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Akakuro - Look Like A Fool (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 24.10.2019

Download Akakuro - Look Like A Fool (CD, Album)
Label: Bang A Gong - GONG-6012 • Format: CD Album • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Rock & Roll

It's stressful to all of them even if they have been learning control their whole life, hearts are broken, secrets unveiled, fights breaking friendships apart and true love blossoms.

Good luck with this chaotic story. Their parents were dead. Dead because of a drunk driver. There they were in the world, orphans and left alone with a huge business in their hands. Follow the story of Tamaki and Shouyou growing while only having each other in their lives and how it influences their personality. Going abroad just after high school, Alpha Akashi Seijuro missed a lot. His friends, his ex -lover, and his daughter.

Though he wouldn't know about that last part until 6 years later. Kuroko Tetsuya doesn't even remember when it started and how it happened, all he knew is he is in love with his best friend and basketball partner, Kagami Taiga. He wanted to watch it bleed to the floor.

I promise this is more enticing than my summary lmao. A single car crash is all it takes for Kuroko Tetsumi's world to come crashing down. When given a choice to live or die: she reevaluates her relationships and choices, and begins to realize that her supposedly 'perfect' world is not as pure as she had always perceived it to be. So in the end, will she choose to stay, or leave? Milleniums ago, Teikou was created - a new world born out of the loneliness and isolation of a single being.

Peace and happiness weren't to be its destiny, however, as slowly things fell apart and those who he loved betrayed him one after another. And so He still claims Christ, though the relationship with pockets of our polarized Christendom is on shaky ground at best. Troy Baker of gaming and comic voice acting renown delivers a truly unhinged performance in "Balance Is Boring" that is anything but forgettable.

Though it didn't land as a favorite for this reviewer, it definitely stands out. All in all, this one's going to take some time to appreciate the nuances, so be sure to give the songs ample time to sink in beyond the initial shock of the medium.

In the interim, these tunes should be cranked on a good stereo. One thing is for sure; Kevin Max remains relentlessly creative with a restless need to reinvent himself.

Not many artists with a career now spanning decades could proudly say they've never made the same album twice, a feat to be celebrated.

Clearly, there is nothing static about his approach to music-making. All in all, this is an avant-garde and truly Album), albeit, odd look into the psyche of Kevin Max. It's the conundrum of being too "out there" for Christian audiences, and too "Christian" for mainstream audiences. However, it is in this tension that good and beautiful art is made. Thankfully, Kevin shows no signs of backing off his mission to provide an alternative to the status quo.

Though his approach, and the eclectic musical colors he paints with, are not appreciated by all every time out, he has shown an increasing willingness to let his freak flag fly regardless of some listener's demands.

Now, knowing what you know, the question remains: will you take the red pill of freedom, or the blue pill and return to your normal life? He was exhausted. He could not keep this up any longer. So one day, he let everything go. It was then they had woken up and saw what had became of their beloved. What was worse But with another chance. Akakuro AU :: Kuroko dreams of his gruesome past, all while striving to live in the unforgiving present.

Even though he's supposed to be giving his patients answers to their problems, he's still looking for an answer to his own. How long has he been looking? Ten years. Well, he doesn't have to look for much longer because soon enough, he has to face his problems when "he" unexpectedly shows up again. Lullaby by StarlightBlue reviews Kuroko loves painting the beautiful blue of the sea.

Using all the different colours to try to preserve the beautiful sight onto paper, yet no matter how hard he tried, he could never capture it fully. Just like he would never be able to hear it. The beautiful voice of the redhead that swam in the beautiful blue. I Can't Hear You by Nifawiwa reviews Kuroko Tetsuya always enjoyed helping people, and his job after high-school was just that - a caretaker at a prestigious sanitarium.

And one day he was assigned to a special patient, suffering from epilepsy - Akashi Seijuurou. However, things weren't as easy as it looked. For 3 years he started formulating his plan and searched for strong allies that would aid him to bring down his enemies. Kuroko's Modeling Life by love-at-first-fanfic reviews When Kuroko was young, his parents disappeared, so his grandmother took him in. Since his grandmother was the owner of a modeling company, she decided that she wanted her grandson to become a model.

