Metro One Sampler Disc) (CD) uses the hand gesture of the kitsune to symbolise the band's supposed divine inspiration.

Rather than correct the error, the management accepted the kitsune sign as the band's sign. In their concerts, Babymetal are accompanied by a backing band. In their early stages, the backing band consisted of the "Babybones"—a group of nameless individuals dressed in skeleton costumes that would mime live performances while pre-recorded studio tracks were being used. They have since been referred to by band members and fans as "Gods of Metal" and more recently "Kami Band".

From late to earlythe two groups would alternate, with the Kami Band being used more for festival appearances and special events. The Kami Band has consisted of a rotating line-up of different musicians since its debut in late As of earlyhowever, the line-up has been relatively stable, consisting of guitarists Takayoshi OhmuraLeda, and Isao, bassist Boh, and drummers Hideki Aoyama and Yuya Maeta with members occasionally substituting for I Now Live (Clubhouse Mix) - Various - Face The Future (Metro One Sampler Disc) (CD) another if needed.

Kami Band member Leda has contributed to Babymetal's music, most notably on their album Metal Resistance credited as Ledametal. Babymetal's music videos, which showcase their distinct visual aesthetic, have helped the band gain broad attention.

Their video for "Gimme Chocolate!! According to Kei " Kobametal " Kobayashi, the band's executive producer, the band was formed under the idea of a new type of metal, and the members of the band receive "divine messages" from the Fox God, though Nakamoto explained that the messages received were indirect, as they would be sent to Kobametal first.

Additionally, he rejected the notion of the band being a "metal" or "pop" act, preferring "the one and only Babymetal. The band has received varied reception by the public. Some critics praised the band for being "creative" and "rule-breaking" in the metal genre, [] [] while others called the band a "novelty group" and a "silly balancing act". The fanbase, collectively referred to as "The One", [] has been noted by Mizuno to be a mixed demographic of varying age. Noting the fans of metal and pop, she described the "metalheads" who look like themselves, and the pop fans who dress and cosplay as them.

She further emphasized the importance of being able to reach out to younger music fans branching out to the metal genre via Babymetal, noting her own lack of experience of metal before joining the band. On December 10,Babymetal released "Babymetal Apocalypse", an incomplete binder that would be gradually filled with pages intermittently made available later.

By purchasing the binder and entering a code included with the enclosed art book online, one could join the band's official fanclub called "Babymetal Apocalypse Web". Yuzo Kayamaa famous musician, actor and songwriter in Japan, said of the song "Gimme Chocolate!!

Yoshikileader of rock group X Japanstated, "I really liked the idea of the fusion of cute girls and metal", adding "someday X Japan can play with Babymetal ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Japanese band. For the album, see Babymetal album. For the genre pioneered by the band, see Kawaii metal.

Japanese all-female metal group. Babymetal performing at Rock am Ring in ; Su-metal on the left and Moametal at center.

Kawaii metal heavy metal J-pop power metal alternative metal. Sakura Gakuin Karen Girl's. Main article: Babymetal album. Main article: Metal Resistance. Main article: Metal Galaxy. See also: List of Babymetal live performances. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Hidefumi Usami — programmer [] —? Main article: Babymetal discography. Nikkei Trendy Net in Japanese. Archived from the original on Retrieved Member ji Interview!! Kadokawa Direct in Japanese. Hot Wave Interview.

Interviewed by Noboru Yamamoto. Saitama Prefecture : Television Saitama. Razor TV in Japanese and English. December Sakura Gakuin's official blog in Japanese. MTV Iggy. Retrieved 19 June Sakura Gakuin 's official website in Japanese.

HMV Japan in Japanese. De View in Japanese. In this movie you might witness the legendary corset!? Kawaii Girl Japan. Musicman-Net in Japanese. Toy's Factory in Japanese. Tower Records Online in Japanese. Mantan-Web in Japanese. Metal Hammer. Oricon Style in Japanese. Rolling Stone Japan Edition March : Billboard Japan.

Huffington Post UK. Babymetal's official website. Metal Injection. Bloody Disgusting. Retrieved 15 September Retrieved 18 August Retrieved 5 January Land of Rising Sound. Retrieved 15 June Rockin'On Japan in Japanese. Oricon Style. The Guardian. Television Debut". CBS Interactive. Retrieved 8 September Archived from the original on 7 April Retrieved 8 September — via Twitter.

Rolling Stone. Warner Bros. Seymour Distribution Ltd. NME Japan in Japanese. Metal Hammer Magazine. Outright Geekery. Retrieved May 7, Alternative Press. Retrieved 11 May Retrieved November 29, October 19, Retrieved October 19, The Hollywood Reporter. April 1, Retrieved April 1, Wall Of Sound. BBC News Online. May 29, Retrieved May 29, That's especially true for night observer Ryan Knapp.

Part of the job is purely sensory: Heading outside at least once an hour, around the clock, the observers look at the sky to see what types of clouds are overhead and to judge visibility miles in the clearest of conditions, down to 10 feet or less. They feel the rain, fog or snow wash over them. They listen for thunder. Every six hours, they check the precipitation bucket for snowfall or rainfall totals.

The meteorologists also need to keep a close watch on the more-sensitive gear that remains outside, including weather instruments and antennas. Blame the ice for that — especially rime ice, which builds up on just about everything, at a staggering rate: 2 inches an hour as a norm, but sometimes up to 6 inches an hour. Rime ice forms in freezing temperatures when water droplets land on a cold surface.