Broken Wings by jazfluff02 reviews Kuroko has been hiding his cutting addiction for a long time convinced that no one can save him, but when Seirin and the GoM find out his secret, will they be able to stop Kuroko before he goes too far? AkaKuro pair. Ghost's Of Childhood by Rookieintraining reviews Kuroko hasn't had a nice childhood, being beaten, bruised and burned.

Now he lives in an orphanage and knows that due to his invisibility he's never getting out After giving up on his future, a man walks into the place. Akashi Masaomi is looking for a new member to add to his family and luckily, he's found just the kid!

Now a member of the Akashi family, how will Kuroko cope? But then who were these rainbow-like kids that introduced themselves as their kids out of nowhere? The former Generation of Miracles was now overwhelmed by the fact that they had offspring, especially when they were still in college and completely innocent.

Days that would never return by AllenWalkerXTrainHeartnet reviews Based off Paper Plane Vocaloid Alternative world in World War 2 Kuroko has been very sick since she was has been living in the hospital all her life due to her heart condition while has been living in a prison almost all his life.

What will happen when two people in two different worlds meet when they were never suppose to? Those who we've forgotten by TinyHerosLoveOreoes reviews Kuya kuroko is given a task, break into a big house and get a white folder. Simple Right? What he didn't expect the GOM to be there, Akakuro - Look Like A Fool (CD. Set in Lord of the Rings universe. Basically Kuroko has forgotten the GOM after they are transported to this place after a fight.

Shattered by Yuki in Abyss reviews Kuroko should have died in an accident right after the middle school match which destroyed Ogiwara. However he did not die but the accident took away two important things from him.

His memories and? He then joined Seirin and met the team. Warning: Probably ooc. Slight One Sided Kagakuro. Slight GOM x Kuroko. Forget Me Not by Nifawiwa reviews How naive of him.

If that stranger would have been his soulmate, he would have felt so immediately the moment they touched, so of course no mark would be there. If that man isn't his soulmate, why are his crimson eyes so enchanting? Can't Breathe by Nifawiwa reviews Coping with the death of your loved one is never easy. Especially not when said loved one isn't too keen on leaving you so soon. Such a thing could drive anyone insane. And Akashi never had a stable mind to begin with.

Written for Akashi's birthday. Agape: Unconditional love by didi reviews Due to some events, Akashi has to come back to Japan and find Kuroko really different from what he remembered.

He really wants to find out what is happening. And he will find everything out because he is absolute. What is going on? Kuroko was frowning.

Closure by anilikz reviews Kuroko and the Kiseki no Sedai as siblings fic. Inspired by Forbidden by The Eternal Empress. In the Court of the Crimson King by purple mangosteen reviews Soon after Akashi Seijuurou ascends the throne of Teikou Empire, he marries Kuroko Tetsuya, his childhood sweetheart and makes him an empress. But life in the imperial palace is never calm especially with the arrival of new concubines and some of them will do anything to gain Emperor's favour.

Genderbent for some characters. Basically everything is set a year forward so every main character is a year older. Story starts in Kuroko's second year. I am going to be trying to rewrite this one after the first of the new year, hopefully making it better in the process. Will be deleting other stories, look on profile for the names.

Kuroko no Perverts by Chaos Twin of Destruction reviews A story in which Kuroko is possessive, Kise likes to imagine people in cat ears, Midorima is a usual tsundere, Aomine looks under skirts, Murasakibara likes to lick people, and just everyone is after some Aka-booty.

Red and Blue Destiny by Claerine reviews "What are you doing? Together, they found a new path and collided with each other. Epilogue is updated! He receives a scholarship to a Elite school of music, now the GoM are the ones chasing after him. Resonance by Natsasuki reviews When a newcomer takes the stage, Akashi was captivated by his beauty and voice. He wants to know more about the boy dubbed as the ghost singer and he may have perhaps went a little too deep this time.

Hidden Secrets by Ageha Yume reviews Kuroko grew up with no knowledge about his parents, so it was shocking to know that he wasn't a human despite living as one Currently residing in the GoM's lair, he learns more about himself and for what's to come.