Instruments, antennas, ladders, buildings. You name it. Consider the Pitot tubeused to gauge wind speed. The observatory's Pitot tube sits exposed on a post atop a two-story, wood-shingled concrete turret. You know where else you'll find Pitot tubes? Mounted on aircraft to measure airspeed. It's a roughly 8-inch-byinch hollow aluminum shaft 18 inches total, including the tail with small holes on the sides and an opening at the end that faces into the wind.

Sensors on the inside measure air pressure, which then gets translated into wind speed. The entire tube needs to stay ice-free to ensure accurate readings, which is why the observatory runs an electric current through the tube, keeping it at about 70 to 80 degrees in the winter.

Even so, it sometimes needs help from humans armed with crowbars, which they use to bang the steel stanchions holding the Pitot tube, antennas and everything else. The stanchions, painted red, bear the scars. A small R. Young anemometer, another wind speed device — think of it as a model airplane, with propeller but no wings — isn't heated.

It serves only during the summer months. The propeller would be too hard to maintain. The weather observers work in weeklong shifts, from Wednesday to Wednesday. Each shift has three meteorologists two for the day and one for overnightand up to three interns.

There are also one or two volunteer cooks, who rotate in and out with the meteorologists. In the summer, they come and go in a van. In winter, when the 7. When they're indoors, Padham and his colleagues work in a no-nonsense room with a few computer stations, standard metal office cabinets, shelves of reference material and windows at one narrow end that let in a soft northern light. They spend much of their time compiling and analyzing hourly weather details — wind speed and direction, temperature and dew point, sky conditions — and writing up weather forecasts or giving them on-air to radio stations.

They also have to put up with visitors like me. The room has a "weather wall" that includes barometers and barographs, dials for wind speed and direction, and a digital screen with satellite imagery of clouds in motion. There are also a couple of analog Hays devices, which use a needle and red ink to create a circular, continuous chart of the wind speeds — including gusty spikes — throughout a given day.

Think of it as an EKG for the wind. A historic Hays chart on display tells the tale of July 20,the windiest summer day the observatory's seen, with sustained winds above hurricane force throughout the day even up to near category 5 level. Peak gust: mph. And snow showers, of course. Below one of the Hays devices is a small plaque notable for its understatement: Moderate Wind Speeds 15 mph mph.

Tom Padham shows off the sling psychrometer on a foggy July morning. Thunderstorms rolled through later in the day. That old-school device consists of two thermometers, one with a wet bulb and the other with a dry bulb, bracketed side by side. It gets spun in the open air for anywhere from a few minutes to 15 or 20 the longer sessions when the temperature is close to the freezing point. The spinning evaporates moisture. From that the observer can calculate dew point or relative humidity.

It's not just for nostalgia's sake. By using the same instrument and the same methodology for more than eight decades same with the Hays devicesthe Mount Washington Observatory has built up an enviably consistent and detailed long-term record. The twirling of the sling psychrometer also underscores a limitation of digital devices in that harsh environment: For all the convenience digital systems offer, they're prone to imprecision when they get wet or covered in ice — par for the course atop Mount Washington.

In the winter, says Keith Garrett, the observatory's director of IT and infrastructure, "there is no automated system that would survive up here without daily maintenance, if not hourly. Garrett, 40, has been with the observatory for two years. He's on the summit two or three days a week, and spends the night about once a month. The morning of my second day there, I'm outside as Padham takes observations. Fog rolls by, often thick enough to drop the visibility to just yards; the winds are sustained at 30 to 35 mph gusting to 45 mphand there's a chance of thundershowers.

As he heads back in, he calmly warns: "You should come in in the next five minutes, in case there's any lightning. An engine and passenger car of the Cog Railway start the descent from the summit.

In the background is the Sherman Adams building, which accommodates the state park visitor center, snack bar and shops, along with the observatory offices. The crew eats and sleeps downstairs from I Now Live (Clubhouse Mix) - Various - Face The Future (Metro One Sampler Disc) (CD) observatory office.

With its close-quarters bunk rooms and a modest common space that packs in the kitchen, a long table set for 10 and several couches crowding an LG flat-screen TV, it reminds me of a cabin I might rent for a long weekend of skiing. Marty, a year-old Maine coon cat, is a constant, if elusive, presence. Marty is named after Engstromthe TV engineer, who became a local celebrity for northern New Englanders — like me — through his reports from Mount Washington on the evening news.

Internet service comes over the air via high-speed microwave link from North Conway 18 miles away, and has to contend with slowdowns from ice and water on the antenna. Electricity travels up an underground cable along the path of the Cog Railwaya quirky historic train line that's been in service for nearly years. Two big diesel generators are on standby for events like lightning strikes, I Now Live (Clubhouse Mix) - Various - Face The Future (Metro One Sampler Disc) (CD).

On the day I arrive, Garrett is troubleshooting signal loss on the microwave link. The culprit turns out to be a broken wire. He also frets about damage caused by red squirrels. Scattered across the Presidential Range are 19 nodes of the observatory's "mesonet. These remote sites can't get the same level of attention in unforgiving weather, so anemometers get removed from higher-elevation sites in the winter. In all, there are about devices on the observatory's network, including four servers running 14 to 15 virtual servers.

Garrett describes it as a "mini data center," designed with as much redundancy as possible. There's always something that needs his attention. Mobile service can be an adventure. I Now Live (Clubhouse Mix) - Various - Face The Future (Metro One Sampler Disc) (CD) top of that, the building housing the observatory's museum and offices has concrete walls that are a couple feet thick and reinforced with steel rebar.

Sorry, signal. There's always Wi-Fi. The observatory's upgrades and scheduled maintenance have to get crammed into the fair-weather months. The weather on and around Mount Washington can turn deadly, fast.


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