Being a vampire isn't easy; what's more, with this new change, Kuroko was thrown in a completely different world from before. Stupid Lover's Spat by Emerald. Taurus08 reviews During a supposed to be friendly inter school match with the schools holding the GoM, some revelations come to light and the Seirin learns of how devious their shadow could be out of boredom. One curse word. Omae no koto Zutto Aishiteru by NekoRin12 reviews After departing high school and go to the different college from Kuroko, Akashi finally meets him again at his office, yet Kuroko forget about Akashi or does he?

Akashi gets Rejected by Red-piano-tilez reviews So basically a crack fic about Akashi and a weird infatuation. Messages by HeartsAndMusics reviews She kept sending him messages even though she knows that she'll never get a reply. Transient by Nerumi the wasabi Queen reviews AU!

The town where Kuroko lived was surrounded by barriers, a place like a cage. After a fateful meeting with a certain red-head, he got a letter of enrollment from a famous academy that had different kind of Dark Races enrolled there.

Being the lowest rank of the Dark Level, the zombie race, Kuroko will need to overcome hardships. The boy that time forgot by RenSweets reviews A house, a haunting, pain filled cries.

Reaching past the vail of time to save him. Little by little by KurokoSeijuro reviews Little by little, I will remember you You Deserved It by BlackPepper reviews Kuroko doesn't like it when his teammates start drifting away from him and, though he debates waiting for it to all blow over, decides that he won't take this lying down.

Teiko-era canon divergence. Rated for mild language and violence. Tetsuya planned a revenge that the other will never saw coming.

He reaches his conclusion. Either way works I suppose. I Will Show You by ScarletAkiChin reviews A series of AkaKuro one-shots on how their relationship works, mostly on how they describe the many sides of each other that most people do not know, some of them are sometimes completely unexpected but there is also ridiculously adorable side of them that nobody will believe.

The Shadow's secret by Skydancer8 reviews Kuroko has always been fragile since birth. His teammates acknowledge this, but what they don't Album) is why he doesn't better Kuroko knows why as does the Generation of Miracles.

Soon, the Seirin team find out the secret that their Shadow has been keeping, a secret that reveals the true limit of Kuroko's life. Your Tears Are Visible by Joy Goldenpine reviews Kuroko wasn't one to normally show any emotion, but when he did, it was mostly in the form of tears that he thought no one else could see.

But, it was the only way to reach his goal… There is no main pairing, everyone stands a chance if they deserve Kuroko. No restriction and no bias. Slow burn relationship. Kuroko Tetsuya is left oblivious as Akashi fights for his life, until one day he realizes that Akashi isn't the same. Sadly, he is too late.

Crystal Clear by Ageha Yume reviews Tetsuya only wanted to live peacefully on this shrine with his two closest friends, Daiki and Taiga. He never wanted to be labeled as an evil spirit, placing a curse on the village, and shunned by all villagers. Unfortunately, that was the case and now three onmyouji came to exorcise him.

But things went off track, and now Akashi and friends are there to solve this case. Sweet Blood by Sweet Monster reviews Kuroko Tetsuya is a normal boy until he learned that he carries the royal blood. The blood that can make any vampires strong. But for an equivalent price he must form a blood bond with the vampire or vampires.

New chapter is out sorry haven't updated my computer broke down so needed to find alt. Ways to update the story. Then, someone found him. Saved by the person he least expected, will his broken heart ever be mended? Suddenly The GoM and Seirin are taken to a strange room and told that to make sure they never go back to their old ways, they will have to watch the struggle that Kuroko went through to get them back.

Characters watch the show fic. Lifetimes Before by m58 reviews Kuroko and the Generation of Miracles date back a good several lifetimes ago. It all started with a little ritual And unfortunately, way hotter than any asshole had the right to be.

Breaking and Entering by dramaticbunny reviews Breaking and entering into somebody's house is morally wrong. Stalking someone while they're on a kinda-sorta-date is morally wrong. Summoning their overprotective friends to join them is Rated T 'cause cussing sometimes.

I've Been Here the Whole Time by belncaz reviews Kuroko isn't kidding when he tells people "I've been here the whole time. If the other kami will stay out of his way, that is. Razmery Vremya by pandaflef reviews 'There, sitting on top of his television, was… a GUY' Kuroko Tetsuya, a not-so-typical highschooler, came across an unexpected 'freeloader' who claims to be a young emperor!

Whether he's telling the truth or is completely insane, there's one thing that's certain. Honestly, Kuroko thinks he's an arse. The apocalypse is upon us! Please help us! Akakuro - Look Like A Fool (CD Lost What would you do? Would you survive an Apocalypse? Read to find out how they destroy Kuroko's house.

Stuffed Toy by royaiblue reviews After the death of Nigou, Kuroko Tetsuya is not feeling like himself, but a fight almost destroys his relationship with Akashi Seijuurou. In an effort to save their relationship, Akashi calls up the rest of the Generation of Miracles to help him get what he wants. Pairings: AkaKuro and a little MidoTaka. Crushes by BlackPepper reviews Kuroko has been expecting them for a while, really.

The questions. He just doesn't know how to answer. Quasi-romantic asexual! Stars by jazzy reviews Akashi is a boy in love with the person with stars in his eyes. Red and Black by WingsSave reviews Kuroko and Akashi have had a crush on each other since middle school but they didn't tell each other. The GoM and Seirin could tell They liked each other so they decide to do something about it.

But what? And will Akashi and Kuroko get together finally? A moment in time by RenSweets reviews Things had not gone as planned. With winter cup behind them new problems arise be it his own fear creating those problems or a real threat Kuroko did not know. It was up to those who had denied him and those who would always be by him to save the him for his own mind or maybe save him from the darkness that threatened to forever swallow the shadow. Maybe there was more to the Miracles then they know.

Maybe Akashi is still a leader even if it's not in basketball. Maybe the Generation of Miracles were Heartbeat by Nifawiwa reviews Kuroko is feeling anxious before a game and Akashi comes up with a way to calm him down. However, he did not expect it to be used against him as well.

Their reunion brings great joy to them, especially for Kuroko. However, when fate pulls them down different paths, can Kuroko still hold on to the things that are precious to him or will he lose everything? You're lucky Kuroko Tetsuya-", he grabbed Kuroko by the collar and breathed into his ear "-I like feisty entertainment. Pure angst packed into words. If Album) want something short that will make you cry, read this.

Seirin's money crisis by Skydancer8 reviews The payment for Seirin's budget had escalated rapidly! Riko comes up with the weirdest of idea's to gain the money, ranging from an Ikemen booth to karaoke and cosplay competitions! Read as the whole Seirin team struggles to gain money by following Riko's orders, even if it means humiliating themselves. Kill me, Heal me by sorahime reviews Kuroko Tetsuya works as a psychologist. When fate brings them together, Kuroko finds himself developing complex feelings towards this man, especially if there are "two Akashis".

Doctor-Patient Relationship! Of Manipulation and Obsession by GreenTinge reviews He was the one behind all their success, leading them and, dare I say it, manipulating them to do what he want. Which, of course, they did it willingly. As the lights shine, the shadow lurk longer and deeper. But when the light shine too bright, the shadow began to vanish. And he doesn't like that.

He want them down. Contain OOC'ness, Dark! Kuroko, Yaoi, etc. Yes we all know he has the ability of misdirection. But this time it has nothing to do about his misdirection. Kuroko Tetsuya On break until further notice Vanishing by Frostyfall reviews Unfortunate enough to be a descendant of a cursed bloodline, Kuroko suffers the curse along with the hardships and after effects of child abuse and trauma.

All is Fair in love and Basketball? Now GOM and Kagami take on the task of trying to take care of him. Who will win? Spilt Milk shake by ToiletBrushCat reviews A series of non-chronological incidents in which Kuroko's milkshake is spilt Incident 5: After a long, exhausting training session all Kuroko Tetsuya wants is to enjoy his favourite Vanilla Milkshake from Maji's.


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